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When time allows as CRO Production Assistant, I am a voracious collector of railway books.  My "Off The Shelf" column will review books and DVDs that I feel would be to the appeal of our CRO readers. 

I invite you to contact me directly with questions, and with any new publications or DVD’s that would be of interest to our CRO readers for “Off the Shelf”. 

Christopher Greenlaw’s “Via Rail”

Christopher Greenlaw’s “Via Rail” is a detailed and wide-ranging book which does a good job of providing a nice overview of VIA Rail’s history and the events that led to its creation. The vast majority of the pictures inside are in colour and they do a good job of covering the various regions that VIA has served, from the Maritimes to Vancouver Island, as well as the different types of equipments, from the initial CN and CP F-units to the latest Genesis and Rennaisance equipment. The photographers used in this book include names such as Robert Sandusky, George Pitarys and Pierre Ozorák and contain a number of really standout photos, such as the one by Robert Sandusky of two VIA RDC’s toptoeing across Niagara Creek Trestle on Vancouver island, a photo so spectacular that it is afforded a two page spread. There is also nice coverage of VIA’s various motive power, such as LRC’s, FPA4’s, F-units and Turbo power cars. If you are looking for an introductory book about VIA Rail, or one with a nice range of photos, this book will fit the bill.


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