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Prairie Shadows
Exclusive Intermountain Repaints

043-PS6 CN Government of Canada 'Patch' 6#'s

043-PS7 NDYX Government of Canada 'Patch' 6#'s

Special $33.95 ea






PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper



You will find six new HO and N scale Landmark Structures at your hobby shop in May - two new Built-&-Ready buildings and four new Building Kits.

HO Scale Built-&-Ready Landmark Structures
You can place these ready-to-go structures right on your layout. They are custom painted, expertly weathered and loaded with scene-setting detail.

HO Scale Corner Porch House - BR5046 Two-story home with cedar-shake roof and a corner wrap-around porch. Beautifully weathered and loaded with details, such as a bicycle built for two, rocking chair and table, guttering, rain barrel, exterior cellar door and loads more! MSRP $84.99

Mo Skeeters Bait & TackleHO Scale Mo Skeeters Bait & Tackle - BR5047
 This rustic bait and tackle shop features a weathered metal roof and narrow clapboard siding. Details include signage, live bait tank, fish cleaning table, fish nets, barrel of cane poles, fisherman figure, a porch full of stuff and more! MSRP $84.99

HO & N Scale Building Kits
These kits offer beginner and experienced modelers the opportunity to easily build and customize a structure according to their specific layout needs. Building kits are architecturally accurate and include intricate molded-in detail.

Rustic BarnHO Scale Rustic Barn - PF5190 This is a stunning representation of a traditional gambrel barn with concrete silo seen coast to coast throughout the American landscape. Although this iconic beauty has seen better days, it will add charm and character to any layout. The interlocking wall alignment system and prefinished edges make assembly quick, easy and accurate. Details include, field stone foundation, shake shingled roof, hayloft door with pulley and rope, a vintage weather vane atop a slatted cupola, concrete grain silo, implement shed and intricately styled, paned windows and traditional barn doors in various states of disrepair. Kit also includes clear window material to model clear windows as well as broken and cracked glass and turf to model moss-covered roofs on silo and barn.MSRP $59.99


HO Scale Country Church - PF5191 Double doors welcome congregation members to this elegantly simple church designed with a fieldstone foundation, clapboard siding and tall windows. The interlocking wall alignment system and prefinished edges make assembly quick, easy and accurate. Other details include a bell tower steeple topped with a gold cross, rafters and decorative gable braces, front porch railings and more! Building includes a freestanding church sign set in a fieldstone planter, turf for the planter, stained and frosted glass window treatments and Dry Transfer Decals. The interlocking wall alignment system and prefinished edges make assembly quick, easy and accurate. MSRP $59.99

D's DinerN Scale D's Diner - PF5208Model the time when food tasted better delivered to your car window. True to vintage American car culture, D's Diner sets a nostalgic, detailed scene with a drive-in restaurant right out of the age of sock hops, poodle skirts and drag racing. Pre-assembled wall sections and prefinished edges make assembly quick, easy and accurate. Details include two carhops on skates, a flashy convertible and driver, vintage-styled signage, picnic table, benches, several bicycles, light poles, window treatments and Dry Transfer Decals.MSRP $34.99

County CourthouseN Scale County Courthouse - PF5209 This two-story, brick-patterned courthouse is a highly detailed, stately representation of courthouses that stand at the center of American county seats. Pre-assembled wall sections and prefinished edges make assembly quick, easy and accurate. Details and accessories include chimneys and full roof detail, drainage, propane tank, figures, cannon, flagpole and flag, window treatments and Dry Transfer Decals. MSRP $34.99

Find these new buildings and other Landmark Structures at your local hobby shop in April.





The Atlas Trainman HO Ontario Northland and CN 50' boxcars finally in!


Atlas Trainman HO Canadian National coal hoppers. $20.98 each



Just Announced


WOWSound® is Coming!

Announced a upcoming model of the Canadian GMD SD40-2 units in HO scale, with a planned delivery of sometime in 2014.

Also At Supertrain...

Rapido also had there sample of the FP9A engine soon to be released

Atlas Just announced a new run of the N scale Coil Cars

Many more from Atlas, be sure to check out their site and facebook page



There are two pictures showing 3 Engines. Those Engines are from Rodney Walker. There are two pictures showing two snow covered CP Engines, those are build by David Terdich. The SOO Engines are build from Javier and the Boxcar and Caboose are weathered by Gary Christensen.  The Snow Diorama was build from my Friend Stefan Foerg in Germany.

GMDD-built G12 was an export model that returned to Canada. Here is a KITBASH G-12 model by Flavio Lage from Brazil. L&PS L4 and L5 became CN 991 and 992 respectively.




A CP SD60 in HO Scale

(By Dan Dell’Unto)

The ironic part was I started with a Proto 2000 SD60 painted in SOO colours. I took all the details off it, disassembled, stripped the paint, made any necessary modifications, and repainted/decaled it as a CP 6200 series SD60 rebuilt by CAD Rail. There's a few minor things I left off and didn't change to keep it easy (like those white PTC antennas on the cabs that CP installed later on, and I couldn't find the exact numberboard font) and a few yet to install (rear ditch lights, all weather window) but overall it was a fun project.




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