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Electro Motive Diesel

One of the first of CANADIAN PACIFIC’s SD30C ECO repower units has been sighted at EMD’s plant in Mayfield, KY. CP 5004 is nearing completion, and should ship before the end of the first week of December 2012. Photos will follow once the locomotive is in the public domain.

Brian Marsh, was the first person to photograph one of the new CP SD30C-ECO units outside of EMD's Mayfield, KY. plant, just before the end of November.

National Railway Equipment

Observed at NRE Dixmoor in late November 2012: BELT RAILWAY OF CHICAGO 2GS14B BRC 140 (with front motor removed); CSX TRANSPORTATION 3GS21B CSXT 1303; NRE 2GS14B demonstrator NREX 1400. 

NRE has announced that, in partnership with Daulat Ram Engineering Services of India, the foundation has been started for a new locomotive factory on a 50 acre site at Sherpur in Sehore district, Madhya Pradesh state in India.

The factory is being developed by Daulat Ram NREC Locomotives, a joint venture of, which manufactures rolling stock components including traction motors, alternators and HVAC, and US-based locomotive remanufacturer National Railway Equipment Co.

The plant will produce locomotives from NREC's N-ViroMotive family. DRNRECL has won initial orders to supply locomotives to Indian Railways and the Chennai metro. The first two are being produced in conjunction with IR's Diesel Loco Modernisation Works in Patiala, where they are expected to be rolled out in January. Five more locomotives will follow over a period of 18 months, and the joint venture envisages production capacity of 200 locomotives/year within five years.

Here’s the full text of an article on the event from Railway Gazette:

Ohio Locomotive Works

Ohio Locomotive Works is the new builder of the LEAN AND GREEN locomotive, formerly offered by Industrial Railway Switching and Services. This month, local medial was celebrating the arrival of a new LG1005 Lean and Green locomotive in Gary, IN for US STEEL at their Gary Works. The locomotive, USSX 44, was featured in the June 2012 edition of the Roundup while under construction in Lorain, OH.

The new locomotive will be working at the Tube City IMS. Funding was provided in part by the DieselWise Indiana Initiative for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Here’s an article from the NWI Times on the event:

Progress Rail Services

Three additional PR43C road gensets for NORFOLK SOUTHERN have been released from Progress Rail. Max Linder got photos of all three in Jessup, GA on Oct. 3:

NS 4006:

NS 4007:

NS 4008:


Railserve has completed production of its first three Dual LEAF Gen-Set Locomotives, each with two genset power modules for increased pulling power.

According to a press release by Railserve, “(the) Dual LEAF offers all of the features of Railserve's highly-successful single genset model, with the additions of a second Cummins QSX-15 600 horsepower genset, a larger frame, and an increased-capacity sand reservoir.”

No word yet on where the three locomotives have been deployed or what their numbers are. The full text of the press release can be found here:

Railpower Technologies

 One of the most reclusive GG20B hybrid locomotives has been put up for sale. RPRX 2000, which was built in 2006 for Bechtel to use at its Idaho National Engineering Laboratory in Scoville, ID. The restricted facility conducts R&D work on various alternative energy technologies. The listing, through broker S&S Sales and Leasing, can be found on their website:

Throughbred Mechanical Servives

For an interesting read on NORFOLK SOUTHERN’s battery powered BP4 switcher, along with some insight on its future, editor Lance Myers sent along this note: Here's a good explanation of why the original Lead-Acid batteries in NS 999 did not live up to expectations and why NS and Axion Power believe the new Lead-Carbon batteries will succeed:

Info is about 2/3 of the way through the article.

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