A splendid issue... you guys have come a long way... From this reader's point of view CRO is the best on line magazine around.  Nobody else even comes close. 

CRO has filled both a "want, and a need!" 

The best to all in the New Year!!


Deane Motis

Happy New Year to you William!


Thank you for choosing to feature my night photo from Port Henry, NY as "Photo of the month" in C.R.O.!   

The new look is most attractive to my eye. Very nice!  

Wishing you continued success and happiness in the new year!


Gary Knapp

Hinesburg, Vermont.

The new CRO really looks good Will, as do the great photos you have in every issue now. Plus, I like (the CRO INDEX), everything is easy to find,  separated by railway and region.

Jason Noe

Railpace - News from Canada

Kitchener, ON

Thanks William, for another excellent issue of the CRO.

This month I was especially was interested in the ONR pictures since my wife and I will be taking the Northlander up to Temagami as well as start a Rail Tour from Sudbury to White River, ON  in September 2012.  I last rode that part of  CP Rail when the Canadian went to Thunder Bay decades ago.

Keep up the great work.

Peter Payan

Montreal, QC

Re – “CN North America” painted rolling stock:  

This is the work car with the CN North American logo CN 59345 in Montreal in 1998. This article was in the January Issue of CRO

Andrew Blackburn

Clifton, NS


Dear Readers,

We received hundreds of emails complimenting us on our  “new look”, and fine January issue.  We are committed to continue to improve CRO, and we appreciate our dedicated news and photo contributors and of course, our readers. To all those who took the time to offer their comments, we thank you!.

Our CRO Facebook page continues to grow in leaps and bounds. In the last month our page had gained 150 new fans and the quality of the posts has increased exponentially.  Our “QUESTION” postings are well received, with an average of 5-20 replies on each.  CRO Facebook is a vehicle for novices to post photos and questions, along side photos from experienced railfans and their news sightings.  I invite  you to join in the fun.  

Only rules are, keep it pertinent, and of interest to our readers, Add a caption with date, location, etc, and limit your posts to three per day.  

Thanks to all who support the page and assist our efforts to promote CRO, and to those who initiate and guide our new CRO readers about Canadian railway locomotives!


The CRO Team.


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CPR Photo Roster:

Without question, my friend Wilco von Schoonhoven has compiled the best CP Photo roster on the internet.  Living miles away from CP trackage in the Netherlands, he fell in love with CP GE’s on his first of many visits to BC and Alberta.  His CPR DIESEL ROSTER webpage has photos contributed by many well-known photographers  including several CRO contributors. The photo roster is fully complete with every diesel model CP ever had on their roster past and present, and it is regularly updated!


Virtual Tour of GE:  (Thanks Don!) CLICK HERE

Check out this amazing shot by Steve Danko:(fromRandy Zarowny and Daniel Dell’Unto with thanks).


It shows the last VIA #12  (Van-Tor) coming off the CP line into Toronto on June 17 1979, the day that the transcon schedules flipped to a CN-routed train out of Toronto. The train consist is virtually pure CN, but reached Toronto over the CP route. Power is two CP roadswitchers - one a GP9, very rare for eastern lines. 



William H. Baird

CRO Editor


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