GREEN RAIL NEWS “Green” Locomotive Roundup

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 Brandt has removed all references to its GenXt genset locomotive from its website. It is not known yet whether or not Brandt has discontinued development of the locomotive, and the company contact did not reply to our inquiry. Brandt began testing an 1,800 hp John Deere-powered genset in 2010.



 On July 9, CSX announced that they had partnered with the EPA and the New Orleans Planning Commission to deploy a genset locomotive in Gentilly Yard in New Orleans. The story was carried by Railway Age and the local newspaper as well, but no details on the locomotive itself other than it was a three-engine genset, presumably a 3GS21B, and that one of three recently completed CSX gensets funded by the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act, or DERA. Locations of the other two locomotives wasn’t mentioned.

Here’s the CSX press release:



The first two of three RP20BD locomotives due to the Port of Montreal were delivered from TMS during the month. POM 1004, moving as RPRX 1004,

Richard Marchi posted these photos of the 1004 in Montreal awaiting delivery to the Port of Montreal.


 Toward the end of July, POM 1003 was also released from TMS for movement to Montreal as RPRX 1003. One other locomotive remains in the order, expected to be POM 1002, to be delivered from Relco in Albia, IA.


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