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This Month's Feature:

When time allows as CRO Production Assistant, I am a voracious collector of railway books.  My "Off The Shelf" column will review books and DVDs that I feel would be to the appeal of our CRO readers. 

I invite you to contact me directly with questions, and with any new publications or DVD’s that would be of interest to our CRO readers for “Off the Shelf”. 

Anthony Clegg’s “Self-Propelled Cars Of The CNR” is a very detailed look at the many attempts CN made to make their branch line trains more profitable by using self-propelled cars, rather than a full train requiring a separate engine. CN (as well as its predecessor railways) rostered a staggering variety of self-propelled cars of many types, from many different builders, and they are all covered here. As CN found much success with Budd’s RDC, many of the pictures are of CN’s RDC’s and there is a detailed roster of all RDC’s, including full information on all the renumberings that they went through. The book also covers the self-propelled cars of CN’s American subsidiaries (i.e Central Vermont and Grant Trunk Western). The photos are nicely chosen and there is a 30 page full colour section. There is also an all-time equipment list at the end, as well as diagrams of many of the cars mentioned in the book. If you have any interest in CN’s branch line trains and their experiments with  locomotiveless trains, this book is for you. It is also recommended to those interested in Montreal’s electrified Deux-Montagnes line, as there are many shots from that line.

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