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Ten brand new SD70ACe’s will all be the next painted by Progress Rail in Muncie, IN into the remaining heritage scheme units.  The numbers will be NS 1065-1074 inclusive for a total of 20 HERITAGE painted units.  The EMD Heritage Locomotives have been delayed by several weeks and are not expected to be delivered until late June early July.  On May 8th, the first EMD was released Savannah and Atlanta 1065 sporting the Southern Railway subsidiary livery.

The second brand new SD70ACe is New York Central SD70ACe NS 1097 released May 20th.  

On May 25th, Reading heritage NS SD70ACe 1067 was completed at Muncie, IN. sporting the attractive “Bee-line Service” RDG livery.

At press time, the Erie Railroad SD70ACe (NS 1068) was released.

After setting out a cut of cars at Lacolle, Quebec, Kevin Burkholder caught CP 252 backing to her train, that will soon head south into the United States. On the backup move, the conductor can be seen on the Iowa Pacific E8A which is painted in retro Illinois Central livery. On May 2nd. San Luis & Rio Grande (SLRG) E8A 518 arrived on the Saratoga & North Creek Railroad May 3rd for summer operations in upper New York State.  

On May 2nd Mark Mautner caught New England Southern SW1500 2555 inside the Metro East Industries (MEI) paintshop shortly after sandblasting. She will emerge in a knock-off UP scheme with red NEGS lettering.  She was built by EMD for SP in January 1970 as SP 2555 and later becoming UP 1002.   

GMTX MP15DC 207 is former Manufacturers Railway (MRS) 252 and seen fresh from the MEI paint Shop May 2nd.

Mark also snapped Union Pacific MP15DC 1375 was also in fresh paint at MEI on May 2nd. The Switcher is partially lettered, and will be completed once the remaining lettering arrives.

Now painted and lettered, New England Southern SW1500 2555 posed for Mark Mautner at Metro East Industries Shop in East St Louis, IL   Originally built as SP SW1500 2555, she later became UPY 1002 and her owner Peter Dearness purchased the unit from the MEI/UP Locomotive auction held at MEI in Oct 2011.  This switcher will provide service to a handful of remaining customers on the NEGS line out of Concord, NH, but Mr. Dearness claims there is new business potential for the line. He chose the Union Pacific color scheme because he liked the way the scheme looked on his last loco a former UP GP39-2 which he sold to Ann Arbor. The shot was taken May 17th 2012 on MEI property with permission and permission of owner.

Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, Missouri has placed the second of their three recently acquired SD40-2’s from CEFX/CIT into service after a complete repaint. The units were purchased from CIT in December 2011, and are of MKT, UP and BN heritage. After release from Quality Rail in Madison, IL TRRA SD40-2 3004 (ex-CEFX 7099, exx-BN) is in its second day of service is seen working TRRA east end trim job at Madison yard in Brooklyn, IL on May 26th. 

On May 27th Mark Mautner took these images during a night photo session at the America Central Port in Granite City, IL.  Mark had  a group of railfan friends from Minnesota and Chicago visiting, and a night photo session using the two ex-CNW SD40-2’s 1000 and 3086 was organized with permission, and with outstanding results!

Joe Ferguson snapped brand new Neptune Bulk Terminals 809, 809A at Paducah, KY on May 24th, 2012 and UP SD59MX 9910 at  Fulton, KY on May 9th.  (See more about these locomotives in this months GREEN LOCOMOTIVE NEWS section, edited by Jody Moore).

At Paducah, KY on April 3rd Joe Ferguson caught PRLX SW1500 2214 enroute to a lease in Gonzales, TX and UP SD59MX 9911 fresh from Progress Rail in Mayfield waiting for CN pick up for movement to Memphis, TN and delivery to UP.

As the sun disappeared in an out of clouds at Mayfield, KY, Joe bagged former GMTX (Oakway) 9094 NYSW SD60 3810 in fresh Susquehanna paint; CN 2284 departing with the daily Fulton-Paducah-Fulton turn, which has been  a "one-unit wonder”  for some time now; IC SD70 1032 at Metropolis with 1015 and a CN SD75I; Paducah & Louisville (PAL)  SD40-2 2102 has the nightly PL4 consist with NYSW 3810 in tow for interchange to CSXT; and in the back of the shop an unknown GP40 awaiting its turn in the paint booth.   There were two CP GP38-2's ready to go behind it.

In Fulton, KY on May 9th, Chris Bodkin caught West Tennessee Railroad's two recently acquired ex-BNSF (nee ATSF) B40-8W's  580 and 564 working in the CN yard on the Jackson, TN – Fulton, KY turn. West Tennessee operates on the former NS, nee-IC line that runs between Fulton, KY and up until about 20 years ago, Haleyville, AL. WTNN only goes as far south as Corinth, MS. This line is currently being upgraded for heavier NS traffic as part of the "Mid-America Corridor".  Chris visited Fulton back on November 18, 2011 and caught the same turn with the WTNN's ex-BN C30-7's (5517 & 5543) and spliced together with an ex-SP B30-7 (7855). This was it heading back to Jackson after their work was done, with another full train.

Al Gorney photographed this impressive all MLW/Alco line-up of Adirondack Railway RS18u 1845, M420W 2042 and C424 ​4243. Today only the 1845 is owned by ADIX or ADCR.  Al also snapped DLWR C424 2403 with incorrect labeling. DLWR 2403 was ADIX 4243, Mass Central 4243, Kyle 4243, BN 4243 and built as SP&S 303.  It may have been at the A&M at one point, as they brokered a lot of ALCO locomotives while building their fleet.  

Warren Calloway snapped NS SD40-2 3324 at Boylan Tower in Raleigh, NC in February 1999.


Bob Gottier photographed examples of Southern Pacific power in the Los Angeles area in the 1980’s:  SP SD39 5302 and SP B30-7 7763 in March 1986, and SP B30-7 7882 in February 1985. all taken at the City of Industry, CA.    


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