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Francois Jolin

William Baird

William Baird and Francois Jolin visited the St-Luc Diesel Shop on July 9th and we compiled the following report:

Francois Jolin snapped brand new RPRX RP20BD 1004 at the St-Luc Diesel Shop after arriving two days earlier on CP 253-07 from the USA.

The following GEs were inside the back shop for engine Change-Outs:

CP AC4400CW 9506, 8544, 8550, and 9754  


Other units noted for work outside the St-Luc back shop:

CP AC4400CW 8579 (Freshly painted at RELCO in Albia, IA.). 

CP GP9u 1639, 8214, (Next to move to SRY in New Westminster, BC.) 

CP GP9u 8231, and 8247 (Repairs)

CP SD40-2 5947 (SUS at St-Luc and destined for Mayfield, KY.)

Noted on the ready track CP GP9u 1509,1608, and 1688 (ex-TH&B 401).


Inside the diesel shop for assorted repairs:

CITX SD40-2 3065 (Photo)

CEFX SD40-2 3155

CP ES44AC 8710, 8741

CP SD60 6225, 6241, 6242 (Photo) for modification work.  

SOO SD60 6021 destined to CADRAIL for rebuild. 

In the Yard:

CP SD40-2 5782, 5879   (Assigned to Expressway) 

Plus various Yard Power sets of CP GP28-2s and GP9us


Inside the St-Luc Roundhouse:

AMT  F40PH 302


Stored around the St-Luc Shop turntable:

AMT F40PH 400, 411

AMT F59PHI 1330

AMT F59PH 530

RBRX  F59PH 185xx

(See our photos in the AMT section)


AMT power at Sortin Yard:

AMT  F59PHI 1323, and 1327

AMT (NJT) F40PH-2 4118 

AMT (NJT) GP40FH-2 4143  

RBRX  F59PH 18520

(See our photos in the AMT section)


CP Units Activated:

CP GP9u 1614 was retired in April and in late June, she was returned to service.   It is assigned to Toronto Yard.  Bill Sanderson snapped her soon after her rebuild and repaint back in June 1986 at Agincourt Yard.  The unit still wears this paint scheme, much faded of course.   

The  following 18 CP SD9043MACs activated in early 2012, were all returned  back into storage in mid-July:  9101, 9105, 9107, 9108, 9110, 9112, 9117, 9118, 9119, 9120, 9131, 9134, 9137, 9142, 9146, 9147, 9153, and 9160.  

CP Units Retired:


CP GP38-2 Overhaul Update:

EMD-Progress Rail in Mayfield, KY  continues to overhaul GP38-2s for Tier 0+ compliance, equipping them with AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop), and repainting them into CP livery.

GP38-2's released from EMD-Progress Rail (Mayfield, KY): 

CP 3024, 3038, 3048, 3062, 3066, 3111, 3126, 3129 and (former SOO) CP 4414, 4427, 4428, 4446, 4447, 4513 and 4515.  

GP38-2's to be Overhauled at EMD-Progress Rail (Mayfield, KY): 

CP:  3041, 3057, 3117, and 3127

SOO: 4418, 4424, 4436, 4450, 4506 and 4514.


GP38-2's to be Overhauled at NRE (Silvis, IL)

CP 3033, 3103, and 3134,

SOO 4426. 

SOO SD60 Overhaul Update:

SOO SD60 overhaul update:

 CAD Railway Services (Lachine, QC) continue to overhaul 17 SOO SD60s and one SD60M to Tier 0+ compliance, equip them with AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop) to conserve fuel, and repaint and renumber to CP 6200-series.

 In Service:

CP SD60 6252 (ex-SOO 6052) released July 25th, 2012   

CP SD60 6255 (ex-SOO 6055) released June 21st, 2012

CP SD60 6229 (ex-SOO 6029) released June 5th, 2012

CP SD60 6243 (ex-SOO 6043) released April 20th 2012

CP SD60 6254 (ex-SOO 6054) released March 29th 2012

CP SD60 6245 (ex-SOO 6045) released March 6th 2012

CP SD60 6242 (ex-SOO 6042) released March 1st 2012

CP SD60M 6260 (ex-SOO 6060) released January 13th 2012

CP SD60 6228 (ex-SOO 6028) released December 16th 2011

CP SD60 6225 (ex-SOO 6025) released December 1st 2011

CP SD60 6241 (ex-SOO 6041) released November 2011

CP SD60 6240 (ex-SOO 6040) released October 2011

CP SD60 6250 (ex-SOO 6050) released October 2011

 At Cadrail:

SOO SD60 6036 arrived at Cadrail July 9th

SOO SD60 6057 arrived at Cadrail April 2nd

SOO SD60 6023 arrived at Cadrail March 30th

SOO SD60 6034 arrived at Cadrail March 19th

At St-Luc Yard:

SOO SD60 6021 arrived in Montreal June 25th


CP SD30C-ECO Update:

CP SD30C-ECO update

 The first bunch of CP SD40-2s to be rebuilt at EMD-Progress shops to meet Tier 0+ US emissions standards are in Mayfield, Kentucky.  These rebuilt SD30Cs are to be numbered beginning at CP 5000 and CP will utilize SD40-2s from their ICE and DME roster as well.  CP expects to receive the first locos of the order during the 3rd quarter of 2012.

 The SD30C-ECOs will be rebuilt from SD40-2 cores and frames, powered by a new 12 cylinder 3000 hp 12-710G3F engine. Similar to other new locomotives delivered by GE and EMDI, LED lighting is expected, except for head and ditch lights.

 Further information about ECO re-powering can be found here:


The following 20 CP SD40-2's will be done this year:

5415, 5672, 5691, 5728, 5734, 5735, 5745, 5789, 5869, 5918, 5933, 5934, 5950, 5971, 5980, 5983, 6027, 6039, 6056 and 6606.


The following SD40-2's and SD40-2F's are the proposed units for ECO rebuild in 2013:

 SD40-2: 5648, 5787, 5795, 5844, 5902, 5924, 5930, 5931, 5940, 5944, 5947, 5948, 5967, 5992, 5997, 5998, and 6006.  

 SD40-2F:  9000, 9002, 9005, 9010, 9016, 9018, 9019, 9022, and 9024.

CP GP20C-ECO Update:

The GP20C-ECOs are to be numbered beginning at CP 2200, with the 4-axle units built at Muncie, IN at the EMD facility. These will have new frames, new cabs and fuel tanks, and meet FRA safety requirements. As well they will feature the 8-710G3A prime mover and other hardware upgrades.   

As of July 3rd, four were still stored in Montreal (St-Luc Yard) and remain to be cannibalized for usable components at the SRY shops in New Westminster, BC, and then scrapped.   Almost all of the 35 GP7u/GP9u locos from the list below have been stripped with most already scrapped. Two are enroute west, CP GP9u 8242 arrived in Coquitlam, BC July 21st, and CP GP9u 1519 which had been Bad Order for five weeks in Toronto, was again moving arriving in Alyth, Alberta  July 30th.

1501    1503    1505    1515    1519    1525    1528    1565    1566     1567

1568    1569    1570    1581    1582    1588    1603    1611    1612*   1615*

1617    1621     1638    1639*  1644   1649    1682    1696    1697

8214*  8224    8229    8240    8242   8264. 

(Still in Montreal: *).


Andy Cassidy bagged sad looking CP 8242 on Track DSF2 at Coquitlam Diesel Shop July 23rd.


CP Leased Locomotives on the Property in July

CEFX (GP38-3) 3803, 3805, 3807, and 3811.  CEFX 3804 (OFF LEASE from CP since May 23rd) arrived at CADRAIL (x-St. Luc Yard) the first week of July for repairs, and seen outside CAD repair bay July 9th. When work on CEFX GP38-3 3804 is completed, it will be leased to the New England Central (NECR).   

CEFX (AC4400CW) 1002, 1006, 1007, 1014, 1018-1020, 1023, 1024, 1026-1059.   

CEFX (SD40-2) 2786, 2791, 2797, 2802, 2803, 3105, 3109, 3112, 3120, 3121, 3127, 3128, 3130, 3133, 3137, 3139, 3143, 3145, 3148, 3149, 3151, 3155, 3163, 3164, 3166, 3168, 3172, 3176, 3181, 3182, 3183, 3184, and 3188. The CEFX SD40-2s are OFF LEASE and stored at various locations on CP, except the following three units which have remained in service: CEFX 3151, 3173, and 3184.   

CITX (SD40-2) STORED:  2792, 2804, 3026,  3035, 3073, 3074, 3075, 3078, 3080, 3082, 3090, 3099 3157 and 3177, all off lease and stored at various locations on CP.  In July, 3032 was removed from storage at  Cociitlam and sent to the SRY for lease

 CITX (SD40-2) IN SERVICE:  2783, 2785, 2790, 2794, 2796, 3008, 3024, 3036, 3053, 3054, 3055, 3056, 3057, 3058, 3059, 3060, 3061, 3062, 3063, 3064, 3065, 3066, 3067, 3070, 3071, 3072, 3077, 3079. 3081, 3083, 3086, 3088, 3089, 3091, 3092, 3095, 3097, 3098, 3100, 3101, 3102, 3110, and 3170.

CP Photos

At New Albia, IA on the ICEs Marquette Sub July 4th, Dennis Weber caught ICE Train 170 with SOO SD60 6049, and DME SD40-2s 6092 and 6080.

Dennis was fortunate to catch not one but two Milwaukee Bandits on train 589 with SOO GP38-2 4512, SOO GP40 2014 and SOO GP38-2 4415 passing through the station at La Crosse, WI on July 7th.

On July 14th, CP Train 633 had a pair of SD40-2s DME 6364 and ICE 6415 at Rockland, WI on the CPs Tomah Sub.

Dennis also caught SOO GP38-2 4400 and CP GP38-2 4524 (ex-GP40X) working a local at LaCrosse, WI on July 14th.

At Bangor, WI on July 17th, CP Train 800 was led by INRD SD9043MAC 9010 and 9009. 

Greg Shevchenko photographed CP GP38AC 3005 leading the "O" Yard transfer from Port Coquitlam, BC July 15th and passing CP SW1200RS 1239, now the lone yard switcher.

Greg shot CP  SW1200RS 1239 heading out of the Dock Yard in New Westminster to the O Yard in Vancouver with 6 cars on July 17th. CP  1239 returned later with 22 empties.

CP News

During July, with CEO  E. Hunter Harrison at the helm, several key economic changes were made. CPR 4-6-4 Hudson #2816 was sidelined and is now stored serviceable at Alyth with no steam runs scheduled.   As well, some yard and local assignments that had been operating with a pair of units will now only be assigned one locomotive.   The profitable Royal Canadian Pacific was unaffected and will continue to operate this year. 

CP rules prohibiting getting on or off moving equipment has been in force for several years, and its not clear that the result is a safer work environment.  As this rule inhibits productivity, Harrison is considering having it altered.  As well, schedules on CP intermodal train changes crews will be tightened.  Currently there are 13 crew changes between Montreal and Vancouver.  Finally,  CPs manifest business and service in Canada will be improved with      rescheduling and Harrison will institute two new transcon manifest trains marshaled in such a manner that they can make setouts and pickups along the way without having to go to hump yards.  And hes putting pressure on the sales force to fill these and other manifest trains with more business.

Canadian Pacific is now moving tank cars filled with crude oil from the Bakken formation in North Dakota, and from western Canada to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. CP spokesman Ed Greenberg said Bakken area shipments have gone from 500 tank cars in 2009 to 13,000 in 2011 and a projected 70,000 in 2014. The company is moving crude oil trains to Albany, NY and Harrisburg, PA, and through Kansas City south to the Gulf. The railroad also considers itself well placed to deliver cargoes in the Marcellus shale region of Pennsylvania.

A deal to save the Canadian Pacific rail line between Pembroke and Mattawa has finally collapsed, say the people trying to pull it off, because the track itself is worth more in the oilpatch than to the failing industries of the Ottawa Valley.  It appears the Ottawa Valley will no longer be a conduit for goods passing east and west by rail, said Harry Gow, the chairman of Transport Pontiac-Renfrew and a longtime rail advocate. The group had two rounds of talks with CP after the company gave notice years ago that it intended to close the line, but they finally ended July 13th.  They needed the rail badly, so they were going to pick it up and the deals off, Gow said he was told by three CP executives in a conference call. The roughly 150km of rails are bound for switching yards in Saskatchewan or Alberta, Gow understands. We dont know exactly where the rail is going, but its going.  The line is officially a section of a longer line between Mattawa and Smiths Falls, the southern leg of which has already been pulled up in parts. Its been closed for a couple of years since a washout that CP decided not to spend the money to fix, but in the past the line has been a route for gravel used in construction, for agriculture products, and for raw materials going to factories like a panelling plant in Pembroke and finished goods coming back out. From Mattawa, the line continues to Sudbury and connects to the national network. When farmers in Eastern Ontario shipped hay west to Alberta during a drought in 2002, the loads went along this track, Gow said.

Mike Hughes snapped these shots of a special oversized load move of   Gas turbines shipment ex-Port of Duluth, MN to Calgarys Enmax Shepard Power Plant.  The heaviest, widest and tallest pieces of equipment ever moved by CP into Alberta!  The photos were taken 

July 7th as the CP train Yarded at Larkhall, AB Doug Rickaby submitted these shots to CRO received from his friend Mike, a CP employee.

CP Vignettes

While vacationing in Canada in 1983, Mark Llanuza photographed a nice line up of  STCUM (CTCUM) / CP Rail commuter power at Vaudreuil, QC west of Montreal. The locomotives include two MLW RS10s and two GMD FP7As with Canadian Car & Foundry built commuter coaches from the 1950s!

In 1968 Terry Jutti shot this pair of CPR RDCs in Brockville Ontario.  The CP Rail liveried RDC2 is a 1971 shot taken inside the Ogden Shop in Calgary, AB   The Budd car was just getting refurbished.

CRO August 2012