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Hi Will,


Officially the former CP rails are still in service between Rigaud and Hudson but are not used in regular service. Last year I was lucky enough to ride on a hi-rail truck between Hudson and Rigaud. AMT retains the right to reactivate the line. It is easier to reactivate an officially active line than an out of service line like the CSX line between Beauharnois and Adirondack Junction or a rail banked line that has been "temporarily” converted into a rail to trail as VIA's M&O given that trail enthusiasts and adjacent NIMBYs will probably object to reactivation of the RR. I took a look at VIA's M&O line between Rigaud River Bridge and the Ontario border. ATV enthusiasts use the RoW. The rails have been lifted west of Rigaud River. The City of Rigaud has plans to convert into a rail to trail.   Also, the latest HSR study ruled out the use of the M&O because of the presence of the trail and probably because they were considering very high
speed rail and not just higher speed.

Avrom Shtern

Montreal, QC


- Authentic Leslie Horn cluster
- The horns are one piece, cast aluminium
- The horns are cast 25, 31 and 44 (C, D# and A respectively), which makes it an SL3
- All the horns are forward facing
- The paint appears original
- The horns have no cracks
- It has dome-shaped back caps (first used in 1965, replaced in 1977)
- It has (R) (the copyright symbol) cast in the frame which was used starting in 1969
- They are HUGE
I have tried the horns and they work, but they take a large volume of air. To hear what they sound like here's a clip of someone testing an SL3 from Youtube; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybnVFVEXSo

I am not an expert on American railroadiana and I do not collect it. These horns are nice but I've since acquired examples of Canadian locomotive horns, and this set no longer 'fits' in my collection. I've researched recent sales over the last 6 months and they are anywhere from $450-850 (E-bay, locomotive horn group listings, ect, ect). I would like $500 for mine. I would prefer that they go to another collector who will appreciate them for what they are, instead of being used on somebody's pick up truck or in an arena.
If anyone is interested please let me know by dropping me a line and we'll take it from there.

Thom Cholowski
Saskatoon, SK

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My friend George Redmond is always trying out new and unique photo angles and took this view on March 27th showing the DPU power on a southbound coal load (CN 2157 and 8811) taken from inside the Amtrak station at Centralia, IL.

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