In early November, CP forwarded JKBX H16-66 7009 and CPA 16-4 4104 on Train 205 on the Thompson Sub.  John Leeming snapped the move of the Canadian Locomotive Works and Fairbanks Morse built locos on November 6th.  The plan is to put them on display beside the train station in Nelson, BC following their cosmetic restoration. For some reason the pair were moved o Coquitlam in error and had to be sent back to Golden, BC to move to Nelson over the Windermere Sub.  As of November 19tb, the pair had arrived in Nelson, BC.   CP has been actively cleaning shop and disposing of all unwanted equipment stored at Ogden and Alyth Yard where these had been stored.



(Listed West to East)

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Canadian Museum of Rail and Travel 

Revelstoke Railway Museum:

Kamloops Railway Historical Society:

CRHA - E&N Division

West Coast Railway Association (WCRA)

Destined to the WCRS  in Squamish, BC Mark Perry snapped WCXX 5569 sitting on CN flatcar at the Symington Diesel Shop November 6th.


WCXX FP9A 6520 arrived Squamish on train L 54651 24 behind CN 2558-5668-2422 at 0123 the morning of November 24th

The POLAR EXPRESS – Tickets are now on sale for this extremely popular event which is being held this year on December 1, 2, 8 & 9. You can now order tickets online directly through the WCRA website … Click the GREEN button labelled ORDER TICKETS located at the top right side of the home page and follow the steps. There is additional information on Page 20.

Were you unable to attend our Polar Express event in last December … or would you like to revisit the experience. A short video is available online at


ElectricLocomotive BCER#960Restoration.

Team Lead Mike McGaw continues the saga covering the past two months:

Finally we lifted off the two, possibly 2 ton each, vintage air compressors. Bill, Franz and I loosened and also removed a select number of very stubborn bolts holding the hangers for said compressors to the underside of the frame. Another day, with much help from Randy, and new member come volunteer, Rob Stead, we applied heat plus a liberal use of pipe extenders to remove remaining bolts one compressor at a time, while the big fork lift took the weight. We set the compressors aside and started initial clean up in order get muck free access to various panels...Good news, we seem to have a gift with these vintage, early nineteen hundreds units,

They look well preserved.

With yet more weight (the compressors) off the frame we moved onto hoisting 960 off her trucks. With the help of Russ, Dave, and the shop's 50 ton overhead crane, we had her up on heavy stands, one end at a time. Bill and I crawled under and did final electrical disconnects, which basically left us to roll out the trucks either end. With the help of a chain on a small forklift, the front truck cleared and came forward willingly, but, as in most projects on any given day, there can be hitches... The rear truck was locked up on one wheel, so the forklift was going to burn a clutch.

We're still not sure what has kept brake hanger and shoe from backing off, but eventually with a liberal amount of lube oil on the wheel / brake shoe plus both Bill and I toiling away on two separate car mover bars, the fork lift pulled the rear truck out from under 960, a couple inches at time.

Early clean up and inspection of trucks and traction motors is underway, and for sure, they're not as pristine looking as aforementioned compressors, but again they look better preserved than expected... Tempting to put some juice into them, but we will continue clean-up for now.

We're looking for options around frame undersides, I will report on this later .Along with our work in the shop, Martin Jergens has picked up some used diesel air reservoir tanks, whereby we're pressing forward to cut down one tank and have it adapted to fit as our rear reservoir.

 Special thanks to Russ and his crew, particularly both Dave and Randy for advising and making it possible for us to make the aforementioned moves. Also we welcome and thank new member Rob Stead for giving us some of his assistance, plus, I would like to mention my good friend Franz Gradler who gave us a couple back to back days of hard labour, before he escaped back   Caribbean to toil on his 72' sailboat.

Some great news for the WCRA and the 960 crew, we are finally in possession of a much desired and needed Golden Glow traction headlight. This lamps generous donation came to us from Bowen Island BC resident Eric Lawson, who, some 20 years ago, successfully out bid another contender for the lamp at an Island garage sale.... for the princely sum of $10dollars! The highly sought after lamp is operational and in very good shape including its Vaseline uranium reflector. The case is currently painted grey, but Bill Marchant is arranging to have it professionally painted black. When Eric delivered the lamp to us at the MP shop in Squamish, he also included a vintage adze and Dietz / monarch oil lamp which have been passed onto WCRA Archives. My thanks to WCRA Director Jeremy Davy who had on a previous occasion escorted Eric on a tour of the Heritage Park, for it was their brief connection that provided the impetus for the follow through whereby 960 now has her first prototypical head lamp. Note, one down and one lamp to go. Bill and I are still putting in two days a week working on the little beast, plus a hard working, no problem, no problem;  continues giving us his Tuesdays. Rob and I are working above our heads needle gunning and wire wheeling the encrusted rusty undersides and then we're applying sealer to the exposed steel. A cruddy dusty job but we are slowly seeing some difference. Bill continues to clean up/detail the two massive compressors with a target not too far down the road of finding a means to test run the units, before we put them back up under the frame.

Anytime you are in the Squamish area and want to swing by the MP shop and see how we're doing please do, as for sure we're pretty much around every Tuesday. And please, keep eyes and ears open for anya rtifacts that might be related to our vintage BCER traction engine.


Don Evans, WCRA President Emeritis, adds … Thanks to the “Friends of the B.C.E.R.” for their latest note and attachment which details the Appropriations to purchase 600 volt control equipment for the three ex Oregon Electric locomotives (they were 1200 volt) plus the purchase of a fourth locomotive to be used as a source of spare parts for the trio being placed in service.


PGE caboose 1817 emerged from the shop at the Heritage Park on Thursday, October 4th.

Operationally, Russ (CMO, Grycan) checked all journals and found clean oil, all wicks in place and all bearings in place. For its grand debut 1817 was positioned on the only available track - the turntable- and remaining there over the Thanksgiving weekend, looking `shiny and new`.

Purists will point out that cabooses were rarely, if ever, turned on a turntable. Well, be assured 1817 only rested there and was not turned either.


This is the reincarnation of a classic of the WCRA collection. The caboose was first restored back in the mid 1980’s and became the cornerstone of our collection exhibits at the long gone Museum of Transportation in Cloverdale. A regular attendant in those days was Randy Rand—and 1817 affectionately became known in that era as Randy’s caboose.

Now our master volunteer crew has done a fine job, replacing plywood sides that were rotting and doing numerous repairs inside and out, to turn out a beauty once again. PGE 1817 was built from PGE stock car 503, one of several freight cars converted to plywood sided cabooses with steel cupolas in the Squamish shops.

The 1817 will be rededicated in late November and the honor will go to long time PGE/BCR employee Henry Reimer who at various times in the past called 1817 “home”. Henry generously funded the restoration. Thank you Henry!!!

Kettle Valley Railway Society  (KVSR)

Rocky Mountaineer - Vancouver, BC

Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Museum – Surrey, BC.

British Columbia Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

The NRHS BC Chapter’s restored heritage coaches from the Braid Street warehouse for the “Vancouver North Pole Express” event in December at Pacific Central Station in Vancouver.   With the support of VIA through the staff at the VIA Vancouver Maintenance Centre, a special move was made Yesterday morning (November 22nd), to bring the classic coaches plus a Steam Generator Car from the warehouse in New Westminster to the VIA terminal. They sent out the VIA 6456 (GMD F40PH-2) to pick up the short train.  So here we get a rare view of the 6456 visiting the Ex VIA 6300 (GMD FP9u), at the entrance to the warehouse. (The 6300 wasn’t accompanying the rest of the train this trip due to other commitments). After exchanging pleasantries, the 6456 pulls the string of cars from the warehouse and out onto the CN line at Braid Street

The consist is as follows: VIA 6456, Steam Generator Car 15448, Coach 601 (Mount Cascades), Coach 803, Coach “Grand View”, and Coach 301, as seen here at Mile 145.2 on the CN New Westminster Sub.   If anybody is interested in attending the event, you can find more info at the following site:


Royal Canadian Pacific Luxury Train

Alberta Railway Museum – Edmonton, AB

Alberta Railway Museum – Bieseker, AB

The museum has two MLW switchers:  Ex-CP RS-23 8017 (ex- Saskferco - Belle Plain, Saskatchewan), and Ex-CN S13u 8704 (donated by CANAC).

Alberta Central Railway Museum - Wetaskiwin, AB

The Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions – Stettler, AB

Rocky Mountain Railway Society:

Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum Society)

Galt Historic Railway Park


Southern Prairie Railway

Ogema Heritage Railway Association

The Southern Prairie Railway rosters one GE 44-tonner #15 (ex-MEC 15).   The Southern Prairie Railway has leased former Neptune Bulk Terminals Alco T6 #804 from the Kettle Valley Railway Society.  SPR are negotiating the purchase of nine former AMT (ex-CP) 800-series commuter coaches that had spent time in the USA on a tourist train in Indiana.

You can follow the Southern Prairie Railway on Facebook  for upcoming events and the reactions from the many riders they had this year.

On October 20th, the Southern Prairie Railway (SPR) wrapped up the 2012 tourist season with an all day, "See the entire railway" excursion.  The intent was to raise money for the seven ex CPR coaches located in

Iowa they have purchased.  The train schedule had it leaving Ogema at 0900, head east to Pangman which is the end of steel, then return west to

Willows Dam before returning east again to Ogema at 1800.

The SPR is headquartered out of Ogema.


Here is a look at how the stations stack up on the ex CPR Assiniboia Sub, now owned by Red Coat Road and Rail, with freight traffic being operated by Great Western Railway Saskatchewan.


Mileages are ex CPR and still in place.  East to West


EOT                    36.5

Pangman           37.2

Amulet              43.7

Wallace             46.0

Ogema              51.4

Glasnevin          57.5

Horizon             66.8

Viceroy             75.2

Verwood           88.1

Willows           103.5

Willows Dam   104        Dam is for reservoir containing Assiniboia water supply

CP/RCRR       108.6     Begin/End of CP/RCRR

Assiniboia        111.1    Jct with CP Expanse Sub from Moose Jaw


The lineup for todays train is ex MEC 15, which later became Conway Scenic RR 15 and was purchased from them by the SPR.

The coach is the Mount Holly and baggage car 404925, ex CP 404925 which began life as CP 4747.


And like most excursions, the schedule got shot out the window right from the beginning.

The train left Ogema at 1020, not 0900, and lost another 50 minutes at Pangman.

Before the day was done, it would be a 12 hour train ride for the passengers.

The return trip from Willows to Ogema in darkness.  (CRO would like to than Ken McCutcheon for this Special Report)


Winnipeg Railway Museum:


Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society:

News updates can be found here: 

Santa Trains will depart at 11:30am and 2:30pm sharp from Waterloo on the following dates: 
* Saturday, December 1 
* Sunday, December 2 
* Saturday, December 8 
* Sunday, December 9 
* Saturday, December 15 
* Sunday, December 16

The train will not stop at the Market nor the Village. The total trip time is expected to be about 2 hours dependent on the number of children on board. The train will not return to Waterloo until Santa has visited every child on board.

Santa will visit each child at their seat in one car while there is a carol sing in the other car. When Santa is finished in one car, he and the musicians will switch cars so everyone has the same experience. Hot chocolate and cookies will be provided (cider available upon request). A carol book will be provided with children's activities.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, November 1 online and at our Waterloo Station, 10 Father David Bauer Drive. We cannot take reservations over the phone.

Book our Business Car for your family gathering on the Santa Train!
New this year on the Santa Train, we are offering the lounge area of our business car, 15000 "Lord Elgin" for groups of up to 30 people for $540 taxes included ($477.88 pre-tax) . This would be perfect for larger groups, or family gatherings. There will be one spot available for each Santa Train departure. The experience will be the same as in the other railway coaches. Santa will visit the children in the lounge during the trip.

Reservations are now being taken on a first come, first served basis up to and including Thursday, November 15. Payment must be received by November 15 to secure the reservation or else the seats will be opened to general admission.

To reserve your spot now, please send an email to with your complete contact information including name and phone number as well as your preferred departure date and time. To avoid disappointment, please also add an alternate choice in case your first choice is already spoken for.


More news updates can be found here: 

Niagara Railway Museum

Check out their Flanger Repairs

The Bytown Railway Society – Ottawa, ON

 The Bytown Railway Society 2012 Canadian Trackside Guide is “SOLD OUT, but previous issues are available at:

Chatham Railway Museum

Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Society

Elgin County Railway Museum

Toronto Railway Heritage Association

York Durham Heritage Railway

Date: UXBRIDGE, ON – November 5, 2012

For Release : Immediate

Attention : News Editor/Travel Editor/Recreation Editor


Santa Claus seems to be everywhere during December.  His busy schedule shows that Santa will be riding the Y-D Heritage Railway, on trains out of Uxbridge during the Christmas season.

Santa’s calendar says that he will be riding trains from Uxbridge Station on Sundays November 25 th , December 2 nd and 9 th and Saturdays December 1st and 8th and 15th . Train times are 11:00 am and 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on all days.  Each trip lasts approximately 1 hour.

Fares for all Santa Trains are $19.00 each for all passengers (Infants under 1 not occupying a seat ride free) – or $69.00 for groups of 4 people are also available.  Santa will be visiting each child at their seat and distributing goodies. The train will feature a musician, a magician and clown to entertain the children.

Seating is limited and by reservation only. So children wishing to meet Santa should reserve early so they won’t be disappointed as we are 80% sold out . For tickets and on-line seat selection, go to

YDHR RS-11 #3612 idles during a day of yard switching at the Uxbridge yard. Directly across are the new silver Budd cars soon to be introduced into YDHR's revenue service. Uxbridge Ontario. November 1, 2012.

Halton County Railway Museum

Northern Ontario Railway Museum & Heritage Center - Capreol, ON

The Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre recently secured former Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway locomotive #219.  Without the museum's hard work, the locomotive would have been sold for scrap.


With #219's future assured, the Museum is now in need of money to move the locomotive to Capreol, ON and to restore it.  They are part of Aviva's Community Fund and you can help without spending a penny!  Follow the links to find out how you can vote for Aviva to help fund the restoration of #219.  Voting starts today!

 For more information:

The Canada Science & Technology Museum - Ottawa, ON.

Galt Historic Railway Park

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The Palmerston Railway Heritage Association

CLC  CNR 2-6-0 #81 is on display nearby the museum

Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario (RMEO)

South Simcoe Railway


The Guelph Junction Railway Museum




British A-4 steam locomotives “Dominion of Canada” and “Dwight D. Eisenhower residing for decades in North America have safely made the trans-Atlantic journey home. The  Dwight D. Eisenhower from the National Railway museum at Green Bay, Wis., and the Dominion of Canada from the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) near Montreal.  The locomotives arrived at the Port of Liverpool this morning after a 2,527-mile journey at sea from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The locomotives will travel another 150 miles by heavy truck to Shildon for a short display before the final trip York.  Both will be reunited with sister engine, the world-famous Mallard, for the 75th anniversary of its world steam speed record. In July 1938 the Mallard set a new speed record of 126MPH.

The Gresley designed 4-6-2 A4 Pacific steam engine 60008 "Dwight D.Eisenhower" at Locomotion, the National Railway Museum in Shildon, County Durham, England.  This engine is one of two A4's which can be seen at Shildon over the coming weeks. The other is the "Dominion of Canada" 60010. They are to undergo restoration work at Shildon and York. Both locomotives arrived in Liverpool on October 2nd having been shipped over from Canada. They are expected to remain in England for two years before being returned to the USA and Canada as museum exhibits.  Photo by Stan Laundon


Hull - Wakefield Steam Train - Gatineau, QC

The Wakefield steam train will not be running again until 2014, and only between Chelsea and Wakefield.  The rest of the track, between Gatineau and Chelsea, was badly damaged during heavy rains last summer and won't be back online until 2016.  The train itself was kept in the region late last year when several Quebec municipalities, the provincial government and Outaouais tourism pulled together $500,000.   At the time, in November, the municipal owners of the tracks said they hoped to have the train running by 2013. According to Louise Boudrias, president of the CCFO (the railway company managed by the municipalities of Gatineau, Chelsea and La Pêche), the work to repair the cars, stations and tracks will not start until the necessary funds are collected through fundraising.  Boudrias said the temporarily shorter route could be appealing for young families who sometimes found the journey from Gatineau to Wakefield too long.

When construction and repairs between Gatineau and Wakefield are done, customers will be able to board the train at one of three stations.  Officials are also thinking about extending the tourist season of the train into the winter, but nothing has been decided.

The delay is disappointing for some business owners in Wakefield, because the steam train brought in customers.  Marc Fournier of La Confiserie Wakefield said he isn't surprised by the delay. Fournier told Radio-Canada he doubts the CCFO can raise enough money to fund the project.  (CBC News)

Montreal Railway Modeler’s Association AMFM


Moncton Transportation Museum:

The New Brunswick provincial government announced August 20th they investing $1 million for the construction of the Moncton Transportation Museum.  The Transportation Discovery Centre, an extension of the Moncton Museum, will illustrate the fundamental role transportation has played in shaping the history and growth of Moncton and highlight the city's position as the transportation hub of Atlantic Canada, officials said.  "This very much is about our heritage so if we think about today our children and the opportunity they will have to learn more about different modes of transportation and what has happened in the past and very importantly as well it's about our economy," said Alward.  The centre will "honor Moncton's transportation history and heritage from shipbuilding to the railroad, from trucking to air transportation, and looks forward to today's information highway in a truly educational and family-friendly environment,” said Deputy Mayor Merrill Henderson.  The 1,170 square meter (12,593 square foot) centre will feature exhibition galleries, an interactive exhibit on all modes of transportation.

The New Brunswick Railway Museum  Hillsborough, NB


Nova Scotia Museum of Industry -  Stellarton, NS

Memory Lane Railway Museum - Middleton, NS

Train Station Inn - Tatamagouche, NS

Orangedale Railway Museum  - Orangedale, NS



The Orange Empire Railway Museum 


Bridge Line Historical Society - Delaware and Hudson RR


GET NOTICED … With a CRO “BANNER”!   Contact us:


Monticello Railway Museum


The Iron Horse Museum - Chicago City, NN


 Lake Shore Railway Historical Society

Steamtown National Historic Site:




Cornwall, England, United Kingdom



Check us out on facebook:


Railway now closed until Christmas:  Santa Special 14 - 17 December


Re-opens to the public Easter 2013.  Volunteers will be working over the winter period getting ready for next year.


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