January 2015


Publishing to the Internet is very different than publishing in a book or magazine. Publishers want high quality photos large in size and 400 dpi or better to make sure of high quality images in their magazine.


The Internet is much more forgiving and most photos are posted at only 75 dpi and compressed to reduce their size.


Photos submitted to CRO do not have to be huge files that consume bandwidth and will be compressed into  something less than 1/10th of their original size.


Please follow the guidelines below when you send us your photo submissions.

  • Only the email below is to be used when submitting photos.


  • Photos should be resized to not be bigger than 500K in size. A good article on resizing photos can be found here

  • Photos should not be larger than 1000 X 800 in dimensions.

  • Photos submitted must include photographers name, date photo was taken, location and description or brief paragraph explaining the photo.

  • Train and engine numbers should be included where possible

  • Photo should be in focus and of fairly high quality (exceptions will be made for archival photos)

  • Photo submitted may be altered or cropped to remove unwanted borders and text to meet publishing requirements and CRO standards.

  • Please DO NOT put text or any descriptions on the photos as it will be removed and could result in your photo being rejected.

  • Acceptance of your photos does not mean they will appear in the next newsletter. CRO reserves the right to retain your photos and use in future newsletters.

Thank you and look forward to your submissions.




CRO Team


CRO makes every attempt to credit the photographer (on the photo itself and in the text) and to contact and request the approval to post any photos from new sources.  We do not post photos of copyrighted material not approved by the copyright owner, but we do (if required) use hyperlinks to their host webpage.  CRO still credits the owner of the hyperlinked photo.  Any photos approved for our use are only posted in CRO and not shared unless approved to do so by the owner.


As we receive many photos from many subscribers, once in a while we may mislabel the submission, or simply forget to credit the photographer.  If so, contact the editor at and it will be corrected, or if needed removed  immediately.  We apologize for any photo errors or omissions in our  newsletter."


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