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New GE ES44AC locomotives arriving:

All units up to CN 2818, 2821, and 2824 are confirmed on the property, and assigned to manifest, coal and grain trains running in northern British Columbia east out of Prince George, BC.  Many are operating south on BC Rail trackage as these units offer superior performance on the heavy mountain grades.   At Armstrong, ON January 6th, Chris Wilson snapped brand new CN ES44AC 2818, the unit dead and drained after suffering a failure, and returned to GE for repairs. Note the cab is complete with a fridge, hot plate, and microwave. (photographed with permission).

New EMD SD70ACe locomotives coming:

CN`s 30 newest SD70ACe`s which are CN’s first General Motors built AC locomotives, are expected to begin construction later this year, numbered CN 8100-8129

In total, CN will acquire 65 new high-horsepower locomotives and is splitting the new locomotive order in two, with GE delivering 35  ES44AC 4,400 hp locomotives during 2013, and EMD building 30 SD70ACe 4,300 hp locomotives all equipped with Distributed Power (DPU) technology.

 The GE C40-8’s have all arrived:  

CREX 9023-9064 the first of 42 C40-8s (4000 hp) to be numbered CN 2000-2041 have arrived on the property. These are ex-UP same numbers, nee-CNW 8501-8542, and the second group of ex-UP, nee-CNW Dash 8’s that CN has purchased. CRO has learned that they will be painted at Centralia and later finished at either Metro East Industries (MEI) in East St. Louis, IL. or at Quality Rail in Madison, IL.  As of January 18th, all but six of the newest C40-8's are patched to CN numbers.   Only 2003, 2005, 2026, 2028, 2034, and 2036 are not showing in the system.   Everything else shows arrived at Centralia or close by. 

These CREX C40-8’s were constructed at GE - Erie, PA  in 1989, as CNW 8501-8530, and as CNW 8531-8542 during 1990.  When Union Pacific  acquired the Chicago & North Western Railroad  they got numbered UP 9023-9064, but not in sequence.  When retired by UP during 2008 and 2009,  they were sold to Citicorp Railmark and retained their UP livery and road number, with CREX on the cab sides.  Prior to being purchased by CN last year, these had been leased to CSX.

On January 11th George Redmond clicked ex-CREX 2023, and three Armor yellow siblings near the CN engine facility in Centralia, IL.

A few days later George bagged ex-CREX 9023 horribly patched “CN 2000” on January 16th by the coal chute near the CN Centralia Shop.

On January 16th George Redmond snapped CN 2611 on SB train A432, and NS SD60M 6782 on a EB NS train 25E at Centralia, IL.

On New Year's Eve, Chris Gertz caught CN eastbound #396 with (CN SD751 5736, BCOL C40-9Mu 4625, CN C44-9W 2510, ES44DC 2279 rolling  through Paris, ON with CREX Dash 8’s 9063, 9034 and 9031.



CN/GMTX SD60 STATUS as of January 2013


32 of the 43 second-hand EMD SD60 (3,800 hp) locomotives that CN acquired from GMTX last year are now repainted, upgraded to CN specifications, and in service.  


Painted and in service:

CN 5401, 5402, 5404, 5405, 5406, 5407, 5408, 5409, 5411, 5412, 5415, 5417, 5419, 5420, 5421, 5423, 5424, 5428, 5429, 5430,  5431, 5432, 5433, 5434, 5435, 5436, 5437, 5438, 5439, 5440, 5441, and 5442.


At Centralia for paint

5400, 5403, 5410* (The last one in Oakway pant), 5413, 5414, 5418, 5422, 5425, 5426, and 5427.


At contract shops:

5416  (now in CN paint, she is being completed for service).


NOTE: In next month’s issue, we will add 47 new EMD SD60’s in the EMDX  9000-series that CN has now purchased and  include all 90 on the CN roster. On January 27th the following EMDX SD60’s showed moving out of Paducah, KY.

At Fulton, KY in-transit:  9001, 9007, 9011, 9012, 9032, 9038, 9047, 9093

At Cairo, IL in-transit: 9088


Arrived at Centralia, IL: 9009, 9019, 9025, 9026, 9031, 9039, 9052, 9081, 9090, 9091.


On January 11th, George Redmond CN 5423 in new paint, and almost ready to go at the CN engine facility, Centralia, IL.

He also snapped GMTX 9054, and IC 3102 at the CN paint shop at Centralia, IL the same day.

On January 16th, George Redmond snapped the completed 5423 at Centralia, ready for service.

George bagged CN 5400 in new paint at Centralia January 23rd

December 29th brought fresh snow to Centralia, IL, covering freshly painted CN 5409 awaiting completion, and GMTX 9054 waiting its turn inside the paint shop.    

On October 31, 2012, CN bought out the lease for the IC blue C40-8W's (IC 2455-2463, 2465-2466).  Dan Braun had previously photographed this unit, IC 2460, as early as late 2009.  Other than dirt, it's appearance was essentially unchanged until recently.  He photographed the unit again December 31, 2012 on CN train A447 in Neenah, WI and noted some additions and deletions to the markings on this unit.  The nose was blank previously and now has a white CN noodle, has been added to the long hood under the large CN logo, and the markings on the lower cab that used to say "PBM by GE; Owned by LMSX" have GE and LMSX painted over, respectively.  Not all of the IC Dash 8 locomotives have received these markings

CN Locos Sold or Retired


February 2013 Recap of CN units for sale (or sold) in late 2012:


CN Yard Slug 202

CN Yard Slug 217

CN Yard Slug 219 (Unmovable)

CN Yard Slug 241 (Unmovable)

CN Yard Slug 264

CN Yard Slug 266

CN Yard Slug 269 (Unmovable)

CN Yard Slug 271

CN Yard Slug 272 (Unmovable)

CN Yard Slug 275

CN Hump Slug 501

CN Hump Slug 509

CN SW1200RS 1375 to Lambton Diesel Services (LDSX)

CN GMD1u 1406

CN GMD1u 1407

CN GMD1u 1415

CN GMD1u 1418

IC SW14 1477

IC SW14 1484

IC SW14 1490

IC SW14 1491

IC SW14 1496

IC SW14 1498

IC SW14 1500

IC SW14 1501 to Lambton Diesel Services (LDSX)

IC SW14 1505

IC SW14 1507

IC SW14 1509

IC SW14 1511

CN GP9RM 4023 (Unmovable)

CN GP9RM 7008 to the Florida Central Railway (FCEN)

CN GP9RM 7010 to Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad (PN 7010)

CN GP9RM 4118 Central Manitoba Railway (CCGX - Cando Contracting

CNGP9RM  4119 Central Manitoba Railway (CCGX - Cando Contracting

CN GP9RM 7041

CN GP9RM 7045 (Unmovable)

CN GP9RM 7061 Central Manitoba Railway (CCGX - Cando Contracting

CN GP9RM 7064

CN GP9RM 7070 (Unmovable)

CN GP9RM 7076

CN GP9RM 7207

CN GP9RM 7216

CN GP9RM 7218 (Unmovable)

CN GP9RM 7225

CN GP9RM 7235

CN GP9RM 7244

CN GP9RM 7249

CN GP9RM 7259 (Unmovable)

CN GP9RM 7262

SW1200RSu 7316 to Lambton Diesel Services (LDSX)

GTW G9RB 4618

WC SW1500 1560

BCOL B39-8E 1700

BCOL B39-8E 3901-3911 (inclusive). BCOL B39-8E (1700, and 3901-3910 were all retired back in 2011, and 3911 in December 2009 and were stored in the former IC yard at Centralia, IL.  The ex-BC Rail B39-8Es were shipped out the second week of February 2013, with some destined to Mobile, AL, and others billed to Baton Rouge, LA.  They are being prepared for export, with reports suggesting they are destined to Mexico.   They were not sold to Laird Scrapper’s, a local Chicago dealer as previously reported.  

On January 11th, 2013, BCOL B39-8E 3909 was shot by George Redmond sitting by the old IC coal chute near the CN engine facility in Centralia, IL.


CN Shop Repairs & Repaints

On a cold and snowy January 4th, 2013 at St. Jean sur Richeleau, QC,  (NECR) Montreal manifest CN 323 has rebuilt SD40-2W 5283 and SD70M-2 8823 rounding  a curve passing the former Grand Trunk Railway depot.

James Gardiner caught CN GP38-2 7500 in transit on train 148 at Brantford, ON  January 8th.  


Ian Campbell snapped these shots of CN GP38-2 7501 showing wreck damage, repairs and repaint from start to finish.  The CN team at Transcona Shop did a great job on repairs, and the locomotive was displayed at the CN Transcona’s 100 Year Anniversary Open House last year.


CN News

Jack Morgan snapped SOU F7Au 9177 at Dixmoor. IL January 13th, 2013 relettered for her new owner Norfolk Southern.



Brian Thompson submitted a view of CN F7Au 9177, with winterization panels installed, at London, ON on March 5, 1988. NRE sold ex-CN 9177 to Norfolk Southern along with former C&NW F7A 407, and ex-CP F7B 1019.


Here is another view of the odd looking winter hatches that were deigned to be used in plow service, this time on CN 9167.  Photo by by Mike Stellpflug.


Passing through Hamlet, NC over CSX are (Carolina Southern) CALA F7B 6622 and CALA F7A 9163 with their trucks on the adjoining flat cars. These were purchased by Iowa Pacific Holdings (Ed Ellis) and are to be rebuilt by Knoxville Locomotive Works.  The units are presently in Alamosa, CO.




Early in the year, CN suffered an accident south of Pemberton, BC  at Green River on the former BC Rail Squamish Subdivision. On January 3rd, 2013 a driver lost control at a level crossing, and hit the rear of a freight train.  Three empty grain cars on the northbound freight derailed with one slipping over the overpass blocking Hwy 99 (the “Sea to Sky Highway”) north of Whistler, BC.

New crude oil trains began arriving at Saint John over CN and the  PanAm Railway  U-ELUCNS0-01T departed Eland around 23:00 01-01;  On January 2nd,  CN crude oil train U70091 02 departed Chicago (Markham Yard) bound for New Brunswick.

CN Photos

Wayne D. Shaw snapped CN local 595 with CN GP9RM 4132 shoving hard to move six boxcars up the grade to the Panoloam plant on a wintery December 11th, 2012 in Huntsville ON.

Wayne also shot CN 4132 on January 7th. After dropping 6 cylindrical hoppers at the KWH Pipe plant at the north end of Huntsville Yard 4132 is seen backing up to get back on the main so they can head into the yard to finish up the switching.  The bridge in the background carries the CN Newmarket Sub. over the Muskoka River northward to North Bay.

Mark A. Perry snapped CN 438 at Symington December 31st, 2012 with a GE-built ES44AC and C40-8M up front.

Mark also clicked this fancy mural on the Symington Diesel Shop entrance.

At the CN Transcona Shop, Mark snapped two of the homemade idler cars 001 and 003.

Dead in tow IC SD40-3 6137 arrived in Winnipeg January 14th, and is currently outside the Symington Shop. It was retired a few years ago and was later leased to a terminal in Prince George, BC.  GTW GP9RB 4611 is also at Symington Shop.

On January 3rd, George Redmond snapped GTW SD40-2 5934 on a SB welded rail train unloading rail for main 1 in Centralia, IL. 

Early on the morning of January 5th CN GP9RM 4100 trails EJE SD38-2 667 as they haul their train off of the Neenah Wye and head for the yard in Neenah, WI.  In recent months CN 4100 was a regular at the yard at Fond du Lac, WI and handles local work there with CN GP9RM 4028.



Greeting the rising sun on January 5th,  EJE SD38-2 667 and trailing CN GP9RM 4100 comes off the Neenah Wye and head for the Yard in Neenah, WI. 


Christopher Bodkin snapped A432 with a colourful and diverse assortment of power, as it passes through Carbondale, IL January 24th.  CN C40-8M 2436 leads C44-9W 2566, GTW GP38-2 4910, and IC SD70 1010.



Wayne King snapped the CN LNG test consist running back and forth between Edmonton and Fort McMurray.  The extreme cold weather has apparently not caused any major operational issues with the LNG system.


Jessie Acorn snapped WC GP40-2 3026 restarted, and part of a switching slug consist at Walker Yard in Edmonton. Over the next few months the locomotive will be sent to Woodcrest for repaint. Just behind is Canadian National’s pair of Liquefied Natural Gas test units (CN SD40-2W 5258 and 5261 with the LNG tank car between them which are in captive service between Edmonton and Fort McMurray, AB Jesse also caught RSSX 1081 January 1st at Redwater, AB on an industrial lead off CN's Beamer spur.

CN Vignettes

Jim Parker submitted the following Vignettes with CN RDC 1 6103, 6111, RDC3 6355, and RDC4 6453 at Spadina (Toronto, ON) between 1969 and 1973.


A good roster shot of  CN SW1200 7024 (photo mislabeled an SW12), resting between assignments at Fort Erie, ON  in April 1975.



CANADIAN PRAIRIE VIGNETTE:  In July 1981, Keith Bowler snapped CN GMD1's 1036 and 1001 switching the elevators at Glaslyn Sk, with a train originating out of Prince Albert Sask.  Note at the white Pool elevator they were still using box car along with hoppers and the black color at the top right hand corner of the photo is the station name board.

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