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CN ex-BNSF C40-8W Roundup

Former ATSF/BNSF C40-8W’s Painted in CN Colours






2098, 2099, 2135, 2136, 2138, 2139, 2142*, 2143, 2145, 2146, 2149, 2150*, 2151, 2153, 2155, 2156, 2157, 2159, 2160, 2161, 2163, 2166, 2169, 2173. 2178, 2180, 2181, 2183, 2184, 2185, 2187*, 2188, 2192*, 2196, 2197, 2198, 2199



2162, 2170



2165, 2168



2167, 2176, 2177, 2191, 2193



2137, 2141, 2144, 2147, 2148, 2152, 2154, 2164, 2175, 2194




Still to be repainted are CN 2140, 2158, 2171, 2172, 2174, 2179, 2182, 2186, 2189, 2190 and 2195. Both 2174 (825) and 2190 (855) have moved to western Illinois shops for painting and other work.

George Redmond was first to catch CN 2142 in fresh paint near the CN engine facility at Centralia, IL, on January 15th.   At Richview, IL. CN 2099 and CN 2141 were clicked moving unit on NB train M335 the same day.


Brandon Warnick was first to click CN #2192 arriving on CN A431 as it was dropped off in Effingham, Illinois January 18th. 

George Redmond clicked CN 2192 at the CN engine facility Centralia, IL on January 21st

George captured freshly painted CN 2187 at the CN engine facility in Centralia, IL on January 7th  as well as CN 2099 and  2126 on a SB loaded grain train at Odin, IL the same day.

George also snapped another previous Centralia repaint, CN C40-8W 2180 leading SB train A432 at Irvington, IL, January 5th.

Freshly painted, CN 2150 was snapped by Joe Ferguson on January 24th at Centralia, IL along with sibling CN 2142 parked nearby.

On January 27th George Redmond photographed BNSF 821 sitting by the old Illinois Central coal chute, and is the last BNSF-liveried C40-8W at Centralia, IL. 

CN Locomotive Modifications

Mark Mautner clicked CN C40-8 2120 fresh from Quality Rail in Madison IL after her radiator modification. CN 2120,  BNSF ES44AC 6779, and fresh CITX SW1500's 1551 and 1558 are lined up at TRRA Madison Yard on January 9th.

CN 2148 is one of the ex-BNSF C40-8W's that has had the split cooling modifications added to meet EPA Tier 0+ emissions regulations.  Joseph Bishop’s photo shows this device atop the CN 2148 with CN C44-9W 2580 trailing on #331, taken January 3rd, at Copetown, ON.

The current tally of DPU equipped CN Dash 8’s is 13:  Spartan cabs  2101, 2102, 2105, 2108, 2109, 2113, 2118, 2120, 2123, 2129, 2130, and Wide cab 2157.    In Oshkosh, WI January 14th, Dan Braun caught southbound Q116 with CN C40-8W 2157, now equipped with DPU marker lights on both the front and rear walkways.  CN 2157 is the first of the ex-BNSF units to be so equipped.

Trace locations of CN 2098-2199

(CN ex-UP C40-8, ex-BNSF C40-8W)

January Trace of CN 2100-series Not in Service

(By Joe Ferguson)

CN 2100 No trace.
CN 2104 Winnipeg since 7/27
CN 2106 Winnipeg since 12/17
CN 2116 Winnipeg since 11/10
CN 2118 No trace
CN 2125 Railport since 11/11
CN 2128 Metro-East Ind. E. St. Louis (Repaired & painted by   Woodcrest).
CN 2140 Memphis since delivery
N 2142 CN Centralia
CN 2144 Winnipeg since 5/15
CN 2145 Winnipeg since 10/09
CN 2150 CN Centralia
CN 2158 Quality Rail - Madison, IL
CN 2160 CN Centralia
CN 2161 Toronto since 11/27
CN 2166 Winnipeg since 12/14
CN 2172 Centralia as BNSF 821
CN 2173 CN Centralia
CN 2174 MEI or Quality (825 boards)
CN 2179 No trace
CN 2181 Toronto since 11/27
CN 2183 CN Centralia
CN 2184 Toronto since 11/27
CN 2185 CN Centralia
CN 2186 Repainted at Centralia
CN 2187 CN Centralia
CN 2189 CN Woodcrest
CN 2190 E. St. Louis for paint  (ex-BNSF 855)
CN 2194 Glenn since 12/5
CN 2198 CN Centralia


 No Trace Available: 2100, 2118, 2179.

At Toronto: 2161, 2181, 2184 (all since 11/27).

At Centralia: 2142, 2150, 2160, 2173, 2183, 2185, 2187, 2198 and 821 (2172).

At Winnipeg: 2104, 2106, 2116, 2144, 2145 and 2166.

At Woodcrest: 2189.

Activated in December and failing a week later, CN pumpkin painted 2171 was returned to service by the Toronto Shop in late December.  It is one of two CN patched ex-BNSF C40-8W’s (2171 and 2182) activated in December, and in service.  January 9th Chris Wilson bagged CN 2171 between CN 2580 (C44-9W) leading and CN 9541 (GP40-2LW) on a very long M30131 blasting past Estaire, ON. 


On January 7th Chris van der Heide caught patched CN 2171 in  BNSF paint.  Activated from storage in December,  it was third unit on westbound train 385, rolling through Strathroy, ON.

At Du Quoin, IL on January 1st, Joe Ferguson shot ATSF painted CN C40-8W 2190 was in transit DIT to E. St. Louis, to be activated for service.  Still numbered BNSF 855, and missing radiator covers, she’s a prime candidate for repaint.   

George Redmond clicked BCOL 4611, CN 5650, IC 9563, with dead in transit CN 2158, and  ex- BNSF 825  moving south on train A432 in Irvington, Il. January 3rd.  The two GE’s are destined to Locomotive shop to  get prepared and activated into service.

With CN power short, CN is sending 18 SD40-2’s to Quality Rail Shops for servicing prior to re-activation.  Joe Ferguson clicked CN SD40-2W’s 5318 and 5338 in transit to Quality Rail (Madison, IL),. Mark Mautner caught the pair at TRRA - Madison yard in Venice, IL enroute to Quality Rail in E. St. Louis, IL, in early January. 

Only days after being activated into service from the storage line, George Redmond snapped front and rear views of IC SD40-2 6100 switching cars in the CN yards in Du Quoin,IL January 27th.  It is former Burlington Northern 6708.

On January 1st; Joe Ferguson shot CN train #M336 departing Du Quoin, IL with CN C40-8 2105 leading NS and CN power.

George Redmond caught CN 2102 with its new radiator upgrade and DPU red light leading Centralia repaint 2180 in the CN yards at Du Quoin, IL December 29th.

Zachary Walters clicked CN 2173 and 2183 outside the Centralia roundhouse on December 1st.

Mike Mautner caught CN C40-8 2128, repaired at Woodcrest after mechanical failure in late 2010, at TRRA Madison, IL January 11th wearing the CN “15-Years The Journey Continues” logo. 

On January 9th, Chris Wilson shot CN F40PH’s 104 and 106 Inside the Steelton shops in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.  Poor CN 105 was outside in the cold with the CN (P631) Agawa Canyon trainset. 

On January 14th, Joe Zika shot visiting EJ&E SD38-2 667 at the Toronto Diesel Shop. EJ&E power shows up at MacMillan Yard from time to time; the orange livery certainly makes these stand out!

CN Retired Locomotives

GTW GP9RB 4611,

GTW SD40-3’s 5938, 5941, 5952 and 5955.


Another GTW rebuild retired over one year ago, GTW GP9RB 4625 has been sold and has been relettered DLCX (Diesel locomotive Company) reporting marks will be moving on CP to Morden, MB for the new shortline Boundary Trail Railway in Southwestern Manitoba.

Soon to be retired, IC C40-8W 2464 was wrecked on the CSX Garret Sub in January 2012 when three trains collided.  This former blue LMSX GE was cut up at the accident site, along with several damaged CSX units.  Chris Bodkin shot 2464 in 2007 at Carbondale, IL.

In January, SFEX C424m 4204 arrived on the Morristown & Erie RR in Morristown, NJ.  The locomotive was sold to a broker last month, and has been leased to the ME.  On January 10th Alex Berisha shot the former NBEC MLW while in transit on NS, at Macunque, PA.

On January 7th, Mark Perry clicked retired CS-04 (SW1200RS) at Symington Yard in Winnipeg, MB. This locomotive is former CN 1374, retired by CN in 1999 and used intermittently as their shop switcher.

Mark Perry also submitted this rather forlorn and sad looking former Northern Alberta Railway (NAR) GMD1, long stored in the Symington Dead line in Winnipeg, MB.  Several years ago Winnipeg was the GMD1 capital of the world and now only a couple of rebuilt GMD1’s still sit around the diesel shop stored on and off, one sometimes gets fired up called for a extra yard engine, when a belt pack remote controlled GP9 is B/O and is getting fixed in the shop.  There are no more CN 1100-series GMD1’s left in service on the CN, many have been scrapped or sold to Cuba, sadly this old relic never made it over to the island for an extended life. In Mark’s photo CN 1179 sits out its last days, helping keep the pigeon’s warm.

CN 1179 was built in December 1959 at GMD London with six-wheel A1A trucks as Northern Alberta Railways 302 and named "Chief Moostoos".  it was renumbered to CN 1079 when NAR and its assets were acquired by CN in 1981 rebuilt and renumbered to 1179 in 1986 CN 1179 GMD1m, class GR-12zc, former number 1079 and rebuilt with trucks from retired GP9s in 1986 and renumbered to 1179 and retired in 2001. 

The Wellsboro and Corning RR (WCOR) has purchased two (or three) more GCFX SD40-3’s:  6072 (ex-CN SD40 5137) and one of the following:  6911 (ex-CN SD40 5125) or 6917 (ex-SD40 5219).  These three SD40-3’s had been stored at Belt Railway of Chicago Diesel Shop. This U.S. railroad seems to like Canadian locos!  They already own four ex-QNSL SD40-2CLC’s, ex-GCFX SD40-3 6059 (ex-CN 5197), and ex-AMT FP7A’s 1304 and 1306.

On December 30th, 2011, Jeff Faherty caught WCOR SD40-2CLC  307 and NS SD40-2 3338 after shoving their train into the siding to allow WCOR 301 to pass on the mainline after they dropped their train north of town. A few years ago scenes like this would not have been possible but the railroad has seen a renaissance thanks to the Marcellus Shale boom.

On December 29th, Wayne D. Shaw captured CN GP9RM 4132 with a short train past Siding Lake (Huntsville) approaching Martins, ON. Check out the lean on some of those code line poles in the background! 

On January 6th Jesse Acorn caught CN SW1200RS 1379 at CN -Walker Yard in Edmonton, AB. A while back it had been used at a local industry, and then returned to the yard, where it has been stored for sometime. Retired in 1999 it became CN CS-02, and was used primarily at an industry in Kitimat, BC. However, when the industry closed the unit was returned, renumbered 1379 and placed up for sale, but has never been sold.

"CRO'S PHOTO OF THE MONTH"; Henry Nye clicked the southbound daily train working out of Neenah, WI on January 1st, after CN 8842 had picked up the local power.   WC 1564 and EJ&E 659 had been Neenah’s assigned power since end of November.

On January 4th, William Beecher Jr. clicked BCOL C40-8M 4642, CN C44-9W 2509, and GTW SD40-2 5936 getting repairs inside the Woodcrest's B Shop. 

Mark Forseille clicked big CN power on last summer's day trip up the Fraser Canyon, in BC.  CN SD70M-2 8914 and DPU  ES44DC 2303 are seen leaving Boston Bar August 26th 2011.

On August 26th 2011, Mark Forseille bagged CN SD70M-2 8963 as the DPU on one train, and 8914 is the leader on an intermodal train about to head west from Boston Bar, BC to Vancouver. 


Andy Cassidy visited Roberts Bank. BC in October and get shots of power, and the operation itself. First up is a CN coal set sitting in wait on the North track on the causeway. CN 2262(GE ES44DC) leads the CN/IC 2699 (GE Dash 9-44CW), and the CN 8904 (EMCC SD70M-2) is the DPU at the rear of the train.

CN News

CN announced December 30th, they will complete their merger of three U.S. operating subsidiaries  The merger of Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company (DMIR), Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific Railway Company (DWP), and Wisconsin Central (WC) will simplify CN's corporate structure and operations by combining these three separate into “Wisconsin Central Ltd”.   Jim Vena, CN senior vice-president, CN Southern Region, said: "CN expects the merger will lead to operational efficiencies and service improvements through a unified workforce in and around the Twin Ports region of Duluth, MN and Superior, WI.  The merger was authorized through a notice of exemption for transactions within a corporate family filed with the U.S. Surface Transportation Board on April 8, 2011, that became effective May 8, 2011. All labour agreements are now in place, permitting CN to complete this merger.

CN derailment investigators were hard at work to determine why 17 grain cars of train M30141-20 plunged off a bridge near Wainwright, AB, on January 21st.  CN freights were diverted around the affected line and officials confirmed a total of 31 cars left the tracks with five of those derailed and leaning on top of the bridge, obstructing traffic between Saskatoon and Edmonton.  Bridge repairs were completed as 05:00Hrs MST January  27th. In order to minimize any further delays to customer shipments, CN has been detouring affected traffic along our Prairie North Line, and on CP from Winnipeg to Coquitlam! Only grain cars went off the tracks, but debris still litters the river valley. VIA “Canadian” service was of course impacted by this recent derailment.  This incident marked the third derailment for CN in Alberta during the past week.  About 20 cars were involved in a derailment near Hay Lakes on January 20th. On January 17th, a  runaway involving 11 loaded coal cars on the Grande Cache Sub west of Hinton, AB, smashed into a stationary train on a grade.  Bound for Jasper, AB, CN 5637 and 2619 and their train were stopped on the mainline when the 11 loaded coal cars collided into the units. CN 5637 was severely damaged and will be out of service for some time.  The employees on board all three trains were not hurt. CN says no fuel was spilled. All three derailments are under investigation. 

Derailment photos on the Bridge near Wainright, AB:

Derailment photos on the Grande Cache sub near Hinton, AB:

CN Vignettes

With the CN Noodle still only on the drawing board, Peter Cox photographed a line up of green and gold CNR cab units between assignments in Vancouver, BC October 21st, 1962, (Note the early “moveable” ditch lights used to assist crews west of Jasper, AB to spot rock slides at night); Wearing freshly painted spark arresters, CN GMD1 1000 was shot at Deerholme, BC May 31st, 1965.  Peter snapped another winner on May 18th, 1966,as Wabash 725 meets a CN freight at Canfield Jct, ON.

On June 5th 1976, Brian Nicholson photographed repainted Central Vermont GP9’s 4550 and 4551 on an excursion from Montreal, QC to Montpelier, VT. These were the last CN “family” engines to be repainted into green and gold.

On October 10th, 1976, Sam Beck bagged CN Tempo RS18m 3153 sporting fresh paint, surrounded by MLW FPA-4’s at the Spadina Diesel Shop in Toronto, ON.   CN had only six on their roster, built from freight RS18’s converted for Tempo passenger service to supply HEP (then known as “hotel power”).  

On June 22nd, 1982 Bernie Feltman caught Central Vermont GP9 4445 resting at the depot in Palmer, MA.  In 1956, this GP9 was delivered new from EMD LaGrange to Grand Trunk (GT 1771), and later renumbered to CV 4445.  When retired from CV service in the late 1980’s, it was sold and became SLR 4445, and later renumbered 1766. It was wrecked and scrapped in December 1995. 

In the fall of 2010, GP38-2 7505 looks sharp wearing the “15-years” paint scheme following frame repair and Hump modifications at Transcona Shop.  At this time it was temporarily used as as a shop switcher prior to going back into hump service.  Ian Campbell shot the only two GMD units (GP9RM 7258 and GP38-2 7505) wearing this logo on the CN roster.

In 2008, Ian Campell took this photo of CN GP38-2 4713 in fresh paint following release from the Transcona Shop.  This locomotive was cause for much controversy when released, in that this paint scheme has not been done in over 15 years!  Why would the Transcona Shop repaint this locomotive back into retro stripes? Turns out, it was done in error.   

At Marquette, MI on June 28th,1995, Dan Mackey snapped ACR GP7 1501 and WC SDL39 584 crossing a short trestle with a westbound local.  Two great looking locomotive back to back.

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