Frank Jolin snapped CP SD60 6245 on the CP Lacolle Sub, bound for Albany NY, ethanol train #642 working upgrade departing the Island of Montreal behind on April 13th.

On March 11th, Christian Vazzaz took this great shot of BNSF SD70ACe 9385 and  9337, with three CP AC4400CWs crossing the Lytton Bridge hauling CP 401 to Coquitlam, BC.  If you look carefully you can still see damage from the CP Coal train derailment directly under the BNSF 9337.

CP Motive Power News

CP Units Activated:

In April, CP returned to service the following 17 CP SD9043MACs:  9101, 9105, 9107, 9108, 9110, 9112, 9117, 9119, 9120, 9131, 9134, 9137, 9146, 9147, 9150, 9153, and 9160. 

Kevin Dunk photographed reactivated SD9043MAC 9147 and CITX SD40-2 3074 leading ballast loads from CPs Swansea Ballast Pit.  What made this opportunity even better was waiting for the westbound CP 375, was loaded grain train with a trio of UP SD9043MACs 8264, 8273 with rear DPU 8262.

CP Units Retired:

The following 12 units were retired during April 2012:

SOO SD40-2 769 (Had been assigned to Vaughn Terminal Toronto).

CP SW1200RSs  1210, 1244, 1245, 1249, 1271 and 8111.

CP GP9us 1573, 1614, 1636, 1647, and 1652.

CP GP38-2 Overhaul Update:

EMD-Progress Rail in Mayfield, KY  continues to overhaul GP38-2s for Tier 0+ compliance, equipping them with AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop), and repainting them into CP livery. Overhauled CP GP38-2 4513 is the latest one released, returned to CP in March. 

GP38-2's Overhauled by EMD-Progress Rail (Mayfield, KY) 

CP 3024, 3038, 3048, 3066, 3111, 3126 and (former SOO) CP 4414, 4428, 4446, 4447, 4513 and 4515.  

GP38-2's to be Overhauled at EMD-Progress Rail (Mayfield, KY)

CP: 3057, 3062, 3127, and 3129

SOO: 4418, 4424, 4427, 4436, 4450, 4506 and 4514.


GP38-2's to be Overhauled at NRE (Silvis, IL)

CP 3033, 3103, and 3134,

SOO  4426. 

SOO SD60 Overhaul Update:

CAD Railway Services (Lachine, QC) continue to overhaul 15 SOO SD60s and one SD60M to Tier 0+ compliance, equip them with AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop) to conserve fuel, and repaint and renumber to CP 6200-series.

In Service:

    CP SD60 6229 (ex-SOO 6029 released May 25th, 2012

    CP SD60 6243 (ex-SOO 6043) released on April 20th 2012
    CP SD60 6254 (ex-SOO 6054) released on March 29th 2012
    CP SD60 6245 (ex-SOO 6045) released on March 6th 2012
    CP SD60 6242 (ex-SOO 6042) released on March 1st 2012
    CP SD60M 6260 (ex-SOO 6060) released January 13th 2012
    CP SD60 6228 (ex-SOO 6028) released December 16th 2011
    CP SD60 6225 (ex-SOO 6025) released December 1st 2011
    CP SD60 6241 (ex-SOO 6041) released November 2011
    CP SD60 6240 (ex-SOO 6040) released October 2011

At Cadrail:

    SOO SD60 6057 arrived at Cadrail April 2nd
    SOO SD60 6023 arrived at Cadrail March 30th
    SOO SD60 6052 arrived at Cadrail March 19th
    SOO SD60 6034 arrived at Cadrail March 19th
    SOO SD60 6055  arrived at Cadrail on March 9th

Bob Heathorn caught CP SD60 6243 westbound on train 143 on May 7th, and snapped the CAD Builders plate as the train crew changed.


CP SD30C-ECO Update:

The first bunch of CP SD40-2s are to be rebuilt to meet Tier 0+ US emissions standards. These rebuilt SD30Cs are to be numbered beginning at CP 5000 and CP will utilize SD40-2s from their ICE and DME roster as well.  CP expects to receive the first locos of the order during the 3rd quarter of 2012.

The SD30C-ECOs will be rebuilt at the EMD-Progress shops in Mayfield KY, from SD40-2 cores and frames, powered by the 12 cylinder 3000 hp 12-710G3A engine. Similar to other new locomotives delivered by GE and EMDI, LED lighting is expected, except for head and ditch lights.

Further information about ECO re-powering can be found HERE

The following 20 CP SD40-2's will be done this year:

5415, 5672, 5691, 5728, 5734, 5735, 5745, 5789, 5869, 5918, 5933, 5934, 5950, 5971, 5980, 5983, 6027, 6039, 6056 and 6606.

Update: the following SD40-2's and SD40-2F's are the proposed units for ECO rebuild in 2013:

SD40-2: 5648, 5787, 5795, 5844, 5902, 5924, 5930, 5931, 5940, 5944, 5947, 5948, 5967, 5992, 5997, 5998, and 6006.  

SD40-2F:   9000, 9002, 9005, 9010, 9016, 9018, 9019, 9022, and 9024.

Joe Ferguson found CP SD40-2 5933 in stripped down condition at Mayfield KY. and noted the long hoods of CP SD40-2s 6039, 5869, and 6027 on the grounds awaiting the rebuilding process at Paducah, KY  on May 6th.   The hood sections are the only part above the frame that will be reused (outside of the electrical cabinet).

CP GP20C-ECO Update:

The GP20C-ECOs are to be numbered beginning at CP 2200, The 4-axle GP20C-ECOs will be built at Muncie, IN at the EMD facility. These will have new frames, new cabs and fuel tanks, and meet FRA safety requirements. As well they will feature the 8-710G3A prime mover and other hardware upgrades.   

As of May 1st, only CP 8229 and the six still stored in Montreal (St-Luc Yard) remained to be cannibalized for usable components at the SRY shops in New Westminster, BC and then scrapped.   The others from the our list of 35 GP7u/GP9u locos have been stripped with many already scrapped.

1501    1503   1505    1515     1519*   1525    1528    1565    1566     1567    1568    1569    1570    1581    1582    1588    1603    1611    1612*  1615*  1617     1621     1638    1639*  1644    1649     1682    1696    1697    8214*  8224   8229    8240    8242* 8264.   (Still in Montreal: *).

Update: GP9u 1649 arrived in Coquitlam, BC on May 12th and GP9u 8224 arrived at Alyth Yard on May 22nd.  Both were long stored in Montreal and are destined to Port Coquitlam, BC.   

Ron Visockis shot CP 1649 westbound at Trenton, ON May 3rd

After she crossed Canada on CP trackage, Andy Cassidy snapped CP 1649 at the Coquitlam Diesel Shop (Mile 111.9, CP Cascade Sub) on  May 13th. CP 1649 has since been sent to SRY in New Westminister for stripping.

CP Leased Locomotives on the Property in May

CEFX (GP38-3) 3803, 3805, 3807, and 3811.  As of May 23rd CEFX 3804 is OFF LEASE to CP and stored at St-Luc Diesel Shop. It will go to CADRAIL after the strike ends for repairs, and then be leased out to the New England Central (NECR).

CEFX (AC4400CW) 1002, 1006, 1007, 1014, 1018-1020, 1023, 1024, 1026-1059.   

CEFX (SD40-2) 2786, 2791, 2797, 2802, 2803, 3105, 3109, 3112, 3120, 3121, 3127, 3128, 3130, 3133, 3137, 3139, 3143, 3145, 3148, 3149, 3151, 3155, 3163, 3164, 3166, 3168, 3172, 3175, 3176, 3181, 3182, 3183, 3184, and 3188.

UPDATE: In May the CEFX SD40-2s were OFF LEASE and stored at various locations on CP, except the following three units which have remained in service: CEFX 3151, 3173, and 3184.    

CITX (SD40-2) 2804, 3024, 3026, 3032, 3035, 3073, 3074, 3075, 3157, 3078, 3080, 3082, 3090, 3099 and 3177.

UPDATE: In May, 15 CITX SD40-2s (above) were OFF LEASE and stored at various locations on CP, except the following 42 units that remain in service:  CITX 2785, 2790, 2792, 2794, 2796, 3008, 3036, 3053, 3054, 3055, 3056, 3057, 3058, 3059, 3060, 3061, 3062, 3063, 3064, 3065, 3066, 3067, 3070, 3071, 3072, 3077, 3079. 3081, 3083, 3086, 3088, 3089, 3091, 3092, 3095, 3097, 3098, 3100, 3101, 3102, 3110, and 3170.

CP Photos

Outside Tunnel City, WI on May 2nd, Dennis Webber caught CP Train 283, with CP AC4400CW 9826, CITX SD40-2 3076, CP SD60 6242, and SOO  SD60 6027 on the CP Tomah Sub.

Dennis also snapped CP Train 580, with SOO GP40 2057 showing her Milwaukee Road heritage, and DM&E SD40-2 6090 at La Crosse, WI on May 3rd.

On May 7th, Dennis caught CP train 810, a loaded  unit coal train Enroute to Power  Plant on CPs Tomah Sub with BNSF SD70ACe 9276 and ES44AC 6262 at the point.  

The same day Dennis bagged CP Train 800, Loaded Unit Coke Train led by CSX C40-8W 7901 and a CP Rail System painted SD40-2 seen passing the station at La Crosse, WI.   

On May 13th at Rockland, WI CP GP40 4609 is seen on CPs Tomah Sub with a train of  frac sand hoppers. 

Again at Rockland, WI, CP ES44AC 8883 leads crude oil train #602 on CPs Tomah Sub on May 13th.

Showing slight burn damage on the long hood, SOO SD60M 6062 leads CP 231 on the Tomah Sub May 15th, with a SOO SD60 and CP ES44AC trailing. 

On the DM&Es Waseca Sub May 22nd DM&E Train 277, with  ICE-6101, CITX-3063-3062 begins the long climb out of the Missippippi River Valley at Minnesota City MN.

On May 2nd at St-Luc Yard in Montreal, Michael Plesko snapped San Luis & Rio Grande (SLRG) E8A 518.  The cab unit is lettered Iowa Pacific and wears a 1950s era Illinois Central paint scheme.  SLRG 518 arrived arrived at Saratoga, NY later that night and has been delivered to the Saratoga and North Creek tourist railway for its summer operations.  


Jim Dorst snapped this power move over the Rogers Pass on May 11th,  with CP ES44AC 8756 leading five AC440CW units (CP 9675, 9535, 8645, 9656, 8635) through CP Moberley en-route to Golden Yard.   There was also a mid-train remote. 

CP News

On May 23rd CP locomotive engineers, conductors, and Rail Traffic Controller's (Dispatchers) in Canada, went on strike over a contract dispute.  While CP first said they would not operate any trains in Canada, including West Coast express in Vancouver, one line on Go Transit and three lines on AMT, Douglas Finnson vice-president of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference said "The company had warned commuter rail transit in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal would be disrupted in the event of a strike, but Finnson said in an email the two sides had reached a settlement on that matter Tuesday afternoon. "Those commuter trains will be operating!  On May 28th, the Federal Government was set to table back to work legislation.

Andy Cassidy photographed CP SW1200RS 1237 by itself on track O-26 at the Vancouver Yard Office, April 20th, 2012.  It is one of only five still on the rosterCP 1250 is assigned to Thunder Bay, 1237, 1239, and 1241 are assigned to Vancouver and 1251 is assigned to Moose Jaw.  CP 1239 and 1251 are currently stored and CP SW1200RS 8166 is the Thunder Bay Shop Switcher and not actually on the roster.

The following retired SW1200RS switchers are for sale As is. 

CP 1244 - at Coquitlam, BC - unsafe to move.
CP 1271 - at Toronto, ON - Safe to move - As Is with all faults. (On June 1st, 2012 will be moved to Calgary, AB. for storage)
CP1210 - at Calgary, AB - safe to move - As Is with all faults.
CP1245 - at Calgary, AB - safe to move - As Is with all faults.
CP1249 - at Calgary, AB - safe to move - As Is with all faults.


On May 19th Kenneth Borg snapped a CP train (with Norfolk Southern designation #22T) eastbound at Milan, MI with CP ES44AC 8951 and AC4400CW 8630 as the DPU.  This marks the first use of DPU on the Norfolk Southern line between Chicago and Windsor, ON. 

Jim Dorst snapped the Rocky Mountaineer led by RMRX 8012 (GMD-built  GP40-2LW which is now also in the RMR new colour scheme, heading westbound through Morant's Curve on May 16th.   

CP Vignettes

Peter Cox snapped this pair of CPR MLW switchers wearing the early block lettering livery:   CP 6573 was shot in Vancouver BC May 5th 1963 and CP 6561 in Montreal, QC on June 28th,1962.

John West snapped the (Saint John, NB Union Station Montreal, QC Windsor Station) Atlantic Limited arriving at Saint John at the end of its overnight journey via the shortcut through northern Maine on a late winter storm in March 1967.   One reason this CP train was so popular with railfans was the always interesting consist.  Note the express container car placed behind the CP FP7A 4075,an RS10 and  F7B  baggage car and a lovely mix of Tuscan Red smooth side cars, and stainless steel equipment.  The A.L. was very special!   


John Reay recorded the historic 1990s-era when CP had leased F40PH-2s from VIA for freight service between Montreal and Toronto.  The shot is taken at Lovekin Siding on the CP Belleville Sub in September 1992.

CRO June 2012