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Well I hope everyone's modelling season is well under way (except for the 365er's that are busy all year).  New products are finally trickling in, and boy is the market hungry for new stuff.  If I don't get the chance, I hope everyone has a really good holiday season, and all the best for the new year.


Coming Soon To A Hobby Store Near You

Rapido trains - True North locomotives:  The most detailed Canadian F-units ever:

From The TRAIN CELLAR Facebook Page: Custom Weathered HO Athearn SW1500

New CN ES44AC in HO Scale Brass: The prototype CN 2801 is shown in the paint booth at Erie, PA.











Red caboose has 42' flatcars coming out in CNR paint (6 numbers).  Due Q2 of 2013

Bachamnn HO S-2 DC CP Rail multmark are now available


Atheran has announced their GE Gevo locomotives in HO Scale, CP version


True lines trains HO CN Reefers are in production and should be here before Christmas. The CP mini boxes, caboose and boxcars should be released after Christmas.

N Scale

Atlas 2 bay hoppers CPR block lettering  2 different numbers and a 3 pack will be available.  Due Q2 of 2013

Atlas 50' boxcars ONR.    Due Q2  of 2013



Bowser- second run of C630's  (Delayed until after Christmas)

Announced at Tranfest 2012:

HO-scale InterMountain Railway Paducah GP10 Diesel

See InterMountain Railway's GP10 Release Sheet.

HO-scale ExactRail SP G-100-22 Gondola

Check out

HO-scale Athearn Genesis Early GEVO Diesel

View Athearn's 2013 - Edition I Catalog.

HO-scale Athearn Genesis GP38-2 Diesel -2nd Release

View Athearn's 2013 - Edition I Catalog.

HO-scale True Line Trains GTW Bicentennial Caboose

Grand Trunk Western decorated an ex-Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacifc wood caboose in 1976 to honor America’s 200th birthday. True Line Trains will present a special limited one time only release in HO-scale of GTW’s Bicentennial Caboose. The fully assembled model will carry a $44.99 retail. True Line is offering a special $39.99 price for all pre-orders placed before December 10, 2012. Delivery is planned for early 2013.

Just Announced

Atlas has announced that their trainman Genset II locos will be offered in CP with numbers 2100 and 2101.  The Genset II locos are more correct for the CP ones VS the regular Genset models.  Due 2nd quarter 2013





HO Scale CN GP38-2 #7505 in 15-Years livery

By Peter Merseburg and Sandra Ludwig Merseburg

This month, we explain how we modified an Atlas  GP38-2 into the the unique CN 7505,  the only radio Controlled GP38-2 to wear the CN 15-years paint scheme.  We converted the Atlas GP38-2 extensively and first concentrated on Canadian-izing the cab and changed the following:

The Cab:

 - Numberboard was made larger
- Structure of the RCL Antenna state of BLMA Models; 4 * antennas of hair brushes
- Wind Deflectors Cab; Sinclar Antenna; Bell – by Details West
- Rotary Becon - By Herpa
- Wipers – By Atlas
- Marker lights were handmade (using Evergreen, heat shrink tubing)


The Hood:

- Non Dynamic brake - cut Dynamic Brake SD38-2 early
- Air filter Hatch - Miniatures by Eric
- Long Hood was smoothed out- a Fan Hatch of Plano Model set up two EMD Fans (Atlas at different levels).
- Long Hood End and Nose were sanded smooth. For the nose is horizontal Headlight of Detail West was used. For Headlight ground plane in Long Hood End was placed horizontally with the help of a Cannon & Company used  and 2 Ditch light of Detail Associates.
- Eye Bolts from Detail Associates
- Irons Grabs of A-Line
- Awning with Smoke Deflector of Details West
- Brake Wheel – Atlas


Walkways, tanks and Pilot:

 - Walkway Duct right from Evergreen
- Handrails right set up and changed
- Anti-climber front made from Evergreen and grown
- Pilot lift tabs 4 * from Evergreen, and attached to front and  end fixed
- Kitbash Handrails Front and Rear.
- Similarly, the air lines to Airhorn and Electro Bell were bent from steel wire and laid.
- Airhorn is a kit by Detail Associates
- The footboards front and end are from Kato (SD45) and were prepared with the help of Evergreen
- Mu cables - by Atlas
- Coupler Lift Bar by Detail Associates 2 *
- GP Split Air Tanks of Rail Flyer Model Prototype 2 * pair; Atlas fuel tank has been smoothed, fuel tank cover was centered on the Air tanks installed.


- Tamiya - black
- CN red itself mixed from Tamiya red and Eadger Precise Design colors
- Tamiya – gray


- Microscale CN
- Highball Graphics Decals

- Digitrax with Headlight, Front and Rear, Rotary Becon as Flashlight 2*



Each year Denis Cote of Boreal Trains builds and paints a Christmas car, to share the spirit of the holidays.  In 2008 he painted a Roundhouse FMC 50 ft box car painted white and green to replace the usual TTX's yellow and black. With Noël on the door and the three Wise Men looking for a specific road, the Rail Box spirit "Next Load Any Road" is in the mood!  The  second one is a VIA Baggage with the VIA traditional blue  replaced by the  Season's “green”.  Wearing a snowman, the Rapido NSC Baggage car simply but effectively delivers Holidays' message. Denis Côté made in 2011.

VIA Rail F40PH Locos Corporate Advertisement Livery

 We’ve all seen the trams and buses around town with advertising plastered over the sides. Well in Canada, VIA Rail have taken the same option to a number of their F40PH locos.  They have at times “decorated” 12 of these locos in different wraps:- from Diet Pepsi ( which lasted only about 1 month and was done for an advertisement), to Spiderman II, to three locos wrapped for Kool-Aid.  Budweiser and Coors Light Beer have also had wraps done for them, and Loto-Quebec has a wrap promoting a casino.  Home Hardware has a bright yellow wrap, and Radio Canada has one celebrating 50 yrs.  Other locos are Budweiser, Telus Communication, Operation Lifesaver, and the latest for Gray Cup with a full train.

I decided – since I model Canadian railways – that I should have a consist of these locos.  So, starting with a fleet of Model Power and Life Like locos, I proceeded to remove the Amtrak paintwork and repaint some into the appropriate colours. Others I sanded out all the detail on the sides before painting in VIA grey as a base colour. 

These shells will receive a full side decal – not unlike the Prototype locos!

Next I ordered decals for wherever schemes I could, from Highball Graphics. 

I then searched the internet photo sites for suitable side-on shots of any locos that fitted into the advertising wrap scheme.  I needed photos showing both left and right sides, plus the front-on shot if possible.  Once I found the photos I cut and pasted the loco into a file to save.  Next I resized the loco and printed them onto white decal paper.  I printed a full sheet - left, right, and front views of several locos on the one sheet.  Next I sealed the decal sheet with decal seal.

Now all I needed to do was cut out the decals and apply them to the loco bodies. Decal-set was applied to the decals to make sure they sat flat and keyed to the body sides.

Bodies were finished off with a semi flat varnish to seal everything, and windows, horns, and rear platform fencing was refitted. 



Again this month, Clifford Holder submitted more of his fine HO Scale models:


1) QTTX 131041 70-foot 'flat deck'  flatcar was totally scratch built including the 'load' which represents one of the wrapped rollers (at the Super Calendar paper mill' here in Port Hawkesbury, N.S.)  A few commercial details, DA grab irons, coupler lift bars, DW hand brake levers, walthers trucks/kadee wheelsets, kadee #5 couplers, plano end deck grating, stirrups made from flat bar stock, painted TTX yellow and weathered.


2) CBNS 80274 - is built from a shake the box MDC kit with some inprovements ie elevated hand brake wheel assembly, interior bracing, air tank (for operation of hopper doors), coupler levers/eye bolts, a-line stirrups, drop grab irons, Jay-Bee wheelsets, # 27 kadee couplers and a coal load - and yes its real coal with some spilt on the top chord and heavy weathering. 


*note:- I built a total of 32 cars, 16 with 'loads' and 16 'empties, the empties have the interior bracing displayed and these cars represented the prototype coal operation in this area (CN&CNS Railway). ps - it was a one winter's project ! - but done on an assembly line bases, it went along  smoothly. 


3) CN 52264 - built from an MDC ore car with a bit of kitbashing,hand built and commercial details, reboxx wheelsets, kadee couplers, painted CN mow orange and misc. decals, light weathering.   


4) CBNS 1000 - built from a Sylvan kit, is a 'PSC' van, numerous scratch built and commercial details, Atlas caboose trucks and semi-scale wheelsets, kadee couplers, light weathering. 


5) UNPX 126108 - Procor pressure unloading car, originated from a Walthers #5200 tank car kit with extensive kitbashing. The bottom pressure unloading outlets are from a 'Custom finishing' kit, DA walkways, semi-scale 36" reboxx wheelsets, weathering. 


6) locomotive - 2039 (CBNS) MLW M630 - built up from a 'Tiger Valley' kit comprising of virtually hundreds of parts along with extensive hand fabricating. The model is all metal and weighs in at 31 ozs. The ' prime mover ' is a double shaft 18x36mm flat can Sagami with a sprocket on one end and a stock flywheel at the other end. On the sprocket end, a chain drives the rear gearbox and in turn drives the front gearbox via a 'nwsl' shaft and universals. On the stock flywheel end of the motor shaft is a 'hobbytown of Boston' universal and connects to a custom made 16x30mm brass flywheel via a 'nwsl' shaft. The 16x30 flywheel rests in its own cradle in the locomotive's cab. The loco is designated as a trailing unit only, has no working lights, because of interior mechanicals and some extra weight.  With the brass flywheel in the cab painted a dull grayish/black and window glazing it is very difficult to notice the flywheel turning.  I have had this loco pull fifty cars up a 2% grade around a continuous 36" radius curve without wheel slip !  


7) CBNS 901295 - built from an Athearn ' BB ' kit, a little kitbashing, details and extra weight under the sill and coupler ends, kadee wheelsets and kadee long shaft couplers produced a nice 86' runner.  weathered !



8) CN 557653 - a 52' combination door boxcar is built from a Kaslo kit.  Kadee semi-scale wheelsets, kadee couplers. 


All my rolling stock are weighted to NMRA standards, with metal wheels and couplers gauged.  Hope you like these….  Cliff Holder


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Annual Railway Symposium in Quebec City.

March 20 & 21, 2013 (Château Bonne Entente)

Two days Symposium and a one day RailShow

Please contact Louis-François Garceau

Phone: 418-832-1502 - Mobile: 418-955-2466 - 

Train Shows Across Canada

To Advise us of a listing - Please email to:



Date and time



Saturday & Sunday
Dec 1 & Dec 2  2012
Belleville- Quinte Secondary School 
45 College Street West 
(From 401 eastbound, take exit 538 Wallbridge-Loyallist Road south, left/east on Bell Boulevard, right/south on Sidney Street, left/east on College Street. 
 From 401 westbound, take exit 643 south, right/west on College Street. 
 Follow the yellow signs.)
Belleville and Brighton Model Railroad Clubs 17th Annual Quinte Christmas Model Railroad Show

·  11,000 sq ft of Vendors and Displays.

·  Door prizes.

·  Sales of and expert advice on Model Railroad Christmas gifts for young and old. Fare: Adults $5, Seniors $4, Students $4, Children $2, Family $10











Train Clubs

Maintained by CRO Staff

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British Columbia









Windsor Model Rail Club (W.M.R.C.)

Guelph Model Railroad Society


Model Railroad Club of Toronto


Model Railroad Club of Toronto to leave Liberty Village after 66 years

Canada's largest and most famous model railway to be dismantled.

TORONTO, October 30, 2012 - The Model Railroad Club of Toronto regretfully announces that effective April 30, 2013, the Club will terminate its long standing tenancy at 171 East Liberty Street, (formerly known as 37 Hanna Avenue) in the Liberty Village area. 

A recent casualty of Toronto's development drive, the Club will not be able to continue with its decades-long tenancy, and unfortunately will be dismantling its model railroad. Plans are underway to relocate to new premises and begin rebuilding the model railway. 

Founded in 1938, and having moved to its current location in 1946, the Model Railroad Club of Toronto has been continuously building and maintaining the O scale Central Ontario Railway. 

The model railway, the product of decades of work, is the largest and most famous permanent model railroad layout in Canada. The Model Railroad Club of Toronto will celebrate its 75th Anniversary in 2013.

The Model Railroad Club of Toronto is extending an invitation to share in the "Romance of the Rails – The Last Run in Liberty Village". A series of shows have been scheduled for the 2012 Holiday Season and in February, 2013 as part of the Club's 75th Anniversary Celebration. After the final show on Family Day, February 18, 2013 the dismantling of the railway will start. All proceeds from the shows will be put towards the costs of rebuilding this unique treasure in its new location.

Visitors numbering in the hundreds of thousands, from all continents have enjoyed watching the model trains of the Central Ontario Railway and have marveled at the tireless efforts of the Club members. 

Housed in the basement of what was once an armaments factory, the model railroad, many times described as one of Toronto's "hidden treasures", is almost 500 sq. m. in size. The Club has been featured in countless newspaper, radio and TV spots, news reports, live eye events, commercials, TV shows, and even a feature movie. 

The Club is now actively searching for new premises and would welcome any offers and suggestions for a new location for what is definitely a unique piece of Canadian railway history. 

Further updates will be posted on the Club website: 
Event times and contact information follows:

Show Events 
2012 Holiday Show Events
Sat Dec 29, Sun Dec 30
All show times 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Admission: Adults $10, Children $6, Seniors $8
75th Anniversary & Final Liberty Village Show Events
Sat Feb 2, Sun Feb 3
Sat Feb 9, Sun Feb 10
Sat Feb 16, Sun Feb 17, Mon Feb 18 
All show times: 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Admission: Adults $10, Children $6, Seniors $8

Contact Information
Media Inquiries:
Simon McNeil
914-90 Eastdale Ave,
Toronto, ON
M4C 5A2

Mcneil.communicatio ns@gmail. com

Club Contact:
Location: 171 East Liberty Street, Suite B1, Toronto ON, M6K3P6 
Website: www.modelrailroadcl
Email: info@modelrailroadc
Phone: 416-536-8927
Contacts: David MacLean, President; Sandy Drysdale, Treasurer




The Vermont and Essex Model Railway Club (Montreal, QC)


Montreal Railway Modeler’s Association AMFM


Maritimes ( Nova Scotia, P.E.I., New Brunswick)


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