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CN Units retired:

During August, retired IC SD40's and SD40-2's were being scrapped in Chicago.  Some of this 6100-series had just been repainted in the last few years.  On August 19th, retired CN SD40-2(W) 5301 was in the process of being scrapped at CN Woodcrest Shop. This was just the first of many  CN and IC units that will be cut up at Woodcrest this year.  Many of the models offered in the last CN Woodcrest, locomotive auction sale will be scrapped on site. By late August, the following units had been cut-up CN SD40-2W 5301, IC 6007, IC 6008, IC 6011, IC 6050, IC 6054, IC 6063. IC 6064, IC 6072.  (Note: 6072 is ex-CRI&P and was one of the last ones left).  As well, IC SD40-2's in the IC 6100-series began to be cut-up at month end with IC 6127 and 6134 being two  of the first.  Marc Malnekoff took shots of some of the units at Woodcrest being cut up in Mid- August.


CN Locomotives Sold:


On July 20th NBEC RS18u 1856 was officially sold to the Societe de Chemins de Fer de Gaspesie.  The unit was stored in Montreal, and arrived in New Richmond from Campbellton, NB, on August 17th.   RS18u 1856 now joins two other ex-CP RS18u's 1819 and 1849 already there.


During July CN sold retired SFEX C424m 4202 (ex-CP Cab control car 1102, nee CP 4213)  to WCRL (West Chester Railroad in West Chester, PA).  This railroad also has former ex-CP RS18u 1803 and C424m 4230.  WCRL C424m 4202 (In faded CP Rail action red) is the fourth unit on CN train #421, photographed by Dave Burroughs from the Plains Road bridge in Burlington, Ontario  on Thursday July 29thbound for the West Chester Railroad.  As of August 20th ex-Eastern Rail Services C424 4204 is still for sale, stored at Woodcrest.


As well in July, CN sold Booster 226 to J&L Consulting.  The unit is damaged and cannot be moved from Vancouver and will likely be scrapped on site.  The former CN SW1200RS sold last month (#CS-03),  LTEX 1213 arrived at Larry's Truck Electric in early August.


New Power:

In a GE upgrade recall during August, dozens of CN ES44DC 2200-series GEVO's were moved to E. St. Louis area with their stacks capped.  CN 2220, 2223, 2226, 2229, 2236, 2238, 2241, 2243, 2246, 2248, 2253, 2254, 2255, 2256, 2259, 2264, 2268 had arrived at Du Quoin, IL by August 18th where this series of the CN GEVO fleet are to receive required GE contract upgrades at the Quality Rail Service Inc. repair shop.   It is confirmed  all 90 CN ES44DC's (2220-2309) will be upgraded and have turbo work done.  See this link for several photos by Joe Ferguson of the units at the repair shop. (Two not pictured were CN 2241 and 2245, both hidden behind a few tank cars).


As of August 14th the ex-UP nee-CNW C40-8's in service included CN  2103, 2105, 2106, 2111, 2113, 2114, 2120, 2122, 2123, 2125, 2127, and 2131 (12 of 35 units).   Most of the others were at Centralia Shop in various stages of completion except for


CN C40-8 2120 was photographed  by George Redmond showing  the conductor's side in fresh paint at Centralia Shop on August 13th. CN 2103 was photographed as well by Henry Nye and take note of the Bilingual "Caution: No Footboard; Attention: pas de march pied".  Some of these units like CN 2103 and 2113 are red lettering on the black paint, and 2120 and 2106 are both lettered over the yellow Scotchlite.  As we went to press, UP painted CN 2128, 2126, and 2116 were lined up in that order ready to move inside the Centralia paint shops on August 20th


One-of-a-kind CN 2113 (ex-UP Dash 8) has headed west from Chicago on train #343 and was in British Columbia on September 2nd.  CN C40-8 2113 is uniquely painted with a“15 years of privatization” logo. CN 2115 has also been painted with this unique paint scheme. (CN was privatized in 1995 and became a publicly-traded corporation.

Before that of course, CN was a Canadian Government controlled Crown Corporation, made up of several Canadian railways that were unable to compete with CPR in the early 1900's.  The logo depicts a swooshing SD70I next to a large "15" and the slogan "L'aventure se poursuit 1995-2010" on the fireman's side, and "The adventure continues 1995-2010" on the engineer's side. CN 2113 will likely be visiting many CN yards and shops in Canada, as it returns east.   (Erik Coleman photo with thanks)  It should have arrived in Winnipeg Saturday.


GREAT SHOTS! On August 30th, Dave Burroughs caught CN #148 with CN 2127 leading through Woodstock, ON.  James Gardiner also caught the same train with CN 2127 and 2591 leading 148 past the stopped 580 (CN 7082) at Brantford, ON.


One of the most traveled CN C40-8's could be #2123, here seen at CP's Coquitlam Yard on August 7th. It has been across much of Canada since leaving Chicago.


GREAT SHOT!! With a friendly wave from the brakeman, Dave Burroughs caught CN C40-8 2114 on August 30th on train 331, at Princeton ON.


Walter Pfefferle caught CN 2127 leading 148 through Ingersoll, ON August 31st.


CN 2111 at Levis, QC in late July (Patrick DeLarue)


G-P Arcouette caught CN 2125 on a WB rolling through St-Henri. QC on the Montreal Sub  on August 1st


CN C40-8's 2103, 2106, 2107 2112 and 2122 in new CN paint were running by the CN engine facility Friday 8/6/2010 at Centralia, Il. and are in service. CN 2122 was the first C40-8 to be released from Homewood Shop.


On August  26th CN C40-8 2103 was working W/B Dale, WI as the sole power on a welded-rail train destined for Ladysmith. We have learned that some CN crews dislike the narrow cab doors and lack of air conditioner! Photos of 2103 by a CN hogger: (via  Ed Weisensel)


On August 14th James Lalande caught CN C40-8 2114 running behind CN 5662, after dropping off CN 4136 at Huntsville. Photos show from mile 213 and at mile 222 on the Newmarket Sub.


In a weird “returning to her home rails” scenario CN C40-8 2111 interchanged back to CN from UP on August 14th.  This unit wound up last week on the NS in Columbus, OH,  then moved to Houston, TX.  From Houston to N. Little Rock, AL then to Livonia, LA and finally interchanged in Baton Rouge. LA.


The ex-BNSF C40-8W's at Centralia on August 14th included: CN 2136, 2137, 2138, 2139, 2143, 2145,2147, 2150, 2153, 2154, 2156, 2157, 2158, 2159, 2160 (15 of 27).  The units have been tucked into some nearly impossible photo spots. To date , none have cycled through the shop and all are still in BNSF liveries with CN patches.  As these C40-8W locomotives have roof mounted air conditioners CN pundits surmise these will likely stay in the US, with the standard cab C40-8's with no AC assigned to  Canada.  Here are C40-8W's CN 2147, CN 2154 and CN 2159 stored at Centralia IL, which were part of the group forwarded up by CN from Memphis, TN, over the last few weeks.


On July 31st BNSF train U KWN27 31 arrived in Memphis, TN  with the following CN locomotives   

BNSF 4781,BNSF 4366, BNSF 4398, BNSF 5275 with

CN 2152, 2148, 2151, 2142, 2160, 2161, 2150, 2143, 2138, 2136, 2158, 2140, 2153, 2157, 2139, 2135,

2141, 2156 and 2146.


Video of 19 CN 2100-series (ex-ATSF) C40-8W's units being shuttled on H-BarMem-3 to Memphis, TN.


CN C40-8W 2144 at Tulsa, OK on July 24th on the BNSF.


Upon arrival at CN- Memphis, all the ex-BNSF C40-8Ws received a mechanical inspection.  If mechanical problems were found, they are shopped at the Harrison Locomotive Reliability Center “LRC” ( LRC replaced the former roundhouse at Harrison Yard) before being moved north dead-in-tow (DIT) to Centralia. CRO has learned that the condition of these former BNSF C40-8Ws in some cases is worse than initially thought.  For example, CN 2135 has seven cracked pistons. CN 2135 was stored at the west end of the LRC and will be shopped at Memphis prior to shipment to Centralia Shop. 


CN C40-8W's 2137, 2139, 2145, 2147, 2153, and 2154 have all arrived at Centralia Shop plus three more which arrived on train A43571-04.


IC GP40R 3133 was reported outside the Centralia paint shop in late-July and is now the first IC GP40R  to receive the CN livery,  IC 3133 was released from the paint shop in fresh CN paint August 25th.


In late August, Bruce Rodger caught EJ&E SD38 668 at Woodcrest,  the first EJ&E unit to be repainted into the CN livery.


Two notable American visitors in Canada were EJ&E SD38 665  which came up to Toronto the second week of August, and WC GP40's (ex-ACR) 3026 and 3027 which as of late-August,  were still working in and out of Edmonton, Alberta, both sporting one-of-a-kind WC paint schemes.


These four WC GP40's are still stored serviceable: WC 3010 Fond-du-Lac (7/31), WC 3004 Markham (5/20), WC 3018  Homewood 5/15 WC 3023 Memphis (5/12) (The latter sporting CN Livery).  WC 3018 stored at Homewood, and WC 3010 in storage in WI:


On July 31st Patrick DeLarue caught CN liveried IC SD70 1008 at Joffre, QC off train 121. going on either 401 or 309.


Chris Gertz caught CN SD70I 5620 in new paint at Paris, ON on Aug 23rd.


Old meets new!  While Thomas Blampied was visiting the Memory Junction Museum in Brighton, Ontario  on August 24th, he capture this shot of a westbound CN freight and the Museum's steam locomotive.  A little research proves just how special this meeting was.  The steam locomotive, CN 2534, started life as Grand Trunk #670 and was built in 1906.  The westbound freight is headed by CN SD70M-2 8016, built in 2006.  Exactly “100 years of locomotive development” captured in one shot!


Jason Jongen caught 314 through Washago on August 7th with CNNA-liveried C40-8M 2439 and basic black IC SD70 1011.


On July 28th, Mark Forseille caught CN SD60F 5560 at Port Coquitlam, BC


There were two CN Military Trains in August, U 75321 03 CN 8836  90-0 4614 Tons 5910 Feet Belleville 1035 Aug 4th. U 75321 05 CN 5708 CN 2622 128-0 7711 Tons 8446 Feet Belleville 1133 Aug 6th.

U 75321 05 Reduced at Mac yard to siding Capacity. The remaining 37 head end cars still at Mac Yard as of 1500 Aug 7th, out of Mac Yard and departing Capreol Aug 7th CN 2539 91-0 5485 Tons 5974 Feet. Both Trains are from (CP) Allenby, QC and arrived at destination in Wainright, AB.  CN SD75i 5708 leads a Canadian military train enroute to Wainwright, AB (from Quebec through Belleville, ON on August  6th and it also has arrived. (Ron Visockis).


CN Z1a #6712 is stored and well-protected at the City of Mount-Royal Public Works Yard.  The historic Box Cab is just east of the Canora AMT Station, and you can see it from Rue Jean-Talon.  (G-P Arcouette)


Foreign power is seen in Gary Knapp's photo at Lacolle, QC on Train #931, carrying CN/NS freight traffic operates over the D&H through a haulage agreement between the three roads. 99% of the time the power is black and white, the other one per cent though has delivered great surprises for D&H fans over the recent years the train has run! Upon reading of the Conrail leader with BNSF unit trailing, I set up a rendezvous with Frank at a long time favorite location for both of us in Lacolle. Due to the fact we (I) have overshot the horizontal view of the station, (don't we know.......) I was interested in the challenge of finding a different angle this visit. I arrived first, to find 930 pulling in to a stop to set off a car. The Canadian crew on 930 would return north from nearby Rouses Point, NY with 931. I mounted my best lens, the 100mm, onto the 5D, and after setting up a few flash units, was able to get an idea what 931 would look like coming back the other way as 930 departed for the border past the distinctive tower of the station. I'm standing atop the stepladder way off and gone in the road leading out of the place. Satisfied that I could show at least part of a second unit I set up the remaining lights to illuminate the narrow alleyway of space, so to speak, that the 100mm views. Frank arrived soon afterwards and we had a great visit until 931 started north toward us. Now it was time for a photo! Twenty minutes or so later, 931 is in town, whistling for crossings, to emerge from behind the tower, ditch lights off, its Conrail leader reflecting blue! And the BNSF unit shows up as well! Inspecting the image as the cab of 8447 passes by me, I'm wondering what happened to the nose lighting! I zoom in on the led monitor to discover it was not a failure of the lights, but a nose door which looks like it came off a burned up unit,  I join Frank on the ground. We both agree that we live in an amazing era! This is a refreshing image from a location I have visited frequently ever since I started shooting at night. What a way to begin Gary's birthday! You can bet I'll be keeping an eye out for the return trip of this power tonight on 930. Shot on August 2, 2010.


Dan Tweedle recorded the following Bayview action on August 7th:  CN 421 with CN 2625 Dash 9-44CW, CN 9468 GP40-2L(W), and CN 5620 SD70I. CN 434 with CN 5791 SD75I, CN 5760 SD75I, and GT 4906 GP38-2 still in the original livery.


Long stored in Walker Yard, former GTW GP9 4520 was donated to the Alberta Pioneer Railway Association in late July and will soon be moved there. It was a former passenger Geep.


Typically these days a bank or investment firm buys locomotives from a builder and the Class One railroad leases them for a 15-year term with an option to extend or buy the locos at the end of the lease. CN bought all but three of the SD70M-2's four years into the “agreement” possibly looking for ways to spend their cash, rather than have it taxed as profit.  Interestingly, CN did not choose to buy numbers 8833, 8839, or the 8843.  These  were not  on service when the item was sent but will be purchased from lease.


CN 8822 - 8849 and CN 2254 - 2268 are owned by CN now (with the notable exception of the three units mentioned above).


On August 19th W.D. Shaw took this great shot of a terrific GM consist on CN Train 422  seen pulling into Aldershot Yard to swap some cars and dropping off the 2 trailing GP9RM's.


Long off lease and stored for some time, 51 ex-UP/SP Morrrison/Knudsen rebuilt SD40M-2's (from a group of 132 total SD40-2's / SD45's / SD45T-2's / SD40T-2's ) moved from Ft. Worth, TX and arrived  for interchange with CN at Memphis, TN in August.  We have learned the 51 are enroute to NRE (VMV) in Paducah, KY.  They will be storing or scrapping these SD40M-2's returned.  

UP 2650, 2651, 2654, 2658, 2661, 2663, 2664, 2665, 2686, 2692, 2694, 2696, 2700, 2701, 2702, 2703, 2705, 2706, 2707, 2709, 2710, 2711, 2713, 2741 2742 ,2744, 2749, 2751, 2752, 2753, 2754, 2756, 2758, 2761, 2762, 2764, 2765, 2768, 2769, 2771, 2772, 2773, 2775, 2777, 2779, 2781, 2782, and SP 8576, 8628, 8666, 8674.


32 units currently are currently at Memphis and may be coming to NRE (VMV) Paducah, KY.  There is also a small possibility that Progress Rail are interested in some of these and is trying to get the lessee to put some of the units at their facility in Mayfield, KY.


Glen Mounk caught Train 437 with  CN 5552, and 5533.  Train 438 had CN 8847 and IC 2455. Train 439 had CN5722, and 5734.  CN 198 had CN 8017, and 8002 on August 14th.


The cut up remains of Indiana Box Car owned (ex-CBNS, nee-CN)  M630 2028 at Cochocton, NY on August 4th (Bath and Hammondsport Railroad). 2028 was one of two C630M's (2028 and 2029) purchased from the CBCNS and brought into the states by IBCX/Ed Bowers. Both were eventually scrapped.


Dan Tweedle caught the Heavy Duty Schnabel car (CEBX 800) between moves and got some close ups of it at Aldershot Yard in Ontario. On August 21st.   It was moved again on the Dundas Sub toward Sarnia the next day. The load is made by Hooper Welding of Canada.  The caboose is ex-RF&P 907. 1 loco and 9 cars, 1016 tons, 810 feet long.

CN SD60F 5528

OTTX FM 92545,

OTTX FM 92363,

KRL FM 89116 (tools)

OTTX FM 93795,

OTTX FM 92770,

JNSX van 911,

CEBX FX 800,

OTTX FM 91519,

PNHX van 103.


CEBX 800 Schnabel Car

James Gardiner got a great shot of the load on CEBX 800 at Burlington West, just east of Aldershot Yard on August 21st. The car can lift it self almost 50 inches to clear platforms/switch heaters etc. Plus the car swings side to side on curves to balance it's weight, all of this is done manually from the 2 control cabs at each end of the car. I watched it leave Paris tonight, and even though it was on the north track, when it went around the curve at Market St the entire load was over the south track! The car when empty weighs just shy of 800,000lbs, and the load it was carrying weighed almost 1,300,000lbs! It is headed to Wichita ,Kansas and should be there by about the first week of September.


Walter Pfefferle caught it in London at Riverside Drive and shot two videos of it as it met VIA 72. CN 915 stopped and VIA slowly came by.

Here we see VIA 72 sliding by the stopped Schnable (1080P)

Here we see it starting to move after VIA has passed (480P)

Close up photos can also be seen at


Where is it now? After leaving Canada on CN, at press time the Schnabel car CEBX 800 is now being hauled by BNSF ES44DC 7908 at Galesburg, Illinois on 8-30-2010.



CNR Vignettes: 


Great shot! On Montreal's west island, CNR "FM" 2212 leads Extra 2212 eastbound through Pointe Claire QC, in July 9th, 1962. From Jim Brown  with thanks!


“The Confederation Train” with its exhibit cars filled with displays pertaining to the country's past, present and future had the most ambitious schedule, an eleven month travel and exhibition period, during which the train was handled by several different railways on its way from Victoria BC to Halifax NS. (Thanks to Bill Linely & Ray Farand)  The Consist of the 'Confederation Train' was as follows:

CPR 1411 as 1867

CNR 6509  1967

CNR steam generator unit  15463

CNR steam generator unit  15466

CPR baggage car  4224

CPR sleeper  'OAK GROVE'

CNR diner  1303

CPR sleeper  'ASH GROVE'

CPR sleeper   'FIR GROVE'

CPR generator car (electrical)   4731.

CPR display car  2298.

CPR display car  2285.

CPR display car  2266.

CPR display car  2258.

CPR display car  2240.

CPR display car  2236.


Northern Alberta Railways (NAR) Train #8 GMD1 303 leads a good looking mixed passenger train through Carbondale, AB on 9-12-64  (Peter Cox Photo)


Peter Cox slides from the Thompson River west of Basque, BC in 1982; CN 5183 at the siding west switch Basque, in 1981. CN 5286 near Basque in 1982.






Retired in December 2009 CP GP9u 1577 is now a parts source at St-Luc Yard.  CPRS-liveried 1577 was photographed by Maxime Boule on our August 1st visit to St-Luc Diesel Shop. She has begun to be cannibalized of all usable parts.


CP AC4400CW 9825 suffered a major fuel leak fire during July, which went right up to the Electrical cabinet behind the cab.  Here are photos we took of it (Maxime Boule) outside the St-Luc Diesel back shop awaiting evaluation on August 1st.  A major engine change-out would be needed.


CP AC4400CW 9566 which arrived May 13th, 2010, is stored Unserviceable with a severely cracked frame at the St-Luc diesel shop and is being evaluated for its future.  Photo from August 1st.


Nice Catch! John Soehner clicked this great shot of CP Train #230 with both CP gensets leading (2101 and 2100) with SD40-2 5081 at Mud Lake Trestle August 31st.


Kevin Dunk photographed these great views of the Royal Canadian Pacific just east of the Frank slide pounding up a slight grade as it approaches the infamous slide site.  The other photo shows the pair of F’s just west of the Sentinel Industrial Park with Crowsnest Mountain looming as the backdrop, something I’m always drawn to much like the Devils Tower in South Dakota and with a pair of covered wagons…well I just couldn’t help myself.  Incidentally, this same scene was magically recreated by the famed painter Max Jacquiard of a steam doubleheader in winter, one of my all time favorites of his.


On the last scheduled run of 2010, The “EMPRESS”, CPR 4-6-4 Hudson #2816, with GP38-2 as the diesel assisting with dynamic braking on the mountain grades, departed Calgary on 12 August 2010 at 09:30 with 9 cars for another segment of the 125th anniversary tour, this time to Lake Louise; on 13 August it is scheduled to depart Lake Louise for Revelstoke's Railway Days; it is scheduled to return to Calgary on the 16th/17th of August.  The steam crew was at the Ogden shop at 03:00 to light the firebox and get up steam; we caught the train along the Bow River at Brickburn East, minutes after it departed downtown Calgary. The consist was: CP Hudson 2816, Aux. Tender 35508, GP38-2 3084, Tool-Supply Boxcar 29114, Generator Car 96, Crew Sleeper H.B. BOWEN, Coach 103, Display Car 99, Coach 104, Club Car DOMINION, Baggage-Express 100 (used as observation car), and the 1927 Business Car VAN HORNE bringing up the markers.  Cor van Steenis followed the train as it headed west; after a service stop at Ozada (M 46 Laggan Sub.), the passenger special continued on without a stop to the station at Lake Louise, where it arrived at 13:10. After the passengers disembarked, the train backed into the chalet track for the night.


Here are a few images of the CPR's 125th Anniversary Tour train returning from Revelstoke to Lake Louise on  Aug 16th 2010, by Cor van Steenis.


The mountain air is becoming a bit hazy from the smoke emanating from the BC forest fires. On some of the photos you can see the IMAX camera mounted on the front of the running board; being used by Director Stephen Lowe for his production of a movie about the EMPRESS in the Rockies; he started filming in 2007 if I recall correctly. On the Storm Mountain shot you can also see an aluminum bracket mounted on the pilot for the camera which on this occasion is mounted out of sight on the conductor's side running board.  Reliable sources told Cor van Steenis that this is the last run of the EMPRESS for 2010; no further events are scheduled at this time. Wouldn't it be nice though if the 2816 arrived at Craigellachie on 05 November 2010 for a 125th anniversary 'Last Spike' ceremony?


A few images of the CPR Business Car VAN HORNE, normally in the consist of the Royal Canadian Pacific, as it appeared on the tail end of the 125th Anniversary Tour with CPR 2816 on 12 & 16 Aug 2010.



Jeff Keddy submitted the following shots: CPR 3084 leads the CPR Heritage Train (Last Spike 125th) westbound into Portage la Prairie, MB. Train ran round trip between Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie on the CP Carberry Sub on July 10. View from rear observation lounge aboard CPR business car "Van Horne" on CPR Heritage Train on the CP Carberry Sub at MP 39, Poplar Point, MB. CPR 1401 leads the CPR Heritage Train eastbound into Winnipeg, MB on the CP Carberry Sub. July 10, 2010. CN Track Evaluation Budd RDC-1 #1501 westbound on the CN Rivers Sub at Portage la Prairie, MB. Aug. 16, 2010.


Craig Konopski’s CP/CN Lakehead Report:


In the last week or so, a new operating agreement has taken effect on CP's main line between Brandon, Man. and Medicine Hat, Alta.  Now certain designated expedited trains will operate the 266 miles between Brandon and Moose Jaw, Sask. without changing crews at Broadview, Sask.  And those same trains will operate the 286 miles between Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat without changing crews in Swift Current, Sask.  Swift Current will remain a division point for the origin of grain and potash trains and for crews operating on the Vanguard South and Shamrock spurs.  However, this might be the beginning of the end for Broadview as a division point.  No trains originate there now, and it's an "away" terminal for crews in the Brandon West and the Moose Jaw East pools.  On May 7, 2001, two CPR east bounds await departure in the yard at Broadview.  On the left is Vancouver-Toronto intermodal train #400 with SD90MAC #9127 and SD40-2 #5618 while at right is Lethbridge/Swift Current-Thunder Bay grain train #348 with AC4400CW's #9641 and #9611.  Broadview's Paterson grain elevator in the distance at far left was demolished a number of years ago.   

Photo by Bill Sanderson (172-16)


A CP style "Pit Stop"! A common event at Golden, BC... fueling of the main line. The Tanker truck seen waiting

for the train takes about 20 min. to fill up. With only 300 gallons left in the leader it would need 450 to 500 gallons for the grade from Field to Revelstoke per unit. You can also see on the right, t...hey are presently changing lots of ties between Hill and Leanchoil, BC. PHOTO Guillaume Lavasseur-Raymond


Mark Forseille submitted these CP SD40-2's:  #5844 on the arrival tracks at CP's yard in Port Coquitlam, BC.

#6018 with #5797 pulling a cut of containers from CP's Port Coquitlam yard to the VIF (Vancouver Intermodal Facility) across the Pitt River in Pitt Meadows, BC and #6048 also on the arrival tracks at CP's yard in Port Coquitlam, BC.


Laurence Lefebvre took this great shot of CP AC4400CW 9830 East rounding a curve along side the Trans-Canada Highway # 1, near Yale, BC on August 10, 2010.


In Late August CP sent SD9043MAC 9143 via D&H to Steamtown in Scranton Pennsylvania for a special display event. This photo submitted by Leonard F. Shaner Jr. show the big Mac at the roundhouse posing for photos month end.


CPR Vignettes


Neil Compton caught Train #42 “The Atlantic Limited” at Montreal West Station in 1968.  It was very rare to see an RS-3 on a CP passenger train, though the D&H did.  Note the 20-foot containers for carrying fresh fish from the Maritimes!  They are riding on the frames of former CPR heavyweights  modified for express service.  The  “AC” (Trains 41 and 42) were always favorites for William Baird Sr. and I as it was always carrying lots of “Head End” which my Dad and loved to see on a passenger train!


Bill Sanderson picked up these great slides of CPR FA and B 4095-4405 in May 1968, Alco S-3  6589 in May 1968 and SW8 6700 at what looks to be Agincourt Yard in May 1968, and RDC 1 9057 at Digby, NS, in September 1969.


An amazing caboose hop is seen with an M636-C630-SD40 combo banging across the diamond in West Toronto in the mid 1970's.  (Derek Henderson collection).


Here was catch a glimpse of Montreal Commuter trains during the mid- 1970's.  Shot mostly  around Ste-Anne de Bellevue, QC,  Massey Jones submitted CP RAIL Budd cars and  FP7A 4074  powering the brand new Hawker Siddeley-built double deckers.


Bob Heathorn sent these historic shots from September 1999 when CP began testing their new platform for the Expressway trains, with CP test car #62.  The cars are similar to an intermodal well car (reporting marks XPWX) but have a flat deck over the top for truck trailers.

The test included changing wheel sets and different weights of springs. The cars were designed by CP's manager of mechanical support, Dave Meyler, and the cars were built by National Steel Car of Hamilton.   These cars replaced the original CSX Iron Highway cars which CP improved upon.  In another test leading to this new design, a group  of mothballed piggyback flats were modified with premium trucks and draft gear, and then operated with the Iron Highway consists.  It is important to note that the trailers that are being transported by the Iron Highway and Expressway cannot be lifted as Piggy Pack cars are, only Circus-train like loading is possible.  The fleet of new Expressway cars drew on the experience gained with these test cars. The trailer spaces on the flat cars are reserved and blocked ahead of time, and as the train runs on a tight schedule ... if you are late to arrive at the yard with your trailer load.... The train departs without you and you pay regardless! That is why the train is sometimes with only a few trailers yet makes money!  At present, Canadian Tire and Zellers are major Expressway  customers.




After much deliberation Marc Caya’s photo of the cyclists on the canal was chosen as the one that best interpreted the SUMMER HEAT theme. Congratulations to Marc and thank you to all those that entered.

Here is Marc’s winning photo.


A larger size and others that were very close to be winners can be seen at


All entries can be seen at


We receive many excellent photographs from our readers and know there are many more taken every day. Each month we will announce a category for that months contest and ask our readers to submit their photos to us.  Two winners, one photo taken in Canada and the second photo from all other locations will be chosen from those that are received and those photos may be used on our web page or as the splash photo on the next issue.

Just email your photos to but make sure you put PHOTO CONTEST and the MONTH in the subject .


Our October issue contest category will be “UP IN THE AIR” and we will be looking for photos of bridges and trestles, big and small or photos taken up in the air.

Everyone has a bridge of some sort in their area.   Good Luck and look forward to seeing your “Up In The Air” photos.  

The CRO team



(By Terry Muirhead and William Baird)



Guy-Pascal Arcouette is once again first to catch the latest CADRAIL rebuilt F40PH-2d. VIA 6442 is seen here testing August 6th on the CN Montreal Sub in St-Henri, QC, around 2:30PM.  As well the week of August 16th VIA F40PH-2d 6431 was also released.


With the F40PH-2d Rebuild Program underway a lot of the commercially wrapped units are starting disappear. The only three F40PH-2's left that still have the side wraps are: 6408 Spider Man 2, 6411 Operation Lifesaver, & 6414 Lotto Quebec. 


Retired VIA LRC locomotives 6914 and 6919 are being prepared in Toronto for their trip to Montreal where it looks like they will be scrapped (info from TRHA). 6907 is in Montreal as well which may suffer the same fate. 6917 was saved by the TRHA and is currently at the Toronto Maintenance Centre undergoing an inspection.  These Michael Taylor photos show examples of LRC's in service, and the forthcoming  Rapido HO scale LRC.


On August 17th VIA's #693 was sitting in Gillam, MB already 24 hours late from its scheduled arrival time in Churchill, MB. The trains two F40PH-2's derailed somewhere near The Pas, MB and then high water halted the train at Gillam.  Some passengers had been on the train since it left Winnipeg on Sunday! 


The first rebuilt VIA Dining Car was released in August.  Terry noted  8407 “Emerald” in early August on Train #2 at the VMC.  It had the same type of VIA stencilling as the rebuilt Manor Cars and shiny Stainless Steel sides.

The car was done at VIA MMC in July. Matthew Soknacki took these photos of the rebuilt dining Car.


Ron Visockis caught VIA F40's 6444 and 6413 leading #60 at Belleville, ON on August 6th.


The double headed  AMTRAK “Maple Leaf” was caught as passed through Grimsby, Ontario by Dan Tweedle on August 7th  with AMTK P42DCs 173 and 170 and six cars including an Amtrak business car on the tail end.


On a recent rail fanning day trip, Walter Pfefferle caught VIA 913 sailing through Pickering GO Station on its way to Toronto. It's almost impossible to notice, but this was the site of the CN 376 derailment with the RBRX units in late March 2010:


Guy-Pascal Arcouette caught three rebuilt VIA F40's moving around in the VIA MMC. Units appear to be 6443, 6433 and 6429, which was previously painted lime-green for the Telus promotion:


Patrick DeLarue clicked these VIA Budd's all across the country: on June 9, 2006 he caught VIA RDC-4 6250 at White River, Ontario and  VIA RDC-1's 6135 and  6148 at  Coquitlam Beach, British Columbia, on July 4th, 2010


Patrick DeLarue also submitted this fine photo of VIA 6205 Franz, Ontario on July 23, 2003


GREAT SHOT! On August 16th W.D. Shaw shot this great photo of VIA #90 passing overhead on the Credit River Bridge is led by one of the new F40PH-2d rebuilds, en route from Niagara Falls to Toronto, ON.


VIA Vignettes:


The 1980 “Experimental” VIA Image can be seen in these two photos (Courtesy R. Robinson,  N. Robinson, James Blunt and LBC).  Grey and yellow VIA FP9A 6532 (and also F9B-unit 6632 not shown) was shot in Ottawa by  and the grey and yellow VIA coach (one of two) was shot in Brockville, ON.  The engine was built at GMDD in 1957, transferred from CN to VIA in 1978, painted like this 1980.  She was rebuilt at Pointe Ste. Charles as 6310 and derailed in a washout in Quebec 1993. She was retired and then scrapped.




John Leeming caught this “extra” RMR train from Kamloops to Vancouver on July 22.  This was the regular Jasper to Whistler train that was blocked by a derailment on the Fraser Sub and detoured

to Kamloops and then Vancouver.  This is the new livery for the train and has worked the Whistler-Jasper route all season.  As well John sent a photo of the Calgary-Kamloops RMR train on July 28 with CP 5867 leading



(By Daniel Dell’Unto)


The following new GO  MP40PH-3C's arrived in Toronto in July and August:

MPEX 640 Arr. Inter.CN West Toronto, ON June 18

MPEX 641 Arr. West Toronto, ON August 4

MPEX 642 Arr. Inter.CP West Toronto, ON June 23

MPEX 643 Arr. Inter.CN West Toronto, ON July 1

MPEX 644 Arr. Inter.CN West Toronto, ON July 9

MPEX 645 Arr. Inter.CP West Toronto, ON July 23

MPEX 646 Arr. West Toronto, ON August 4.


The 6 GO F59PH's that were for sale before have been sold to RB Recycling (RBRX), unit numbers 541, 542, 546, 547, 551 and 554, all now trace as RBRX 185xx units. They were not retired in sequence as previously thought.

A few units so far of the extra 10 unit option (which was opted for) have been way billed. Unit numbers are GO (delivered as MPEX) 647-656.  Jody Moore clicked these MPEX MP40PH-3C's at the Motive Power plant in Boise, Idaho in late July.


MPEX 641 and 646 were on CP Toronto transfer T13-03 for transfer to CN . Also, MPEX 647, the first of the newest order, was “Bad Ordered” at North Platte, NE on UP. A number of those units have been built, which are part of an option for 10 more MP40PH-3C units exercised by GO Transit (647-656).


On July 30th Dean Brown caught brand new GO Transit MP40 645 in service on Toronto-Niagara Falls westbound train 783, at Mile 0.6 Grimsby Sub (Niagara Falls ON). Having just entered service, F59 555 is trailing in case any problems arise. July 30th 2010:


GREAT SHOT!  Walter Pfefferle caught GO MP40PH-3C 635 trailing Bombardier Bi-Levels at Pickering, Ontario on July 28th.




( Jean-François Turcotte)


Maxime Boule and I spotted these two units in St-Luc Yard on August 1st. AMT F59PH's (532 & 526) fresh from MM&A Derby Shop!   This pair have already entered service on AMT on the CP lines. Why don't AMT put their logo on the front stantion  plate?   AMT also have F59PH 530 which they received previously. They are using these on both Vaudreuil and Delson AMT trains.


AMT 4140 with train at CP St-Luc Yard on August 1st.

David Brighten took this shot of the variety of equipment now at AMT's new Sortin Yard.


Ray Farand submitted the following shots of AMT train #111 at Hudson, QC on August 19th with AMT F40PH-2 #400 and AMT (Bombardier) cab car and commuter coaches.  Note that AMT cab car 705 still says “Montreal-Dorion-Rigaud” yet the train only goes as far as Hudson now on the M&O Sub.


AMT Vignette: Tim Mayhew submitted rare paired (ex-CP) FP7A's AMT1301 and 1302

October 18th 1998, with the last train of the morning out of Rigaud, QC.




Savage (CANAC) has sold CANX SW1200 1514 (ex GTW) to the BJRY (Burlington Junction Railway) for yard service.  Savage has also sold CANX SW1200RS 1344 (ex-CN) to RTEX (Rail Trust equipment in Macon, Georgia. 


Global Railway Industries

(RB Recycling / CADRAIL Lachine, QC):


Ex-CP GP9u 1561 was recently moved by RBRX from CAD-Lachine on CN to CRLX in Edmonton, Alberta. This unit had previously been reported sold for scrap in Laval by Metrecy, but this did not happenHere are detailed interior exterior photos taken at CADRAIL of  former CP GP9u 1561 on the Sterling Rail website: ex-CP GP9u 1561now moving ( Richard Marchi Photo). “Green” Locomotive Roundup

Edited by Jody Moore




On July 12, Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad officially unveiled BPRR 1401, the first of two new BL14CG CoGen locomotives that had been built in the BPRR’s Brookville, PA shops using kits provided by neighbour Brookville Equipment. Officially classed by BURR as GS1400’s, the locomotives were built on the frames of two retired EMD SW-series switchers. A second genset, BPRR 1400, should be completed and in service soon as well. After a formal commissioning ceremony, the 1401 was pressed into service in the BPRR’s Butler, PA yard. 

According to sources, Genesee & Wyoming, parent of BPRR, has begun construction on a third GS1400, this one for the Ohio Central Railroad. Retired SW1200 OHCR 922 is the platform for this conversion. Work will be done at the OHCR’s Morgan Run shops. 



UNION PACIFIC’s ten ECO-repowered EMD SD60M’s will be classed as SD59MX model locomotives. The units, numbered 9901-9910, are starting to filter out of the UP’s Jenks shops in North Little Rock, AR, where they were sent for paint and finish work after being converted by EMD in London, Ontario. Ken Ziegenbein caught UP 9906, 9905 and 9908 together in North Little Rock and posted this photo to his blog: At least one unit, UP 9905, has made a trip to Chicago, IL during the past month. 

NORFOLK SOUTHERN is constructing an EMD ECO-repower slug and mother set at its TMS facility in Altoona, PA. Sources indicate that the mother for the project will be EMD GP38 NS 2885, with the slug being constructed using at least parts from if not all of NS 2888, also a GP38. 



MASSACHUSETTS BAY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY has placed an order with MotivePower for 20 new 4,600 hp model HSP46 commuter locomotives. Motive Power will build the engines in Boise, ID using its own designs. The locomotives will use General Electric engines and control systems, including AC traction and HEP. They will be Tier 3-compliant, and delivery is expected in 2012 and 2013. 



NRE is finishing work on several locomotives for CSX TRANSPORTATION. At least four 3GS21Bs, one 2GS14B, and one 3GS21C are under construction right now. Deliveries should begin soon. 

NorCall Rail Systems has won the contract to switch the Honda ship-to-rail transfer facility at the Port of Richmond, CA’s Point Potrero Marine Terminal. For motive power, NOCR has leased 3GS21B genset 1266 from BNSF. The unit was photographed on Aug. 24 wearing NOCR reporting mark labels over the numbers on the cab.  

As reported elsewhere in this issue, NRE 3GS21B-DE demonstrator NREX 2020 is demonstrating for Rocky Mountaineer Vacations. See the XXXX section for more details and photos. 

One of the first BNSF 3GS21C conversions has been released and is on its way to California. BNSF 1308 was built on the frame of BN 6321, an EMD SD40. The unit retains its original cab and short hood. David Anderson caught the unit on the M-BARSDG1-27 at Summit, CA and snapped these photos: 



Progress Rail Services Corp. and Norfolk Southern Railway have announced the order of additional EPA Tier 2-compliant, high-horsepower repower locomotives. In 2008, NS and Progress Rail launched a cooperative effort to develop the "PR43C" repower locomotive. Since then, two PR43C prototypes have been built and placed in service on NS' system. The Class I now has ordered four additional PR43C locomotives, scheduled for delivery later this year. The PR43C is remanufactured from reusable locomotive cores and has a duel-engine configuration, according to Progress Rail. 



Another LEAF single engine conversion was sighted in the Canadian National’s yard in Decatur, IL. RSSX 1051 was formerly an EMD/IC GP10 of the same number. Doug Wolfe caught the unit and posted this photo: 



During the American Shortline Railroad Association (ASLRRA) 2010 convention in May, Railpower made a presentation regarding its plans to adopt the 550-600hp Cummins QSX15 genset in its locomotives as an alternative to the Deutz TCD2015 engines it presently offers. The company’s website has been updated as well to show that the Cummins engines are offered as an option on all models. Because the QSX15 has a footprint similar to the Deutz engines, they can be placed on the Railpower platform without modification to the basic design. 

In addition, Cummins is reportedly preparing a Tier IV-compliant version of the QSX15, a move which has prompted NRE to announce also at the ASLRRA convention that they are including the QSX15 in their plans to upgrade their model lines to Tier IV. Coincidentally, NRE’s presentation was made after Railpower’s. 

In early August, a grey primed RP20BD genset was spotted outside of TMS in Altoona, PA. The unit was numbered 2010, but had no identifying marks. This is most likely the RP20BD genset for RJ Corman. 

Thanks for their assistance in assembling this month’s roundup goes out to: Ken Lanovich,, Doug Wolfe,




                                        (By Don McQueen)



During July, ten units were shipped from London.


The last four from order 20098203 for 18 BHP (EDI Rail Proprietry Ltd., Australia for Broken Hill Proprietary) included 4370 to 4373, bagged and shipped as GMDX 2004 to 2007 via GEXR and CN to Montreal wharf. They were loaded onto Jumbo Ship JUMBO CHALLENGER in early July.


The first six of 25 SD70ACe units for Saudi Arabia (SAR) 4000 to 4005 left the plant for Montreal via GEXR and CN for loading onto Jumbo Ship STELLA NOVA. They were shipped from London without tarps as EMDX 3001 to 3006. Remaining about the plant were the unnumbered 15 JT42CWRM units originally ordered by Dillen & LaJeune (D&L) Cargo.


CDTX 2012, the first of six Amtrak California F59PH-Is, arrived at the plant for ECO repowering. Another Amtrak California F59PHI (CDTX 2013) arrived in London Ontario in early August.


In early August  UP 9905 became the first SD59M model to be repainted!  It is an (EMCC) GM London- rebuilt SD32ECO from a retired UP SD60M delivered to the UP unpainted and with a different number.





Western Canada:


GMTX GP38-2 2258 (ex LLPX 2258) with Kelowna Pacific lettering on the long hood, departed Paducah, KY  on CN August 22nd enroute to its new home.  The loco spent almost two months between the Paducah and Louisville Railroad for testing purposes and VMV for assorted repairs after each stint on the PAL.   Finally released for shipment and heading to its new home.


Have a slide of this I can scan if you decide it necessary.

As of August 16th the bulk of the Tyvan Sub in Saskatchewan was under new ownership.  The Stewart Southern Railway, with reporting marks “SSS”, have acquired the two GE's (B23-7's 1009 and 1010) on were on the Last Mountain Railway.  CP retains ownership from Crecy, SK  to mile 80.1, SSS assumes control from 80.1 to end-of-track at Stoughton, SK.  The Stewart Southern Railway operates over the second longest section of straight track in the world, (80.1 Miles), with the 400-mile long straight track in Western Australia being the longest in the world.


Ken and Pamela McCutcheon took the following shot while rail fanning the line in July. Saturdays train (their regular run) would feature GMTX 2683 (blue GP38-2) and CP 5905 (SD40-2) both units on lease to GSR.  Pamela  later caught the WB with the GE's leading He also caught CP #115 meandering the Prairie! Sunday's train was NREX 4221 (B23-7) with Santa Fe markings, GMTX 2674 (GP38-2), NREX 4253.  This train with 112 grain loads from the Great Sandhills Grain Terminal (GST) at Prelate. They also caught the Great Western Railroad (GWR) wrapping up this past years grain operations with M420W's 2002 and 2003 leading the charge, and 56 empties. It was an eventful week with trips scheduled eastward over the Red Coat RR (RCRR) and southward over the Fife Lake RR (FLRR),  two very scenic prairie lines.


Jesse Acorn also visited the Great Sandhills Railway and took the following shots: 1: Taken March 31 - Leased CP GP38-2s 3090, 3034, and NREX B23-7s 4227, 4253 are ready to leave the Great Sandhills Terminal.  2: Taken March 31 - NREX B23-7 4221 sits on a siding at Leader, SK with a blown turbocharger.  3: Taken June 20 - GMTX GP38-2s 2683 and 2674 sit on a siding at Leader, SK.


The Rocky Mountaineer (RMR) received genset NREX 2020 for in mid-August and will test on the Kamloops to Jasper run.  It is seen here switching freight cars BNSF yard at Brunette, BC on Aug 16th. (John Leeming).  The CP SD40-2 (6019) on lease to RMR was returned to CP in late August.

NREX 2020 is a 3GS21B-DE four axle, three engine genset with dynamic brakes. Full info is here:

A few images of the CPR Business Car VAN HORNE, normally in the consist of the Royal Canadian Pacific, as it appeared on the tail end of the 125th Anniversary Tour with CPR 2816 on 12 & 16 Aug 2010.  


Jeff Keddy submitted the following shots: CPR 3084 leads the CPR Heritage Train (Last Spike 125th) westbound into Portage la Prairie, MB.  Train ran round trip between Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie on the CP Carberry Sub on July 10. View from rear observation lounge aboard CPR business car "Van Horne" on CPR Heritage Train on the CP Carberry Sub at MP 39, Poplar Point, MB.  CPR 1401 leads the CPR Heritage Train eastbound into Winnipeg, MB on the CP Carberry Sub.  July 10, 2010.  CN Track Evaluation Budd RDC-1 #1501 westbound on the CN Rivers Sub at Portage la Prairie, MB.  Aug. 16, 2010.


Western Vignette: Peter Cox caught Alcan switcher 1003, at Kitimat, BC, in 1980.





With the two GSCX and FEC unit's up and running on GEXR, HLCX SD40-3 units 6061, 6091 and 6522 have been parked out of service and around Aug 5th they left GEXR on train 432 for MacMillan Yard. Their lease was up, and they are to be forwarded to NECR.  Unserviceable GEXR GP38 3821 arrived in Goderich Taugust 23, and will be stored there for an indefinite length of time. The entire car body is coming loose from it's frame and will need extensive welding repairs. A large crane was expected in

Goderich today to remove the car body. On the Christmas wish list is the hope the cab on the conductor side will be finished.  Currently RLK GP9-4 4001 has been assigned to replace 3821, although if it is not able to handle the tonnage out  of London every other day, one might see one of the SD40s mated with 2211 and 4001, and a pair of 4 axle units wandering to the Exeter sub. The last week of August.


SOR in Hamilton currently have CN SW1200RSm 7311 at their SOR Diesel Shop.  It is enroute to lease to Stelco, which was while on movement on SOR was verified to have electrical problems and is on arrived on the SOR in mid-August. SOR have in the past leased CN GP9RM's. The SOR purchased SW1200RS 1359 is out of service with a bent frame.  CN 7311 was intended to replace a 7000-series GP9RM.  If Stelco can repair the engine it will continue to Stelco, or simply go back to CN.


Tim Ball provided an August snapshot of rail activity in the Hamilton and Bayview Ontario area.


CN Train 908 and a CN Stack train at Bayview.

VIA P42DC at Bayview.

Rail Link  in Hamilton.


When Trillium needed a truck and traction motor in Niagara Falls, it was easier to transport the truck than the locomotive. HR412W 3582 has been out of-service for one year, and which was left behind in Tillsonburg, Ontario when photographed by Don Janes on June 22, 2010.   The units truck was needed for an MLW unit in Niagara Falls on the Port Colborne Harbour Line. (Froth)


James Lalande returned from a tour of North Western Ontario with fellow railfans Norm Deschaines and Davis Glass. We stopped at a number of places to check things out. Capreol, Cartier, Gogama, Foleyet, Chapleau, White River, Hornepayne, Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Kenora, Fort Francis, Atikokan back to Thunder Bay, White River, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury before returning to North Bay. A couple of things that they caught were a repaint of former INCO#2001 to its new corporate colors of Vale photographed outside of the Diesel Electric Supply (DESX) Shop in Sudbury on Friday Aug 6th, 2010.The CTG shows CN van #79500 as scrapped however luckily they found it still sitting on a dead track in Atikokan, ON.


Warren Mayhew took these nice shots of ONR locomotives on August 18th:   2105 was taken in the yard at Englehart, ON,  ONR  2200-1801 (combo) was  shot in front of the station in Cochrane on

the Wednesday.  On August 20th Warren caught the set again in Moosonee after bringing up northbound  freight.



(CFG Report by Bernard Babin)


On July 20th  RS18u 1856 was acquired by the Chemin de Fer de la Gaspésie – CFG  from CN.  CFG now has three RS18u locomotives: NBEC 1819, NBEC 1849 and NBEC 1856.  Bernard caught

NBEC 1856 now in service on CFG at New Richmond,  QC  and 1856 again at the east end of Port-Daniel Tunnel heading towards Chandler, QC.


Track maintenance on the CFG is still progressing on Cascapedia subdivision (Matapedia to New Carlisle), including  tie replacement, new ballast and track re-alignment.  Ballast is hauled in from Chandler to New Richmond by train. Squaw Cap Trucking of Campbellton, Nbwith is part of this project to replace  6,000 to 7,000 ties  every year.


The Temrex sawmills and planning mills are the biggest lumber customer using CFG rail services.

 Wood chips and prepared wood products is been shipped by train. Locomotives NBEC 1819 and NBEC 1849 are assigned in Nouvelle for this very important customer. NBEC 1819 and 1849 are seen after completing work in the siding at Nouvelle, QC.


VIA Rail had a successful 2010 summer season with increased rider ship on many routes including  Montreal to Gaspe, QC.   VIA trains #16 and 17 are running three times a week to Gaspe. The Skyline car has been very busy and nice food is now back with an on board Chef.  Here is VIA #17 in Gaspe QC, ready to leave for the return trip to Matapedia and Montreal QC


More information and photos of trains in the Gaspe coast at: 


Eastern Canada - “Atlantic Report

(David Othen)


On 30 July, the CN Test train, as train # 912, powered by CN SD40u 6014 was on the Sussex subdivision between Moncton and Saint John, New Brunswick. 

On 31 July, rebuilt VIA 6437 failed with a defective injector valve that allowed diesel fuel into the lube oil, causing the locomotive to shut down. CN GP38-2 4721 was leased to lead the train with VIA 6437 & 6416 from Halifax to Matapedia, where it arrived on 1 August. Three days a week the Ocean and Chaleur are combined at Matapedia and fortunately this was a day on which the Chaleur ran and so 4721 could be removed. I am sure the crews had had a rough ride. 

David Othen took a video of CN train # 120 with 8808 2572 and 2564 meeting the Ocean at Sandy Cove Nova Scotia on the afternoon of 31 July 2010. 


CN 4721 was turned on the wye at Matapedia and returned to Halifax on the front of the Ocean on 1 August 2010. David Othen photographed it at Moirs Mill near Bedford.


Traffic on CN # 120 has increased in August and there are now regularly 4 high horsepower locomotives on this train rather than the three seen in the video. 

On 2 August, New Brunswick Southern ran an excursion train from Saint John to Rothesay over CN track. The train was captured on video by Dave Dineen. It can be seen at


Dave also captured the New Brunswick Southern transfer move from CN’s Island Yard (east Saint John) to NBSR’s Dever Road Yard (west Saint John) as it crossed the Reversing Falls Bridge powered by GP38-3 9803, SW1200 3703 and GP38-2 2319 on 7 August. It can be seen at 


Matt Landry & Dave Dineen have both photographed container train transfers in the Saint John’s area. A video by Matt taken on 22 August can be seen at and by Dave at 


On 8 August Chemin de Fer de la Gaspesie purchased RS-18 1856 (ex NBSR nee CP) and it is being put back into service in the CN shops in Campbellton. 

In the last issue I mentioned that CBCNS has leased CN 5279. Charles Jeffrey photographed the locomotive as the second unit on train # 306 as it arrived in Stellarton from Truro on 23 July 2010.


The Windsor & Hantsport’s B23-7s continue to struggle along but they do not MU together properly. As a result, on eastbound trains of empty cars 4079 is not providing any power and on the westbound loaded trains the only way that both locomotives will operate is with 4079 leading 1968 and with both units running long hood forward (backwards). The maximum load westbound has been determined by trial and error to be 9 loaded cars otherwise the train stalls. The trip between Windsor Junction and Windsor (31.6 miles) usually takes over 4 hours so the engineer must have a stiff neck when he gets off duty!




(by  Mike Pebesma)



Updates and Announcements 

Intermountain has released a ready to run HO model of a Procor designed 3300 cubic foot pressure flow covered hopper. It is available in CN, British Columbia Railway and Haliburton (Procor UTLX) schemes. They have also announced a future run of these cars in 6 additional CN numbers, Stelco, Mountain Minerals Co. and Procor.

Sylvan Scale Models has released an HO scale resin kit for the Labatt streamlined delivery truck from the 1940’s. 

On the Bench 

Building a BC rail PC&F boxcar – Part 2 

In a previous CRO Modellers Corner, I went through a step by step build of a Pacific Car and Foundry 52’-8” boxcar for British Columbia Railway. The car was complete and ready to be painted.

The roof was painted silver first. Most modern boxcars have unpainted galvanized steel roofs, with some overspray of the car body colour extending in from the sides and ends. T simulate this, I paint the roof first using a commercial spray can of silver paint (Testors or Krylon). Although I stay away from commercial spray cans as a general rule because they tend to put paint on very thick, these 2 brands of silver lay down even and thin and are a good representation of galvanized steel. The body was then airbrushed with Polly Scale CNW dark green, making sure to carefully spray some of the green over the edges of the silver roof. After gloss coating, decals were applied. The BCIT reporting marks and road numbers came from CDS Lettering set #237 for BC rail boxcars and data was a combination of Microscale and Highball Graphics. After flat finish, the car was weathered using an airbrush and Polly Scale paints. 


Another recently completed project shown here is a National Steel Car 4650 cu. ft. grain car built from a Bachmann car with the end ladders, roof and hatches and outlet gates replaced with Intermountain parts. A walkway from Plano was modified to fit and the car was painted with Pollyscale undercoat light grey mixed 50/50 with reefer white. Decals were made on a computer and photocopied onto blank decal paper. 


Also pictured is an Intermountain 4750 cubic foot rib sided covered hopper built from an undecorated kit and numbered as CNA 385573 using Highball graphics data and reporting marks made on computer/photocopier. 


Mike Zollitsch shared with us some photos of Richard Stoving’s New York Central themed layout.

CBC (Radio Canada) French language news report of the CANADA CENTRAL HO Scale Club in Montreal


In 1997, Jeff Hurst started construction on his HO scale model RR, set in the early 1960s, and loosely based on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy RR (Burlington Route).  It is located in my 20 foot by 10 foot garage, as this is the largest area available to me without annoying the domestic authorities.  I am in the process of converting to DCC control, as funds permit.  The steel trestle carrying the main line is a Micro Engineering kit, with an additional tower, while the timber trestle is scratch built, using North Eastern scale lumber and a trestle jig by Black Bear Construction, of Austin, Texas.

My ambition was to include as many of the features found on North American Railroads as possible, and I have managed to include the two trestles, two through girder bridges, a grade crossing and a short section of double track main.  The timber trestle carries a single track which, as the NP Budd RDC shows, may be owned by another Company, to provide variety, but I've not made that final decision yet.  There is also provision to add a steam powered short line, using the Q's connection with the Bevier & Southern as a prototype. Jeff Hurst lives in the UK and is a regular reader of CRO.

Maxime Boule has the following HO Scale engine for sale.  TEL: 514.261.4311.

BM 302 GP40-2 Atlas Athearn shell on Atlas drive DCC  100.00   

BM 309 GP40-2 Atlas Athearn shell on Atlas drive DCC  100.00   

BM 208 GP38-2 Athearn Original Athearn renumbered No DCC  50.00   

BM 320 GP40 Atlas Custom painted DCC 100,00   

MEC 256 GP38 Atlas Superdetailed DCC    120,00   

CP 5493 SD40M-2 Kato Original Kato No DCC  SOLD   

DRGW 5322 SD45 Kato Super detailed/weathered No DCC  130.00   

TFM 1634 SD70 MAC Kato Original Kato No DCC   120.00   

UP 3379 SD40-2 Kato Super detailed No DCC 100.00   

CR 6345 SD40 Kato New in boxNo DCC  90.00




The TRHA has succeeded in purchasing VIA LRC 6917 from VIA. Donations are still needed in order to move it and restore this LRC locomotive to its former glory.


The Ex-CPR Royal Hudson #2860 :

The #2860 “2010” flyer:


The Niagara Railway Museum are having an open house on September 11 & 12, 2010 9am-4pm at the shop, and have included this flyer for said open house:


 Exporail – The Canadian Railway Museum


August was a busy month at Exporail, we held our annual Model Train Weekend on August 21 – 22 which again, was a great success. Several great club layouts were set up, the Quebec Meccano Club had over 10 displays, and once again the LEGO Company created a spectacular scene with a railway motif (see photo). Thank you to all the volunteers and clubs who participated in 2010! 

All Photos:

Earlier in the month numerous pieces of equipment in buildings 5 and 6 were re-arranged in what was called the ‘big move’. This was done to create a new display in building # 5, line with our ‘Plan B’ project presently underway. Many pieces were steam cleaned while outside during relocation. Of unusual interest was the use of the John Molson steam locomotive to switch the European equipment (3 pieces) because of compatible couplers. Attached are two photos of the John Molson switching, three photos courtesy of Stephen Cheasley. 

Work continues on the cosmetic restoration of ten-wheeler Maritime Railway # 5, by the time you read this, painting should be completed. It will be moved into the Angus Pavilion as planned to form part of the permanent display.  

September 2010 schedule at Exporail:

·       September 8  Start of autumn hours, Exporail opens Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 to 17:00 thereafter

·       September 18-19  Back to school: rail safety - Staying safe around railroad crossings and tracks.

·       September 25-26  Journées da la culture – Discover railroad careers through interactive activities and experience a military camp 


Updates of Canada's Railway Historical Associations and Museums are available on our CRO MUSEUMS page





From Bill Miller: Ex-CP SW1200RS 8113 is looking good as LTEX 1210! (Glenn Anderson Photo with thanks)


The DMVW (Dakota Missouri Valley and Western) purchased former Wisconsin Central SD40-2's 6941 and 6949 from GCFX.  The units arrived at Bensonville, IL on CP for movement on August 13th. \DMVW has also purchased WRIX (Western Rail Dismantlers) ex-CN GP40-2LW 9421 which was purchased from CN many years ago. This unit has now been de-turbo'd and is essentially a  DMVW “GP38-2LW”.


Ex- WC (GCFX) SD40-2 6933 arrived on August 11th at Minnesota City, MN on CP/DME train 487-10. It is a former gray and GEC-Alstom unit wearing CN noodle on the long hood that was in storage  on the BRC in Chicago for a while. It has been re-lettered MVPX 6933.  MVPX 6933 arrived Harrold Grain in Harrold SD on August 14th on train DME #471.  Note: MVPX is reporting marks for moving only.

Ex-WC (GCFX) SD40-2 6936 is enroute to the Nebraska Northeastern (NENE) and has been renumbered NENE #124.


Former Black Mesa & Lake Powell E-60 #6001 was donated to a railroad museum in Williams, AZ.

Here are pictures of the movement across the reservation.  Credit George Watson, Supt. Railroad and Heavy Equipment with preserving one from the cutting torch!   (Thanks to Heather Fear)


Francois Jolin submitted his  shots of  the '' Brian Dubie for Governor Pure Vermont Tour'' train pulling into the Amtrak station in St Albans Vermont, August 28, 2010.


The same day, Francois caught this D&H Inspection train with borrowed VTR ''Macintyre'' rolling along Lake Champlain N.Y.




Bill Sanderson submitted background and status of former CPR GP30 5001.  She was retired by the railway in June 1998, and was stored for a number of years before being sold to the Scoular Grain Company, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.  She retains her original CP road number and is assigned to Fremont, Nebraska where she switches the Scoular grain elevator there.  Photo by Mike Sosalla (2004).


Jean-Charles Blanchette took these fantastic shots of Deleware & Lackawana RS3's.  B&O Steam , D&H GP38-2's hauling an excursion train, and a night photo session with the DL&W F-unit at the Endless Mountain Rails: The 2010 NRHS Convention (Steam Town USA - Scranton, PA. in July 2010.

PENN CENTRAL Vignettes: “Big freight Juice” at Lemoyen, Pa in May 1976, by Bill Thompson


Wayne Koch's photos posted last month of the Milwaukee trains had no locations.  Now thanks to Ed Weisensel.  From top to bottom they are Deer Lodge, MT; Butte, MT and Two Dot, MT.




Canadian Railway Observations will try and get out to as many local railway events as we can and will publish reports here. Make sure we are aware on any events you may be involved in and if we can’t attend, maybe you can send us a report of the event.


Here is a couple of events we did attend.


Railfest 2010


Railfest was held in Cookstown Ontario Aug 27th and 28th and is a new event only in its second year. It is trying to match country music and railways displays together which I think are a nature fit.

Here is a report of the event


Kettle Creek Bridge St Thomas


CRO was also in attendance at a meeting held in St Thomas to decide the future of the Kettle Creek bridge that was part of the CASO and is now in danger of being demolished.

Hopefully it can be saved


Future Events CRO will be attending


Niagara Railway Museum Open House Sept 12th

Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society Open House Sept 16th.


Come out and support these events and hope to see you there.


CNR Pt St Charles Caboose


CRO has added their support to saving a CN caboose owned by SOLRS-W ( Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society Windsor).

It is a CNR Pt St Charles Caboose. They are looking for donations and we can offer tax receipts.

Please email me at

Visit the web page at






Hi Will,


I want to tell you how I am thoroughly CRO. In the beginning, CRO was just a curiosity but now, I spend hour upon hour looking through the links and faithfully conserve every issue on file.


I met a few of the contributors in one way or the other somewhere along railfan lines from the sixties on. To many, I was just a railfan and vice-versa but their contributions have always been invaluable. Not a "real researchist", I more or less conserve the stuff to myself and don't pay much attention as to when the left front wheel bearing was changed on GMDXX 6000 etc, mostly taking rail photos for myself. On August 17th, for example, I will be alone at a certain spot in Calgary, recording the return of the 2816 from Lake Louise, as she passes through the Bowness Twin Bridges. It will be done in movie and stills at one of my regular "cruising spots". You already have a Calgary contact (Cor), who always contributes superior photos to CRO. Unfortunately, I do not have his inside knowledge (or the time) to acquire the photos that he takes.


Here is a picture of the some West Island RDCs returning downtown Montreal. The shot was taken from the edge of the Montreal West platform many years ago and it's a slide scan (Kodachrome, Canon F1, 100mm f2.0 lens). Don't keep much track of photo dates but it's an original, which may remind you of some of your days there. I was born and raised in Ahuntsic, most of the people on my father's side worked for the CPR, so it's in the blood and only started rail fanning with the St Lawrence Railway Society circa 1967 (not knowing a cc wheel arrangement  from a hole in the wall) eventually  moved to the Toronto & York in the late 70s with an air force posting, ending up in Calgary in 1983,  because of the railway, which I came to photograph in the Rockies 3 or 4 times a year.


Just a small observation. I think maps would be useful in some of the Special Reports,  as not all of us are familiar with the areas described. Mark's report about the SRY is a case in point. I visited New West and photographed some SRY last in May 2008 but I am not entirely familiar with its territory and things have changed slightly for the SRY since then. 


Keep up the good work and thanks to all contributors, Nice to read about Canadian trains. In Calgary, (a city of one million with several rail clubs and mainline CN and CP), American rail mags are not displayed on racks in major stores much anymore and I can honestly say that I really miss reading about US rail.


Massey Jones

Calgary, AB.





Re: Mark Forseille article in the most recent CRO dealing with the BC Hydro Railway there is an error.

In reference to BCH #931 in the (BCH – yellow paint scheme) section, Mark wrote “The BCH bought one lone GMD SW900 from the Mainland of Manitoba" 

It is actually called the Midland Railway of Manitoba which is now part of BNSF.


Thank you for your efforts,

Fred Headon,

Winnipeg, MB


The Last Word


We are sorry CRO September was posted a few days late this month.  I had a computer crash and have also been promoting my 1980's Music Party as the DJ, which involved  more time than I had anticipated.  We assure our readers the October issue will be posted on time.


This railway employee has a sense of humor!  Ed Weisensel photos.


These photos show a scratch built C424 by Paul Brunet, a retired CN RTC operator while he was a member of the Montreal Live Steam back in 2003. Paul had cut the side doors and I applied them to the loco.  The first paint scheme I applied was a military camouflage to honor our Canadian Military past and present and displayed it last fall during our open house.  Ronald Pelletier bought it from Paul and received it in July 2009 with a coat of gray primer and QGRY Livery (see the pic).  It weighs about 500 lbs and there are four(4) electric motors, one on each axle and are 24 volts 2/3 HP each and there are also four(4) six(6) volt deep cycle batteries to operate it. This summer he's been too busy to work on my loco as I'm doing most of the maintenance and upkeep on the layout.


In August Walter Pfefferle unveiled his Official RailPast CRO Chase Vehicle with the new lettering . Note the white storage pipe on the roof.  Well done Walt!



At the ECRM Heritage Railway Days St Thomas Ontario



We have some sad news to report.


Railroad historian and photographer William E. Miller passed away in early August.  He was 69.

Our sincere condolences to his son Bill Miller, who kindly contributes to CRO.  I understand his emotional pain, as I lost my Dad in August 2006.


ake care everyone,



THANK YOU: Jesse Acorn, Guy-Pascal Arcouette, Bernard Babin, Tim Ball, Michael Berry, Dan Braun, David Brighten, Dean Brown, Paul Burgess, Dave Burroughs, Guilio Capuano, Bruce Chapman, Marc Chouinard, Chris Davidson, Alex de Léry, Daniel Dell’Unto, Ray Farand, Joe Ferguson, Mark Fjaagesund, James Gardiner, Chris Gertz, Greg Gormick, Sean Graham-White, Bob Heathorn, Francois Jolin, James Lalande,  Ken Lanovitch, John Leeming, Laurence Lefebvre, Roman Litarchuk, Phil Mason, Taylor Main, Tim Mayhew, Ken and Pamela  McCutcheon, Don McQueen (Froth),  Bruce Mercer, Jeremy Mobile, Arnold Mooney, Jody Moore, Glen Mounk, Terry Muirhead, Peter Murphy, Jason Noe (Railpace), Donna Peters, Walter Pfefferle, John Read “GR17f”, Earl Roberts (Branchline), George Redmond, Bill Sanderson, Doug Sanford, Wilco van Schoonhoven, Dave Slater, John Soehner,  Cor van Steenis, Rob Sterne, Michael Taylor, Jean-François Turcotte, Dan Tweedle, Ron Visockis, Craig Walker, Ed Weisensel, Chris Wilson, Ed Weisensel, Joe Zika, The Bridge Line Historical Society, and The Canadian Trackside Guide.  Merci: James, John, Michel, Tony, Denis, Richard, Mohammed, les gars a St-Luc Diesel.

 Submitting photos to CRO?  We encourage our readers to forward current pertinent news photos, and historical material as well.  Please include the Loco #’s, Train # or Direction, Date, Location, etc, and send to CRO at   NOTE: As we get a lot of mail, please Indicate “CRO  Photo” in the subject line.  Please send your photos in jpeg format, but make sure the size is not exceeding 1Mb.  Walter Pfefferle is now our CRO Photo Editor. 


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