Walter Pfefferle snapped BHP Billiton 4634 and 4635 on the EMD test track in London, Ontario on Oct 11 2013.

UP 8774 was shot at London Ontario on June 21st, 2012.


For the last two months, CN was bringing everything to CADRAIL while the CP spur into CAD (Which is on a curved steep downward grade) is remodeled.  When complete, everything will then come through over CP, as CN is abandoning the Lachine branch.   


AMT 1327 - for repairs

CN 8954- for repairs after derailment in New Brunswick.

CP 8510 - For Unknown

CP 8580 - for Unknown

CP 8743 - for Unknown

CP 8751 for Unknown

CP 9578 - for Unknown

CP 9711 - for Unknown

GMTX 312 - to be prepared for leasing

GMTX 318 - to be prepared for leasing

SOO 1546 (GMTX owned)

GMTX 2642 - for repairs

LTEX 2527 - For overhaul ex-BNSF

LTEX 2536 - For overhaul ex-BNSF

LTEX 2563 - For overhaul ex-BNSF

LTEX 2566 - For overhaul ex-BNSF

LTEX 2578 - For overhaul ex-BNSF

LTEX 3812 - For overhaul ex-Ann Arbor 7791

SOO MP15AC 1553 to become GMTX (unknown number)

SOO MP15AC 1546 to become GMTX (unknown number)


CP 4447 - for R/C Modifications

CP 4507 - Almost completed for R/C Modifications

CP 8718 - Truck overhaul 

LTEX 2514 Getting Overhaul and repaint (ex-BNSF)

 SLC 270 - this F40PH is still at the shop since late-December

RPRX RP20BD 5401 In Storage long-term.   


AMT 1328 Released

CN 5414 Wreck repairs and repaint completed

CN 9482 Released

CP 4440 Released following R/C Modifications

CP 4441 Released following R/C Modifications

CP 8559 Released

CP 8574 Released

CP 8623 Released

CP 8706 Released  

CP 8707 Released  

CP 9578 Released

CP 9731 Released after fire damage repairs

CSX 4684 Repairs completed and released

GMTX 2684 Repairs and released

LTEX 3815 Released after overhaul

LTEX 2588 Released after overhaul and spotted at CP St-Luc yard renumbered to LTEX 3815 (confirmed by the loco serial #).


CN 5501 - Released in June after repairs completed

CP 4401 - Released in June with new R/C modification

CP 4435 - Released in June with new R/C modification

CP 4426 - R/C Modifications completed in August

CP 4436 - R/C Modifications completed in August

CP 4444 - R/C Modifications completed

CP 8700 - Released in July Truck program

CP 8708 - Released in July Truck program

CP 8710 - Released in July Truck program

CP 8754 - Released in July Truck program

CP 8750 - Released in June Truck program

GMTX 2189 - Released to CP July 17th

GMTX 900o - released in July sent back to Vermont

LTEX 3010 - Released in June (overhaul, upgrade and paint)

QGRY 2007 - Released in June after repairs completed

VIA 6428 - Released in June after repairs completed

 Cadrail s latest Canadian Pacific Railway contract to install Cattron remote control equipment into 15 - 24 GP38-2 locomotives is underway, and in mid-June the first completed, CP 4401 and 4435 were spotted at St-Luc Yard wearing all new antennas and strobe light, with her Remote Control modifications complete.  CP 4444 is currently being done at Cadrail.   Other CP GP38-2 s for the R/C program are currently stored at St-Luc Diesel Shop, and will be moved to Cadrail when space is available at the Lachine-based loco shop.


 GO TRANSIT / METROLINX commuter cars at CAD for overhaul and conversion to Bi-Level V standards. The list shows the commuter cars overhaul process order, with top being the next to be released:


GO 2434, 2437, and 2499 (*as well as new arrival in September 2015 of GO 2036, another prototype).  GO 2035 was the first Bi-Level 1 upgrade of this series to be completed at CAD, and has been used as their prototype example.


GO 2415, 2416, 2418, 2433, 2430, 2435, 2436, 2442, 2447, 2450, 2451, 2452, 2453, and 2455. 

VIA RAIL Canada LRC Cars in the shop for Refurbishment


VIA 3304, 3309, 3305, and 3455, with VIA 3309 and 3459 arriving in September.


VIA LRC 3478, 3301, 3304, 3306, 3323, 3354, 3405, 3470, 3476, and 3477.


 Former-GO Transit F59PH (now RBRX 18520) shoves on the rear of a Los Angeles Union Station-bound Metrolink commuter, making its Commerce station stop at Commerce, CA.  From many years in Toronto, to a stint in Montreal Commuter service, to a few months on VIA (Montreal to Northern Quebec) and now in Los Angeles, this loco is racking up lots of mileage!  Please note:  RBRX is a leasing company called RB Recycling of the Rosen Group, however it is no longer associated with CADRAIL directly, ever since Gerry Rosen sold CADRAIL a few years back.  However, we  continue to keep the two entities together rather than creating a new sections just for RBRX.  

CP 8718 is shown inside the shop in September for truck overhaul. 

Taken in mid-September, we see CADRAIL s ex-CP RS18u shunter engine with new reflective safety tape added. 

CADRAIL s other shunter is also an MLW, (ex-CP) RS23 2001, which sports the CADRAIL paint scheme.

CN SD70M-2 8954 is here for wreck damage repairs following a derailment, and is shown coupled to new arrival CP ES44AC 8743.

GP38-2 s Overhauled and repainted at CADRAIL: 

CP GP38-2 3026 (April 2014); CP GP38-2 3130 (February 2014); CP GP38-2 3053 (January 2014); CP GP38-2 7306 (December 2013), and CP GP38-2 3027 (November 2013).

 SOO SD60/SD60M overhauled for CP - Contract Completed:

 CAD Railway Industries (Lachine, QC), completed the former SOO LINE SD60 and SD60M overhaul and repaint contract for the Canadian Pacific Railway in August 2013. The overhauls included Tier 0+ compliance, installation of AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop) to conserve fuel.  All are in Candy Apple Red and renumbered into the CP 6200-series, and each received (PTC) Positive Train Control modifications at the CP St-Luc Diesel Shop. They did not get any cab upgrades however. 

 CP SD60 s and SD60M s released from CAD during 2012 and 2013: CP 6221, 6222, 6223, 6225, 6228, 6229, 6230, 6231, 6232, 6234, 6236, 6238, 6239, 6240, 6241, 6242, 6245, 6243, 6246, 6447, 6248, 6249, 6250, 6251, 6252, 6254, 6255, 6256, 6257, 6258, 6259, 6260, and 6262.  All are in service, and equipped as leaders. 


 DESX VIGNETTE: On April 15th, 2012  Mike Robin caught GE 44 tonner DESX 206 in the process of being shipped back to her home shop in Sudbury after a stint as acting switcher at the Tembec Paper Mill in Kapuskasing. The unit is spotted in Cochrane moments before her departure south to Englehart hauled by ONR GP9 1603

On The Property:

DESX 5312 (ex-CN SD40-2W of same number) unknown what plans are for this unit, possible parts donor. 

DESX 5313 (ex-CN SD40-2W of same number) which was listed with Sterling Rail has been sold to Johnson Railway Service, Inc.

GE 35 Ton (ex-Kruger unit) remains listed for sale with Sterling Rail.

DESX 1600 (ex-ONT GP9 of same number) remains for sale with Sterling Rail. 

Bombardier Transportation Canada:

 The Bombardier Kingston plant continues to construct Innovia 300 Metro cars (formerly the Mark 2 LIM powered vehicles) for Vancouver and Kuala-Lumpur Malaysia. Then they will be tested at the plant. They are intended to be 4-car trains, not the usual 2-car units. 

 The Bombardier Plant is also constructing the "King Abdullah Financial District" Monorail vehicles for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (designated as the Innovia 300 Monorail).  There are six two-car trains in the order and the first ones were shipped last year, and displayed at the 2014 Innotrans trade show. 

 Learn more here:


 Ontario Northland Railway Shop - North Bay, ON

 Two Ottawa Valley Railway (RLK 3410 and GEXR 3835) are now repaired and have been released from the ONR s North Bay Shop following repairs repairs.  Pat McKie caught the pair on a visit to the Ontario Northland railway shops in mid-September. GEXR 3835 and RLK 3410 sit waiting to be picked up from the ONR/OVR transfer track.

Ontario Northland shops are kept busy with as work continues on Huron Central railway box cars. A small string sits outside the car shop in North Bay Ontario. 

ONT 2104, and ONR 1805 have been moved to the back side of the North Bay shops but still remain side lined awaiting their turn in the shops.

The Ontario Northland paint shops are busy working on their own Polar bear express coaches. The bay on the left sits a primed coach and the bay on the right contains a coach that is still in the works of being restored.

NRE/Alco Locomotive Shop Capreol, ON 

NRE, five ex-UP SD40M-2s have been here for a few months:  NREX 2690, 2734, 2735, 2754 and 2755.

NREX 2020 (NRE 3GS21B), NREX 5644 (ex-CP SD40-2), and NREX 5665 (ex-CP SD40-2) that had been leased to the Huron Central Railway (HCRY) have been returned to NRE.

QGRY 3800 and QGRY 800 were released from NRE and have been delivered back to the HCRY. One year ago both of these units, along with HCRY 3011, were involved in a derailment caused by a washout on the HCRY Webbwood Sub, in the Spring of 2014.

 Stored NRE owned units on the property include: NREX GP9 208, RS3 307, GMD1m 1141, 1149, GP9 1602, 1684, GMD1 1911, SD40-2 5567, 5619, 5620, 5644, 5665, and 5771.

 NREX 5665 (ex-CP SD40-2) that had been leased to the Huron Central Railway (HCRY), has been returned to NRE.

 Lambton Diesel Specialist Inc. (LDSX) - Sarnia, ON

 In September CN 7504 (damaged on both ends) and CN 7501 (damaged on th eshort hood end )

LDSX 0179 is believed to be sold to CF industries. 

These locomotives were noted on the property at the Sarnia repair shop in August

GEXR SD40-2 3394 in fresh G&W paint which no been sent to destination.

NCLX 2450
ESSO 7920
CN Slug CN 231

LDSX (ex-CN) Slug 223 and 269
An IC flat car with two prime movers on it with part loco
An IC flat car with two locomotive trucks on it
The remains of a CN SW1200RS 7316 which was used as part supply.

CN GP9RM s 7022, 7270, 7039 have departed the shop after the repairs were completed.  

Now released, EMD switcher SSRX 911 was shot on the property June 10th. The switcher had been preciously numbered DLSX 911. 

Green Locomotive Roundup: (Edited by Jody Moore)

 On September 8th, CCT gentset 1202 and CTC SW1500 1504 made a short trip to the east end of the Port and by chance George Manley stumbled onto these two units, as the switching takes the job all over the port although they spend a lot of time working the yard.

On August 27th, on the Central Kentucky Lines in Lexington, KY at Rupp Yard, David Morse caught RJC #2015. 6-axle Genset built at the Rupp Yard shops. It has a name Bluegrass 1, can be seen under ROAD on the long hood.

RJ Corman Railpower has constructed the first four-engine geneset  locomotive:  RPRX 2015 is a model RP28CD.  Bryan Jones of Brooks, KY posted the following: "During late April RJ Corman Railpower outshopped a new model, the RP28CD. The single unit, RJ Corman #2015, is built on the frame of a former SD40-2 ( RJ Corman #7088 should have been the core) and is powered by 4 gensets. This should be the first 4 genset unit built for any railroad in North America. Assembly was completed at the Corman shops in Lexington, KY. The unit had been in captive service in the Lexington area while teething issues are resolved. It has now been released for road service, testing on loaded unit sand trains which run between Louisville, KY and in Lexington, KY. It is currently operating as a trailing unit behind a pair of SD40T-2's."  We found it in Lexington on Tuesday, Aug. 18. Unfortunately, it wasn't in a good location for photos. So we had to suffice with this shot.

Norfolk Southern unveiled on Sept. 1, 2015 its new GP33ECO switcher locomotive during ceremonies at Inman Yard in Atlanta, GA. Designed and constructed at the railroad s Juniata locomotive shops, the GP33ECO will see yard service as the mother unit in a mother-slug set. So far, 10 have been built. They will be deployed in Atlanta; 65% of their cost has been subsidized by a CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality) Improvement Program grant administered through various federal and state agencies, among them the Federal Highway Administration, the Georgia Department of Transportation Environmental Protection Division and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Based on an EMD GP50, the four-axle, 3,000-hp GP33ECO uses an EPA Tier 3-compliant 12N-710G3BT3 ( 710 ECO Kit ) prime-mover from Electro-Motive Diesel, D87 traction motors (which offer 10% higher tractive effort than a D77), new radiators with two-speed fans, electrical cabinets with EMD s EM 2000 microprocessor, an AR15 main traction alternator (retained from the GP50) and a CA6 companion alternator (a replacement for the D 18). NS s Admiral Cab, with its angled windshield, has been fitted to the carbody. The unit s flared radiators are similar to those of an SD70, according to NS Mechanical Engineer-Locomotive Design Mark Duve.

The GP33ECO mother unit is mated to a ballasted slug unit equipped with four d.c. traction motors and two EMD electrical cabinets. Unlike other slugs, this one goes through transition and does not cut out at 20 mph, said Duve. The combination gets very close to Tier 4, compared to two switcher locomotives operating as a multiple unit. It runs at a higher, more efficient throttle notch setting, notches 4 through 6. We estimate its tractive effort to be equivalent to that of a new GP59.

Use of these locomotives will help Atlanta achieve federal clean air standards and will produce significant, measurable emissions reductions and fuel savings, NS said. Additional CMAQ grants will lead to future placement of these locomotives at our rail yards at Macon and Rome, Ga., and at Chicago. Fifteen mother units and three slugs are slated for Chicago; one of these units will be on display at Railway Interchange 2015 in Minneapolis.

The GP33ECO features a stylistic green paint scheme with a Georgia-shaped icon and the slogan Working Together for a Cleaner State.

NS calculates that the 10 units, dubbed Eco units, will account for 6.6 fewer tons of PM (particulate matter) and 155 fewer tons of NOx (nitrogen oxides). In addition to lower emissions and fuel savings, benefits include operating efficiencies, as each Eco unit can replace two older, less-efficient locomotives, said NS Chief Operating Officer Mark Manion. Over the past five years, we have significantly lowered greenhouse gas emissions of our locomotive fleet, achieving an 8.5% reduction per revenue ton-mile. Rollout of the Eco units demonstrates Norfolk Southern s continuing commitment to industry leadership in sustainability best practices and environmental partnerships. Our transportation operations at Atlanta are central to serving customers throughout our network and beyond. We consider it a corporate responsibility to mitigate the environmental impacts of our rail operations, and we thank the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Division, the city of Atlanta and other cities and customers all along our lines that partner with us to achieve this goal.   (RAILWAY AGE) 


İCRO October 2015