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When time allows as CRO Production Assistant, I am a voracious collector of railway books.  My "Off The Shelf" column will review books and DVDs that I feel would be to the appeal of our CRO readers. 

I invite you to contact me directly with questions, and with any new publications or DVD’s that would be of interest to our CRO readers for “Off the Shelf”. 


Jason Shron’s “TurboTrain: A Journey"


Jason Shron’s “TurboTrain: A Journey” is a thorough and very heartfelt look at an interesting experiment in North American passenger trains. Jason Shron is very explicitly a huge fan and supporter of the TurboTrain and he believes that it has unfairly been labelled as a failure by the railfan community. He believes that once the initial bugs were worked out, the TurboTrain provided years of reliable service on CN and then VIA Rail. This reviewer thinks he is a bit too lenient to the failings of the TurboTrain, and that much of what made up the TurboTrain was just not meant for North American railroading at the time. The book has a number of stunning photographs, the vast majority of them in colour. The book also covers Penn Central’s (and later Amtrak’s) TurboTrains in detail as well. The book is very thorough, starting with the origins of the Turbo concept and going into great detail on its different uses in service in North America. Given his interest in and enthusiasm for VIA Rail, the thought occurred to me that Jason Shron could do a great job writing a similar book on VIA’s LRC equipment. If you have the slightest interest in the TurboTrain, this book is definitely worth your while.


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