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When time allows as CRO Production Assistant, I am a voracious collector of railway books.  My "Off The Shelf" column will review books and DVDs that I feel would be to the appeal of our CRO readers. 

I invite you to contact me directly with questions, and with any new publications or DVD’s that would be of interest to our CRO readers for “Off the Shelf”. 


Herb MacDonald’s “Cape Breton Railways - An Illustrated History”

  Herb MacDonald’s “Cape Breton Railways: An Illustrated History” serves as a broad overview of railways in Cape Breton dating from pre-steam engine times to the present and does a good job of covering the many ways in which the railways impacted Cape Breton life, its economy, etc. With that being said, this book is not for the railfan who cares only about engine rosters, operational info, etc. While the book does have some information of that sort, it also has sections about railway labour, tariff policies and how it affected Cape Breton, the life of railway workers, and it is to be applauded for this wider range. There is also a good deal of first hand accounts from railway workers who worked in Cape Breton. The photos are all black and white, and their quality is good but not great, as the book is printed on regular and not glossy paper. The author is pessimistic about the future of ANY railways in Cape Breton and I believe with good reason, as there is obviously no bridge traffic and less and less traffic originating in or terminating in Cape Breton. If you have any interest in Cape Breton railways or railways in the Maritimes, this book is for you.

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