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Greg Granke of Winnipeg has asked Mark Perry to photograph his Overland HO scale brass CP Rail MLW RS-3M.  Greg chopped the nose, detailed, and painted the locomotive to represent a Winnipeg assigned CP Rail 8400 series hump engine, submitted these photos  MODELLER'S CORNER.  Montreal had the most of the  fleet of chopped RS3m’s assigned to the St-Luc Yard  hump.





Peter Merseburg and Sandra Ludwig-Merseburg of Germany used a KATO/KASLO Hybrid to complete their SD40-2W and made ​these  few modifications to create CN SD40-2W 5334 in the EXPO '86 color scheme.

CN Locomotive - Original HO Scale Kato SD40-2 drive, frame and long hood with Spartan cab and nose removed. Peter and Sandra added the original Kato attachments plus the following detail parts:

  • Long hood Winterization Hatch by Detail West
  • Eye Bolts from detail Associates
  • Grab Irons by Kato
  • Anticlimber from Kaslo
  • Brake Gear Box self made from original Evergreen model
  • Brake Wheel by Detail West
  • Kitbashed Handrails
  • Comfort cab four piece windshield - Kaslo (Wide / Safety Cab)
  • Two long Snow Shields
  • Sunshades by A-Line
  • Wind Deflectors on Cab by Details West
  • Sinclair Antenna by Details West
  • Front cab high mounted Bell by Kaslo
  • Wipers of Detail West
  • Grab Irons by A-Line
  • Acrylic Windows – self made
  • Paints: Tamiya (black, CN Safety Orange mixed from Tamiya red and Edgar Precise Design colors)
  • CN EXPO ’86 Decals by Microscale.


Peter and Sandra show how they kitbashed a twin-engine monster DD35B in Southern Pacific livery, and a Burlington Northern SD40E rebuild.

Announcements & Updates

InterMountain Railway Company has scheduled an in October or November delivery for a series of 40’ World War II, war emergency boxcars in both HO and N scales. The eight-panel, single sheathed boxcars will be available in six numbers for Canadian Pacific. Currently available from Intermountain are N scale ready-to-run cylindrical covered hopper cars with round roof hatches. Road names with six numbers each are available for Potash, CSX, CP (script), CP (silver), CNIS, CNLX, and Procor.


Kato has released its HO scale EMD SD90/43MAC decorated for Canadian Pacific in the “Golden Beaver” scheme with road numbers 9138 and 9152. The models come with directional headlight, working ditch lights, pre-printed number boards, and a standard 8-pin plug for a DCC decoder. Several consumer applied details including windshield wipers, MU hoses, and grab irons are included.


True Line Trains has released their HO scale 8-hatch Canadian reefer. These cars feature doors that are much shorter than other reefers of the era. The CP version of the car has two panels on either side of the sliding plug-door that are half the width of the other side panels. This version of the car is available decorated for CPR (block lettering), CPR (script lettering), Pacific Great Eastern, and BCOL-British Columbia Railway.   CN cars have five equal panels on either side of the door, improved Dreadnaught ends and hinged doors. They are not yet available, but when released will be available decorated for CN–noodle, CNR (horizontal maple leaf), CNR (tilted maple leaf), and GTW.


Pierre Oliver, a Canadian modeller will soon introduce an HO scale kit for a Wabash stock car under the brand name Yarmouth Model Works. It is planned to be a resin kit which will include laser-cut and photo-etched detail parts, plus components from Kadee, Tahoe, and Black Car Publishing. The resin castings will be produced by Aaron Gjermundson.

VIA Rail Canada is selling a limited edition HO scale collectible model of their Park-series observation dome car decorated for Glacier Park, Kokanee Park and Kootenay Park. The model is created by Rapido and features their usual attention to detail including all underbody pipes, conduit and appliances, full interiors, tinted windows with blinds and interior hand rails, operating marker and interior lights, and an illuminated Via drumhead. The exterior is painted in a realistic stainless steel finish. The model is available exclusively from VIA Rail.


Pacific Great Eastern Railway 100th Anniversary Convention will run July 13-15 in Squamish, BC. Sponsored by PGE-BCR Modellers Group, there will be clinics, operating layouts, displays, model contest, prototype displays, and rides on 7.5” gauge Mini Rail. At the CN Roundhouse & Conference Centre, West Coast Railway Heritage Park, 39645 Government Road. Information including registration fees and options are available from Brian Clogg at or by phone 604-588-2194.




Barry Oldham of “The Train Cellar”, painted four different CP paint schemes on the Alco S2 and S4.  All the switcher locomotives started life as the new Bachmann S-4 equipped with DCC and sound and  were stripped prior to painting, 

CP S-2 7022 was painted into one of the earliest diesel paint schemes of the CPR using decals are from Highball Graphics.  CP S-2 7013 is another ealry CPR paint version and decals were custom made by us for this model, and the CPR Tuscan red is also a custom mixed. CP S4 7099 was done with YLT  paints, and Black Cat CPR Script decals.

He also painted CP RAIL S-4 7102, their newest run on the "Canadian S-4" series.  This one features the large Multimark on the long hood, later CP moved it onto the cab just below the window. 


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