GREEN RAIL NEWS “Green” Locomotive Roundup

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UNION PACIFIC’s fleet of SD59MX ECO-repowered SD60M’s are finding homes and high profile assignments in California. In early march, UP 9913-9915-9916 had become regulars on the Redding-Roseville turn between the two Northern California locations. The trio was noted at Redding, CA on March 11 after being spotted headed northbound on March 9.

Meanwhile, on March 11, UP 9908 was noted leading the Kaiser Local out of West Colton in southern California, along with a 3GS21B.


Wisconsin Public Services is taking delivery of a new 1GS7B for its Weston, WI power plant. The locomotive was built on an EMD frame, but its previous heritage is not yet known. The locomotive, WSPX 100, was noted in transit on CN through Fond du Lac , WI on March 16.

 Dan Braun snapped this photo of WSPX 100 in Neenah, WI the same day.


PR22B genset demonstrator PRLX 2009 is testing on NEW YORK, SUSQUEHANA & WESTERN in . The engine was delivered to the NYSW in Ridgefield Park, NJ. The locomotive arrived in mid-February.


TMS completed UNION PACIFIC RP20CD UPY 892 in March. The locomotive was delivered mid-month. According to Lance Myers of, the following cores were used for the program:

Locomotive: Built: Core:

UPY 887 11/11 UP 3090 (SD40-2)
UPY 888 11/11 UP 3331 (SD40-2)
UPY 889 2/12 UP 3359 (SD40-2)
UPY 890 2/12 UP 3241 (SD40-2)
UPY 891 2/12 UP 3287 (SD40-2)
UPY 892 3/12 UP 3249 (SD40-2)
UPY 893 TBD UP 3499 (SD40-2)

TMS Altoona has begun construction of a locomotive for the PORT OF MONTREAL in Altoona. This is one of three units under construction for POM. The other two are being built at RELCO in Albia, IA, possibly on the frames of retired GG20B Green Goats RPRX 2406 and RSSX 414.


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