TTC has unveiled its new low floor streetcars, build by Bombardier in Thunder Bay ON. The first one (TTC 4400) is now on the property at their Hillcrest Shops complex.

A total of 204 new low-floor vehicles are set to enter service in 2014 after street testing which begins next year.  "These are much larger streetcars, so they can accommodate many more people," said TTC CEO Andy Byford.  "So what we're hoping is people will see the benefits of public transit, will get out of their cars and will actually use these beautiful new state-of-the-art streetcars."

The new streetcars feature:

Capacity for 148 passengers (standing and sitting), that's 68 more passengers than the current streetcars.

Compatibility with new Presto fare card system.

Ability to load passengers at any door.

Air conditioning.

They will slowly begin to replace the existing streetcars, which were built between 1977 and 1989 and are near the end of their service lives.

A video showing the delivery of the new streetcar from the CP West Toronto railyards to the TTC's Hillcrest Shops complex (unloaded from a flatcar by crane and then trucked to Hillcrest since the new siding isn't ready for direct rail deliveries):