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The Diorama was made from Stefan Foerg from Germany, his website:
he 4 Engines are made by Rodney Walker, the 2 Cars at the end are from Gary Christensen.
This Diorama is part from a two piece Diorama with a length from 2.4 meters total and a deep of 50 cm. The Bridge and Signal is from BLMA. The picture was made outside on my balcony with a real background.

Welcome to Modeller's Corner.  My Name is Nathan, and I will be taking over this page for the foreseeable future.  This page is undergoing new makeover, as we enhance this page for a better future. 


I wanted to start off with a small idea of what is available to the hobbyist.  For those that don't know, there is a company that is also moving their business towards the future.  This business is Pacific Western Rail System.  This company was started by modellers, for modellers and many of the employees are modellers or family of modellers, 160 of these modellers world-wide make up the shareholders of PWRS.  The goal of Pacific Western Rail Systems is making sure you the hobbyist, gets what you want...quality, price, and a Canadian product.  Detailed research and development, along with state of the art manufacturing  to ensure the highest quality and what you would expect from the 1:1 scale, which is made available in HO and N scale.  PWRS has a program unique to our hobby, and also provides you with the most up to date items available.  Aside from doing their own products, - with North American Railcar Corporation, PWRS also carries just about everything else, from Walthers, to Atlas, Intermountain, and more. 

So you are probably asking yourself, what makes PWRS different from Walthers, or Atlas...well a lot.  YOU may not know this, but PWRS has a program called PORTERS (Personal, Order, Relationship, Tracking, Entry & Recording System).  This program is like none other out there.  Compared to anyone else, PWRS is unique in their approach.  The PORTERS System allows you to see the most up to date product announcements and reserve the models you are interested in. You can track your reservations, and orders, and have access to the PORTERS Club Lounge where you can use your PORTERS Points to get special, limited run PORTERS Members Only Cars.  When signing up with PORTERS, you send PWRS a message, and then one of the PWRS staff will call you to finish the process.  They will guide you through the Reservation Sheet, order placement & tracking, the Goodie Box & account preferences. Below is a screen shot of my wife's and I's account.  You will see a reference number in the bottom; this can be used to get more points when you refer friends.



Here is a caption from PWRS site on Porters:

PORTERS is not just an on-line shopping cart, it’s a tool for you to see all new product announcements in one place (and place orders for them if you wish), see and track all past orders, control your shipping costs by controlling when and how your products are shipped, and search our product database – that’s got the entire Walthers catalog and MORE – using the most powerful, flexible and easy to use search tool in the industry.

Best of all, you can have all this AND purchase products at attractive price discounts. AND if you have a problem or otherwise need help, we have a staff of service agents (we DO NOT have commissioned sales people anymore) that you can actually get a hold of to help you.

But that's not all we offer: we offer a new frequent buyer/customer rewards program - PORTERS Points . PORTERS Points rewards you for purchases made using your PORTERS Account - rewards that can be used to purchase any product PWRS carries or to acquire unique, limited-run products from selected manufacturers. PORTERS Points will be awarded for all purchases made after February 1, 2009 - so don't wait to start purchasing using a PORTERS Account because you start earning rewards today.



With the PORTERS program, you are in total control of your order, form the products you select to your shipping. When you setup your account, you will only see those items based on your interests, and you can also view those items by selecting your favorite road name on your reservations sheet. You can setup your favorites even based on the era you model.  By that If you only wanted steam engines shown, you can set it up to reflect that.  With items coming in at various times, most places will ship them out as they come in.  With PORTERS, you have the option to have these items placed in your “goodie box” and therefore, have them shipped all at once.  With shipping, you have full view of the item from the time it arrives at the warehouse until it is shipped to your home or business.  Members have access to view any past shipments or track shipments up to 90 days, eliminating the need to call, as you are treated like staff, and know where your item is at all times.  Of note is the fact that NARC (North America Railcar Corporation) is a sister company of PWRS, and that NARC is the manufacture component to this great company.  NARC, also does custom cars in both HO and N scale, only available through Porters.  Porters also gives you advance access to special pricing not available to the general public


So if you have had trouble getting something from the internet or from your local hobby store or just tired of the constant delay’s and not knowing what is going on, give PWRS a try you won’t be disappointed with PORTERS.  And being a PORTERS member, you will receive updates of new products before the general public does...There is a lot out there, and do you really want to miss that next car?  So join up with Porters, you won’t be sorry…and please quote reference number YK4L3YL.  Discounts and savings await you! Click below to sign up!





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Just Announced


Modeling from the Prototype

Train Shows

Model Train Cubs

Coming Soon To A Hobby Store Near You

Just Announced from Credit Valley


Train Control System (TCS): The new line of "WOWSound™" decoders by TCS will be shipping through out 2013.
We will first offer light medium and heavy steam sounds by April possibly sooner.  Diesel WOWSound™ will follow in spring and summer of 2013 Pre-order your sound decoder here!

  • Athearn Gp-38-2W wide cabs are being shipped to dealers through Horizon Hobbies

World premiere!

The unique HO FP9A 6532


Back in 1980 when VIA was young they acquired numerous locos from CN and CP for their passenger trains. FP9A’s from CN were originally delivered onto five variations; in CN's wording they were GPA17-a / b / c / d and e corresponding to sequential orders. The 6532 was part of the fourth order from GMD and was rated at 1750 h.p.  Thus, we had a may 1957 GPA-17d delivered green and yellow for CNR. Then the new "wet noodle" CN's 1961 logo made it change for the 30 degrees zebra stripes and the new red-orange nose. Depending upon the era that lights up your modeling, the loco's livery are quite diversified. For instance, the 6532 kept its zebra stripes until 1980.

VIA was partially running with its blue and yellow colors since 2 years in 1980 and its livery did not unanimously rallied everybody. So they grab the 6532 zebra stylish and it was authorized to graduate grey and yellow. Hence this unique model. The 6532 had to pull some cars from every kind of livery at that era: black and whites not already painted for VIA, the VIA's blue and yellows and the two coaches in the same experimental scheme. 
More pictures on Facebook 6532 page:!/ViaFp9a6532

The unique grey ghost only survived few months as well as the two coaches, but historically valuable to all real collectors of Canadian trains.   VIA kept  about 15 FP9As from the original orders from CN up to the 1990. The 6532 was refurbished in the VIA shops and was given more power at 1800 h.p. She acquired a new identity: FP9ARM 6310. 

The HO SCALE version of VIA 6532 will be equipped with the same high quality mechanism as the other
Rapido's FP9A on the market but only 99 DCCC equipped units will be offered with delivery in mid-2013;

This beauty's MRSP will be $329,95$ (US$ or CDN$).

 Available at Boréal Trains:

1.      Business class: Pay only 325$ before march 31st 2013. On Business class, Boréal pays every Canadian tax for you. More, Boréal also assumes the shipping and handling for you (or the equivalent if you are not in Canada or 48 states);

2.     First class: Be sure to get your 6532; send a 20$ deposit. We will stop taking reservations when the 99 ordered will be complete under those two classes;

3.     Economy: Just leave your complete contact data to the undersigned. The 6532 will be sent to you under payment.

Denis Côté - Boréal Trains
167 St-Robert, Rimouski (Québec)


New in stock. N scale Fox Valley 50' FMC Railbox. $17.98 each.


Just arrived from Fox Valley Models in N scale. CP ES44AC locomotives in 3 new road numbers! $119.98 each.

Shipping to Hobby Stores From Atlas:

North American Railcar Corporation Announces High Performance MagnaLock Brake Lines

Just Announced

True Line Trains mentioned that they will be developing and soon releasing NSC 50' Exterior Post Newsprint box cars.  An official announcement should make its way to TLT website in the next short while.

The first release will be 10 rib ends, 10' plug doors with either straight or angled door posts. GTW, BCIT, BCOL, CNIS, and ONT.

Future releases will include the 9 rib end with 9' or 10' doors, the post at the extreme ends of the sides, for CP, QC, and ONT. pre-production sample only

Hurricane Sandy landed in New Jersey and New York on October 29, 2012, causing massive flooding and wind damage all across the Garden State. Atlas got off lightly, with minimal damage and a week-long power outage. However, many of our customers, friends and family across the great state were not so lucky and suffered great losses in this terrible event.

Although the storm has long since passed, the rebuilding has only just begun. To help our compatriots in this matter, Atlas is producing the Hurricane Sandy "Save the Shore" Relief Hoppers. This show of support is decorated with stunning artwork of the dunes and scenery of our beautiful beaches and is available on a different model in each of the scales we offer--N, HO & O.

All profits will go directly to New York and New Jersey based Hurricane Sandy related charities.

For NY - Empire State Relief Fund: Endorsed by

For NJ - NJ Relief Fund: Chaired by NJ First Lady Mary Pat Christie

If you haven't helped out your brothers and sisters in the tri-state area yet, this is a fantastic way to do so while getting a handsome piece of rolling stock to run with pride on your layout.

These models will be available exclusively through the Atlas Online Store.

Please have your orders in by March 13th, 2013 for the N Scale model and April 12th, 2013 for the O Scale model. HO models have already been ordered and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Click the following links to order

Thank you for supporting our endeavor.

Also from Atlas:

N Scale

HO Cornerstone® Fire Dept. Kits

Fire Dept. Headquarters - Kit

  • Molded in 3 Colors & Clear Plastic
  • 2-Story Brick Construction With Concrete Art Deco Features
  • 4 Equipment Bays, 3 Drive-Through
  • Accommodates Large Modern Fire Equipment
  • Metal Frame Windows
  • Colorful Printed Signs
  • Steam & Diesel Eras

933-3765 Headquarters

Fire Dept. Repair Shop - Kit

  • Molded in 3 Colors & Clear Plastic
  • 1-Story Brick Structure With Concrete Art Deco Front Trim
  • 2 Equipment Bays Accommodate Large Vehicles
  • Metal Frame Windows
  • Colorful Printed Signs
  • Can Be Used as Municipal or Private Maintenance Shop
  • Steam & Diesel Eras

933-3767 Repair Shop

Fire Dept. Drill Tower - Kit

  • Molded in 3 Colors
  • 4-Story Brick & Concrete Structure
  • Interior & Exterior "Metal" Stairways & Safety Railings
  • Steam & Diesel Eras

933-3766 Drill Tower




HO WalthersProto™ GE U28/30B

  • New Schemes & Numbers
  • Road-Specific Detailing
  • First Time Ever! Factory-Installed Wind Deflectors, Sunshades & Other Details
  • 14:1 Helical Gears For Smooth, Quiet Performance
  • 5-Pole Skew-Wound High-Torque High-Efficiency Can Motor
  • Low Speed Under 3 Scale MPH
  • LED Constant & Directional Headlights
  • Easy Multiple Unit Operation
  • Metal Grab Irons & Lift Rings
  • Available With or Without Factory-Installed Tsunami Sound & DCC
  • Proto MAX™ Metal Knuckle Couplers


Great Northern
Phase 2 U28B   Approx. 1966 to 1970
Great Northern
Courtesy of RR Fallen Flags, George Elwood Collection
New York Central
Phase 1 U30B   Approx. 1967 to 1968
New York Central
From the photo collection of Louis A. Marre.
Milwaukee Road
Phase 2 U28B   Approx. 1968 to 1974
Milwaukee Road
Different roadnumber shown. From the photo collection of Louis A. Marre.
Seaboard System
U30B   Approx. 1983 to 1985
Seaboard System
From the photo collection
of Louis A. Marre.



It’s obviously the 1960’s and the Atlantic Limited is passing through Beausejour, QC on the HO scale Canada Central Railway (AMFM Club in Montreal).  Robert O’’Shaugnessy’s twin CPR RS10s (8596, 8577) lead his brass Tuscan Red CPR passenger cars past the crossing. (Photo by Yves Cloutier). 

Sad news, as the Toronto club has held its finial run before closing their doors for good:

The nightmare of many modellers ...Canada's largest model railway ousted for condo

CRO GO TRANSIT News Editor Dan Dell'Unto just finished a model of CP GP9 8530 in HO scale, done up after it had been wreck-rebuilt in 1975. There's still a few things to add to it, but the majority of the hard work is done. This unit is a bit of an oddball in that along with having the early pointed chop-nose and rear sandbox, it was rebuilt with a GP7 long hood (modified with GP9 hood vents), probably off one of the other wrecks in the deadline.  


Dan also included a few photos of some other models he is working on: some Tuscan Red and gray CP C424's and a custom SW1200RS, CP 1684 (ex-TH&B chop nosed GP7) and a CP passenger GP9 (whose GT long hood will be repainted into the usual CP colours...).  His next big project will be a CP RAIL action red E8.

Cliff Holder submitted these pictures of his completed projects.


MLW C630 CN 2337 is built from a ‘Tiger Valley’ kit with much kitbashing etc, etc, powered by a 1836 Sagami can motor, chain driven to truck gear boxes, weathered model.

NS 169765 – Coil car built from a ‘Red Caboose kit, added misc grab irons, coupler lift bars, reboxx semi-scale wheelsets, Kadee scale couplers.

CP – 434677, built from a ‘Sylvan’ kit, detailed, weathered.

CABX 127, built from a ‘Scale Shops’ kit (no longer produced) is a carbon black car usually supplying the tire industry.

Modeling from the Prototype

Modelling On A Budget

Walter E Pfefferle

One of the reasons model railroading attracts so many people is it allows you to participate at the level that you and your budget are comfortable with. Not everyone feels they need perfection but still enjoy building and operating their layouts. I fall into the category of low budget modeller and enjoy building many of the items on my layout. My creations may not win any prizes but meet my needs and also allow me to create many items from available items.

I have been experimenting with building models by building a shell from card stock and then covering it with printed images of the actual building. I recently finished a model of the CN Station in Ingersoll Ontario. It has not been used in about 20 years and may end up being demolished this year. Here is a view of it I took back in August 2012.

The first step is to photograph the item you want to build so that the walls can be printed to use in the actual construction. The benefit is that all graffiti will be captured exactly as it is. Here is a view of the model of the  station as I have covered most of it with photos that I have printed to size. I only had black ink so could not print the images in color.

I then added the baggage area and added a base and details. It make not meet some modellers level of accuracy but is a simple way to build some buildings quickly. If it is set a bit back from the main viewing area and some other details are added it would meet most applications.

The same process was used in converting 3 old coil cars into high sided coal gondolas.  The real high side gondola was photographed and then images were created on the computer and the numbers were changed.  Here we see the coil cars before they were converted.

 A shell was built to fit the coil cars and then covered with the printed images. The process can be used to produce textures or anything to use on your layout. Here is a image of the layout used for the gondolas above.

A load was added along with some additional details and here is the finished product. The bridge in the photo was also built entirely of coffee stir sticks purchased at the dollar store and is a model of the Mill Street bridge in Woodstock Ont.




This process may not work for everyone but those that enjoy model railroading and don't have to have everything perfect, it may work for you.


To Advise us of a listing - Please email to: or

The Forest City Railway Society (FCRS)

The Forest City Railway Society (FCRS)  Slide Trade Day will be held on Saturday, April 13th from 11:00 to 22:00 (11 a.m. to 10 p.m.) at École secondaire Gabriel Dumont. Further details will follow. Pierre Ozorak is looking for individuals to do a 40-45 minute presentation in the evening. If you might be interested in doing such a presentation, please send an e-mail to <>.


Montreal Model Train Exposition 2013

 The Montreal Model Train Exposition is a miniature train show presented each year in conjunction with Sun Youth Community Services, a non-profit organization renowned for its work in aiding those less fortunate in the Montreal community.

 Event: The Montreal Model Train Exposition

Date: September 28th and 29th, 2013

Place: 4251 St Urbain Street, Montreal (Sun Youth Centre), H2W 1V6

Time: 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday

Price:  $8 Adults, $6 Children

Free parking:  HOME DEPO  100 Beaubien west, with shuttle bus.

Information: Ivan Dow (580 Pine Beach, Dorval Quebec H9P 2J6, 514 918-1501 or 514 636-9665)

The 2013 Montreal Model Train Exposition will be held September 28 - 29, 2013 (Saturday and Sunday  from 10am - 5pm) at 4251 St Urbain Street, H2W 1V6, (corner of Marie-Anne). It’s an event the whole family can enjoy, with model trains of all scales running on modular layouts, or displayed.  As well there will be many flea market tables with used trains for sale and trade.  Bring back happy memories of the past and make new memories for the children of today. Time required to see the exposition is about 3 to 5 hours. $8 adults, $6 children. Please use public transit (bus routes 11, 29, 55, 97).


Train Shows Across Canada

To Advise us of a listing - Please email to:



Date and time




Saturday March 2, 2013



Cobourg - Cobourg Lions Community Centre, 157 Elgin Street East 
(Park behind community centre)


Cobourg Model Railroaders - Cobourg Model Train Show

Operating model train layouts.
Food and beverages available.
The biggest model train show in Northumberland County.
Fare: Adults $5, children under 12 $1


March 3,




St. Catharines- New Location: CAW Hall, 124 Bunting Road, St. Catharines, L2P 3G5 
(From Toronto: Take QEW Niagara, exit 44 Welland Ave/Niagara Street, stay left onto South Service Road into Dunkirk Road, follow to and turn right onto Bunting Road. On left side.) 
(From Fort Erie: Take QEW, exit 44, stay left and turn left under highway at lights, turn left onto Dunkirk Road, follow to and turn right onto Bunting Road. On left side.)


Niagara Railway Museum 13th Annual Niagara Model Railroad Show

Over 8000 sq ft of vendors, layouts and displays.
Drinks and food available. 
Fare: Adults $5, under 12 free with adult. Free parking. 


March 3,



17 Jeavons Avenue 
(From southern Birchmount, one block south of Danforth Road (not Ave) turn east on Parnell, then south on Jeavons.) 
(Do not park on the east side of the street.)

Scarborough Model Railroaders Train Show / Open House

Two floors of model railroads.

·  1500 square foor fifties era HO scale layout set in southern Ontario featuring:

  • Authentic steam and diesel sound.
  • Walkaround Digital Command Control.
  • Passenger and freight train operation.
Refreshments available.

Over 1000 square foot (and growing!) N scale layout with:

  • 28 scale miles of double-tracked mainline, running through mountain scenery.
  • The only permanent N scale club layout in the GTA.

Fare: Adults $5, seniors $3, children $2, family (2+2) $12 
or Flyer with map 
Video (2010/11/27): 


March 16 

March 17 

10-4pm both days

Kingston - Ambassador Hotel, 1550 Princess Street 
(From 401 exit 613, south on Sydenham Road, left at first light onto Princess Street, near the VIA Rail Station.)
Canadian Railroad Historical Association 
CRHA-Kingston Division Rail O Rama Model Train Show

Operating layouts.
Railway displays.
Historical groups.
Interactive layout for the youngsters.
Thomas activity table.
Refreshments / dining available on site.
Wheelchair accessible.
Fare: Adults (13+) $6, seniors (60+) $5, children (5-12) $3, parking free


Sunday March 17, 2013


Kitchener- Bingemans Marshall Hall, 425 Bingemans Centre Drive 
(From 401: Take exit #278 to Hwy 8 West toward Kitchener, take exit Hwy 7 East / Hwy 85 North towards Guelph, fork right towards Victoria/Frederick/Wellington, exit to Wellington Street East, turn south on Shirley Avenue, then Bingemans entrance on left side
Kitchener Model Train Show and Sale

Over 150 vendor tables (some new).
Model trains, train sets, locomotives, track, rolling stock, transformers, structures, photos, DVDs, railroad memorabilia. All scales.
Operating layouts.
Lunch counter.

Fare: Adults $5, children under 12 free with adult. Parking free.


March 20 & 21, 2013

At the Château Bonne Entente

Annual Railway Symposium in Quebec City

A two day Symposium and Rail Show

Please contact Louis-François Garceau

Phone: 418-832-1502 - Mobile: 418-955-2466 -


March 232013



Bowmanville - Base Line Community Centre, 2444 Base Line Road (West of Waverly Road, corner of Base Line Road and Martin Road)  Soper Valley Model Railroad Association Model Railroad Flea Market

Fare: Adults $5, children under 12 free.

Mar 24 


Brantford - Best Western Brant Park Inn, 19 Holiday Drive (exit Highway 403 at Wayne Gretzky Parkway, go one block south, then turn east at the stoplight onto Holiday Drive.) Brantford Model Train Show and Sale

Over 70 vendor tables (several new).
Model trains, train sets, locomotives, track, rolling stock, transformers, structures, photos, DVDs, railroad memorabilia.
Operating layouts.

Fare: Adults $5, children under 12 free with adult, parking free.


Apr 6 

tickets and maps: 
tour: 9-9pm (times vary)

Kitchener - Waterloo - Cambridge - Guelph area

Register 9-3 at Hespeler Arena, 640 Ellis Road West, Cambridge. (exit 401 at Townline Road North (#286), turn left at Ellis Road) GPS: N43.4280 W 80.2919

30th Annual Doubleheaders Model Railroad Self Guided Home and Club Layout Tour

·  Traditionally over 40 home and club layouts.

·  One of Canada's largest annual layout tours.

·  The layout tour involves you driving to people's homes and clubs to enjoy their model train layouts.

Fare: $6 for every person, children must be supervised by an adult. 
Info: Preview the layouts at: 


Saturday April 6 
Sunday April 7, 2013



Lindsay - Victoria Park Armoury, 210 Kent Street West (at Victoria Avenue)  Lindsay and District Model Railroaders 39th Annual Lindsay Model Railway Show Railway Modelling Clinics

Fare: Adults $5, children 6 to 12 $2, under 6 free

Saturday April 13, 2013


Brantford - Simcoe - Port Dover 7th Annual Brantford, Simcoe and Port Dover Model Railroad Layout Tour

Buy tickets after March 1 at

·  Broughdale Hobby, London

·  Credit Valley RR Co., Streetsville

·  Dundas Valley Hobby, Dundas

·  Modeller’s Choice, Hamilton

·  Otter Valley Railroad, Aylmer

·  Paris Junction Hobbies, Paris

·  The Train Cellar, Mount ForestOr on April 13 at

·  Brantford Model Railroad Club

·  SLN Hobbies, Port Dover
Fare: Adults $5, children under 12 free with an adult. 
         Proceeds to Brant Food for Thought. 
View tour book at:


Sunday April 142013


Milton - John Tonelli Sports Centre, 317 Laurier Avenue Lakeshore Model Railroaders' Association LMRA Flea Market

Adults $5, youth $2, children under 6 free, parking free. 

Saturday April 272013


Mississauga- Brampton - Etobicoke - Oakville - Register in the Credit Valley Railway Company Ltd. store the day of the tour. 
    2900 Argentia Road, Unit 24, Mississauga 905-826-1306
Credit Valley Free-Mo Group 2nd Annual Home Layout Tour

·  Visit model railways in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke and Oakville.

·  10 to 16 layouts in all shapes and sizes in HO, HOn3 and G scales.

·  See layouts in the beginning astages and copleted empires.

·  See different styles, approaches and themes.

·  Talk to the owners about building and operating a model railway.
Fare: $5. 


Sunday April 282013


Woodstock - Oxford Auditorium, Woodstock Fairgrounds, 875 Nellis Street

Free parking in fairgrounds parking lot and Civic Arena parking lot at 895 Nellis Street (two driveways east) 

Woodstock Model Train Show

·  Operating layouts.

·  Over 125 vendor tables.

·  Lunch available.
Fare: Adults $5, under 12 free with adult. 


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Guelph Model Railroad Society


Model Railroad Club of Toronto



Waterloo Region Model Railway Club



The Vermont and Essex Model Railway Club (Montreal, QC)


Montreal Railway Modeler’s Association AMFM


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