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New Roadnames For Popular Tangent Models in HO Scale


HO Scale Athearn Genesis GP7 Locomotives


Kato N Scale SD40-2
Special Railmiles Reservation Prices Now In Effect - Limited Time!



Bowser Announces a NEW RUN of Trinity 53' "RAF 33C" & "RAF 53C" Spine Cars - 3 & 5-Unit Sets

Price 99.99



New HO Broadway Ltd Steam locomotives.


Trueline HO CN/GTW eight hatch reefers.  We still have a few of the CN and Grand Trunk Western eight hatch reefers left in stock. Several different numbers, $44.98 each

Just Announced














Cape Cod House - Kit
  • Typical Postwar Suburban Home Design
  • Built Coast-to-Coast - Still Popular Today
  • Fits Steam and Diesel Eras
  • Includes 2 Different Front Walls & 2 Doors for Prototype Variety
  • Molded in 3 Colors & Clear Plastic


HO WalthersProto™ 40' Trinity 14,000-Gallon Molten Sulfur Tank Car

  • New Schemes!
  • Limited Edition - One Time Run of These Roadnumbers!
  • 1990s to Current Era
  • Factory-Installed Grab Irons
  • Underbody Details Including Steam Inlet & Outlet Piping, Brake Pipe & Rods
  • See-Through Etched-Metal Walkways & End Platforms
  • Ultra-Smooth Rolling Metal Axles & 36" Wheelsets
  • Proto MAX™ Metal Knuckle Couplers

Exxon Mobil Corp. ECUX
Exxon Mobil Corp. ECUX
920-100013 #299003
920-100014 #299078
TransRail Inc. TASK
TransRail Inc. TASK
920-100019 #7186
920-100020 #7190
Conoco Phillips PPRX
Conoco Phillips PPRX
920-100015 #13631
920-100016 #13699
Trinity Industries Leasing TCPX
Trinity Industries Leasing TCPX
920-100021 #70023
920-100022 #70038
General American Marks SALX
General American Marks SALX
920-100017 #8167
920-100018 #8190
Trinity Industries Leasing TILX
Trinity Industries Leasing TILX
920-100023 #135306
920-100024 #135343

New Tooling - NSC 50 Foot Exterior Post Boxcar - Roadnames announced!

Built from 1977 to 1989 in several variations, the initial release will feature the 1980, 
1989, and 1990-built cars with
10-rib ends, 10' exterior post sliding plug doors, 
straight or tapered door posts.

014-300800 BCIT Built 1980, Angled Door post, Green
6#'s available 
300801 (Road #850001); 300802 (Road #850008); 300803 (Road #850012);
300804 (Road #850015); 300805 (Road #850017); 300806 (Road #850020)

014-300807 BCOL Built 1980, Angled door post, Green
6#'s available 
300808 (Road #851001); 300809 (Road #851004); 300810 (Road #851006);
300811 (Road #851009); 300812 (Road #851011); 300813 (Road #851013)

014-300814 CNIS Built 1980, Angled door post, Box car Red
6#'s available 
300815 (Road #413381 w/noodle); 300816 (Road #413383 w/noodle); 300817 (Road #413199 w/;
300818 (Road #413154 w/noodle); 300819 (Road #413150 w/noodle); 300820 (Road #413085 w/

014-300821 CNIS Built 1989, Straight door post. Box car Red
6#'s available 
300822 (Road #412016 w/; 300823 (Road #412021 w/; 300824 (Road #412046 w/;
300825 (Road #412037 w/; 300826 (Road #412050 w/noodle); 300827 (Road #412073 w/

014-300828 CNIS Built 1990, Angled door post, Box car Red w/noodle
6#'s available 
300829 (Road #413200); 300830 (Road #413202); 300831 (Road #413340);
300832 (Road #413549); 300833 (Road #413551); 300834 (Road #413584)

014-300835 Ontario Northland Built 1990, Angled door post, ONR Blue/Yellow
6#'s available 
300836 (Road #7406); 300837 (Road #7410); 300838 (Road #7429);
300839 (Road #7443); 300840 (Road #7440); 300841 (Road #7449)

MSRP $44.95
Delivery 2014


Called the Sorel Richelieu and Saint Laurent Railroad. The Sorel-Tracy HO club in Sorel, Quebec holds a large operation session four times a year. During the last session March 10th, Jean-Pierre Cadieux photographed his brand new Intermountain CN SD40-2W models (CN nos. 5304, 5337, and  5249) . The SR&StL layout represents a local type railroad with a point to point single mainline between Montreal and Sorel.  With 10 main line trains,  several large industries, (including a large steel mill, oil and chemical refinery, coal mine and intermodal yard) and two terminal yards in Sorel and Montreal, It will keep 20 operators busy for and entire day. It uses train order and waybill operation between Montreal and points east and west. Train crews use handheld  DCC throttles from North Coast Engineering (NCE) system.  The layout also has animated scenic features, Fully lit industries, moving lighted HO vehicles From Faller Car System, an operating air balloon and more.  (J-P Cadieux photos).

Join us on Facebook:!/pages/Chemin-de-Fer-Sorel-Richelieu-et-St-Laurent/129214287194241

On our web site you can read more about the SOREL TRACY CLUB and see their track plan:

CPR SW1200RS #8151


CRO GO TRANSIT Editor Daniel Dell’Unto, showed off his  custom painted CPR 8151, one of CP's fleet of 72 GMD SW1200RS switchers.



CP 8151 is familiar as it was a Toronto, Ontario assigned unit for many years, and toady is working as Ontario Southland 1244!  Dan modeled her as she appeared in 1970.  It was custom-built from a Proto 2000 SW9 with a number of parts additions and body modifications, and extensive work to retrofit a pair of Athearn Flexicoil sideframes onto the trucks.


It's still missing a few parts such as the cut levers, step stripes and MU plugs, but it's basically complete. Painted with True Line Trains paints and lettered using a combination of Black Cat and Microscale decals.  Dan also has an action red one in progress as 8163 for completion at a later date.


Modeling CP RAIL GP9 8530


Dan Dell’Unto completed his HO Scale CP GP9 8530 which features the extended rear sand bunker.   This model originally started off with a spare Proto 2000 B&O torpedo tube GP7 I had nothing to do with, purchased from Georges' Trains because the price was right. I was thinking of chopping the nose for fun, then started looking around at early CP chop-nose units that would fit my mainly 70's modeling period. I saw a few shots of 8530 after its wreck rebuild in 1975 and noticed it got a modified GP7 long hood that I could use part of mine for. Bonus points were awarded for the pointed short hood, extended sandboxes and full front cab stripes. All those little details made it somewhat of a unique oddball that no manufacturer would probably ever do compared to the dozens of "normal" rebuilt units, so 8530 it was (ironically, I have photographed it as rebuilt 8203 numerous times around the Toronto area, still going after all these years).

The short version of the build: I removed all of the unit's detailed parts and stripped it of its paint in 99% isopropyl alcohol. The nose was chopped and filled in with body putty and styrene to create the pointed edge, slots were cut out at the bottom for the access doors near the frame. The middle front windows and number boards were cut out of an old Athearn GP38-2 cab and glued in the GP9 cab.  I cut the long hood into 3 pieces, discarded the middle, and replaced it with one from a GP18 shell with dynamic brakes (super glued together and re-enforced from the inside with styrene), as well as rearranging some carbody vents. The rear sandboxes were build out with styrene according to photos that Bruce sent. I modified some of the vents on the battery boxes under the cab, and the full frame skirts were cut back above the fuel tanks as per photos. As this was going to be a 1970's-era model, no modifications to the steps and handrails were needed. A pair of later-style footboards were installed, and a "normal" fuel/air tank assembly replaced the large passenger one under the frame.

The chassis/frame/drive was difficult as I had cut down the large chassis weight in the nose to clear the short hood, and had to mill the sides of the weight to clear the styrene strips that re-enforced the long hood. 

After the major work was done, a lot of detailed parts were added (too numerous to list), some more modifications to the body, followed by some final sanding and filing to get everything ready for painting. The model was airbrushed with True Line Trains Action Red and Tamiya black (with a coat of CPR Diesel Grey as primer), I actually made an error the first time on the long hood and had to strip and repaint it over again. The lettering and numbering was done using decals from a few different Microscale sets (there's something like 50 small decals on the frame alone for all the lettering). The cab front took the most time to do, as the striping had to be cut to fit on and around the various cab parts. Everything was clear coated after and some final details were added (window glazing, class lights, windshield wipers, grabs & handrails, etc).

All and all, I am quite happy with how it turned out!  Dan Dell'Unto


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