Mark David Zolkoskey caught Great Western Railway (GWR) M420 2001 idling in Ogema, Saskatchewan, home to the province's only tourist railway Southern Prairie Railway. GWR operates on behalf of Red Coat Road and Rail on this portion of track that extends from Assinibioa to Pangman. Picture Taken Dec 21, 2011.

Parrish - Hiembecker Limited PHLX #5, which as ex-CN GMD1 1901 was first sold to NRE-Capreol in 1999 and was leased to an industry in Sault  Ste. Marie, Ontario, and then sold PHLX.  Still painted in the CNNA paint scheme with no CN markings is currently sitting at the CN Symington Diesel Shop in Winnipeg, and is destined for Tisdale, SK. Mark Perry shot PHL5 in Winnipeg in January 2012, and Jack Smith shot CN 1901 as she looked in Thunder Bay, ON in 1974. 

Norm Shurygallo snapped this SW1500 parked in the CN yard at Bienfait SK, January 5th.  By its  “Zero” number (JLCX 0953) and the high clearance fuel tank and pilot ends plates for open pit mine operations she is the former US Steel Minntac Mine switcher  that operated down in Mountain Iron, MN, until going out of business. It was first sold to Archer Daniel Midland (ADM) for a grain elevator, then to Larry’s Truck Electric (LTEX), and then to Western Rail Dismantlers (WRIX), and finally to J&L Consulting (JLCX).  The SW1500 will now be used to switch cars of drilling pipe and sand for WATCO at the new Transload Yard near Bienfait, SK.  

Correction to the January issue of CRO 

Former SD40-3 WC 6939, (nee CN 5170) is on the roster of the Aberdeen, Carolina and Western Railway, based in Star, North Carolina, along with another 8 of its siblings. 6939 is not on the Mobil Grain roster; it has been removed.  We apologize for the error and our update is below.

 MGLX motive power roster - February 2012

Seven GE 70 Ton switchers, retired by the Modesto and Empire Traction – all acquired in 2011.

601 GE 70 Ton, 602 GE 70 Ton , 603 GE 70 Ton, 604 GE 70 Ton  * Replaced Track Mobile 4000 Bethune, SK., 605 GE 70 Ton, 607 GE 70 Ton, 608 GE 70 Ton

Seven SD40-3's, rebuilt from CN SD40's by Alstom in 1998 and  acquired in 2010/11.

MGLX 3130 < KCS 3130 << CN 5091 (2011), MGLX 3138 < KCS 3138 << CN 5088 (2011), MGLX 3143 < KCS 3143 << CN 5214 (2011), MGLX 3147 < KCS 3147 << CN 5147 (2011), MGLX 6901 < WC 6901 << CN 5176 (2010), MGLX 6934 < WC 6934 << CN 5112 (2010), MGLX 6935 < WC 6935 << CN 5199 (2010)

Two GE B23-7's (built in 1978) and acquired 2009, were sold in 2010 to Stewart Southern Railway (SSR).

SSR 1009 <LMR 1009 B23-7 < SAR 1009 < ARN 1009 < CSXT 3120 < SBD 5120 << L&N 5120

SSR 1010 <LMR 1010 B23-7 < SAR 1010 < ARN 1010 < NS 3975 << SOU 3975

Mark Perry caught CEMR 4000 and CCGX caboose 200001 at Symington Yard Winnipeg, MB, on Jan 11th.

BNSF GP39-3 2651, GP60B 322, (and BNSF 2772 as the third)  were the trio of powerbar Geeps taken at New Westminster, BC on January 21st, by Mark Forseille.


Wayne D. Shaw photographed this beautiful Christmas card-like scene, with ONR GP38-2 1809 leading the “Northlander” over a freshly-sanded Domtar Road at Martins. Ontario December 30th.

Wayne also bagged this masterpiece:  On January 2nd ONR 1809 hits some small drifts as it crosses Old Muskoka Road northbound.

Mike Robin captured newly refurbished Ontario Northland SD40-2 1733 in the lead position of December 28th's southbound 422 Northlander at Cochrane. Once this particular 422 arrives at Englehart, 1733 will be set off and GP38-2 1805 (seen here trailing) will continue to haul the Northlander to Toronto.

James Lalande submitted his shots of both sides of the new ONR paint scheme on refurbished SD40-2 1733. Train #214 is seen returning to North Bay on Dec 31st, 2011, The conductors side photo was taken at Widdifield M-13.44 and the engineers side at M-5 just outside of town.

After exchanging traffic at CN-MacMillan Yard the Goderich-Exeter (GEXR) GCSX SD40-2 7362 and 7369 return west through Georgetown on January 2nd, before heading out into OCS country while a few of Eric Portelli’s railfan colleagues snap their own shots.

Finally running, GEXR SD45T-2 9392 arrived at Stratford from Goderich on January 21st Wearing ex- SP dark grey and bloody nose she was still minus numbers and number-boards.

On July 22nd, 2010 Dan Tweedle snapped Orangeville - Brampton Railway (OBRY) CCGX GP9 4009 at mile 19.84 on the Owen Sound Subdivision in Inglewood with seven freight cars in tow. 

RailAmerica-owned Southern Ontario Railway (SOR) services the heavy industry of Nanticoke (Steel, Petro-Chemical, and Power plants) on the former CN Hagersville Sub. The early morning freight interchanges traffic with CN at Paris / Brantford, and typically parks at Garnet for a couple of hours in the morning, before a new crew heads further South to service the industry. David R.Howard shot CEFX GP20D #2014 in January 2011.  The CIT Equipment Finance Corp MPI GP20D offers a high visibility cab, and has proven quite popular, as SOR has leased more of these units. 



John Mech III reported the CNY Chapter, NRHS in Syracuse, NY is planning to scrap M420TR #27.  John’s photos show #27 sitting  in Rome,  NY at the Adirondack Scenic RR Shops in 2010, and the cab forward shot was in Jamesville, NY in 2008. As there are only 2 of these built by Montreal Locomotive Works this would be a real shame.   Does anyone know a Canadian Railway Museum might be interested in this very rare locomotive?  We suggest that anyone who wishes to inquire about it contact the CNY group directly.


Francois Jolin clicked Montreal Maine & Atlantic (MMA) train #2 from CP St-Luc Yard to Farnham, QC and then Millinocket, ME on January 17th.

Winter finally arrived in southern Quebec, and Francois Jolin ventured out January 15th to shoot Amtrak #68 in the aftermath of our first snow storm.  On a bitterly cold morning Amtrak P42DC 151 races the “Adirondack” southbound, from Montreal toward Rouses Point, NY, at the Canada/U.S border.  


HLCX SD40-3 6200 has arrived on the New Brunswick Southern Railway (NBSR).  Matt Landry shot the HELM unit in transit  on CN #406 passing through Rothesay, NB, on her final 5 miles to destination January 8th.

Michael Berry caught a CN eastbound going through Ville St-Pierre QC January 8th with HLCX SD40-3 6318 also enroute to the NBSR.  Leading the train was CN SD70M-2 8858, followed by CN C40-8W 2163.  These photos were taken where an accident occurred just before Christmas when a motorist skidded off the road and onto the tracks and was hit and killed by a speeding VIA train (see story).  With the arrival of HLCX 6200 and 6318 on the property, the SD40-3’s were prepared for operation at Saint John, NB, and on January 13th, HLCX 6318 was expected to head out on a westbound New Brunswick Southern freight.


New Brunswick Southern Railway is painting the two leased SD40-2s from Helm Leasing. Steve Boyko was first to catch HLCX 6200 wearing her new her new (Irving) NBSR colours on January 20th.  HLCX 6318 will be next to get a new coat of green paint. 6200 and 6318 both arrived at Saint John, NB wearing the HELM colors with 6200 January 8th and directed to the paint shop and by Jan 20th, HLCX 6200 was already on it's first mainline run!  HLCX 6318 is also due to be painted.along with the ex UP GP38's.  NBSR received six leased locomotives over the past year.

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