Summary of EMCC activity during October 2010:


Thirteen units were shipped from London during September for two customers. Another 11 (4006 to 4015 & 4017) of 25 SD70ACe units for Saudi Arabia (SAR) left the plant for Montreal via GEXR and CN.  The first pair (8915 & 8954) of 45 CN SD70DCe (SD70M-2), 8915 to 8949 was shipped to LaGrange for emissions testing and repowered UP SD59MX 9907 was returned to the plant during the month.


On September 26, EMCC had an open House today for employees, family and friends.

The following observations were made inside the plant.


The current CN order C-294 for 50 (8915-8964):

Frame bedplates under way; C-294-30 (to be 8944)

Early cab assembly: C-294-27 (to be 8941)

Truck assembly finished: C-294-21 (to be 8935)

Frame creation: C-294-21 & -23 (to be 8935 & 8937)

Frame build up underway (up-side-down): C-294-22 (to be 8936)

Wiring and cab completion: C-294-17, 18, 20, 21, 24 & 25) (to be 8931, 8932, 8934, 8935, 8938 & 8939)

On the assembly line: C-294-16, 17 & 18 (to be 8930, 8931 & 8932)

Nearing complete build up on the line: C-294-14 & 15 (to be 8928 & 8929)

Painting underway: 8921

Painted, (open for cab visits), 20,000 lbs wt. max speed 70 mph:

8919 (f:20096294-005)

8920 (f:20096294-006)

Painted on the line: 8918 (f: 20096294-004)

Outside the Test Building: C-294-24 (to be 8938)


The current Saudi Arabia order C-067 for 25 (4000-4024):

Painted on the line: 4016 (f: 20088067-017)

Outside the Test Building: Painted 4022 & 4024

In the backyard ready for shipping placarded in the EMDX 3000-series.


The current CrossRail (Benelux) order C-968 for 7 (numbers TBD):

JT43CWRMs painted grey with yellow noses

On the assembly line on shop trucks: C-968-001 & C-968-003

On the assembly line on its own trucks: C-968-007 (fs: 20078968-007 10-2008)

which may be going to Wagon Management in the Netherlands.


In the ECO repower line:

AMTRAK California (CalTrans) F59 2013 with new primer mover installed. 

UP SD59MX 9907 which had been repainted and renumbered by UP before being returned to London. Some of the London-rebuilt UP SD60M's with the ECO package (called SD32ECO - EMD Marketing Name, SD59M-2 - EMD Official Designation and SD59MX - UP Designation) are now in service on UP (details: Bill Miler and photo credit to Don Kalkman).





In the traction motor department an order for India Railways, thought to be replacements for narrow gauge locomotives.


At the end of the month Norfolk Southern announced an order for 100 SD70ACes.  According to NS, the units will be delivered at 25 per year starting in the second quarter of 2011. The order is unusual because NS power has been mostly DC traction-equipped locomotives.


Ian Pullen caught the following Saudi-bound units at the Port of Montreal October 11th.





David Parker of Georgetown, ON, submitted these fine shots of Canadian-built Class 66's he caught in service in the UK.  The top photo is DB Schenker (EW&S) Southbound stone train on Midland Mainline at Harrowden Jct (Between Kettering and Wellingborough) Eng EWS 66088, taken Sept 4/10.  The other photo shows DB Schenker (EW&S) Northbound ety stone train. Harrowden Jct. Eng EWS 66096, taken Sept 3/10.  DB Schenker bought out EW&S from CN last year.




November CRO 2010