The latest TTC Toronto Rocket on the property is set TTC 5651-5656, testing in mid-December before entering active revenue service. A number of H5 subway car sets are still in service.

It is expected to be a while before the first of the TTC's new 4400-series articulated LRV / streetcars begins testing on Toronto streets. The first completed unit, 4400, is currently at the TTC's Hillcrest Shops complex for inspection, familiarization and testing.

Bombardier has had to make a number of layoffs at its Thunder Bay ON plant with regards to delays in assembly of the TTC's Toronto Rocket subway cars. Axles built in China and shipped to Thunder Bay for installing were built too fine, as a result assembly is delayed until new ones can be manufactured for installation. Bombardier is also encountering labour problems with their factory that assembles the TR roofs in Quebec. These two problems will no doubt delay delivery of new cars to the TTC.

While the new Toronto Rocket subway trains are impressing passengers across the system, the TTC has issue with their "unacceptable" in-service performance, relating to among other things delays caused by the door systems. Andy Byford, the TTC CEO, will meet with top-level Bombardier representatives to discuss what can be done about the performance issues with the new trains,