GREEN RAIL NEWS “Green” Locomotive Roundup

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Electro Motive Diesel


EMD has staged up three former Helm Leasing GP40’s at Progress Rail in Tacoma, WA. The units are intended as cores for conversion to GP23ECO locomotives for BELT RAILWAY OF CHICAGO. Former HATX 425, 430 and 423 have been spray stencilled BRC 230, 231 and 232 respectively. All three are former CSXT GP40’s originally built for Baltimore & Ohio between 1966 and 1971.


The author photographed all three units at Progress Rail Tacoma on October 10, 2012.



The model designation of GP23ECO does not officially exist, and they are documented as being GP22ECO conversions. However, the BRC numbers indicate that they will be 2,300 horsepower, according to the railroad’s numbering scheme, which is by horsepower. This also corresponds to an expected horsepower increase in EMD’s ECO product.


As a bonus to Green Rail News’ Tacoma visit, Tacoma Rail GP22ECO conversion TMBL 2200 was sitting right outside the shop less than a mile from Progress Tacoma, where it was converted just about a year ago. The author managed the following photo:



National Railway Equipment - NRE


INDIANA HARBOR BELT took delivery of its second 3GS21C six axle genset from NRE Silvis in on Sept. 28. IHB 2161 joins 2160, which was delivered earlier in September. This is the second of four 3GS21C gensets coming to IHB from Silvis.  The unit was converted using the frame of SP 9323, a retired SD45T-2.


Brandon Kilgore photographed IHB 2160 and 2161 working together at Hammond, IN on Oct. 21, 2012:


And also managed a great roster shot of the 2160:


Progress Rail Services


The final two locomotives in SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY RAILROAD’s order for four PR30B locomotives from Progress Rail was delivered during the month of August. SJVR 3002 and 3003 made their way west along the SP Sunset Route during the month. They join SJVR 3000 and 3001, which were delivered earlier in the summer.


Alan Williams, Jr. photographed the distinctive looking pair at Waycross, GA as they began their journey west on Oct. 5, 2012.


SJVR 3002:

SJVR 3003:


PROGRESS RAIL PR30C demonstrator PRLX 3002 was outside of Progress’ facility in Tacoma, WA on Oct. 10, 2012 by the author.

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