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CCT 2101 was spotted by the webmaster working on the CENTRAL CALIFORNIA TRACTION’S Lodi Local in mid-April. The one-of-a-kind BL21CG genset was purchased by CCT late last year. The local crews spoke highly of the unit’s performance on the job, but did concede that it takes a knowledgeable hand to manage the locomotive, but that it can be made to perform side-by-side with other switchers on the CCT roster.

Here are two photos taken by Jody Moore during the visit:



Another ECO repower for AMTRAK CALIFORNIA was sighted at Progress Rail’s facility in Tacoma, WA in mid-April. CDTX 2008 sports the EMD Repower logo, along with new Amtrak California logos on the side and nose.


Two photos of the 2008 by Jody Moore:


While passing through California, the author was fortunate to see several of UNION PACIFIC’s SD59MX locomotives at work throughout the state.

On the morning of April 20, UP 9916, 9919 and 9913 get underway out of Redding, CA at the beginning of their shift running the Redding-Roseville turn.

We managed another photograph of the units after picking up their train in Anderson, CA.

A few days later, UP 9904 was the trailing unit on a local job out of West Colton, CA. Also


The next wave of US ARMY 3GS21B gensets are being delivered from NRE Mt. Vernon. USAX 6511 was the first to leave, delivered to Fort Riley, KS in mid-April. USAX 6510 was observed at Mt. Vernon on April 22. The unit is believed to be headed for Fort Leonard Wood, MO, while USAX 6512 is to be sent to Fort Carson, CO.

Jimmy Matta sent us this photo of USAX 6510 outside NRE Mt. Vernon on April 22, 2012.

BNSF RAILWAY 3GS21C 1309 was on display by the San Bernardino, CA depot as part of the San Bernardino Railroad Days on April 21 and 22, sponsored by the railway. The genset was displayed alongside relatively new General Electric ES44C-4 BNSF 6968, a new MetroLink cab car, and 1924-built 4-8-4 SANTA FE steam engine ATSF 3751.

A photo of the 1309 on display.

Not far away, BNSF 1310 was doing much lower profile work in the San Bernardino yard.

DALLAS, GARLAND and NORTHEASTERN RAILWAY’s pair of 2GS14B gensets were getting some serious work at the railroad’s yard in Carrolton, TX. DGNO 140 and 141 were both being serviced, with the 141 observed missing both gensets and having other hood work done as well. It is not known at this time whether this is some heavy service, or if the twin-engine locomotives are being modified to accept a third genset. It is known that the locomotives were both built to allow for the installation of a third genset at a later date.


The Green Rail World was abuzz with the delivery of a new Tier 4 locomotive by Progress Rail Services to the SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY RAILROAD. SJVR 3000 is a model PR30B, the first of four 2,995hp locomotives being built for the Rail America-owned California shortline. The unit was converted at Waycross, GA.

According to Progress specs, the model is available as a Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 configuration. The Tier 3 achieves its lower emissions using a Diesel Oxygen Catalyst (DOC) while the Tier 4 version uses DOC and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) treatment.

As of April 25, the SJVR 3000 was on sister Rail America shortline ARIZONA & CALIFORNIA.

Photos by Max Linder:

NS 4004 was delivered to NORFOLK SOUTHERN in Jessup, GA in early April. The PR43C is the fifth unit of that model delivered to NS. According to other reports, NS 4005 was also delivered during the month of April.

Photo by Max Linder:


 Here are several RAILSERVE LEAF locomotive deployments, according to sources:

 RSSX 3838 – Wisconsin Industrial Sands in Maiden Rock, WI

 RSSX 3429 – Enbridge in Pampa, TX

 RSSX 1041, 1675,1681, 5810, 8345 – ADM, Decatur, IL


RJ CORMAN announced in late March that it had been awarded a lucrative switching contract at Toyota’s Corolla plant in Blue Springs, MS. To fill the switching duties, the company announced that it had leased a two engine RP14BD from RJC Railpower. While it is not yet confirmed, it is believed that the locomotive leased was RPRX 1411, the former BNSF 1211 that the author observed at Metro East in June 2011 having a new cab installed. Green Rail News expects to have confirmation of the locomotive by the next issue of CRO.

Here’s a link to the press release on Railpower’s website:CLICK HERE

Though all of the most recent order of RP20BD gensets has been delivered to the MODESTO and EMPIRE TRACTION, the remaining three RPRX leasers were observed still on the property during a recent visit to the railroad in mid-April.

RPRX 2403 sits next to MET 2002 and 2000 at the MET engine facility. RPRX 5405 and 5406 can be seen in the background.

MET 2005 and 2008 at the MET engine house in Modesto.

MET 2001 serving a customer in Empire, CA.

MET 2000 and 2002 finishing up their days’ work in Modesto, CA.


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