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CN ex-BNSF C40-8W Roundup

Wearing full CN Livery with their paint shop, and new releases:

2098 - Centralia 2163 - Centralia
2099 - Centralia 2164 - Woodcrest
2135 - Centralia 2165 - NRE – Dixmoor
2136 - Centralia 2166 - Centralia
2137 - Woodcrest (Corrected) 2167 - Quality Rail
2138 - Centralia 2168 - NRE - Dixmoor
2139 - Centralia 2169 - Centralia
2141 - Woodcrest 2170 - Metro East Industries
2143 - Centralia (Released Late November) 2173 - Centralia

2144 - Centralia

2175 - Woodcrest
2145 - Centralia 2176 – Quality Rail
2146 - Centralia

2177 - Quality Rail

2147 - Woodcrest

2178 - Centralia  

2148 - Woodcrest

2180 - Centralia

2149 - Centralia

2181 - Centralia

2151 - Centralia

2183 - Centralia

2152 - Woodcrest

2184 - Centralia

2153 - Centralia

2185 - Centralia

2154 - Woodcrest

2188 - Centralia

2155 - Centralia

2191 - Quality Rail

2156 - Centralia

2193 - Quality Rail

2157 - Centralia

2194 - Woodcrest

2159 - Centralia

2196 - Centralia

2160 - Centralia (Released In December)

2197 – Centralia

2161 - Centralia

2198 - Centralia

2162 - Metro East Industries



As of January 1st 53 of the 67 units are finished. 

Painted in November CN 2166, painted in November, was moved Dec. 7th from turntable into the Centralia engine house for its number boards. It shipped out for completion December 12th, and CN 2198 moved onto the turntable tracks.  CN 2114, 2124, 2175 arrived at Quality Rail December 5th for cooling modification and possible DPU modification.  Joe Ferguson caught CN 2183 and 2185 at Centralia December 12th.  CN 2160 was released from the Centralia paint shop the week before Christmas, awaiting final completion.  

From our tally done December 27th, these 14 C40-8W’s are not yet painted: CN 2140, 2142, 2150, 2158, 2171 (bad-ordered on 12/27 at Toronto), 2172, 2174, 2179, 2182, (in service - ATSF Warbonnet), 2186, 2187, 2189, 2190, and 2195.

George Redmond snapped the following C40-8W images: BNSF liveried CN 2142 was being prepared for repaint at the CN engine facility December 3rd.  On December 7th, 2166 was on the CN turntable getting ready to go in the engine house for new lights and number boards and on the 8th BNSF painted CN 2150 was outside the paint shop at Centralia, IL.

Finding itself power-short in December, CN activated two ex-BNSF GE’s stored on the system.  CN 2171 returned to service  - a BNSF pumpkin-painted C40-8W awaiting new paint at Centralia. However it failed, and was bad-ordered at Toronto, ON, December 27th.   Henry Nye shot it wearing Noodle patches as it was running thru Neenah, WI on Q199 Dec. 20th. 


As well, ATSF-painted CN 2182 was also returned to service.  Resurrected from the CN-Memphis storage lines and pressed into service it was the second unit in a 4-locomotive "skittles" lashup on M336 December 16th, seen here at Wheeling, IL while waiting for Deval Tower to give the all clear.  (George R. Widener photo) Since returning to service in December, CN C40-8W 2182 was also shot at Steven’s Point, WI enroute to Winnipeg, MB.

The “Catch of the month”:  On December 29th Ron Visockis was first to catch CN 2182 “leading” CN train #149, eastbound to Montreal with CN 2424 behind. Pure luck, timing, and sunshine all combined to create this unbelievable photo opportunity!   

Trace locations of CN 2098-2199

(CN ex-UP C40-8, ex-BNSF C40-8W)

CRO “Special Report” (compiled by Joe Ferguson)


Dan Braun clicked CN train M340 southbound on the Neenah Sub December 28th thru Oshkosh, WI. It had CN 8915 (SD70M-2), CN 2422 (C40-8M), CN 2143 (C40-8W) and CN 2536 (C44-9W). CN 2143, which has eluded cameras since leaving the Centralia booth, was the first of 2 mid-train DPUs. CN 2536 is receiving control commands from leader 8915 - no widecabs to date have marker lamps indicating they've been DPU equipped.

On December 10th Brandon Warnick shot CN 2166 in idle in Mattoon Illinois. The former BNSF C40-8W was painted in November at the Centralia Shop, and was awaiting final completion.

On December 16th, George captured 2183, 2185, and 2198 in CN  paint at the CN engine facility Centralia, IL.

Larry Amaloo caught CN M336 with CN 2099, CN 5691, CN 5272, CN 8811, and CN 2148 in La Grange, IL, on November 25th.

As CN is power short, they have begun activating locos stored at Woodcrest. Ken Lanovich noted resurrected IC SD40-2 6100 rides on rebuilt, repainted trucks. Now un-retired, IC 6100 was ready for movement December 22, GTW SD40-2’s 5931 (CN livery) and 5936 (GTW red/blue), have also been pulled from the Woodcrest storage lines and are now inside the shop. CN will be putting more other stored SD40-2’s back into service this winter and have placed a contract bid to return 18 SD40-2`s to service status. Unfortunately, it is too late for the IC 6000’s and nearly all the IC 6100’s that were scrapped at Woodcrest in 2010. On December 30th two CN SD40-2W 5300-series (Ken missed their numbers) were shipped dead-in-transit south out of Markham Yard (outside Chicago), likely going to the St. Louis area for contract work.

CN SD70M-2 8022 got tipped over by the rotary coal dumper at the Westshore terminal at Deltaport, in Robert’s Bank, BC, on December 18th.   This happened a few years ago as well, when another SD70M-2 got tipped. On December 19th CN 8022 was sent to Thornton Yard for evaluation and repairs.

On October 29th, George clicked CN C40-8W 2156 and IC E9A 100 backing the business train S/B into the yard at Centralia, IL. 

Over the next few issues, CRO will update CN C40-8 and C40-8W’s equipped with DPU, as well as those with Split Cooling mods.

One of the first ex-UP GE’s modified for DPU, CN 2108 was shot November 13th by Henry Nye at Neenah, WI.  The DPU red light is clearly visible on the right number board.


On December 24th, Joe Ferguson clicked CN C40-8W 2148 sporting  the split Cooling Mod at Du Quoin, IL.

All CN 2100’s can be seen HERE

Joe Ferguson clicked BCOL B39-8E 3910 at Centralia, IL on December 12th  The string of retired blue BC Rail GE’s remain stored at Centralia and 3910 (Photographed) was the only south facing unit.

It’s “Hammer Time” at the CN diamond in Griffith, Indiana as Kris Rumbut caught two CN SD70M-2 about to bang across the double crossing.

Kris also shot EJE J-ball SD38-2 671 on a local pushing off of the old C&O main onto the EJE after serving a chemical depot at Griffith, IN late October.

Former CN GP40-2LW's enjoy a new life on the prairie shortline TPW. Remington, IN on August 15th; and Kris shot this potpourri of CN power at Griffith, IN: A pair of IC SD70's show off their new DPU modification August 8th; a CN crew utilise the open front door to bring in some fresh air into the cab of  their BCOL C40-8M 4605  on a hot  90 degree day in july 6th, and finaly a  GTW GP 38-2 (ex Rock Island; no dynamic brakes) sneaks past the Kankakee, IL Amtrak platform and a set of high voltage lines on August 15th.

On December 16th and 17th, Chris Wilson clicked the following locomotive shots at MacMillan Yard, Toronto.

CN 309's power is passing under the dual hump heading for the Toronto Diesel Shop.

CN train 37231-16 is just getting under way.

CN C40-8 2134 is seen arriving at Mac Yard on the 17th.

Following release from Cadrail in Montreal, CEFX GP38-3 6537 sports a new “CIT” long hood logo.  The locomotive arrived on M37321-16..  The unit is destined to an industry in Norma, Wisconsin on Union Pacific.   

Old soldiers CN GP38-2 4707 and 4788 pose beside the new CN guard;
SD70M-2 8881 and 8021 on December 17th.

After cutting off from the manifest, 148's power heads for the shops on
the 17th. Former BNSF C40-8W 2165 is one of the CN GE’s repainted by

Kenneth Borg captured the 2011 CN Santa Train in a cold December rainy and overcast day at Scott Lake Road crossing of the GTW Holly Sub-division in Waterford, Michigan.

Ron Barrett clicked CN SD70M-2 8024 sitting at 189.48 of the Kingston Sub, after a traction motor seized resulting in a small fire. The incident occurred during the early morning of December 27th and blocked one mainline on the Kingston Sub between Ernestown to Napanee ON, forcing detours around it.  



CN Retired a total of 11 locomotives in 2011:

CN 7061 GP9RM has been added to our  2011 list

CN GP9RM’s 4118, 7007, 7010, 7018, 7045, 7061. 7216, 7218, 7259,

IC SW14 1501;

CN slug 272

GCFX has sold SD40-3 6059 (former CN SD40 5197), to the Wellsville and Corning Railroad in New York State.

Former NBEC c424 (SFEX 4202) was sold by CN to a leasing company, and was moving to the Morristown and Erie Railroad at press time. 

Summary of Rolling Stock Painted in the 1990’s

CN North America Livery

By Chris VanderHeide and Don McQueen (FROTH)


From about 1993-95 CN experimented with branding themselves as "CN North America", including a silhouette of a map of North American behind their logo. About 1995 CN dropped the map from the logo. Several freight cars also managed to receive experimental new CNNA paint schemes featuring the short-lived logo. Now, based on photographic evidence, and information on the CN Cyclopedia website and elsewhere, we conclude that only five cars the entire CN fleet are known to have received versions of the CNNA scheme.

CN 371897

CN 383381

CNIS 413028

CN 557115

CNLX 9405

As well, there are a small number of  containers with the grey NA map and CN Intermodal lettering in the CNRU 281xxx (Laser) and 290xxx series. Andrew Blackburn added he has a photo taken September 1998 in Montreal Taschereau yard of sleeping car CN 59345 (formerly 1625 Kelowna) a 12 section 1 drawing room used on the Montreal Aux. The paint scheme was Canadian National North America livery with white CNNA logos on the brown work car. Within the next year the Auxiliary was removed from service.

CN Vignettes

CN Train #1 The “Super Continental” led by CN FP9A 6501 is seen at Edmonton, Alberta on March 21, 1965.  When Peter Cox shot this slide the CN noodle was only 3-years old, and most equipment and passenger locos was still wearing CNR green, yellow and black.  The B-unit appears to be in fresh paint.

Peter Cox caught Canadian National Railways GP9 4131 running white flags with a long string of empty 40-Foot box cars departing Symington Yard in Winnipeg, MB September 5, 1963.   The boxcars are destined to be loaded with grain and then sent to Thunder Bay ON.

Phil Mason snapped these shots in the late 1960's at Pokemouche Junction /  Inkerman, in New Brunswick where the CN train was switched for the trip up the branch to Shippegan, and possibly on to Tracadie the same day. The motive power is three classic A-1-A trucked ALCO RSC-13 road switchers (CN 1711,  1713 and one other)The crew portrait shows the engineer, head end trainman, conductor and tail end trainman, all from Bathurst, NB.

Today, this area of New Brunswick is famous for two things, according to many, the best lobsters come from Shippegan. The other is what is reportedly North America's largest family reunion which takes place at Caraquet. The "Blackburn" family (some English heritage there) is an Acadian family with members in Louisiana, NB and many other places with up to 450 attendees at one recent re-union.


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