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Herb Hall took these shots of his CN C44-9WL 2521 HO Scale model, which started out as a factory painted Athearn blue box model. Herb  added the 4-window resin cab, horn, antenna, window glass and decals. He had to repaint the CN safety orange on the front of the long hood to match the orange used to paint the new cab, otherwise it is a stock Athearn model.

Announcements & Updates

Bachmann has a new HO scale ready-to-run FA2 and FB2 diesels with DCC SoundTraxx that provides prototypical sound of the prime mover, bell, and air horn. Additional features include operating headlight, dual flywheels, metal handrails, and Bachman’s E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers. The model is available for Canadian National.


Bowser’s Cal-Scale division has several new and reissued HO scale plastic and lost-wax brass detail parts including a CP snow plow and a BC snow plow.


InterMountain is taking advance reservations for a second run of its HO scale ES44DC GEVO locomotives with delivery expected in October or November. The run will include a second release of Canadian National.

InterMountain is also taking reservations for fall delivery of eight 10,000 gallon tank cars with road names including Canadian General Transit Co. Ltd – CGTX, available in six road numbers.

In N scale, Intermountain is preparing new tooling for a single-sheathed WWII war emergency boxcar. Six road numbers will be available for Canadian Pacific with the models featuring wire grab irons, etched metal running boards, and MicroTrains® trucks and couplers. They are scheduled to arrive in October or November.


Walthers has a limited run of HO scale EMD SW8 locomotives with new road numbers for Canadian National. The model comes with LED constant and directional headlights, and is fitted with several CN-specific details. The ready-to-run locomotive is available in standard DC or with factory-installed QSI Sound and DCC.

New HO scale items scheduled for release in November include a 65’ Thrall mill gondola decorated for Canadian National, and a new release of their HO scale 86’ Pullman Standard 4-door Hi-Cube boxcars, which will include two road numbers for  Grand Trunk Western. Features include factory-installed grab irons and ladders, etched-metal platforms, separately applied door hardware, and trucks with metal wheelsets.


We Want Your Photos Here

CRO Modellers Corner is always looking for more contributions from our readers. The April edition contained a good number of submitted model photos and we would like to see this trend continue! In order to encourage more contributions, CRO will provide a free DVD for any four  Modellers Corner photo submissions sent in during a three  month season (December to February, March to May, June to August, September to November).

Kevin Piper submitted photos taken by his friend Robert Runty Jr of Rob’s very accurate, detailed, and weathered HO scale freight car models, that he recently completed.  SOO LINE 17858 is a standard outside post 50-foot box car by Fox Valley Models with the SOO “Colormark” logo.  TLDX 5397 is a Pullman Standard covered hopper offered by Exactrail.   The cars were modeled from his personal photos, and both started out as “undec” with added details, painted  and then lettered with Microscale decals.

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