SRY continues to utilize their newly leased CITX SD40-2 3032.  CITX SD40-2 3032 and SRY 381, 382 and 384 waiting for CN to clear the track in New Westminster.   These SRY photos were also taken September 7th as they headed out on the Frazer Valley job. Greg Shevchenko notes SRY 381 is sporting a new meatball on the side of the unit and believes this is the first run out since receiving the red dot. The Photos are taken as the train goes through the dock yard in New Westminster BC.   



BC Electric/ BC Hydro and the Southern Railway of British Columbia


Parrish and Heimbecker in Tisdale, SK, (on CP) received NREX ex-CN GMD1 1901 a few months ago. It has now been renumbered NREX #5.  They have also received NREX #6, an ex-SP U25B 6765 (nee-SP 7565). It was converted by SP to road slug 1602 (Model S32B) in 1981 (Also known as a Tractive Effort Booster Unit). It was sold to NRE in 1997 after being stored for over 15 years in Chicago.

LTEX SW1500 1533, (Ex-UP 1190, nee-SP 2620) has been sent to Dow Chemicals in Prentiss, AB.  On July 30th Roman Litarchuk caught the locomotive  en route to Dow Chemicals in Prentiss, AB. Seen here crossing the South Saskatchewan river in Saskatoon, SK on train CN 347 behind CN 8872-5535.


Potash Corp, of Saskatchewan in Rocanville, SK has received two locomotives from Western Rail Dismantlers (WRIX): SD38-2’s 35021 and 35022 recently ex-UP 2938 and 2944.   These were rebuilt in 1980 as SD40T-2R’s  UP 2938 is ex- SP 8268 and UP 2944 was ex-UP 4551, nee-SP 8296.  Potash Corp. also has ex-CN SW900 7947 and ex-CR SW8 8606 on the property.

The Potasco potash (PCS) facility in Lanigan, SK on the CP line has leased two LEAF units from Rail Switching Service (Little Rock, AR) numbered LEAF 576, and 4130.   LEAF stands for Low Emissions and Fuel.   The locomotive are former Seminole Gulf  (SGLR) GP9 576, ex-B&O 6614, nee B&O 3421) and ex- CNW GP7 4130, exx-Rock Island 4455, nee RI 1303.  Kyle Stefanovic snapped LEAF 4130 on September 13th.

On September 19, Roman Litarchuk caught RSSX 4130 & 576 at CP Sutherland yard in Saskatoon.

Craig Williams snapped the Stewart Southern local rolls south along highway 33 on the SSR Tyvan Sub south of Osage, SK on September 13th, 2011.  Craig was surprised how well they rolled right along on the old branch line trackage. The Stewart Southern is owned by Brennan Craig  who also owns Fillmore Seeds a large mill on this line.  The B23-7's came from Last Mountain Railroad, back in 2010.

Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting (HBM&S) in Flin Flon, MB may be receiving Progress Rail SW1200 1213 (ex-Milwaukee Road) as RTEX SW1200RS 8153 (ex-CP) currently there has failed.

EMD GP15-1 GMTX 426 will be used by the Lake Line Railroad on former CP's Lac Du Bonnet subdivision (Molson to Beausejour) has been delivered and sits near the un-named concrete elevator at the east end of Beausejour, Manitoba.


LAST RUN: (From Mike Robin, CRO ONR Editor):  Today was a day that just couldn't be described without getting emotional. Rallies were held from Cochrane to Toronto against the Ontario Government's cancellation of Northlander service. These rallies resulted in hundreds of people gathering at each and every single station stop expressing a mix of anger, sadness, and all the while waving the "Not For Sale" pickets. The century old passenger train service performed it's last revenue runs on September 28th. The Northlanders were understandably a little behind schedule today, and with a sincere "Chin up boys" cackling across the airwaves from the Conductor of the recently arrived 214, I catch the last southbound 222 as it rolls past mile 3.93 of the Temagami Subdivision. I can honestly say as I type this, I still can't believe the service in cancelled.  - Mike


Northlander Engineman “Wayne” gives photographer Wayne (Shaw) the usual greeting as they meet once again at the Old Muskoka Road crossing at Huntsville, on Labour Day, 2012.

With only three and half weeks until the plug gets pulled on this passenger train, ONR GP38-2 1809 leads Northlander train 697 into Huntsville Station under wispy clouds with the cool blue waters of Hunter's Bay peeking above the boxcar roofs in the background.

We're at Englehart August 22nd as classic Pacific type 4-6-2 steamer 701 shows off her spanking new paint job in the foreground as SD75I 2103 rolls by after arriving on 308 in the background.

Last month, Ontario Southland Railway (OSRX) purchased CP SW1200RS’s 1210, 1244, 1245, and 1249 and FP9Au’s GEXR 1400 and 1401 (ex-VIA 6539, and  6523) and West Coast Railway Association FP9Au 6508, which has been stored for 13 years at VIA TMC and is ex-VIA 6305, nee-CN 6508. Ex-CP SW1200RS 1210 and 1249 were moved from Toronto Yard to Guelph Jct for use on a job on the Guelph Junction Railway (GJR). A few days later, OSR 1249 was seen at Woodstock on a freight with OSR 175 and OSR 644.  The other locomotives (ex-CP 1245) has been sent to Woodstock for OSR Salford Shop for repairs, and 1244 is currently at Coquitlam released from the shop after getting her trucks relplaced.   With permission, Walter Pfefferle snapped CP 1245 being inspected and repaired inside the Salford Shop on September 16th.


Walter Pfefferle snapped OSR GP9 175, M420W 644 (Trail Only) and ex-CP SW1200RS 1249 arriving at Beachville, ON  September 20th.

At Woodstock ON, C.J. Butler  snapped the OSR Woodstock Turn heading back west across the Thames River after picking up a string of autoracks from Coakley on September 1st.

Tim Ball caught ex-CP OSR GP9u 8235 switching the Owens Corning plant in Guelph, ON in late September.

Earl Minnis took this great shot of Essex Terminal Railway switching out Hiram Walkers about 09:00AM August 21st, 2012.  ETR rosters three EMD switchers: (ETR) SW14 104, SW1200 105, and SW1500 107.  

Walter Pfefferle snapped the final five KCS SD70ACe’s departing London with Railink 4001 leading GEXR 3821 


On December 30th, 1982, Ron Bouweis photographed  Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway SW9 58 trundling past 'The Forge' on Hatt Street in Dundas, Ontario, along the TH&B Dundas branch to Aberdeen Yard with a CP hopper retrieved from Canada Crushed Stone. The covered hopper had earlier rolled out of its siding at the customer located above the town, and was found off the tracks at the derail protecting the community from such incidents. 

Mark A. Perry submitted this shot from his collection.  Algoma Steel SW8 #50 was taken on June 20th 1974  at Sault Ste Marie, ON  by  JJ Buckley. 

John Soehner snapped these GEXR units at Kitchener, ON December 22, 2003, GEXR GP38AC 3835, Lakeland Waterways, GP9-4 4001, GEXR GP9 901, and GEXR GP9 177.  GEXR 3835 was transferred to SOR three to four years ago. Then after only briefly working on SOR, it  was transferred to the OVR where I believe it is still in service. GEXR 4001 is the only one of the four that remains still in service on GEXR.  GEXR 4001 still looks the same as in Jon's photo but GEXR 177 and 901 were already stored unserviceable when John shot these. GEXR  177 ended up getting scrapped in Stratford and 901 scrapped in Goderich...many useable parts have kept that 4001 going!  (CRO thanks Jon Snook for these updates).

At Kitchener, ON Jon Snook caught SOR GP40 4095 and GEXR GP35 2211 are done for the day after working GEXR 582 September 21st, 2012.


FLNX 484, a former New Haven FL9 was fixed up and painted at the former GATX Rail Canada Corp. shop in Coteau, QC for the “Orford Express” train, and is seen waiting to be picked up at  the CN-MMA interchange in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, enroute to the Orford Express, Sherbrooke. Aug 31st.

Richard Marchi shot the (Allrail / Ronsco) building in Coteau, QC  where they repair freight cars (autoracks are visible behind), and  where they painted the FLNX FL9 for the Orford Express.  This shop was formerly owned by GATX.

Francois Jolin snapped pictures of the new FLNX FL9 484 in operation on Orford Express train September 13th crossing two of the trestle bridges at Eastman, QC, on her first "official" run on the MMA Sherbrooke Sub.

The five CIT-owned SD9043MACs (CITX 105, 110, 114, 119, and 136), e leased to the QCM (Arcelor-Mittal) were delivered to Port Cartier, Quebec at month end aboard the BBC Chartering ship. These units are needed until their new EMD SD70ACe’s (to be numbered 50-54) arrive later this year.    

Wellsboro and Corning Railroad acquired these two former QNS&L SD40-2CLC’s a few years back.  The photo  of WCOR 309 and 302 was shot at Wellsboro, PA.  The SD40-2’s built at GMD-London in 1973 were rebuilt into SD40-2CLC’s by AMF in 1994 (Ateliers Montreal Facilities). QNSL 252 became QNSL 309 - Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway and then WCOR RR 309.  QNSL 230 became  QNSL 302 and then WSOR 302.


On August 17th, 1985,  Patrick De Larue snapped QCM 83 North slowly exiting the tunnel at Lac Walker, QC at mile 30 as the brakeman exits the cab  to check on the third Big M which has inadvertently shut down.   



Regional Montreal Maine and Atlantic (MMA) are acquiring ten locomotives due to increased traffic, (new oil trains from CP, etc).   As a new helper service is now required at Sherbrooke, QC MMA has acquired two F40PH’s that had been in Montreal Commuter service; ex-AMT (SLC) F40PH 270 and F40PHR 293.  The other locomotives acquired by MMA are: Ex-New Hope & Ivyland (NHRR) C39-8 8202, 8207, and 8208. ex-NS same numbers, nee-CR 6004, 6012, 6014. They are currently at Derby being prepared for service. Ex-CN SD40-2 5364, and 5374 owned by MMA will return to service.  As well MMA will lease CP units as needed.  

New Brunswick Southern Railway (NBSR) have leased GMTX GP38-2’s 2639, 2645, and 2666 all on the property and newly arrived GMTX GP38-2’s 2644 and 2657.   They also have HLCX SD40-2’s 6200, 6304, 6315, 6318, 6319, 6332, 6340 and 8144.   NBSR have also leased four HLCX GP38-3’s 906, 911, 913, and 917, and two switchers GMTX SW1500 203 and 204 all on the property.

Another new leaser for New Brunswick Southern Railway:  GMTX GP38-2 2644 in the siding in Reed, Maine on the Eastern Maine Railway, September 6, 2012.  2644 was built as plain GP38 #3821 for Baltimore and Ohio.  The blue and white GMTX GP38-2's are turning up frequently on both road trains and on subsidiary Maine Northern.

The days of solid green motive power sets is long gone on New Brunswick Southern:  Waiting for a crew at Reed, Maine on September 6, 2012, Maine Northern GP38-3 9801 leads GMTX GP38-2 2644, HLCX SD40-2 8144, and HLCX SD40-2 6332.

Leased HLCX SD40-2 6332 trails HLCX 8144, GMTX GP38-2 2644, and Maine Northern GP38-3 9801 at Reed Maine, Sept. 6, 2012.  Power from the previous night's westbound New Brunswick Southern Railway/Eastern Maine Railway train was tucked away in the siding at Reed after making the Pan Am Railways drop at Mattawamkeag, as trackwork was in progress in the Pan Am portion of Mattawamkeag Yard.  The train apparently turned at Mattawamkeag rather than continuing west to Brownville Junction, Maine.  Extensive trackwork on EMRY has caused some unusual movements this summer.  HLCX 6332 began life as a Southern Pacific SD40, and was later upgraded to an SD40R  by SP and subsequently passed through a number of lease fleets before arriving on NBSR.

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