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Mark Mautner snapped the newest Kansas City Southern ES44AC's in action. This view shows the # 4804 #4997 and #4801 making there very first revenue run after set up at the KCS shops in Kansas City, MO. These views show the colorful trio leading the twice a week KCS junk train from Kansas City, MO to East

St Louis MKCVN.



Brand new Potash Corp covered hopper 2223 was caught by Ken Lanovich at the IHB yard in Riverdale IL Dec 22, 2012.


“NS Locos” Staff photographer shot NS 4004 and 4007  facing north at Chattanooga, TN on December 29th.  These are new PR43C units built by Progress Rail.  He also bagged freshly painted NS SD40-2 3470.




NS SD60E 6920 wearing the Veterans paint scheme is shown  on her first revenue run November 11th, 2012.  Trailing is Reading Lines #1067, one of the specially painted NS heritage series locomotives.

NS 999 is a prototype battery-powered locomotive is a 1,500-horsepower plug-in locomotive to bring about cleaner transportation and near zero emissions on the Norfolk Southern.   Equipped with a string of 1,080 lead-acid energy storage systems, its 12-volt batteries keep on recharging when the brakes are applied. The electric locomotive ensures zero exhaust emissions owing to the absence of a diesel engine. It does not ask for recharging before it is operated for three shifts on single charge. An elaborate battery-management system ensures safety and maximum battery life.  Developed jointly by Norfolk Southern, the US Department of Energy, the Federal Railroad Administration, and Penn State University, the $1.3 million train aims to bring down the overall carbon footprints of the transportation sector in the Norfolk region.  However the unit suffered a failure one year ago and remains stored unserviceable. 


At NRE-Dixmoor on December 18th, Ken Lanovich noted former CN F7Au 9177 (which had been sold to NRE over 20 years ago), had been relettered SOU 9177.  Norfolk Southern has purchased  three F-units from NRE, including former C&NW F7A 407, ex-CP F7B 1019, and ex-CN F7A 9177.  Ex-CN  9164, 9165, 9167, 9177 are the only CN F7s that went to NRE. Ex-CN 9167 is in Dallas, TX and painted ATSF 49 at the Age of Steam Museum who purchased it in 2000.  Ex-CN 9165 was used to make a California Zephyr (WP 804A) prop at Disneyland.  Ken snapped SOU 9177 with poor lighting conditions at NRE Dixmoor, IL on December 18, 2012.   (Thanks to NS Locos, Mark A. Perry, and Ken Lanovitch).




Former C&NW F7A 407, that's been relettered as SOU 407.

Former CP Rail F7B 1019, it has been relettered as SOU 1019.

Former CN F7A 9177, it has been relettered as SOU 9177.


On December 10th, George Redmond caught the following power at Mount Vernon, Il. at the NRE facility:  HLCX 341, HLCX 6306 (To be scrapped) ,   HLCX 6512, and 6069, HLCX 340, 6512, and 6069, HLCX 7009 (being cut up), HLCX 7009 (being cut up).


George also bagged UP 1350 and  LLPX 2220 southbound on a Mount Vernon, IL local and UP 9740 on eastbound NS auto rack train 25E at Centralia, IL on December 10th





Warren Calloway submitted three great roster shots of Southern Railway hi-nosed General Electric-built U23B 3929, U33C 3812 and B30-7A 3517, with the location and date on the images.


Warren also submitted these sharp looking EMD SD45’s: SCL2000 at Spartenburg, WV  in May 1972, SCL 2024 at Hamlet, in August AUG 1972 , SCL 2024 in Raleigh, NC in 1981 and SCL 2028 at Raleigh in June of ’81.


Mexico Railroad Vignettes

NdeM Alco RSD-12 7459 at Saltillo Mexico October 1976

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