HO Walthers Sperry rail detector cars are available in 4 era specific paint schemes. All are powered and are priced at $119.98 each.


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HO scale GMD-1 Road Switcher


Product Features
HO Scale DC or DCC/Sound
5-pole, skew-wound motor with excellent slow-speed performance proven in our FP9A locomotive
Accurate dimensions from GMD blueprints and field measurements
Heavy, die-cast chassis and interior: the loco weighs almost a pound!
1000-series (6-axle) and 1900-series (4-axle) variations
Many extras included - such as large lift rings, straight stacks, sandboxes, early rad covers and cab-mounted horn - so you can choose a specific year for your locomotive.
Both walkway- and frame-mounted rerailers are included so you can customize their location to match a specific photo.
Full cab interior oriented the correct way (long hood forward for CN, short hood forward for NAR)
Up to six road numbers plus unnumbered for each paint scheme
First run paint schemes are CN (Green), CN (Black), CN (Black and Red), NAR (Grey and Blue) and Undecorated
True GMD-1 sounds recorded from #1118 (formerly #1018) on the Alberta Prairie Railway

The MSRP for the GMD-1 Locomotive is $225 (DC) or $325 (DCC and Sound). The absolute latest date you can order your GMD-1 models is 4 October 2013. Production will begin in October, with delivery in 2014. Click here for paint scheme illustrations, road numbers and product numbers.

These 52'6" gondolas were produced starting in 1943 and continuing through the 1950s for several Canadian railroads. These cars were used widely throughout the United States and Canada well into the 1980s. Many remain in company service today. This release includes an undecorated version and multiple road numbers in multiple schemes. 

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In May, Mike Zollitsch got around to finishing off the last of his Allegheny & Eastern engine for his HO scale Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad. The A&E only ever had six locomotives and now he has the whole roster!   The A&E 303 is from Athearnís semi-recent release. He made some improvements like removing the classification lights, adding lift rings, MU air hoses, cut levers, MY jumper cable stands, windshield wipers, and I changed the number from 103 to 303. Then He gave it a good dose of weathering, although he may take it back into the paint shop and tone it down with a grimy black wash.  

Coming soon from Steve: an HO scale switch carrying car


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