TTC News:
In mid-January new Toronto Rocket (TR) set 5661-5666 was noted in testing service. Deliveries have slowed, partially because of labour and parts issues (mentioned in the January issue of CRO) and as a result there are still a few mid-70's Hawker Siddeley H5 trainsets in service. To date, no en-masse H6 replacements have begun. Both classes of subway car are scheduled to be fully replaced by the new TR's.

New TTC Bombardier LRV 4401 was sighted looking externally complete at Bombardier's plant in Thunder Bay.
Rumours are it and 4402 are scheduled to arrive at the TTC in March of 2012, with on-road testing expected later in the year. So far, only TTC 4400 has been delivered, currently at Hillcrest Shops undergoing familiarization and evaluation.