TTC has sent representatives and operators up to Bombardier's plant in Thunder Bay to test and train on the new streetcars in operation on their test track. While limited to only 30km/hour on the track, this is a precursor to the delivery of two more of the 204 new streetcars to the TTC and starting on-street testing on the streets of Toronto.



On the early morning of 03-14-2013 around 7:30am, TTC 4400 left its Hillcrest shops for a quick test run along Bathurst St. TTC spokesperson Brad Ross posted a number of photos showing the car leaving Hillcrest Shops on Bathurst St., going under the CPR North Toronto underpass, and at Bathurst Station:


According to sources at Bombardier, 4402 is supposed to be shipped out from Thunder Bay to the TTC mid-March with the 4401 staying behind for more testing. 4402 will join sister 4400, which was delivered in September 2012.

Here is a link to one of the first photos of the new cars in service in downtown Toronto:


TTC 4400 is undergoing more on-street testing at night, mostly sticking to early-morning hours where it will not disturb morning and evening rush hour service along TTC lines. There is no set schedule, but the TTC's Brad Ross occasionally posts when it will be out testing.

TTC Toronto Rocket set 5681-5686 is the latest delivered and in service. Since many TTC H5 cars have been retired (5670-5807 series), number conflicts between them and the new Toronto Rockets (5381-60xx) are expected to be minimal.

TTC 4402, the second of the new TTC streetcars to be delivered, was noted southbound on the CPR MacTier Sub on March 24th enroute to Toronto, and reported as delivered to the TTC via their Twitter feed the next day (March 25th). It was transported aboard TTIX flat car 156393 (with idlers at either end) and delivered to TTC's Hillcrest shops via the new rail spur.  Youtube user JayJr2007 caught it in a CP freight heading southbound through Kleinburg ON on March 24th: