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Announcements & Updates

Next month, InterMountain Railway is releasing a new run of HO scale cylindrical 4 bay covered hoppers which include cars with trough hatches decorated for Procor (blue lettering), CP Rail, ALNX Alberta (Take A Break), ALPX Alberta, SKNX-Saskatchewan, CNW, and Government of Canada. Cars equipped with round hatches will be available for Procor (black lettering), Potash, CSX, Canadian Pacific (script), CNIS, and CNLX. The HO scale ready-to-run models come with etched metal roof walks, wire details, metal wheelsets, and Kadee couplers.


Walthers scheduled a December release for an HO scale and an N scale ready-to-run ALCO RS-2 diesel locomotive decorated for Ontario Northland (green with white and yellow stripes).

Also due at the end of the year are Walthers 40’ stock cars with steel Dreadnaught ends. The HO scale ready-to-run models will be available in two single road numbers for CN, and in 6-packs with different numbers.


Aberdeen Car Shops has released HO scale decals for Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Maintenance of Way equipment. The set includes enough decals to completely letter TH&B equipment including a 30-ton American crane, 250-ton Brownhoist crane, boom cars, truck car, and Russell snowplow. Also included are decals for TH&B MOW vehicles from the 1940s to the 1980s.


Modeling Toronto Hamilton and Buffalo Ry. Diesels


(By Barry Oldham  “The Train Cellar”)

Barry Oldham's TH&B GP-9 #402 began as a UP Bachmann DC/DCC GP-7.  As it wore a UP paint already I stripped the lettering using Solvaset but I left the red line that separated the UP grey and the yellow as an eye line for the future TH&B yellow stripe.  (See photo showing the stripping process).   The roof mounted torpedo tanks are from Juneco (kit # C-45), and I added other TH&B details, and the fuel tank was modified.  I painted the geep in TH&B cream but created a custom mix to match the correct TH&B red.  I used Aberdeen Car Shops TH&B decals and followed their paint scheme diagram and used photos I had.  This  decal set will do more than two locos and has the most comprehensive paint diagrams covering all of TH&B diesels and their paint variations.  Yet to be added were bells and the buffer bar as they have not arrived at press time.

TH&B GP7 77 is also a Bachmann GP-7 model.  Using the paint guide and decals from Aberdeen Car Shops, as well as  photos of the heavily weathered  TH&B unit I had, I painted and then went to town weathering #77.  I used nine different weathering colours, as well as some chalks and pastels.  

Both TH&B NW-2's are Kato NW-2's painted using the  same techniques as the Geeps, and the same decal set as well with the accompanying drawings.  Both switchers were weathered to reflect their years of service in a heavily industrialized setting, and were done for the owner of a Canadian Railfan Video Company, and even  used  his TH&B video as a reference!

Mark Zulkoskey photographed his Carlton Trail Railway GP10 1004 leading a mixed train of grain, steel and wood past the local grain elevator where Hudson Bay Railway GP30 2508 and GP20 2506 were switching some local storage cars. 1004 & 2508 are currently on Carlton Trail's roster, though 2508 has an electrical problem and has not ran in many years. Taken May 3, 2012.

Working together, Peter and Sandra created this unique looking NREX SD40-2 #9402 in HO scale. The prototype was re-built by NRE from a former SD 40T-2 Tunnel Motor frame and a standard SD40-2 hood and features a very long open rear porch where the old long extended over the frame. At various times over the last 15 years it has been leased to CP, NS and other railroads.

The starting point was his Athearn SD40T-2 and a Kato SD40-2.  He used a brass profile plate for the rear part of the porch filled with Weinert Cab, horn is by Kato, and air conditioning unit by Details West  He added the supply line with copper wire to the airhorn, the frame is by Athearn and the hood by Kato.  The added Eye Bolts from  Detail Associates and Grab Irons from Kato.  The front veranda   Anticlimber is by Cannon & Company. The handrails are a mix of Athern and copper wire.  The Coupler Lift Bar is from Detail Assosiates.  Peter painted the model using a blended  gray, mixed from different Tamyia and different Tamyia and Badger Precise Design (Model flex) theme colors to match the photo.  The trucks were sprayed by Peter with SP dark gray (Poly Scale) and Sandra added the decals from Microscale. 

Due to the shortened long hood and massive changes to the frame, and veranda, Peter discovered early on they would have to make their locomotive a non-powered dummy, but once complete the model looked great, and was ready become a trailing unit on the next CP train!   Sandra Ludwig-Merseburg and her husband Peter Merseburg live in Bad Breisig, Germany, and have had a fascination with North American trains for many years and enjoy the hobby.  They have a portable demonstration model railway layout they display with their locomotives at train shows in Germany. They have kitbashed many other locomotives, and over the next few months, these will be presented in CRO.

Coming Soon in Modeler's Corner

Peter and Sandra will show how they painted their CN SD40-2W in EXPO '86 colour scheme, how they kitbashed their twin-engine monster DD35B in Southern Pacific livery and a Burlington Northern SD40E Rebuild. Brian Ambrose shot BN SD40E 8330 in Seattle, WA in 1987.

Ed Creechan provided these pictures and descriptions of his locomotives:

CNR T-3-a #4193  (ex-4207) started life as a HO scale Akane heavy 2-10-2.  Ed’s  friend Wayne Toth did an outstanding job transforming this former Boston and Albany locomotive built by ALCO in 1919, and  purchased by the CNR in August 1928. Some of the many new additions included the all weather cab, Elesco feedwater system, a unique snow melting steam line from the steam turret to the pilot deck and a rebuilt tender .This is by far my favourite locomotive on my roster.

Another Canadian National steam locomotive, this time a Pacific Fast Mail HO scale T-2-a #4100.

Canadian National Railway S-1-b Mikado #3254 is an Overland HO scale brass model. This locomotive was custom painted by my friend Wayne Toth and is shown riding the turntable at Leetown on my layout.

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