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Electro Motive Diesel

Photographs of the builder’s plate on CANADIAN PACIFIC SD30C-ECO CP 5006 revealed that, like the GP20C-ECO program, the motor emissions on the six axle rebuilds only meet EPA Tier 0+ specifications, which is far below the currently required EPA Tier 3. It is not known at this time why the locomotives only meet the EPA standards required for rebuilds of vintage units, or why they are being billed as ECO locomotives at all.

Last month, we provided a list of ECO-rebuild F59PHi locomotives that have been upgraded for Amtrak California. We have discovered several other ECO rebuilds, and can now expand that list to include the following: CDTX 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. All of these locomotives are assigned to Amtrak California’s Capitol and San Joaquin services, working from San Jose to Oakland and Sacramento, and down to Bakersfield, CA.


Green Rail News has learned that AMTRAK has placed an order for one MP14B twin-engine genset for use in its Chicago coach yard. The locomotive is expected to be delivered late spring or early summer 2013.

National Railway Equipment

Regarding the Tier-4 2GS12B demonstrator NREX 2015 as discussed in last month’s issue, I was turned onto this tidbit from the Levin Richmond Terminal website:

"Our sister company, the RICHMOND PACIFIC RAILROAD CORPORATION, received Moyer Grants from the Bay Area Air Quality District to retrofit its three locomotives with completely rebuilt diesel engines. This has maximized fuel efficiency and significantly reduced diesel particulate matter emissions. Each of the three locomotives has advanced automatic shutdown systems that save fuel and reduce emissions. The Richmond Pacific Railroad, in cooperation with the California Air Resource Board and National Railway Equipment will be testing the first locomotive built to conform to EPA Tier 4 emissions standards. The locomotive, a two engine "gen-set" locomotive, should be on RPRC's property by early 2013. This locomotive will conform to the highest emissions standards that the EPA has instituted, and will be one of the cleanest locomotives ever built."

INDIANA HARBOR BELT has taken delivery of its fourth 3GS21C-DE six axle genset locomotive. IHB 2162 was on the property in early January 2013.

Two more 3GS21B gensets are under construction for the US Army at Silvis, IL. No word yet on where USAX 6513 and 6514 will end up yet.

Progress Rail Services

On Feb. 20, PRLX 3004 in San Bernardino, CA was reported as being renumbered as BNSF 1322. BNSF purchased the four PR30C locomotives from Progress Rail in December. BNSF 1322 has been patched but still is in its original UP-style paint.

Railpower Technologies

In his monthly UP motive power update, Sean Graham-White has reported that UNION PACIFIC retired their first ten Railpower GG20B "Green Goat" hybrids last month. UPY 2300-2309, the only Generation 2 GG20B's built, are listed as retired as of Jan. 14, 2013. Their future disposition is unknown at this time. All ten were assigned to Texas.

The first of the RP20BD gensets for DALLAS, GARLAND & NORTHEASTERN are beginning to make their way out of TMS Altoona. DGNO 142 was photographed outside the shop on Jan. 30, and moved to DGNO home rails in early February. The second unit, DGNO 143, was out of the shop on Feb. 20. Both units are in G&W orange and black.

According to, DGNO 142 was built on the frame of former GEXR 4019, an EMD GP40, while DGNO 143 used the frame of former TOR (RLK) 2002, an EMD GP38.

MODOC RAIL ACADEMY's GG20B 2608 is sitting in UP's Roseville yard. The unit is carrying AARX reporting marks. MRA is moving its operation to Marion, IL. The unit has been in Roseville for at least three weeks, and was still sitting by several soon-to-be rebuilt rotary snowplows in the middle of the yard as recently as Feb. 24.

We photographed the unit sitting in the yard from a passing train on Feb. 7, 2013:

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