CN Motive Power News

Delivery of 35 ES44AC locomotives from GE Transportation, and 30 SD70ACe locomotives from Electro-Motive Diesel will be spread over 2013-2014.  The new CN number series will be available soon.

The 43 GMTX SD60s from the former Oakway Leasing number series 9000 to 9099 are now being delivered to CN via Paducah, KY. The new CN number series will be available soon.

The 42 CREX C40-8s from Citicorp Railmark Inc. are ex-Union Pacific 9023-9064 nee-CNW 8501-8542, may be heading to a repair shop before coming to CN.   It is likely these may be numbered in the CN 2000-series. 

11 C40-8Ws numbered IC 2455-2463, 2465, and 2466, (nee- LMSX 728-736, 738, and 739) will have their leases purchased by CN.  George Redmond photographed one of these C40-8Ws on April 15th:  IC 2458 and CN SD75I 5653 on southbound train A432 passing Centralia, IL, with the LMSX lettering on the nose.


George also caught GMTX 9078, 9079, and 9095 at the CN engine facility Centralia, IL, on April 16th

Joe Ferguson traced the locations of GMTX SD60s on April 27th: with several moving on NS toward Centralia, IL as we went to press.

AT CENTRALIA, IL: GMTX 9023, 9030, 9033, 9035, 9036, 9055, 9056, 9064, 9066, 9069, 9073, 9076, 9078, 9079, 9089, and 9095.

AT PADUCAH, KY:  GMTX 9020 and  9041* have arrived with eleven othere GMTX 9013, 9040, 9045, 9046, 9050, 9053, 9054, 9058, 9060, 9085, and 9092.were received in Memphis, TN for movement to NRE Paducah, KY will they will be prepared for  CN activation: 

* Note: GMTX 9041 is actually, 9041;2. The original Oakway 9041 while on BN in the early 1990s, was sent to the AAR Test Center in Avondale near Pueblo, CO, and ended up getting damaged and stayed there. Therefore, EMD sent a replacement Demonstrator numbered EMDX SD60 #3 to BN, which was renumbered 9041. 


GMTX 9014, 9042, and 9059 are being interchanged from the Providence and Worcester.

GMTX 9027, 9034, 9041, 9087 Departed Rockville, PA on the NS. GMTX 9037, 9057, 9071, 9074, 9086, Departed Talbot, TN 4/28 NS.  GMTX 9043 Departed Daiscanne, TN 12/26 NS.

GMTX 9075   Departed Mapleton, PA 02/25 NS. 

GMTX 9080 Departed Sebring, OH 02/16 NS.

GMTX 9097 Departed Lewcensca, OH 02/22 NS.

NOTE: Oakway SD60 9062, was wrecked and scrapped around 1995 on the BNSF and therefore is excluded from our list updates 

CN ex-BNSF C40-8W Roundup

Former ATSF/BNSF C40-8Ws Painted in CN Colours






2098, 2099, 2135, 2136, 2138, 2139, **2140, 2142, 2143, 2145, 2146, 2149, 2150, 2151, 2153, 2155, 2156, 2157, 2159, 2160, 2161, 2163, 2166, 2169,***2171, *2172, 2173, 2178, *2179, 2180, 2181, ***2182, 2183, 2184, 2185, *2186, 2187, 2188, 2192, 2196, 2197, 2198, 2199



2162, 2170



2165, 2168



***2158, 2167 ,**2174, 2176, 2177,**2190, 2191, 2193



2137, 2141, 2144, 2147, 2148, 2152, 2154, 2164, 2175, **2189, 2194, *2195




CN 2171, the final of 67 ex-BNSF C40-8W's painted, was completed mid-April at Centralia. Brandon Warnick first spotted it April 22nd on the A431 at Effingham, IL.  On April 26th CN 2171 was moved to Toronto on Q148  dead in consist.


CN 2182, pressed into service from December 2011 to early March 2012  wearing CN patches on ratty ATSF warbonnet paint was painted, completed and released from Centralia in April.  Christopher Bodkin was first to catch her at Carbondale, IL on April 14th.  


George Redmond was first to shoot completed CN 2158 at the yard in Du Quoin, IL, April 10th. The locomotive received new wheel sets, DPU equipment, its CN uniform and cooling modifications completed at Quality Rail in Madison, IL between January and April.

On March 31st, George Redmond clicked CN 2185 at Centralia, IL with ditch lights, head lights, and number boards installed at the CN engine facility.

CN 2150 arrived at Toronto April 18th for electrical completion.  George Redmond shot her just before departure from Centralia on April 14th. At press time she was still not in service.

CN Locomotives Activated

CN SD40-2 5379 arrived at Woodcrest April 2nd and returned to service.

All GTW SD40-2`s have now been removed from storage at Woodcrest.   GTW 5937 is one of two SD40-2s still in GTW blue paint, and was moved south April 3rd  likely to Quality Rail Service, near East St Louis, IL  to be returned to service.  GTW 5934 went east to Toronto on CN 148 dead in tow where the Toronto Shop will return it to service.  As well, several are to be moved to Proctor, MN, for straight air mods, etc, and then service on the Iron Range.

On April 6th, Jesse Acorn spotted this ex-UP SD40-2 on the Wainwright Sub., GTW 5931 is seen at the east end of Walker Yard  in Edmonton, AB, pulling a CWR train. Jesse noted reactivated GTW SD40-3 5942 as well m which was returned to service at Transcona Shop, in Winnipeg, MB.

Twelve former GTW ex-KCS /Alstom SD40-3's, GCFX 5938, 5941, 5945, 5947, 5948, 5949, 5950, 5951, 5952, 5953, 5954, and 5955 were  shipped to Metro East Industries (MEI) in March for return to  service. Then in early April activated GTW 5945 and 5950 were moved dead-in-tow to Toronto Yard and were started up.

Wayne Shaw snapped empty flats, gondolas and hoppers rolling  south on the CN Newmarket Sub at Allensville, ON  behind this  pair of reactivated GTW SD40-3s (5950 and 5945)  on a sunny April 4th.


On April 7th George Redmond caught GTW 5943 and EJ&E 674 in the CN yards at Du Quoin, IL. The 5943 was activated and is the new switch engine at the CN yard at Du Quoin.

On April 10th George bagged CN SD75I's 5648 and CN 5763 departing Centralia, IL on NB train A431, with GTW SD40-3's 5953, GTW 5949, and GTW 5954, dead-in-tow.  These will be repaired and activated in Winnipeg.

CN Units Retired


Retired from CNR in 1967, in April 2012 former CNR 44-Tonner #4 was donated by Camrose Pipe (Formerly Stelco Pipe) in Camrose, AB to the Alberta Railway Museum Northeast of Edmonton, AB. Only six of these were  on the CNR roster, nos. 1-6.   CNR #4 was built by GE in 1956, and sold to Stelco in 1967.   (Photo by RD Webster taken in 1964)

CN Units Sold

On April 15th Kris E. Rumbut clicked ex-CN GP9RM's 7030 and 7033 en route to their new owners, the Florida Central Railroad (FCEN) on CSX train Q501 as they passed Calumet Tower, IN.

CN Locomotive Modifications

Ian Campbell clicked this photo of  CN SD40u 6005 ,6009 and 6012 released from the CN Transcona Shops after their conversion to hump units.

George Redmond snapped wreck damaged CN SD70M-2 8835 on a flat car on train M336 SB at Centralia, IL on April 19th.  This locomotive is destined to Quality Rail Services in Madison, IL  and  was  involved in the collision with runaway coal cars on the Grande Cache Sub in Alberta three months ago.

CN Repaints

CN slug 219 was released out of the Woodcrest paint shop on April 3rd. and was shipped to Toronto, Mac Yard April 6th on Q148.  

On April 6th George Redmond snapped GTW GP38-2 5829 in new paint and with full RC modification at the CN engine facility in Centralia, IL.

About to be returned back into service, CN SD40-2w 5265 was under going run-ups and final checks in early April following rebuild and repaint at the CN Transcona Shop in Winnipeg, MB. (Ian Campbell photo).

George Redmond snapped this lineup on April 7th at the CN Centralia, engine facility:  CN C40-8W  2150, GTW GP38-2 5829, and CN GP38-2 4715 all in fresh paint.  

The following day, George clicked CN GP38-2 4715, CN GP40-2:Ws 9411, CN 9567 and CN C40-8W 2183 around the turntable in Centralia, IL  

CN SD40-2W 5265 was released from Transcona shop in fresh paint April 17th following complete engine and main gen change-out, traction motor blowers and air compressor replaced, installation of new rads, shutter cylinders, rebuilt auxiliary gen, new lube oil cooler, starters, fuel and soak back pumps, new cab interior, smart start, crossing camera and data recorders, GPS up-link, fuel monitoring, air dryer, LED step lighting and complete truck work.  Ian Campbell shot her just prior to her return to service.

In other CN locomotive news, CN GP38-2W 4784 was being used in yard service at Glenn Yard on the west side of Chicago after arriving from Canada the first week of April.  4784 is likely to move to Woodcrest for scheduled work, and wears faded CN stripes, and paint.

Soon to be repainted is GTW SD40-2 5937 snapped at the CN engine facility Centralia, IL on April 28th.

CN GMD1u 1402 was seen dead in tow moving to Chicago on April 29th, bound for Woodcrest Shop likely for repairs as the locomotive is still on the roster. 

CN News

CN trains to roll on Quebecs North Shore:  Amidst a mining boom fueled by China and Indias appetite for iron ore, CN and Quebecs Caisse de Depot et de Placement propose building a brand-new 800km iron-ore hauling railroad between Schefferville and Sept-Iles, QC.  It would roughly parallel the existing Quebec North Shore & Labrador main line, which is reaching capacity.  Construction would start in 2014 and the line would host its first revenue train in 2017.  The $5-Billion  project currently faces opposition from various mining companies hoping to build their own dedicated rail line or iron-slurry pipeline, as well as from established players QNS&L and Cartier Railway.

On April 24th a washout and a minor derailment occurred at MP 111 near Pyramid, BC with approximately 1600 ft of track damage. The mainline derailment was on the Albreda Subdivision and involved train Q11251-24, with CN ES44DC 2288 leading and SD70M-2 8847 trailing.  CN 2288 suffered little damage while 8847 ended up perpendicular to the mainline but right side up surrounded by  numerous derailed container cars. CN Engineering and Transportation personnel were sent to clear the derailment and no injuries were reported.  The incident delayed trains while debris was removed and track was cleared and repaired. 

Over the past month the CN has been rebuilding a section of the Fox River Sub between MP 233 and MP 234. A local contractor has been working with an excavator to pull up the dirt that has settled out over the years, and track crews have been replacing ties and spreading ballast. On Saturday April 21, the CN called upon a former Green Bay & Western Jordan spreader to help reshape the dirt pulled up around the road bed. The local crew brought down the IC GP40R 3138 out of Green Bay and joined up with the spreader and section crew to continue work on this section of track. To date the work continues, and the GBW spreader may be called upon again to assist in the rebuild process.  


CN Photos

On April Fools Day, Kevin Dunk woke up to fresh snow and caught CN train, 417 with SD70M-2 8830 and C40-8 2199 (ex-BNSF/ATSF864) rolling  through Pedley, AB. 

On April 1st, Kevin Dunk snapped CN train 116 with SD70M-2 8899 and SD75I 5777 pounding the rails with double stack traffic passing over the CN Edson Sub at Brule Lake east of Jasper, AB

Ken Lanovich snapped UP 2001 at the CN Woodcrest Shop March 13th.  The SD70M is one of two UP painted for the Olympic Torch relay in 2001 and had arrived on UP transfer YPRCN from (ex-CNW) UP - Proviso Yard to IC - Markham Yard earlier that day.

Still on the CN roster, Ed Creechan snapped GTW GP9RB 4620 trailing  CN ES44DC 2321 and C40-8W 2156 on an eastbound rolling through Bayview Junction in Hamilton, ON March 28th.

George Redmond took this great shot of CN SD70M-2 8831 and 8881 elephant style on SB train M336 at Centralia, IL April 6th, and GMTX SD60 9020, as fourth unit dead in tow on SB CN train A432.   This was the first sighting of one of CNs latest acquisitions, which are destined to Paducah, KY for repairs in preparation to service.  

On April 16th George snapped CN C40-8W 2178 and C40-8 2121 in the CN yards Du Quoin, IL.

Ron Visockis snapped CN SD70M-2 8868 and C40-8 2101 on #308 at Belleville, ON, and CNSD70M-2 8950 with BCOL C40-8Mu 4619  on #369  March 30th.

Ian Campbell clicked CN GMD1u 1434 at Transcona Yard (Winnipeg, MB) the first week of April. CN 1434 is shown awaiting reassignment in Transcona Yard following main generator change-out.

On April 10th George Redmond bagged IC SW7RM 1202 in the CN yards at Du Quoin, IL. 

At Centralia, IL April 10th  CN C40-8W 2197 and C44-9W 2655 are seen departing the BNSF Yard southbound, with a loaded  grain train heading to the CN Yard.

CN Vignettes

In October 1976, Terry Juuti clicked a CN consist with SD40s 5020,  5012 and DW&P RS11 3614 wearing a one-of-kind experimental paint scheme. There were only four types of locomotives painted into this  red and white livery with the other DW&P locomotives painted in the traditional CN black, white and red.  In the 1980s, this RS11 was transferred to CN subsidiary Central Vermont, and repainted CV green and yellow with the same number.  She was replaced around 1980 by Rock Island (CRIP) GP18 1334, which also received the same CV 3614 number.

Ed Creechan enjoys our CRO Vignettes, and found one of his own classics to share.  Taken at Bayview Junction in Hamilton, ON in the mid-1980s, CN C630M 2019 and 2038 lead a third through the busy junction.

  CRO May 2012