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Electro Motive Diesel

UNION PACIFIC SD59MX UP 9902 was seen outside of Salt Lake City, UT en route to California on March 20 by Brad Ogden. The 9902 was spotted at EMD late last year by the Roundup Editor. There were no apparent modifications made to the locomotive.


BNSF RAILWAY’s first SD32ECO has been completed by Progress Rail in Tacoma, WA. BNSF 1352 was built using ex-BNSF 6480, an EMD SD45-2 originally built in 1972. The remanufacture date on this locomotive is March 2013. According to an online report by Mark Gillings, the locomotive will be used in Kansas City, KS.

 Mark also shot two photos of the unit:



 The unit departed the same day these photos were taken, March 9, 2013, on a train from Tacoma to Omaha, NE.

National Railway Equipment

NATIONAL RAILWAY EQUIPMENT’S Tier 4-compliant 2GS21B-R genset, NREX 2015, went to work on the RICHMOND PACIFIC RAILWAY in Richmond, CA last week. RPRC is leasing the 2015 for a year-long workout. Some funding for the lease was provided by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The unit carries logos for both entities on the hood and cab.


We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the 2015 next month, including getting a little bit better look at the initial impressions of the Richmond Pacific’s managers regarding the engine. In the mean time, the editor was fortunate enough to shoot several photos of the locomotive at work in Richmond.


Progress Rail Services

PACIFIC HARBOR LINE is reportedly leasing two PR30C six axle locomotives from Progress Rail for use on its harbor switching line in Long Beach, CA. PRLX 3000 and 3006 are reported as en route from Progress’ facility in Mayfield, KY.


According to a report by Robert Del Grosso, “PRLX 3005 (model PR30C – ed.) was seen at Barstow, California, on 03/24/13 renumbered to BNSF 1323. The engine number is placed below the cab windows with a small all black BNSF swoosh logo. The engine number is also at the rear corners of the carbody. Otherwise, it is still in the UP yellow paint scheme.”

Railpower Technologies

ALABAMA STATE PORT AUTHORITY RP14BD TASD 802 was spotted completely painted and in Mobile, AL on March 28, 2013. The locomotive is a former EMD MP15DC of the same number, built new in the 1980’s.


Thomas H. Parker got a photo of the locomotive in Mobile on March 28:

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