CP Motive Power News

CP SD60 6229  released from CADRAIL June 5th, was on 235 making her first run over the Belleville sub June 10th. Michael Delic snapped the sharp looking lead unit at Cherrywood, ON.

CP Units Activated:

17 CP SD9043MAC’s:  9101, 9105, 9107, 9108, 9110, 9112, 9117, 9118, 9119, 9120, 9131, 9134, 9137, 9146, 9147, 9153, and 9160 were  returned to service in April.

George Redmond caught CP AC4400CW 8579 on northbound CN freight A431 at Centralia, IL on June 28th with full beaver repaint  following major wreck repairs at the Quality Rail locomotive shop in Madison, IL,   The Consist had CN 2604, 5754, CP 8579, HLCX 6296, & 7193 NB train A431 at Centralia, IL, with the HLCX SD40-2 pair fresh out of Metro East Industries (Illinois).


CP Units Retired:

CP retired four units in May: 
CP GP9u’s 1514, 1632
CP GP7u 1686, (Ex-TH&B 76)  Currently at Moose Jaw, SK.
CP SD40-2 5997 (has been at Nahant, IA since January 2010 and covered in graffiti).

Keith Bowler snapped retired CP GP9u 1686 sitting on a yard track in Moose Jaw on June 21, 2012.  The lack of dynamic brake blister on the long hood identifies her Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo heritage.  She was built at GMD London in 1953 as TH&B GP7 76. In 1987 she was rebuilt by CP into a GP9u and retrofitted with a 1,750 HP 16-567C engine block, chop-nosed and renumbered CP 1686.  Wayne Schenk shot TH&B GP7 76 at Penn Central Frontier Yard (Buffalo, NY) in February 1975.  

CP GP38-2 Overhaul Update:

EMD-Progress Rail in Mayfield, KY  continues to overhaul GP38-2’s for Tier 0+ compliance, equipping them with AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop), and repainting them into CP livery.  

GP38-2's Released From EMD-Progress Rail (Mayfield, KY) 

CP 3024, 3038, 3048, 3062, 3066, 3111, 3126, 3127, 3129 and (former SOO) CP 4414, 4427, 4428, 4446, 4447, 4513 and 4515.  

GP38-2's to be Overhauled at EMD-Progress Rail (Mayfield, KY)

CP: 3057, 3117 and 3127

SOO: 4418, 4424, 4436, 4450, 4506 and 4514.


GP38-2's to be Overhauled at NRE (Silvis, IL)

CP 3033, 3103, and 3134,

SOO  4426. 

SOO SD60 Overhaul Update:

CAD Railway Services (Lachine, QC) continue to overhaul 15 SOO SD60’s and one SD60M to Tier 0+ compliance, equip them with AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop) to conserve fuel, and repaint and renumber to CP 6200-series.

In Service:

    CP SD60 6229 (ex-SOO 6029) released June 5th, 2012

    CP SD60 6243 (ex-SOO 6043) released on April 20th 2012
    CP SD60 6254 (ex-SOO 6054) released on March 29th 2012
    CP SD60 6245 (ex-SOO 6045) released on March 6th 2012
    CP SD60 6242 (ex-SOO 6042) released on March 1st 2012
    CP SD60M 6260 (ex-SOO 6060) released January 13th 2012
    CP SD60 6228 (ex-SOO 6028) released December 16th 2011
    CP SD60 6225 (ex-SOO 6025) released December 1st 2011
    CP SD60 6241 (ex-SOO 6041) released November 2011
    CP SD60 6240 (ex-SOO 6040) released October 2011

At Cadrail:

    SOO SD60 6057 arrived at Cadrail April 2nd
    SOO SD60 6023 arrived at Cadrail March 30th
    SOO SD60 6052 arrived at Cadrail March 19th
    SOO SD60 6034 arrived at Cadrail March 19th
    SOO SD60 6055  arrived at Cadrail on March 9th

On June 2nd, Michael Berry caught CP SD60 6229 still at Cadrail, even though it was completed before the CP strike last month. It left the shop June 5th.   

CP SD30C-ECO Update:

The first bunch of CP SD40-2’s are to be rebuilt to meet Tier 0+ US emissions standards. These rebuilt SD30Cs are to be numbered beginning at CP 5000 and CP will utilize SD40-2’s from their ICE and DME roster as well.  CP expects to receive the first locos of the order during the 3rd quarter of 2012.

The SD30C-ECOs will be rebuilt at the EMD-Progress shops in Mayfield KY, from SD40-2 cores and frames, powered by a new 12 cylinder 3000 hp 12-710G3F engine. Similar to other new locomotives delivered by GE and EMDI, LED lighting is expected, except for head and ditch lights.

Further information about ECO re-powering can be found HERE

The following 20 CP SD40-2's will be done this year:

5415, 5672, 5691, 5728, 5734, 5735, 5745, 5789, 5869, 5918, 5933, 5934, 5950, 5971, 5980, 5983, 6027, 6039, 6056 and 6606.

Update: the following SD40-2's and SD40-2F's are the proposed units for ECO rebuild in 2013:

SD40-2: 5648, 5787, 5795, 5844, 5902, 5924, 5930, 5931, 5940, 5944, 5947, 5948, 5967, 5992, 5997, 5998, and 6006.  

SD40-2F:   9000, 9002, 9005, 9010, 9016, 9018, 9019, 9022, and 9024.

CP GP20C-ECO Update:

The GP20C-ECOs are to be numbered beginning at CP 2200, with the 4-axle units built at Muncie, IN at the EMD facility. These will have new frames, new cabs and fuel tanks, and meet FRA safety requirements. As well they will feature the 8-710G3A prime mover and other hardware upgrades.   

As of June 11th, only four  were still stored in Montreal (St-Luc Yard) and remain to be cannibalized for usable components at the SRY shops in New Westminster, BC and then scrapped.   Almost all of the  35 GP7u/GP9u locos from the list below have been stripped with most already scrapped.

1501    1503   1505    1515     1519    1525    1528    1565    1566     1567    1568    1569    1570    1581    1582    1588    1603    1611    1612*  1615*  1617     1621    1638    1639*  1644    1649     1682    1696    1697    8214*  8224   8229    8240    8242   8264.   (Still in Montreal: *).

Two of the GP9u’s stored in Montreal, left St-Luc Yard June 13th, CP 8242 arriving at Toronto Yard on June 13th, and 1519 arriving in Toronto on June 15th.

As of June 16th, GP9u 8224, GP9u 8229, and GP9 8264 were moved from CP - Coquitlam to SRY- New Westminster, BC.  On June 12th, Andy Cassidy snapped what may be the last images of CP 8224, 8229, and 8264 prior to their movement to the SRY shop in New Westminster for parts stripping, and eventual date with the cutting torch at ABC Metals in East Surrey, BC. 

Andy snapped the remains of CP GP7u 1505 and GP9u 1617 at ABC Metals, in East Surrey, BC June 3rd. 

CP Leased Locomotives on the Property in June

CEFX (GP38-3) 3803, 3805, 3807, and 3811.  As of May 23rd CEFX 3804 is OFF LEASE to CP and stored at St-Luc Diesel Shop. It will go to CADRAIL for repairs, and then be leased out to the New England Central (NECR).

CEFX (AC4400CW) 1002, 1006, 1007, 1014, 1018-1020, 1023, 1024, 1026-1059.   

CEFX (SD40-2) 2786, 2791, 2797, 2802, 2803, 3105, 3109, 3112, 3120, 3121, 3127, 3128, 3130, 3133, 3137, 3139, 3143, 3145, 3148, 3149, 3151, 3155, 3163, 3164, 3166, 3168, 3172, 3175, 3176, 3181, 3182, 3183, 3184, and 3188.

In May the CEFX SD40-2’s were OFF LEASE and stored at various locations on CP, except the following three units which have remained in service: CEFX 3151, 3173, and 3184.    

CITX (SD40-2) STORED:  2804, 3026, 3032, 3035, 3073, 3074, 3075, 3078, 3080, 3082, 3090, 3099 3157 and 3177, all off lease and stored at various locations on CP.  

CITX (SD40-2) IN SERVICE:  2783, 2790, 2792, 2794, 2796, 3008, 3024, 3036, 3053, 3054, 3055, 3056, 3057, 3058, 3059, 3060, 3061, 3062, 3063, 3064, 3065, 3066, 3067, 3070, 3071, 3072, 3077, 3079. 3081, 3083, 3086, 3088, 3089, 3091, 3092, 3095, 3097, 3098, 3100, 3101, 3102, 3110, and 3170.

At Dorval, QC on June 10th, Michael Berry snapped westbound CP 231 with CP SD40-2 5583 and CITX SD40-2 3024. CP 5583 is one of only two SD40-2's left in the CP 5500 series, and was rebuilt from a wreck of the first CP 5583 in 1985. CITX 3024 is an ex-BN SD40-2 still in Cascade Green.

On June 21st at Lacrosse, WI, Dennis Weber caught two of the CEFX GP38-3’s (3803 and 3811) on the same train (CP 580). 

CP Photos

At La Crosse, WI on the CP Tomah Sub Dennis Weber caught 580's power CP GP38-2 4406, 4403 and 4407 on June 4th.    

On June 17th Denis snapped CP GP38-2 4511 at La Crosse, WI.  Note the tiny (Non-Standard) numbers applied to the cab following her American repaint.

At Lacrosse, WI on June 19th, Dennis bagged CP Train 580, with SOO GP38-2 4438, CITX SD40-2 2783, and CP GP38-2 4433 meeting SOO SD60 6038 leading Train 801.

Kenneth Borg snapped CP ES44AC 9365 and CP SD40-2 5966 leading Norfolk Southern train #36T coming up to Fort Street in Detroit, MI, the second week of June.  Railfans will shortly be unable to get this shot as the installation of security fencing is planned for this location.   

Steve Thomas was overjoyed to catch CP #111 with brand new CP ES44AC 9360 March 5th, 2012.  He caught 9360 on the newly installed  15,000 foot long siding  called “Baxter”, for a meet on the Mactier Sub.  This new long siding has replaced the old siding at “Ypres”, now just a back track for car storage as needed.

Looking great on either end, Cor van Steenis caught CP ES44AC 9374  leading 897, an empty BNSF unit coal train on April 25th at Calgary AB.  Then on May 11th, she’s rear distributed power on CP train 896, a loaded BNSF coal train passing through Lacombe, AB. on the Leduc Subdivision. 

The day after the CP strike, Ross Davies snapped CP AC4400CW 9606 and sibling with an eastbound empty grain train at Maple Ridge, BC.

John Leeming photographed CP AC4400CW 8536 RMRX 8015 and NREX 2903 leading the Rocky Mountaineer train westbound at Geddis, BC June 9th in the evening.  

CP News

The Royal Canadian Pacific cars have been out this year with the heritage power units.  Cor van Steenis caught all three CPR Script painted locomotives: FP9A's 4106 & 4107 and GP38-2 3084, at Alyth Yard after the first run of the season in mid-April and, again, caught the two FP9A units at Alyth on  June 13th.  The three units have had a meticulous cleaning/buffing job and look splendid. We are looking forward to their runs in July and August and the late August-early September run from Calgary to Vancouver with the 'Royal Pacific Express!

Receiving a hot tip, Andy Cassidy learned the Royal Canadian Pacific (RCP), was heading out of Calgary with the CP FP9Au 4107, CP F9B 1900, and CP FP9Au 4106 with the RCP heritage consist.  This CPR passenger train that will set you back a mere $5000.00 for a one way ticket to Vancouver from Calgary!  June 17th was overcast but dry so Andy made his way to Maple Meadows at Mile 107.35 in Pitt Meadows (Harris Road), and caught the train coming West into Pitt Meadows from Maple Ridge across Harris Road which is the municipal boundary.

4,800 Canadian Pacific Railway employees including members of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, locomotive engineers, conductors and rail traffic controllers went on strike May 23rd, shutting down rail operations in Canada from Montreal to Vancouver. The employee’s union had grievances with the railway concerning pensions, post-retirement benefits and fatigue management.   Throughout the strike, the Canadian government said they would issue back to work legislation if the two sides could not come to a deal and on May 29th, the Canadian House of Commons introduced  legislation to force the railway employees back to work, and have an arbitrator to settle the contract dispute between the two parties. Canadian industries had complained that millions of dollars worth of goods were in limbo. They said they were paying higher costs to find alternate transport to move their products. The big three automakers were reportedly using planes to ship parts and components to ensure assembly lines would still operate.  The government estimated the CP strike would cost the economy $540 million per week, and legitimized the legislation with the need to protect Canada’s fragile economy, noting the railway’s trains carry critical goods such as grain, coal and automobiles.

The CP strike came after a bitter proxy fight over the railway’s future that saw Fred Green step down as president and CEO hours before the May 17 annual meeting. Several directors including chair John Cleghorn withdrew from their re-election bid after it became clear they did not have shareholder support following a campaign launched by Bill Ackman, who is head of U.S. hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management. Ackman had argued the railway could be much more profitable if it were better run. He reportedly wants to replace Green with retired CN executive Hunter Harrison. A new board of directors was elected, including Pershing nominee Stephen Tobias, who is a retired Norfolk Southern executive and is now interim CEO. Reports are that CP will be more focused on cost-cutting in the months ahead, a move which has unions concerned. More can be found HERE.

During the CP strike in May, CP ballast trains and track gangs were installing double track for a new long passing siding between Salmon Arm and Canoe, BC. The first phase extended from Salmon Arm siding about 1-1/2 miles east to Raven, and the 2nd another 2 miles to Canoe.  Completed in early June, this is one very long siding.

Cor van Steenis snapped CP AC4400CW 8561 at Alyth, Calgary, AB.,  rebuilt and repainted into the current paint scheme (this loco previously had the beaver herald) after suffering extensive fire damage some 18 months ago. The previous fire damage can be seen in the following photo by Richard Marchi.

In the early 1950's, the first F units arrived on the CPR. Some of these A and B units in the Tuscan Red and gray block letter colour scheme, were used to haul the Toronto and Montreal sections of the 'Dominion', then CPR's daily transcontinental passenger train (Nicolas Morant's Canadian Pacific, pgs 18, 192, 193), with heavyweight passenger cars in the tuscan colours.  Amazingly, some sixty years later, that scene was repeated as Canadian Pacific operated Business Train No. 32B on a 3 day charter run from Coquitlam to Calgary. I caught the tuscan and gray FP9A 4107, F9B 1900 and FP9A 4106 power units with the ten cars of the Royal Canadian Pacific at Leanchoil, B.C., Mile 16.9 of the Mountain Subdivision at mid-afternoon on 21 June 2012.   What was unique about this train is that it is the first time Cor van Steenis had seen a B unit between the 4106 and 4107; the normal power on Coquitlam to Calgary runs is just the two A units or the two A units with a GP38-2, (usually Tuscan Red CP 3084). Quite a treat to see this A-B-A lashup! My thanks to Andy Cassidy for the heads up about the train leaving Coquitlam.

After leaving Leanchoil, Cor van Steenis headed back east and caught CPR Business Train 32B at the Ottertail River bridge at Mile 6.3 of the Mountain Subdivision.

Cor also caught CPR Train 32B  at Lake Louise June 21st where the train was scheduled to lay over for a few hours before heading to Banff to overnight.

At month end in July, (former CN President) E. Hunter Harrison became President and CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway and submitted this letter to the employees:


Hunter Harrison President & CEO:   


It is a great privilege to have been selected by your Board of Directors as president and CEO of Canadian Pacific, one of North America’s truly iconic companies. CP’s strong franchise enjoys an attractive market opportunity, solid infrastructure, and innovative and hardworking employees.   Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to getting to know CP’s customers, shareholders, employees, and the communities through which we operate.  I know you, your colleagues, and the company have been through unsettling times lately.    Let me assure you, I recognize great potential lies within CP. I look forward to working with you toward our shared goal of helping CP realize its fullest potential. I am completely committed to working with you to build a stronger CP.  Change is never easy.  But we will get better at what we do for our customers, our colleagues and families, and to drive shareholder value. 


The question on everyone’s mind is what’s next?  What should I expect? You may have heard me say in various forums that there is no magic formula.  It will come down to a mix of the strengths of the railway and CP people working hard to execute the plan for service excellence.   Simply put, you should expect that together we will deliver unprecedented service to our customers. My immediate focus in the coming weeks will be to get out on the property to meet you and learn as much as I can about the operation and the workings of the company.  


I am proud to have the opportunity to lead such a fine group of railroaders.  I look forward to meeting you and working together to enhance this great enterprise.


E. Hunter Harrison

President & CEO  -  Canadian Pacific Railway 


CP Vignettes

My friend Warren Calloway of Raleigh, NC sure gets around, taing photos all ofver North America!  He was in my home city of Montreal in September 1976 and snapped these MLW’s at the St-Luc Diesel Shop: CP Rail M636 4730, CPR RS18 8763 and GP35 5005.  

Warren snapped long hood forward CP Rail RS10 8563 at Park Avenue in Montreal in September 1976.

CP Rail RS18’s 8783 and 8736 were snapped at St-Luc Diesel Shop  on September 1976. Built in the 1950’s, the large brick roundhouse in the background was the last built in Canada.  While much was demolished a decade ago, several stalls remain, and the turntable is used daily to turn diesels.

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