CP Motive Power News


In mid-March, Canadian National Railway sold two cars from their executive fleet to the Canadian Pacific Railway and now numbered CP 2 and CP 1.   Track inspection theater car CN 1060 “Sanford Fleming” ( “CP2”),  and CN heavyweight platform observation car 1058 (“CP1”)  were enroute from Woodcrest Shop (Chicago), to Quality Rail in East St. Louis, IL for repaint.  




“Sandford Fleming” has a rear glassed-in observation deck  with theatre style seating inside. To protect it when not being used and in transit, the car carries a protective grill over the large window on the rear. The three vertical bars shown in the first photo above are part of this  they help support the fine steel mesh. The grill is removed when the car is in use with riders. 


In July 1998, Brian D. Switzer snapped the “Sanford Fleming” wearing  CNR green, black and yellow on the tail end of a CN OCS train passing through Burlington, ON.  A few years later she was repainted into the new CN red and cream corporate livery.

CP Units Retired (or Sold) Recap

Locomotives sold during 2013:


Former CP GP40-2 4654 and 4655 and ex-SOO GP40 2041 arrived at Metro East Industries East St. Louis, IL.  Retired in November 2012, SOO GP40 2041, and the GP40-2’s were retired in August and sold in January 2013   According to our sources, they are to be rebuilt into GP38-2’s.   In January retired SW1200RS 1237, 1250, and 1251 were  sold to NRE - Silvis, IL and SW1200RS 1239 and 1241 were sold to Independent Diesel services in Thief River Falls, MN.

Locomotives retired in 2013:   


CP GP7u 1509, CP GP9u 1599, 1626, 1630, and 1694, CP Slugs 1127 and 1128 were retired in Winnipeg, and sent to Moose Jaw, SK. for scrapping.  The pair were previously mated to GP38-2 (Mother’s) 3027 and 3028.    CP 3027 is currently at CAD for overhaul.    


In February, CP removed the surplus power for sale posting on their website concerning SD9043MAC (CP 9100-9128, 9130-9132, 9134-9137, 9139-9160), currently stored in Winnipeg, MB.  CRO has not ascertained if there was a buyer, but if unsold there these will be retired and scrapped.

Ten former Iowa Chicago & Eastern GP40-2’s have left CP property following expiration of their lease.  Last month the 10 were sold to Helm Leasing and were enroute to Metro East Industries in East St Louis, IL.


CP AC4400CW units stored in March 2013:


In March, CP 9810, 9562, 8613, and 9545 were moved DIT from storage in Montreal to Toronto for storage.  Currently stored system-wide are: CP 8533, 8561, 8613, 8628, 8645. 9536, 9537, 9539, 9540, 9544, 9545, 9555, 9559, 9562, 9564, 9567, 9573, 9574, 9579, 9582, 9586, 9616, 9654, 9674, 9700, 9708, 9711, 9713* (Stored Unserviceable after a third person crossing accident in Tilly, AB), 9719, 9724, 9733,  9757, 9774, 9781, 9784, 9801,  9802 and 9810.  


The following CP AC4400CW’s are earmarked for CAD, and will arrive as space to do the work becomes available:   CP 9554, 9556, 9558, 9649 , 9560, 9521, 9523, 9803, 8639, 9725,  9750, 9751, 9810, 8520, 9517, 9524, 9825, 9831, 8624,  9735,  9822,  9622, and  9527.   Two of these, CP 9725 and 9750 had arrived at the CAD facility in March, along with CP leased CEFX AC4400CW 1037 and 1029.


The CP St-Luc Diesel Shop in Montreal continues to do engine change-outs on their older GE AC4400CW’s.  Here are several images taken with permission in early March, showing the work being done on CPRS 9528.  With their inventory of traction motors, prime movers and other large and small replacement parts, the Montreal shop and their employees have been serving the Canadian Pacific Railway’s motive power needs for over half a century!      


Andy Cassidy visited Coquitlam Diesel Shop a few months back and grabbed some interior cab shots of CP AC4400CW 9574.  She was Tied Up Serviceable at this time on the east end of the shop tracks, and had suffered from an engine-room fire. The reflective decals have given way to some serious corrosion from underneath, making it difficult to replace the side sill reflective strips.  Also to note in picture 007 is the hand railing extension right behind the cab on top of the left side High Voltage Electrical cab. The original configuration for this handrail can be seen to terminate just below the top of the side window up front. This was a problem identified when we first got the units because when staff had to get up there to clean the small rear window, they were high enough to require formal Fall Protection because this handrail was too low. To make a long story short, we had an extension piece added to bring the top rail up to the cab roof height to provide the proper protection, as you can see in this photo. GE subsequently modified the remaining fleet and equipped all new order with the appropriate height handrail.


 He also submitted interesting shots of various control stands from the different generations of GE’s. (Taken with permission). The CP 9820 (GE AC4400CW), is 2004 vintage. The CP 8891 (GE ES44AC), is 2008 vintage and has the now standard AAR style control stand. The CP 9533 (GE AC4400CW), is 1995 Vintage with the original desk style controls that are similar to that of the 9820. Then, last but not least is a shot of the control stand of the local switcher, CP 1589 (GMD GP9u), that is still in active service at Coquitlam. No electronic brakes on this baby.

 CP AC4400CW 9820 Cab Interior

CP ES44AC 8891 Cab Interior, 

CP AC4400CW  9533 Cab Interior, 


CP GP9u 1589 Cab Interior



CP GP38-2 Overhaul Update:

The overhaul of GP38-2’s for Tier 0+ compliance, equipping them with AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop), and repainting them into CP livery is spread over three facilities: Cadrail Diesel Services, EMD-Progress Rail and at National Railway Equipment. It is interesting to note, there have been no new arrivals for overhaul at Mayfield, KY, and the last one was released from EMD/Progress Rail at the end of January.  As well,  the first of CP’s GP38AC and D&H GP38-2 units are now included. 


GP38-2’s to be overhauled at CAD Railway Services Lachine, QC:


CP 3027


GP38-2's released from EMD-Progress Rail (Mayfield, KY):   


CP 3024, 3025, 3038, 3040, 3041, 3042, 3048, 3057, 3061, 3062, 3066, 3111, 3117, 3126, 3127, 3128, 3129, 3133, and (former SOO) CP 4414, 4415, 4418, 4424, 4427, 4428, 4436, 4446, 4447, 4450, 4506, 4513, 4514, and 4515   completing the contract.    

At present there are no more GP38-2's  scheduled for  overhauled at EMD-Progress Rail (Mayfield, KY):



GP38-2’s released from NRE (Silvis, IL):


CP 3033, 3075, 3103, 3124, 3134, CP 4426 (Former Soo Line).


GP38-2's to be overhauled at NRE (Silvis, IL):


CP GP38AC 3007, GP38-2  3084 (CPR Script Paint),

STLH (ex-D&H) 7308. SOO 4439 as well as CP F9B 1900 (CPR livery) .  Note

CP 3084, and CP F9B 1900 are at NRE for a mini-overhaul, and will  remain in their current CP Tuscan red and grey.

SOO SD60 Overhaul Update:

SOO SD60 overhaul update:

CAD Railway Services (Lachine, QC) continue to overhaul 26 SOO SD60’s and four SD60M’s to Tier 0+ compliance, equip them with AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop) to conserve fuel, and repaint and renumber to CP 6200-series.  The entire rebuilt SD60 fleet will receive (PTC) Positive Train Control modifications at the CP St-Luc Diesel Shop.



In Service:


CP SD60 6231 (ex-SOO 6031) released January 20th, 2013

CP SD60 6249 (ex-SOO 6049) released December 21st , 2012

CP SD60 6238 (ex-SOO 6038) released December 4th, 2012

CP SD60 6256 (ex-SOO 6056) released November 29, 2012

CP SD60 6246 (ex-SOO 6046) released November 20, 2012.  

CP SD60 6230 (ex-SOO 6030) released November 1st, 2012

CP SD60 6236 (ex-SOO 6036) released October 26th, 2012

CP SD60 6221 (ex-SOO 6021) released October 6th, 2012.

CP SD60 6223 (ex-SOO 6023) released September 20th, 2012

CP SD60 6257 (ex-SOO 6057) released August 31st. 2012

CP SD60 6234 (ex-SOO 6034) released August 15th, 2012

CP SD60 6252 (ex-SOO 6052) released July 25th, 2012   

CP SD60 6255 (ex-SOO 6055) released June 21st, 2012

CP SD60 6229 (ex-SOO 6029) released June 5th, 2012

CP SD60 6243 (ex-SOO 6043) released April 20th 2012

CP SD60 6254 (ex-SOO 6054) released March 29th 2012

CP SD60 6245 (ex-SOO 6045) released March 6th 2012

CP SD60 6242 (ex-SOO 6042) released March 1st 2012

CP SD60M 6260 (ex-SOO 6060) released January 13th 2012

CP SD60 6228 (ex-SOO 6028) released December 16th 2011

CP SD60 6225 (ex-SOO 6025) released December 1st 2011

CP SD60 6241 (ex-SOO 6041) released November 2011

CP SD60 6240 (ex-SOO 6040) released October 2011

CP SD60 6250 (ex-SOO 6050) released October 2011


At Cadrail:


SOO SD60 6039, arrived at St-Luc December 21st

SOO SD60M 6058 arrived at St-Luc December 21st   

SOO SD60M 6059 arrived at St-Luc December 21st.

SOO SD60 6047 arrived in Montreal January 17th

SOO SD60 6048 arrived in Montreal January 17th

SOO SD60M 6062 arrived  in Montreal January 18th  


At Horner, MN, Dennis Weber bagged CP-SD60 6223 leading SD40-2’s DM&E-6097 and  ICE-6410 on CP 296 in March.



Eric Salter and Bill Miller listed the remaining SOO LINE painted SD60’s and SD60M’s:


Currently Running

SOO 6026  SHERBROOKE, QC  03/21


SOO 6061  HARVEY, ND  02/21


Out of service:


SOO 6022  SAINT PAUL, MN  03/21

SOO 6027  AGINCOURT, ON  01/08 since 9/8/12

SOO 6032  AGINCOURT, ON  01/09 since 9/17/12

SOO 6033  ST PAUL, MN  11/28 since 11/28/12
SOO 6034  LA SALLE, PQ  09/30

SOO 6035  AGINCOURT, ON  01/08 since 9/16/12,

SOO6037  ST PAUL since 9/14/12 (281-13)


SOO 6039  ST LUC, PQ  12/20

SOO 6044  AGINCOURT, ON  01/08 since 9/8/12,



SOO 6048  ST LUC 1/17/13 (ZZ77, arrived on 282-14)

SOO 6051  ST PAUL, MN  03/13
SOO 6053  ST PAUL  since 9/10/12 (271-08)
SOO 6058  ST LUC, PQ  12/20
SOO 6059  ST LUC, PQ  12/20
SOO 6062  ST LUC, PQ  01/11

It is the end of the line for 17 former CEFX / SOO LINE SD60’s stored at the Norfolk Southern’s Norris Yard in Irondale, AL  The entire line up is earmarked for scrapping. This photo was taken with permission by Bradley Bates on March 8th

CP SD30C-ECO Update:

A large group of CP SD40-2’s are now being rebuilt at EMD-Progress shops to meet Tier 0+ US emissions standards are in Mayfield, Kentucky.  CRO has learned the order is behind schedule and will not be completed until late this year.  These rebuilt SD30Cs are to be numbered beginning at CP 5000.  The SD30C-ECOs are basically rebuilt from SD40-2 cores and frames, and powered by a new 12 cylinder 3000 hp 12-710G3F engine. Similar to recent locomotives delivered by GE and EMDI, except for the headlight and ditch lights, LED lighting is expected.  CP SD30C-ECO 5004 was photographed completed at EMD’s facility in Mayfield, Kentucky in January.

On February 13th, CP  SD30CECO 5005 was almost complete at Progress Rail in Mayfield, KY, seen here in front of the shop.

Further information about ECO re-powering can be found here:


The following 20 CP SD40-2's are to be done over the next 12 months:  5415, 5672, 5691, 5728, 5734, 5735, 5745, 5789, 5869, 5918, 5933, 5934, 5950, 5971, 5980, 5983, 6027, 6039, 6056 and 6606.


The following SD40-2's and SD40-2F's are the proposed units for ECO rebuild beginning in mid-in 2013:  SD40-2’s 5648, 5787, 5795, 5844, 5902, 5924, 5930, 5931, 5940, 5944, 5947, 5948, 5967, 5992, 5997, 5998, and 6006, and SD40-2F’s:  9000, 9002, 9005, 9010, 9016, 9018, 9022, and 9024.


Stew Windstandly snapped photos of CP 5000, 5001, 5005, 5006 and 5007 at Progress Rail Services in Mayfield, KY, on March 15th.  It was his first trip to Kentucky where he also noted a G&W locomotive at NRE VMV in Paducah.


CP GP20C-ECO Update:

Two months ago, CP  began taking delivery of the first order for GP20C-ECO locomotives from the EMD’s new plant in Muncie, IN.    The emissions decals on the sides of the units indicate the units only meet EPA Tier 0+ specifications.  This is likely because enough components from the scrapped GP9s used in the program were incorporated into the locomotives that they are considered rebuild locomotives and not new construction, despite their having new frames and all new bodies.  The 30 GP20C-ECO units (CP  2200-2229), will be assigned to St-Paul, MN, releasing 30 CP GP38-2’s already assigned there.   All have been delivered except for CP 2219, which is still at Muncie.

On March 20th, Jacob Nelson photographed a lone GP20C-ECO (CP 2208 threading its way through Shoreham Yard at University Junction at Minneapolis, MN.

Arrival dates of the CPR 2200’s on the property: 

(Compiled by Ken Perry and Bruce Chapman with thanks).


CP 2210, 2211, 2212, 2213, 2214 and 2215 arrived CP Bensenville 2013-01-01.

CP 2200, 2201, 2202, 2205, 2206, 2207, 2208 (AEI as 2008, since corrected)

and 2209 arrived CP Bensenville 2013-01-09.

CP 2203, 2204, 2216, 2217, 2218, 2220, 2221 and 2222 arrived CP Bensenville 2013-01-11.   No AEI trace found for CP 2219, 2223, 2224, 2225, 2226, 2227, 2228 or 2229.

UMLER shows:  CP 2200 as ex-1528, 2201 ex-1568, 2202 ex-1501,  CP 2203 as ex-1525. 2204 ex-1567,  2205 ex-1697,  2206 ex-1515, 2207  ex-1581, 2208, ex-1638, 2209 ex-8240,  2210 ex-1566,  2211 ex-1603,  2212 ex-1682, 2213 ex-1505,  2214 ex-1696, 2215 ex-1611, 2216 ex-1565,  2217 ex-1617, 2218 ex-1503,  2219 ex-8229, 2220 ex-1588,  2221 ex-1644, 2222, ex-1570, 2223 ex-1569, 2224 ex-8264, 2225 ex-1621, 2226 ex-1519,  2227 ex-1612 2228 ex-1615, and CP 2229 shows as ex-1639.  

CP have now earmarked 61 more that are destined to Port Coquitlam over the next year, or more including many GP9u’s still in service now.  One surprise in March was that ICE GP9 103, 105, 114 are enroute to Coquitlam, BC for stripping.


These GP7u/GP9u loco’s are retired and tied up and will pass through  Coquitlam, BC  pending cannibalization for usable components at the SRY shops in New Westminster, BC,  Later on these will be scrapped at ABC Metals in Langly, BC.   CP 1599 was finally moved from long term storage in Montreal,  to Coquitlam as well.


CP 1508, 1509, 1514, 1526, 1530, 1531, 1538, 1543, 1546, 1557, 1573, 1574, 1575, 1599, 1604. 1607, 1609, 1610, 1612, 1614, 1615, 1618, 1626, 1628, 1630, 1632, 1636, 1639, 1647, 1649, 1652, 1687, 1691, 1694, and 8214, 8227, 8230, and 8237.  As of February  2013, a total of 33 units had arrived at the CP yard in Coquitlam, BC for stripping at SRY.  CP 1652, 1530, 1691, 1618, and 1612 were moved to SRY in New Westminster, BC in February, being stripped and prepped for scrapping.    


On March 11th CP GP9u  1639, 1508, 1509, 1615, 1557, 8227, 8230, 1614, 1538, 1609, 1647, 1636, 1632, 1692, 1575, 1599, 1626, 1687, 1694, 1607, 1610, 1573, 1574, 1514, 8237, 1543, 1020, 1010, 1628, 1546, 8214, and 1630 were all seen at the Coquitham Diesel Shop.    (CP 1686 was not seen).   The last batch to go to SRY are: 1612, 1618, 1691, 1530, and 1652.


The following GP7u/GP9u locos have already been scrapped at ABC Metals:

CP 1501, 1503, 1505, 1515, 1519, 1525, 1528, 1565, 1566, 1567, 1568, 1569, 1570, 1581, 1588,1603, 1611, 1617, 1621, 1638, 1644, 1649, 1682, 1692, 1696, 1697, 8224, 8229, 8240, 8242,and 8264.

Mark Forseille snapped CP GP9u 1626, 1628, 1630, and 1639 at Coquitlam, BC March 3rd.   The quartet destined to SRY for stripping and preparation before scrapping at ABC Metals.


The same day, Mark bagged CP 1509, 1599,1687, and 1694 awaiting the same fate.   



In the Dead Line at the Coquitlam Diesel Shop, (Mile 111.9, CP Cascade Sub) on February 23td, Andy Cassidy shot  CP GP9u 1599 and 1630.  

Andy Cassidy also bagged CP 1509 in the deadline at Coquitlam Diesel Shop  Mile 111.9, CP Cascade Sub on March 2nd.  She is earmarked for stripping and then scrapping.


CP Leased Locomotives on the property in March


CEFX (AC4400CW) IN SERVICE: 1002, 1006, 1007, 1014, 1018-1020, 1023, 1024, 1026-1059.   (SOO-owned on paper as of February 28th 2011)


CITX (SD40-2) STORED: 2783, 2792, 2799, 2804, 3008, 3024, 3026, 3035, 3036,  3053, 3054, 3055, 3057, 3059, 3060, 3061, 3062, 3064, 3065, 3066, 3067, 3070, 3071, 3072, 3073, 3074, 3075, 3078, 3080, 3082, , 3083, 3086, 3089,  3090, 3091, 3092, 3095, 3097, 3098, 3099  3100, 3101, 3127, 3157, 3163, 3166, 3177, and 3182 are off lease and stored at various locations on CP.  In July, 3032 was removed from storage at Coquitlam, BC and sent to the SRY for lease.  


CITX (SD40-2) IN SERVICE:  2785, 2794, 2796, 3056, 3058, 3063,

3077, 3079. 3081, 3088, 3101, 3102, 3110, and 3170.


Previously stored at St. Paul, MN CITX 3127, 3065  3172, 3071, 3101, 3166, 3163, and 3082  were noted at St-Luc in Montreal and are now leased to the MM&A (Montreal Maine and Atlantic)   These CITX SD40-2’s will replace the SOO SD60’s and CP SD40-2’s leased to MM&A, which the railway pays a higher premium to lease,   Richard Marchi submitted these shots.



CP Photos


CP Train H-19 boasts a variety of diesel paint schemes as CPRS 4618, CP 4509, and SOO-4413 roll by Dakota, MN. On March 21st. 



On March 17th, CP Train H-20 has a pure white SOO LINE consist on March as  GP38-2 4425, 4451, and 4429 blast through Goodview, MN.



ICE SD40-2 6452 leads CP train 270 over the River Sub at Dresbach. MN March 3rd.



Dennis Weber also bagged ICE Train 270 with  colourful KCS 4706 and 4703 at  LaCrescent, MN March 1st.  The KCS units are Run-Through-Power  on  Unit Grain Empties / Loads, that  run between Kansas City to  Mason.  City,Iowa.  Guessing   CP  Just   Decided  to use  the Engine's  away  from their Normal  Route.



CP Train 2-285 has NS 9657 and 9767 as the power passing through LaCrosse,WI March 11th.


SOO 2016 was photographed on M&P Sub., milepost 4, on March 6th and is  one of the last Milwaukee “Bandit” painted GP40’s  in service on CP.   (See list below)



Milwaukee Road Paint survivors:  (Compiled by Eric Salter)


GP40: 2010, 2016, 2041 (sold) 2057, 2064 (stored), 2066

GP38-2:  4512,

MP15AC: 1536, 1537, 1538, 1540, 1543, 1544, 1546, 1547, 1548, 1550, 1551, 1553,    Eric was unable to determine  how many of the MP15’s are stored, but these were still in Milwaukee  orange and black in December 2012.


Gary Knapp took this great shot at Foster, Quebec on the ex-CP Sherbrooke Sub, now operated by the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railroad.  This was originally a part of Canadian Pacific’s line from Montreal to St. John, New Brunswick which ran through Maine. The MM&A struggled to survive in its early years of existence, but is now enjoying an upsurge in traffic including   run through business recently in the form of crude oil unit trains destined for the Irving refinery in St. John. Needing to acquire additional locomotives to handle the heavy oil trains, MM&A turned to CP to lease engines, mainly SD 40-2’s and in this instance ex-SOO LINE SD60’s.  On my set up, I finished tweaking the lights for the last time, I could hear #1, blowing an air horn for a crossing way off to the east, the time was 00:43. It would be fifty six minutes before it passed in front of me here at Foster! It was not until I heard that air horn blowing for the last pair of crossings east of me that I could happily conclude it was the unique toned air horn found on the SOO SD60's I used to shoot often on the nearby D&H. Standing atop the step ladder in a snowstorm in the middle of a lightly used street, one hand holding the extra large brightly colored “Golfing” umbrella purchased in La Grange, Kentucky, the other hand steadying the camera mounted on a tripod, which rests on a platform laid across the two upper struts. What could possibly go wrong? ha,ha,ha! The humor of the moment strikes me followed by the wonder that the operation produces such pleasing night photos! It seems like a long wait after #1s engineer blew for the crossing at the east end of Foster, adding to the drama. Then out of the silence, I hear EMD and GE prime movers close by, headlights appear below the crossing, and I fire off the lighting as #1s engineer blows for the crossing. He notches out his locomotives, and I’m thinking............oh, this is gonna be good! Years ago I remembered trains restricted to ten mph here. Due to the track improvements needed to support the heavy unit crude oil trains train speed is easily thirty mph here as I noticed last night! With a last long blast of the air horn, CP 6240 emerges from the dark into the street lighting, is over the grade crossing and I’m trying to judge its speed as closes in on flash units positioned on the far side of the track which will light up the house.............what a sight and sound! As 6042s cab passes last flash unit I fire off the lighting, capturing the image. Success! I wore a smile on the trip back south tonight! Special thanks to Frank Jolin for his help in obtaining this image! Shot on March 3, 2013 at 01:39.


On March 1st, CP SD40-2 6018 leads MMA 5023 and a mix of locos passed  LaSalle Station.



Frank Jolin’s photos show business is certainly booming these days on the CP and MMA.  . Witness the oil traffic going through Montreal and heading south to CP train 608 has just left the Seaway behind, as it rolls south toward Delson, QC.   At Delson CP 8808 8706 and DPU 8563  will cross over to the Lacolle Subdivision to Rouses Point NY.


Exercising trackage rights over Canadian Pacific, Montreal Maine & Atlantic oil train #2 heads toward Farnham, QC  with CP 6240 MM&A 3614 3000 CP 5910 MM&A 5026  as it rolls through the flat land south of Montreal. 

On March 17th, Ray Farand photographed a CP Plow extra  with CP SD40-2 5760 pushing, and clearing white powder snow at  Deux-Rivičres, ON.

CP News

The Canadian Pacific Railway is making gains, and in some cases is ahead of schedule in its four-year turnaround strategy, Chief Executive Officer E. Hunter Harrison said earlier this week in a speech to the J.P. Morgan Aviation Transportation and Defense Conference in New York City.  Harrison talked about the "fast track of change" the Class I has been on since he took over as CEO on July 1, 2012, following a "spirited" proxy contest that prompted the resignations of several CP executives, including President and CEO Fred Green, and board members.  "One thing that's marked this nine months or year is change, and if you don't like change at Canadian Pacific, it's not the place to be," said Harrison, according to a recorded version of his speech posted on CP's website.  Change at the top is continuing. The board is in the process of a total turnover, he said, and by the company's annual meeting in May CP probably will have three directors remaining of the original 15 board members who were in place prior to the proxy contest.   "So we've got a new group that's coming together, that's developed a certain chemistry, and we look forward with that guidance and leadership in taking the company forward," Harrison said.  Also, seven executive vice presidents on down to the vice president level have left the organization. Perhaps the most significant change on the executive side since Harrison's appointment was the naming of Keith Creel, formerly of CN, to the president and chief operating officer post a few weeks ago as part of the company's succession plan.  So far, the company's three major constituents — employees, customers and shareholders — appear to be "pretty happy" with the progress made to date, Harrison said. Over the past several weeks, he has been holding "town hall" face-to-face meetings with employees to explain why change is necessary at CP. While cultural change at CP will take some time, he has been impressed with the employees' embrace of change, he said.


Points Harrison made about the turnaround plan included:   CP is ahead of schedule  on its goal to reduce headcount by 4,500 employee and  contractor positions by 2016. "As we speak, that number is 3,000-plus," he said, later acknowledging the reduction could amount to closer to 6,000, depending on potential business growth.   The Class I has improved customer service by revamping intermodal and merchandise train service to run faster trains. It cut a day off of intermodal service and reduced dwell times at terminals.  CP's revenue growth is on target to increase in the high single digits this year.  The railroad closed four hump yards in an effort to cut costs and improve operating efficiency, and is evaluating other real estate options to save on costs.  The Class I railway will reach an operating ratio in the low 70s this year. "But, if things come together and everything hits their target, is there a probability of being lower than that? Certainly," Harrison said. (Progressive Railroading)

The new CEO of Canadian Pacific railway received a compensation package totaling more than $49 million during his first six months on the job, most of it to make up for pension and other payments that his previous  employer CN refused to pay when he took the top job at the rival railway. E. Hunter Harrison was appointed CEO at the end of June after a bitter fight with Canadian Pacific's largest shareholder. Harrison's direct compensation, including a $1-million base salary, totaled $4.1 million in 2012, according to information posted ahead of the company's May annual general meeting.

There was another $44.5 million to make Harrison "whole" for pension, restricted stock unit and other payments that Canadian National Railway refused to pay. "Mr. Harrison has been a significant catalyst for change and in less than a year with Canadian Pacific, he has taken this railway to new levels of operational excellence," said Canadian Pacific spokesman Ed Greenberg in an email.  Harrison has been  credited with turning CN into one of the most efficient railways in the world.  Prior to Harrison's appointment, Canadian Pacific had significantly lagged its peers in terms of performance and stock price.  This prompted its largest shareholder, New York-based hedge fund Pershing Square, to lobby for a replacement for then-CEO Fred Green.  Pershing was able to get enough support from other majority shareholders that Green eventually stepped down.  Paul Haggis became Canadian Pacific's new chairman and recommended Harrison for the job.  The appointment initially caused controversy since Harrison had signed a non-compete clause while at CN forbidding him to work for a competitor for two years.  Although that restriction had expired by the time he took the top post at Canadian Pacific, CN ended Harrison's pension payouts and other payments worth roughly $45 million, stating their concern that he might use his knowledge of confidential CN knowledge in his new role.  CN took legal action, accusing Harrison of breaching non-compete and other agreements.  The suit was settled last month and Canadian Pacific has been cutting its workforce since Harrison's appointment and is in the process of moving its headquarters out of downtown Calgary to be nearer to its suburban rail yard. (CBC NEWS)

CP Vignettes

These photos surprised me!  Your CRO Editor was unaware the streamlined high stepping 4-4-4  Jubilee Class ever hauled freight.  The 20 CLC built Class F1a, locomotives were very fast passenger engines. None of the 3000-series were saved from the scrapper’s torch, but one of the later 2900-series (#2928)  is at EXPORAIL in Delson, QC and #2929 seen below  is in Steamtown USA. This photo shows an Extra to Smiths Falls, ON from St-Luc Yard with 60 cars. The engine is 2929 seen blasting past  Dorval Station westbound. (Via Bruce Chapman with thanks)


Check out CPR 4-4-4 Jubilee #3004   hauls a 30 car train to Trois Rivieres, QC in the 1950’s  I am sure that the helper would have been required for ten heavy freight cars,  let alone the thirty cars that she was hauling.  This engine had very high drivers which are meant for speed not heavy freight!  PHOTO Black and white.

Prairie Vignette:


Keith Hansen submitted his great shots of a CP Rail Work Extra at Limerick, SK  during the Branch lines ballasting and track rehabilitation  in 1979.  CP GP38AC 3000 was the lead unit! 



Keith also included two views of the locomotive servicing area at Swift Current, SK back in 1979 with a bevy of GP9’s, and then in 1993.    


The CP “Hospital Train” of 1992

By Raymond Ferand




Ray was informed by his buddy at St-Luc Diesel Shop about a special move was about to occur back in 1992.  On September 19, 1992 one of the most interesting train consists was moved  by CP out of Montreal .  A hospital train - a shepherded movement of equipment in poor condition (perhaps more aptly-termed an ambulance train?) this collection of equipment was heading for Western Canada.  Comprising locomotives and cars for scrapping, donation to museums, or shopping for repair, the special movement's progress was expected to be one subdivision per day. Including three vintage diesels that had been moved from storage in Quebec City to Montreal in August (CLC H16-44 8554 visible at right above) and one steam engine, the movement was pulled by CP SD40-2's 5669-5619 and totaled 2237 feet - 2392 tons.   Most of the equipment reached its western destinations expeditiously, though the vintage locomotives departed Winnipeg on November 14 arriving Calgary on November 18.  The star of the movement would n CP P3k 2-8-2 5468 required closer to nine months, after being waylaid and wintering in White River for seven months. Looking like an in-service locomotive (except for the CP Rail cars surrounding it) the freight-colours steamer was photographed by Raymond S. Farand near Almonte, Ontario. Raymond also photographed the train at the Arnprior Cut, approaching the Highway 17 overpass.


Here's the complete consist of this most interesting movement. Most equipment on the train was Service equipment, with CP 4xxxxx numbers, heading to Mandak Metals for scrapping.  Other classes with different destinations of equipment are listed.  Where available, links to online photos of the equipment are included.

301763 flat car loaded with boxcar trucks
315041 flat car loaded with body of boxcar for repair at Weston
315103 flat car loaded with body of boxcar for repair at Weston
80277 XM boxcar to Weston
521008 FC flatcar to Weston
165182 XLIH insulated boxcar to Weston
5468 to Coquitlam thence 
Revelstoke Railway Museum
434703 Angus van for protect personnel for 5468
165178 XLIH insulated boxcar to Weston
165151 XLIH insulated boxcar to Weston
8554 CLC H16-44 to High River, Alberta, still in Calgary deadline in 2009
165266 XLIH insulated boxcar to Weston
404325 box car
4090 MLW FA2 to Cranbrook, BC
165281 XLIH insulated boxcar to Weston
165074 XLIH insulated boxcar to Weston
4469 MLW FB2 to Cranbrook, BC
403637 boxcar
412814 diner
412778 diner
299912 boxcar
400571 flanger
403598 boxcar
404671 boxcar
412682 diner
411674 cook diner sleeper
411706 cook diner
400574 flanger
415832 water car
35704 XMH boxcar
165205 XLIH insulated boxcar to Weston
E&N 292359 boxcar
412773 sleeper
404720 boxcar
404328 fuel car
421232 flat car
404493 boxcar
412777 diner
411671 cook diner sleeper
404920 tool car
404665 power car
404001 flat car
412689 diner
400569 flanger
412631 sleeper
404290 boxcar
434669 Angus van for train protect personnel
8245 damaged GP9 to Ogden Shops, Calgary

CRO would like to thank Trackside Treasure, and Raymond Ferand/Bruce Chapman.




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