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Mike Garza snapped this stainless steel classic Burlington Route “NEBRASKA ZEPHYR “train set passing through La Grange, IL September 22nd at 70MPH! The beautiful train set is owned by the Illinois Railway Museum. On September 22nd and 23rd the train made round trips from Chicago to Quincy IL and anyone could have purchased a ticket for these special run.

In Fulton, KY August 29th Darren Doss clicked West Tennessee Railroad (WTNN) 5543 and 5517, the first two former BN C30-7's that have been painted in the WTNN scheme. The railroad rosters six B23-7’s, one B30-7 (ex-SP), and two ex-CN M420W’s (3560 and 3576).

The same day Darren caught PRLX SW1500 2210 at Fulton, KY originally PC 9524 (f/n 7355-15).

Ken Lanovich snapped GMTX GP38-2 2198 at CSX Barr yard, Riverdale, Illinois August 8th, (Frame #7339-7, ex CSXT 2576). CSXT 2576 was a regular unit at CSX Sarnia, Ontario a few years ago.

Darren Doss  caught GMTX SW1500 102 unit at Fulton, KY the morning of September 21st on it's way to Memphis, TN.  The switcher was originally built as Reading (RDG) 2760 (f/n 7881-11, s/n 31718, Blt 8-66.

RDG SW1500 2760. (Bob Gottschall Collection)

On September 14th, Troy A. Snead clicked An eastbound BPRR coal train making its way along Bunola River Road just south of Elizabeth, PA. This is an empty train heading down the CSX Mon Line then interchange with Norfolk Southern in Newelle, PA. From there it will head to the Emerald Mine to be loaded.

The Eastbound BPRR coal train continues its way through Monongahela, PA as it skirts  along the Monongahela River.

GREAT SHOT!  George Redmond snapped another winner with NKP 2-8-4 Berkshire #765, NS SD70ACe 1072 (in IT paint), and NS SD70ACe 1070 (in Wabash paint) at Raymond, Il. SB train on September 6th.

On September 8th Mark Mautner photographed NKP Berkshire #765 along with heritage units # 1072 and # 1070 on NS first annual employee appreciation special. Mike’s first shot was taken at Berkley, MO while they serviced the #765 as NS GP38-2 6180 passes the green signal on the D53 local. The other two photos were taken at Bridgeton, MO September 9th, as he only chased one direction with tickets to ride the 12:00 noon trip.

Mark had a busy weekend with the NS running employee appreciation specials this weekend for St Louis terminal with NKP Berkshire #765 for power with two heritage units tagging along the Wabash #1070 and Illinois Terminal #1072. Got word after the last trip was over at 1400 that they would break apart the consist and the NS/Illinois Terminal #1072 would take 9 coaches  east to TRRA Madison yard. Once that was confirmed I called my boss to ask if I could run our Illinois Terminal painted SD40-2 3086 to the south end of our trackage within site of TRRA Merchants bridge to try for a possible once in a lifetime shot of IT passing IT in 2012. His photo shows the only two road locomotives currently in Illinois Terminal paint passing one another at Venice, IL Sept 9th, 2012.  Much thanks to NS and to Mr Respondek for making this historic shot possible.

Mark visited Metro East Industries today in late-September and photographed United States Sugar Corporation GP40-2 501 a rebuild of ex LLPX GP40 9908 the first of two GP40-2's being done by MEI for USSC. The second unit will use ex LLPX 9909 as core unit.

Mark also snapped ex-Southern Pacific SW1500 2534 is seen undergoing work for her new owner, and Colorado & Wyoming SW1500 1205 ( ex-UP 1205, ex-SP ) is complete and will ship west on BNSF with GMTX 138 reporting marks.


George Redmond also caught  NKP Berkhire #765 at the the NS yards at Berkeley, Mo. with train 099 WB September 9th with NS 1070 (Wabash), and NS 1072 (Illinois Termina)l EB train 099 at Bridgeton, Mothe same day.

At Centralia, IL on September 13th, George bagged BNSF GP38-2 2008 moving southbound out of the yard, NS C40-9W 9567 and C40-8 8730 on train 224 westbound tralia, Il. and NS C40-8W 8366 leading westbound coal train 433.

George bagged a cornucopia of motive power September 19th at Centralia, IL:

CN SD70M-2 8822 and IC SD70 1027  with train A432 SB.  

NS SD60 6565 leading EB train 111

NS SD60’s 6564 and 6643 with EB train 223.

BNSF SD70ACE  9198  is the lead unit on a SB coal load departing  Centralia. .

Still wearing her BNSF “Barf Bonnet”, BNSF SD70MAC 9647 is truly one of a kind on a SB coal load at Centralia, IL.

While railfanning the Cascade and Columbia River Railroad in  in Omak Washington on September 1st, Greg Shevchenko shot (Rail America) RLK GP35 5011 in Omak, Washington, still in CP Rail paint. He also bagged California Northern painted (ex-CNW) GP15-1 106 and RLK GP9 1002.

The U.S. Surface Transportation Board has officially accepted for consideration the application filed August 6, 2012, by Genesee and Wyoming Inc. (GWI) and RailAmerica, Inc. (RailAmerica), seeking Board approval for the acquisition of RailAmerica by GWI. The Board has determined that this is a minor transaction as defined by STB regulations and adopts an appropriate procedural schedule as requested by GWI and RailAmerica.

The Board finds the proposed Transaction to be a minor transaction, because, as noted, on the face of the application there does not appear to be a likelihood of any anti-competitive effects resulting from the Transaction, if approved. Applicants stated that the combined GWI and RailAmerica railroads would handle only 2.8% of the carloads handled by freight railroads in the United States and would earn only 1.1% of the total gross freight revenue earned by those railroads. The Transaction involves the common ownership of individual shortlines, each limited in its geographic scope and operating in different areas of the United States. The Transaction, if approved, would alter matters at the administrative level, but Applicants indicate that the existing operating plans governing each railroad would continue unchanged. Thus, those railroads would continue to operate and compete in their own local markets. Based on a review of the application and the careful description of the interchange points, it does not appear that any shipper would have fewer competitive rail alternatives as a result of the Transaction, even in the four localities where

GWI interconnects or interchanges with RailAmerica because, as addressed in the application and supporting materials, the relevant lines either run in different directions or the affected shippers are served by multiple railroads.

On August 23rd, Roman Litarchuk caught ex-CN GP9RM 8614, now working the Bakken oil field in Trenton, ND, alongside an ex-ICG GP10, and another Savage GP9RM rebuild.

On August 26th our CRO Western Co-Coordinator shot ex-VIA nee CN FP9A 6540 now working for Boone Scenic Valley Railway in Iowa, and wearing CNW paint.

Two days later Roman visited the GE Plant in Erie, PA, noting three rows of Union Pacific ES44AC's: UP 7969, 7971 and 7983. GECX 6000 AC60CW leads the demonstrator line-up, alongside GECX 809, a B40-8.


Michael Berry Visits the Conway Scenic Railroad

In our November Issue


Marlene and David Howard were lucky to catch some former VIA FPA4 – FPB4 units on the Napa Valley Wine Train, and Grand Canyon Excursion trains during mid-September in sunny California. At Williams AZ, CA  September 16th about 4 PM, while at the station to pick up our tickets for today's Grand Canyon Train, we were told yesterdays was a steam special expected back at about 5:45... and they some suggested photo locations.  Marlene Howard took these shots of the cab units with her Pentax K200D. The steam engine (with diesel helper) is rounding the wye at Williams, after dropping off the return passengers from the Grand Canyon.

The Adirondack Scenic Railroad (ADCR/AIDX)  celebrated it 20 years anniversary of operation in September.  Al Gorney snapped these great photos of the equipment on display enroute to Thendara and the display units and had three train crews working in the area at the same time.  Newly painted AIDX RS18u 1835 and 1845 (Both ex-CP same number) at Thendara, NY on September  1st, 2012.

Four historical units, including three MLW’s pass through Remsen NY, only 210 miles to their birthplace in Montreal QC, on September 1st, MHWA M420W  2042, and Adirondack Scenic FP7Au 1508, and two AIDX RS18u’s are seen passing the station.

Line up of ex-NYC EMD SW1 705, ADIX 1845 and MHWA 2042 at Thendara. NY.

Ex-NYC 705 and their ex-Boston and Maine Caboose

South Vignettes

In March 1990, Bob Heathorn snapped these two images at BN's Northtown yard in St. Paul MN: A CP (SOO) transfer from Pig's Eye yard (downtown Minneapolis in background) and   one of the BN's Northtown transfer sets. Northtown was the last big yard built by the Northern Pacific.

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