CN Motive Power News

Delivery of 35 ES44AC locomotives from GE Transportation, and 30 SD70ACe locomotives from Electro-Motive Diesel will be spread over 2013-2014.  The new CN number series will be available soon.

The 43 GMTX SD60’s (former Oakway/GATX Leasing 9000-9099) will be numbered as CN 5400-5442, adjacent to the CN SD60F 5504-5563 group. VMV/NRE (Paducah, KY) has been servicing those locos coming off the NS lease that require mechanical attention before delivery to CN. 

As CN is power short, in mid-May six unpainted GMTX SD60’s were moved from Centralia, IL to Memphis, TN for CN patch jobs, and activation to service.  On May 26th three of the six sent to Memphis were already patched and in service in the Oakway paint with patched  CN numbers.  CN 5412 went north on Q195, the other two CN 5403 and 5409 went south to Mississippi.   CN 5421, 5427, and 5436 were prepared at Memphis and placed in service May 28th.   (See the chart below).

Sandblasted May 11th, ex-GMTX 9095, is now CN 5440 and the first SD60 in new paint. On May 18th it was moved from the paint booth to the Centralia Roundhouse for completion.  CN 5440 was shot by George Redmond May 29th at Centralia, IL. 

On May 24th George Redmond caught CN 5432 (ex-GMTX 9078) the second to be released from the Centralia paint shop.   

CN SD60 5400-5442 with their former GMTX number

("CN painted" unit numbers are grey and "in service patched" are blue)

CN 5400 (9013), CN 5401 (9020), CN 5402 (9023), CN 5403 (9027), CN 5404 (9030), CN 5405 (9033), CN 5406 (9034), CN 5407 (9035), CN 5408 (9036), CN 5409 (9037), CN 5410 (9040), CN 5411 (9042), CN 5412 (9043), CN 5413 (9045), CN 5414 (9046), CN 5415 (9050), CN 5416 (9051), CN 5417 (9053), CN 5418 (9054), CN 5419 (9055), CN 5420 (9056), CN 5421 (9057) CN 5422 (9058), CN 5423 (9060), CN 5424 (9064), CN 5425 (9066) CN 5426 (9069), CN 5427 (9071), CN 5428 (9073), CN 5429 (9074), CN 5430 (9075), CN 5431 (9076), CN 5432 (9078), CN 5433 (9079), CN 5434 (9080) CN 5435 (9085), CN 5436 (9086), CN 5437 (9087), CN 5438 (9089), CN 5439 (9092), CN 5440 (9095), CN 5441 (9097), CN 5442 (9099).

At the Centralia engine facility May 22nd, Joe Ferguson bagged GMTX SD60 9079 in primer and GMTX 9066 soon to get sandblasted.

The 42 CREX C40-8’s from Citicorp Railmark Inc. are all expected to arrive later this year and are ex-Union Pacific 9023-9064 nee-CNW 8501-8542, may be heading to a repair shop before coming to CN.   It is likely these may be numbered in the CN 2000-series. 

11 C40-8W’s numbered IC 2455-2463, 2465, and 2466, (nee- LMSX 728-736, 738, and 739) will have their leases purchased by CN.

CN/GMTX SD60 STATUS as of May 27th

STORED AT CENTRALIA, IL: GMTX 9013, 9020, 9023, 9030, 9034, 9035, 9036, 9040, 9042, 9045, 9046, 9050, 9051, 9053, 9054, 9055, 9056, 9058, 9060, 9064, 9065, 9066, 9069, 9071, 9073, 9080, 9085, 9087, 9089, 9092, 9095, 9097, 9099.


CN PATCHED AND IN SERVICE:  CN 5403, 5409, 5412, 5421, 5429, and 5436


At Paducah, KY on April 3rd, Joe Ferguson snapped GMTX SD60 9020 following  completion of repairs at VMV, waiting to be picked up and forwarded to Centralia, IL for CN paint and set-up for CN operation.  This locomotive was part of the group previously leased to NS. GMTX 9020 was sent up to Centralia, IL in early May.

CN Locomotives Activated

WC SW1500 1558 was returned to service by the Woodcrest Shop and was returned north to Stevens Point, WI in early May.  WC 1558 still wears her Wisconsin Central uniform and is seen in hitching a ride on Q199 thru Neenah, WI on May 5th.


Kim Kafura also snapped WC SW1500 1563 trailing CN 2519 and CN 2302 heading to Neenah, WI on train A491 May 15th.  Two days later she was working the Stevens Point, WI yard, possibly a replacement for the WC GP40 3018 that suffered a major failure in May, and has been towed to Homewood, Illinois for evaluation by Woodcrest Shop. 

On May 8th, Tim Stevens caught O482's train awaiting a signal at Jasper East (Alberta), to depart behind a rather eclectic consist that  Included GTW SD40-2 5931 and two other reactivated SD40-3’s (GTW 5943 and sister).

Keith Bowler snapped reactivated GTW SD40-3 5942 at Saskatoon, SK on April 25th.

Paul Burgess caught GTW GP40-2 6425 on the pull down job at Homewood, IL. May 16th. This unit has been shopped and has had a good cleaning. 

CN Units Retired


CN Units Sold



CN Locomotive News

The following units were noted stored at Woodcrest Shop in the first week of May: CN GP9RM’s 7007, 7010, 7076, 7216, 7225, 4118, GTW GP9RB 4618, CN GMD1u's CN 1402, 1415, WC GP40's 3000, 3002, 3004, 3006, 3009, 3012, 3017, 3021, 3023 (in CN paint), 3024, GTW GP40R 6401, CN SD40-2 5373, IC SW14's 1477, 1490, 1498, 1500, 1501, 1505, WC  SW1500's 1559, 1560, BLE SD38-2 878 and BCOL: B39-8E 1700, plus an IC SW14 and a WC GP40  obstructed from view.  Nearby parked possibly for shop work Joseph Santucci noted CN E9A 103, CN SD70I 5612, and GTW GP38-2 4930. Note: units 7007, 7010, 7216, 4118, and IC 1501 were all retired 2011.

Canadian National brought out ES44DC 2336 for the CN  “Homewood Rail Days” event on May 20th.  This loco was built in October 2010.

CN SD38-2 1652, one of three ex-NAR SD38-2’s still in service on CN was the 5th unit on CN 404 out of Saskatoon, SK on May 12th.   Normally these stay working  in the Edmonton, AB area.

CN Repaints

George Redmond snapped IC SD70 1002 in new paint at the CN engine facility Centralia, IL on May 5th. This units also has new trucks.

On May 17th, George Redmond snapped this great consist: IC SD40-2 6100, EJ&E SD38-2 674, CN SD40-2W 5338, and CN F40PH 106 in the CN yards Du Quoin, Il. 05/17/12.  CN F40pH 106 was returning to Canada following repaint into Agawa Canyon Train livery.  IC 6100 is the ONLY Illinois Central SD40-2 left on the roster.

CN SD402W 5264 and GP40-2LW 9411 were seen in fresh paint at the CN engine facility Centralia, IL on May 16th.

GTW SD40-2 5937 was in new paint at the CN engine facility Centralia, IL May 19th.  As well GMTX 9036 was spotted at the engine facility, next in line for new paint,and George noted two  GMTX units in the CN paint shop.

CN News

One mile south of Marsh, WI (just north of Allenton on the Waukesha sub) at 10:28 am on May 27th, Henry Nye snapped Q199 deadheading the CN Business train consist through the trees with what looks like  CN 5739  IC 2725 and CN 103?

CN-IC Volvo cherry picker equipped hi-rail #079259 sits in the backlot of Vernell's Interstate Service in Marion, Illinois on March 18, 2012. It appears to be getting a much needed repair done, or some other kind of maintenance work. Notice the "Operated by Illinois Central Railroad Company" on the bottom of the passenger side door. Illinois Central still exists, although in name only. 

On May 19th, Michael Da Costa caught track evaluation train CN 484 with  GP40-2LW 9450 tucked away at the old CN Hamilton Shops after testing the North and No 1 tracks of the Halton Sub (Mac Yard to  Burlington West) then the North Track from Bayview to Ridout on the Dundas Sub.  The train wyed at London and proceeded east testing the South Track from Ridout to Bayview.

CN Photos

Mark Perry caught the only CN GP9RM in the 15-Years livery, CN 7258 crossing the GWWD (Greater Winnipeg Water District), and switching the CN NAMISCO spur May 18th.

Keith Belk snapped CN SD40-2 6119 at Decatur, IL on August 31, 2005, CN SD40-2 6137 was at the Alton & Southern Gateway Yard on August 23, 2006, and SD40-2 6141 at Santa Fe Junction in Kansas City, MO on August 31, 2006

In Alorton, IL Keith caught GTW SD40 5928 wearing the CN North America livery on May 15th, 2005, just before it was retired.  GTW  SD40-3 5946 (ex-GCFX,  ex-KCS 6629, nee-CN SD40 5240) on April 23, 2007 and at Madison, IL  GTW GP38-2  4925 on September 9th, 2008. 


Full cowl GMDD-built SD50F CN 5407 looks terrific at Columbia, IL August 23, 2006. 

Deane Motis submitted this pair of photos showing CN “meets” at Old Martinson, BC on April 28th 2012.  CN SD70M-2 8845 faces  Rocky Mountaineer Railtours (RMR) GP40-2W 8012 and CP ES44AC 8931 meets CN SD70M-2 8845.

CN Vignettes

In the 1980’s, CN remanufactured several SW1200RS’s with the larger engine was covered with a GP9 hood.  The railfan community called them “Sweeps” (Switcher/Geeps).  Bob Heathorn snapped these examples in Hamilton ON.  CN SW1200RM 7107 in July 1994, and CN 7102 in June 1995.  

Bob Heathorn snapped CN SD40u 6008 looking good in her CN North America livery at Walkley Yard in Ottawa in April 1995.

In Georgiana, AL on October 17th 2009, Sid Vaught photographed ASDX SD50F 5419 and other ex-CN units all lined up for their final portrait before they got parted out, and scrapped at the Allied Services scrap yard.  This was the end of the line for the CN SD50F fleet and was a major traffic boost for the tiny Three Notch Railroad, less than a mile from the interchange point.

Peter Cox submitted these classic loco photos:  CNR 9456 and sister FA-FB units in Montreal on June 22nd 1962, and CNR F3 9005 in Vancouver BC on August 21st, 1956, before it was wrecked and later became GP7 4824 after GMD rebuilt her as a geep.

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