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Canadian Northern Pacific

Last Spike Centenary Celebration in Kamloops, B.C

Itinerary for June 19th and 20th, 2015

Friday, June 19th 2015

Commencing at 10:00 a full day of activities are planned, including a visit to the Kamloops Heritage Railway Backshop and the steam up of Engine 2141. Coffee and donuts will be available.

You are free to have lunch on your own lunch at many fine dining spots within walking distance.

After lunch the engine and consist will move to the 1927 CNR Lorne Street Station. Speeches and other formalities will occur including Barry Sanford, author of Steel Rails and Iron Men among many other great publications. The present invited guest list includes include Steam Engine 6060 guru Harry Home, Grant Bailey on behalf of his father Ron, a retired CNR Regional Engineer, David Blythe Hanna's nephew and representatives of the Canadian National Railway.

Following the events planned at the station, guests will board a special Kamloops Heritage Railway train for a FREE TRIP to the reserve lands 1872 church where a re-enactment of the Driving of the Last Spike will take place. Continuing to C.N.R.'s Kamloops Junction before returning to the Lorne Street Station. A photo run-by is planned.

Railway artifacts and photographs will be on display at the offices of the Kamloops Heritage Railway Society. Local representatives will be available to answer questions. Kelly's Caboose will remain open to visit or purchase railway models and railroadiana and other antiques.

The evening banquet will include a keynote presentation by Barry Sanford followed by an informal slide night (bring some slides) and potentially a night photography session with 2141.

Saturday, June 20th 2015

The day will commence early at a local restaurant for breakfast on your own and to pick up box lunches prior to departure by private vehicles to the scenic Thompson canyon between Spences Bridge and Ashcroft B.C. Subject to expected train movements we will visit Basque to see the CN/CP Interchange for directional running along the Thompson River. A stop at Bridge No.4 crossing the Thompson River as CN and CP trains head west to the coast is being planned. Subject time constraints and train activity we will visit the British Columbia Canadian Northern Last Spike marker on Highway #1 at CN's Mile 62 on the Ashcroft Subdivision. Returning to Kamloops in the late afternoon.

This will end the formal activities but an informal bbq is being discussed. Following the events there are many opportunities to observe the railways activities in the Kamloops North Thompson and Shuswap area.


Canadian Museum of Rail Travel (Cranbrook, B.C.)


Kevin Dunk photographed cosmetically restored CP FA2 4090 and CP FB2 4469 looking terrific!  The pair will be posed with their restored CPR luxury passenger cars at the museum.


CP Royal Canadian Pacific CP 4107-1900-4106 near CP Cokato Mile 38.7 Cranbook sub Agust 3 2013. Photo Kevin Dunk.


Revelstoke Railway Museum

CP SD40 5500 at the Revelstoke Railway Museum and was shot on June 29th, 2014 by Braedan Dunne.


Kamloops Railway Historical Society:

CRHA - E&N Division

West Coast Railway Association


At  the former BCR Diesel Shop in Squamish, BC on February 10th 2015, Christian Vazzaz snapped the West Coast Railway Association's latest locomotive acquisition; ex-CN 6520 a GMD-built FP9A.  WCXX 6520 puts on quite a show on her first start-up, after arriving in Squamish more than a year ago.  Many thanks to our volunteers that helped in many ways bring her back to life!  There is still plenty of work to do of course, but the big hurdle of her first start-up is now accomplished!


June 27th marks ROYAL HUDSON #2860's 75th birthday and she will be moved outside for the day. This coincides with the SUMMER KICK OFF Event at the Heritage Park Special Celebrations Planned. 

"CNoPR LAST SPIKE CENTENARY"  Last Call. Celebrations are being held June 19 & 20 in Kamloops BC

Please visit our web site org for more info on how you can donate to this project and get her looking brand new again! 

Kettle Valley Railway Society (KVSR)


Rocky Mountaineer - Vancouver, BC

Tourist train the Rocky Mountaineer is marking its silver anniversary in 2015. But the major accomplishment achieved over those 25 years becoming the worlds largest privately owned luxury tourist train company  doesn’t resonate as much with the western Canada railroad as its more recent successes.

Annual ridership has risen by a double-digit percentage the past three years and the launch of Silver Leaf Service in 2012 enabled the railroad to market additional deluxe amenities. Launched in 1990 by its owner and operator the Armstrong Group, Rocky Mountaineer now offers more than 45 unique Canadian vacation packages and operates along five scenic routes through British Columbia and Alberta between April and October.

Set to begin its 2015 season on April 21, the luxury tourist train offers breathtaking sights from wildlife to waterfalls to whitecap mountains in the Canadian Rockies and unparalleled services, says President and Chief Executive Officer Randy Powell. Riders can relax in two-level, glass-domed coaches, eat gourmet meals cooked by talented chefs using locally sourced items, take in the sights through full-length or large picture windows, and enjoy plush accommodations in popular hotels, he says.

Efforts to mold luxury services over the past 25 years have spurred Rocky Mountaineer officials to pursue their ultimate goal: to provide "the most spectacular and unforgettable travel experiences in the world" according to the railroad's website.

We have a world-class product. This is all first class. Travelers and travel agents have voted us as the most luxurious train says Powell, referring to the railroad's eight World Travel Awards, which are considered the "Academy Awards" of the tourism industry.

And Rocky Mountaineer aims to continue providing customers the lap of luxury to help foster business growth. Annual ridership already has ballooned from 7,000 in 1990 to 150,000 in 2014, and likely will continue to increase at a healthy rate the next few years because the railroad plans to continue investing in and improving its services, says Powell.

Six routes through the Canadian Rockies now offer Gold Leaf Service featuring two level, glass-domed coaches with full-length windows, an exclusive dining room, hot gourmet meals and deluxe accommodations; SilverLeaf Service featuring single-level, glass-domed coaches with oversized windows, hot meals served at riders seats and overnight accommodations; and  Red Leaf Service featuring coaches with large picture windows, breakfast and lunch served at riders seats, and overnight accommodations. The routes include the "First Passage to the West" line between Vancouver, Kamloops, Lake Louise and Banff , the railroad's most popular route and a "Coastal Passage" line between Seattle, Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies. Package prices run from about $2,200 per person for a six-day/five-night First Passage trip to about $7,000 per person for a nine-day/eight-night Coastal Passage trip.

Rocky Mountaineer also offers a day-trip route between Whistler and Vancouver that features coaches with large picture windows, a breakfast or afternoon snack, access to an observation car and hosted storytelling, and combined rail tour/Alaskan cruise packages.

The average train trip is about 1,000 miles and some trips involve steep grades because of the route elevations. For example, the Lillooet Subdivision on the Whistler/Quesnel/Jasper route includes the longest 2.2 percent grade in North America.  Rocky Mountaineer currently has 16 dome cars and plans to acquire four new coaches for Silver Leaf Service this year, says Powell. The railroad also expects to maintain that pace of coach acquisitions over the next three years, which is not an inexpensive investment in luxury amenities, he says. For Gold Leaf Service, Rocky Mountaineer is refurbishing coaches that already are considered world class says Powell. The work will focus on employing new rider-comfort technologies, such as electric seats with lumbar and calf supports. Each seat also will feature an electric outlet and USB port for personal devices.

We will be refurbishing the coaches for three years says Powell. The railroad is banking on the amenity improvements to help push its ridership since 1990 well past the 2 million mark. Rocky Mountaineer logged its 1 millionth rider in 2008. To attract more riders, the railroad places television, digital and print ads both in North America and abroad, and works with travel trade partners to promote its service. There are tens of thousands of partners who can tout our experience says Powell.  We want cheerleaders he says.  Rocky Mountaineer knows what its like to have promoters on its side. In 2010, when Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics, many attendees rode the railroad's trains as part of their trips, including journalists from abroad. We became more known to the world than before says Powell. "It was huge for our awareness".

The timing of Rocky Mountaineer's silver anniversary is good because it isn't occurring in a recession, he says. The railroad can mark the occasion in good business health while Powell & Co. contemplate ways to push the growth envelope even further.  Two years ago, Rocky Mountaineer launched service to Seattle, expanding operations outside of Canada. There are other points in the United States that might be attractive to the railroad, as well, says Powell.  We are now a North American experience he says. There's a good possibility we will expand from Seattle in the years to come.

Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Museum - Surrey, BC.

British Columbia Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

The Alberni Pacific Railway

The Alberni Pacific Railway is a tourist railroad that is powered by a 1929 Baldwin 2-8-2T steam engine.  It runs passengers between the restored Port Alberni station to the McLean Mill national Historic site.

The locomotives #7 a steam engine with passenger coaches and recently restored ex MacMillan Bloedel GE 44 Ton switcher #11. It was used this past weekend November 23 in the BC Institute of Technology's conductor training program.

Ken Rutherford
Director, Western Vancouver Island Industrial Heritage Society.
Port Alberni, BC


CPR Heritage Mail Express Baggage

Mullen Trucking moved a Heritage Mail Express rail car from our yard in Aldersyde, AB to the privately owned Champion Rail Park in Aldersyde, AB.  This Mail Express rail car arrived at Mullen Trucking on the rail and required 2 cranes for the offload and reload onto our equipment. This was no easy task; the dimensions of this Heritage Mail Express rail car are 83'10″ L x 12′ W x 14′ H and 117,000 lbs,  which we loaded on a 13 axle dolly trailer configuration! We encountered some spring weather delays but in the end we delivered the Mail Express rail car to a happy customer! Great job to Jim, Chuck, Roy, Billy and all the support staff who helped make this move a success!

Royal Canadian Pacific Luxury Train

Alberta Railway Museum - Edmonton, AB

Alberta  Railway Museum - Bieseker, AB

The museum has two MLW switchers:  Ex-CP RS-23 8017 (ex- Saskferco - Belle Plain, Saskatchewan), and Ex-CN S13u 8704 (donated by CANAC).

Alberta Central Railway Museum - Wetaskiwin, AB

Wainwright Rail Preservation Society - Wainwright, AB
The Wainwright Rail Preservation Society owns ex-CN GMD1 1404 and ex-CN FPB4 6861 and they created the Wainwright Rail Park and have a website which has their full contact info, galleries with 1404 and 6861, and other interesting items.

The Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions - Stettler, AB
Rocky Mountain Railway Society:

One of their newest locomotives in Stettler, AB. is former Nova Chemicals SW1500 9115 was donated to the East Central Alberta Heritage Society. Photo taken on June 27, 2014 by David Zulkowskey. Photo taken on June 27, 2014. David Zulkowskey photo)

Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum Society


Aspen Crosssing Railway

Parrish and Heimbecker S-3 8454 (ex-CN 8454) in Moose Jaw, SK was renumbered to PHLX 4 in March 2015, and has now been sold to Aspen Crossing in Mossleigh, AB

Complete photo essay of the move here:


The Aspen Crossing Railway now owns the old CPR Lomond Sub.from Mile 8 to end of track of track. The former CP owned passenger cars were delivered / picked up and brought to Aspen Crossing on September 25th.   On October 24th, all the equipment was switched out and put away for the winter on the new spur that had just been finished on the east side of the campground, Here are photos of  8443 and 8463. A larger locomotive is in the works and the first excursion will be on the May long weekend in 2015.




Galt Historic Railway Park


Southern Prairie Railway
Ogema Heritage Railway Association



Southgate Museum - Battleford, SK

A Battleford Saskatchewan Farmer and railfan Gary Southgate, has been collecting vintage railroad equipment of Canadian Pacific and Canadian National heritage in the hopes of establishing a railroad museum in Saskatchewan.  One piece he owns, the "Cape Tormentine" an ex-CN lounge sleeper that was at the Florida Railway Museum, was repatriated to Canada this summer, and has been moved to Ogema, SK  for repairs and storage on the Red Coat Road and Rail line. This car is privately owned by a farmed railfan.  He now has 14 pieces of rail equipment purchased from owners across the Canada and the United States, including an operational CN FP9 and several passenger cars. But his biggest prize is Canadian Pacific Northern 4-8-4 No. 3101. The 4-8-4, on display at the former IPSCO steel plant in Regina since the 1960s, would head up a train of CP equipment that Southgate hopes to acquire.  CPR 3101 was constructed in October 1928 by CP's Angus Shops in Montreal and was one of two 4-8-4s owned by Canadian Pacific. The other, No. 3100, is on display at the Canadian Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa. The two CP Northern's were orphans on the roster, but worked continuously for 25 years on overnight passenger trains between Montreal and Toronto. Before their retirement in 1960, they were converted to burn oil and worked freight trains in the prairie provinces. CPR 3101 was sold to IPSCO in 1965, but instead of scrapping it, placed it on display at the plant. In addition to the locomotive, IPSCO also saved and displayed CP caboose No. 437034, and CP business car No. 36, the Francis E. Shaw, built in 1929. The business car was heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer so the interior is in excellent condition. Both cars were included in the deal with Southgate. For now, No. 3101 and cars remain at the steel plant.

For his Canadian National train, Southgate has purchased ex-CN/VIA FP9 6304 from owner Phillip Sheridan. The unit, built in 1954 as CN No. 6509, is presently being in freight service on the Washington & Idaho Railway painted in Southern Pacific "black widow" colors, and it and a B unit arrived in Wainwright AB in January 2014. The group will repaint them into CN's 1954 green and black paint scheme. He is also looking for a CN A and B unit set that, with No. 6509, would head up his display of CN passenger cars. CN cars Southgate has already purchased include:

To bring up the rear of his train, Southgate purchased former Wisconsin Central business car Superior.

Southgate also purchased another ex-CN sleeper from the Medina (N.Y.) Railroad Museum and is in the process of trying to find a vintage CN cafe-diner. I've tracked one down but I'm not sure its for sale yet Southgate says. All his CN cars will be painted in the 1954 scheme.

For his largest pieces, such as the steam and diesel locomotives, Southgate hopes to someday construct a building for them. It's a plan in the making and it takes a lot of money to make it all happen he says. 

The museum will be located in Battleford, SK about 80 miles northwest of Saskatoon. We only have two big centers in Saskatchewan, one is Saskatoon and the second one is Regina. A third choice might be Moose Jaw because it was and is a CP hub. I haven't crossed that bridge yet; I have to approach different people to see if I can find a site to set this up Southgate says. I figure it will take three or four years to get everything accomplished. First I have to acquire the equipment, because if I walk into somebody's building telling them I want to set up a rail museum and I didn't own a car they wouldn't even look at me. Southgate remains on the lookout for more equipment, particularly to represent Canadian Pacific along with No. 3101. He's also searching for vintage station equipment memorabilia for the museum.  To assist the project with donations, or with questions contact  Mr. Southgate:  Phone:  306-937-2857.


Praire Dog Central Railway



Winnipeg Railway Museum:

GET NOTICED With a BANNER! Contact us:



The Brockville Railway Tunnel

 This little clip from days gone by showed up on a Facebook page!

Those who do not have a Facebook account can view the clip HERE

Waterloo Central Railway


Niagara Railway Museum


Thunder Bay Museum - Thunder Bay, ON 

A NEW Thunder Bay Transportation Museum in the works!

 On January 12th 2015, 12 city council members voted to approve the formation of a heritage transportation committee for the purpose of investigating the possibility of the creation of a transportation museum in Thunder Bay. Our city is one of the pivotal transportation hubs in Canada and we have a rich and diverse history. From the First Nations Peoples and voyageurs who used the canoe, to Great Lakes shipping, rail and aviation, Thunder Bay has been a recognized leader in transportation in Canada.
Thunder Bay also has a rich history in the manufacturing field producing war planes during the Second World War. During the post-war boom of the 1940s and 50s Fort William manufactured Brill transit trolleys that were used across the country.  Port Arthur was the first city to build a  unicipally-owned street car system in Canada and the list of firsts goes on and on.
We believe that its time for Thunder Bay to have its own place to showcase what we have accomplished for the world to see.

The first meeting of the heritage transportation committee was  held at 7 p.m., on  Feb. 18th at the Unifor Union Hall at 516 S. High St.
Anyone and everyone with an interest in any form of transportation is welcome to attend and participate.

The Bytown Railway Society - Ottawa, ON

Chatham Railway Museum

Orangeville Brampton Railway "Credit Valley Explorer"

The Credit Valley Explorer at times will run with a dome, and they also have an unpowered RDC-9 used as a coach. .

Cando's popular Credit Valley Explorer out of Orangeville, Ontario, is now operating with a Budd-built Dome! Originally Wabash 202, then Norfolk and Western, and finally Amtrak, the car has been totally refurbished. It is a big hit with passengers, and is seen here on Sept 27 at Orangeville, and during a brief pause at Cataract. (Steve Bradley photos).


Owen Sound Marine and Railway Museum

The operators of the Marine & Rail Museum have set the wheels in motion to bring a 60-year-old train car to Owen Sound. Richard Thomas, president of the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre, told city council Monday night that the 1954 former Canadian National Railway dining car would make a great addition to the west-side museum, which is housed inside of a former CN train station. This is a bit up in the air at this point. It's going to take a bit of fundraising to bring the car to Owen Sound and then of course we will have to take a look at the tracks and where we want to put it he told council during a delegation.  Thomas said the car, which a CWHC board member spotted in another Ontario community, is available free of charge to whoever is willing to pay the bill to move it. A preliminary estimate has pegged the cost to transport it to the museum in Owen Sound at about $20,000, he told council.

The CWHC plans to launch some fundraisers to cover that cost.  Thomas said the outside of the train car needs a paint job, but the all-original interior is in good shape and has a working kitchen and full dining area. It would fit in nicely with the CWHC's plan to make food available at the museum property, he said.  A stretch of railroad tracks from the days when the city-owned former CN building was a train station were left on the museum property. A 104-year-old train car, which was converted into a caboose in 1947 and was once a birthday party venue at McDonald's Restaurant, now sits on the track.  Thomas said the CWHC would like to see the dining car join the caboose on the tracks.

It is one of the two large exhibits that the CWHC hopes to bring to the museum in the near future.  The other is a lifeboat that was once aboard the MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry and is now sitting in storage.  City Coun. Peter Lemon said bringing the dining car to the museum would be a "dream come true" and would help to make the facility even more of a destination on the west side of the harbour. The greater the mass of displays you have outside, the more people it will attract to the museum, he said during the council meeting. Thomas said the CWHC would have to tweak its lease agreement for the CN station with the city before the train car arrives.


Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Society

Elgin County Railway Museum

On September 20th the ECRM held the 100th Anniversary of the MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD (MCRR) Shops with an special evening and silent auction that included guest speakers and railway heritage presentations.  

The railways played an integral role in the foundation, and growth of the City of St. Thomas, Ontario both economically and in population. In its railway heyday, St. Thomas was interchangeable with the term Railway City or Railway Capital of Canada as it was a North American railway hub with five different railroads steaming their way through the city. The MCRR Locomotive Repair Shops were constructed over a period of a year between 1913 and 1914. An article from the St. Thomas Daily Times on March 28, 1914 with the headline M.C.R.'s New Quarter Million Dollar Shops Nearly Completed, demonstrates the significance of this building and the impact it had on the community: The completion of these works places St. Thomas among the leading railway divisional centres, in point of equipment, on the American continent and no effort has been spared either by the Michigan Central Railway or the contractors to make both the buildings and the equipment the most up-to-date possible to obtain. This new industrial building also impacted the community economically, employing more than 400 workers at its peak.  The Elgin County Railway Museum has been housed in the 52,000 square foot building since its incorporation in 1989, and purchased the property in 2010.

Toronto Railway Heritage Association (and Museum).

Michael Berry photographed preserved CN GP7 4803 on December 26th 2014 on display at the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre, located at the former CP John Street Roundhouse, in downtown Toronto.


York Durham Heritage Railway



YDHR is hosting "A Day Out With Thomas" which means Thomas the Tank Engine is coming to Uxbridge on August 14 to 16 and 21 to 23, 2015 Get your tickets early. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets



Halton County Railway Museum


Northern Ontario Railway Museum & Heritage Center - Capreol, ON

The Canada Science & Technology Museum - Ottawa, ON.

The Palmerston Railway Heritage Association

Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario (RMEO)
South Simcoe Heritage Railway

The Guelph Junction Railway Museum

Brighton Memory Junction Museum

The London MCRR Roundhouse Project:
Some pictures of the progress on the renovations...

Owen Sound's Rail and Marine Museum reopens:



A Brampton man who has put in countless hours restoring locomotive 6167 wants the city to shelter, fence, light and aim security cameras at the historic train that sits on Farquhar Street, on the south side of the CN rail tracks at Guelph Central Station. But the city has no plans to fence in the train saying it is following the advice of the Canadian Conservation Institution, the authority on conservation and preservation of historic items. In 2002, the institution prepared a report on the locomotive and how it should be stored after it was restored. "The report referenced a fence, but said it was more of a psychological barrier. It wouldn't do much to prevent vandalism unless it was 10-feet high with barbed wire," said Tammy Adkin, manager of Guelph Museums. "The committee decided it was up to the city and the museum to make decisions about the train, and that's what we've done." That doesn't sit well with Joe Dimech, who has fuelled his love of trains by working on the restoration. Although he doesn't live in Guelph, Dimech and many of the volunteers who did the actual restoration work were concerned with the deteriorating condition of the train and started a campaign to have the city fund its restoration. The proposal went to city council in 2002 and the city agreed to spend $350,000 to restore it. An advisory committee was formed, but Dimech said it was the core group of volunteers who actually did the restoration work. He said over the years a rift developed between the hands-on volunteers and the committee volunteers. He said he's speaking out about his concerns because he doesn't feel he's being taken seriously by city staff or the advisory committee that recently disbanded. And he doesn't want to see the train, so lovingly restored, return to its deteriorating state and become a public hazard. "I tried explaining all this to the committee, but they are obsessed with the touch and feel policy," Dimech said. "W hat other museum leaves its artifacts unprotected? Even the Civic Museum locks its doors at the end of the day." Adkin said all the ladders and other entry points to the locomotive itself are boarded up. She said there are security cameras at the train and bylaw officers patrol the area. And there will be no fence. "Joe is not happy with that decision," she said, "but he doesn't speak on behalf of the whole group of volunteers. And we trust the citizens of Guelph. There seems to be respect for heritage and heritage assets." Adkin said building a shelter for the locomotive had been contemplated but the Canadian Conservation Institution advised against it. "It can become a home for wildlife and pests," she said. "And while it would protect the locomotive from hail, it would not protect against heat and humidity." Adkin said the museum is now working with the volunteers to devise a maintenance plan so the train will remain in good repair. She said in the fall the museum will launch a series of meet and greets and a program plan for the train. She said she considers the locomotive to be a third museum site and they want to draw attention to it. Expect to see classroom trips in short order.



Exporail News, June 2015

Exporail will be open daily 10:00 to 17:00 all through the month of June.  

Complete 2015 Program available on our website

Exporail has been awarded a 2015 Trip Advisor Award of Excellence

Complete 2015 Program available on our website

Rocky Mountain Express IMAX film (full length feature movie featuring steam locomotive 2816) now showing in the Exporail mini-theatre! (Modest $ 4 up-charge applicable). The English presentation is at 1:30 PM

New temporary exhibition:

Building the road to victory, Canadian Railway Troops, Forgotten Heroes.


Born alongside the railway, recognized for its expertise in this area and proud to be part of the British Empire, Canada was a young nation that entered the 20th century with confidence. During the First World War, despite its small population, this peaceful and prosperous country was nonetheless able to send an expeditionary force of 600,000 troops, including 20,000 members of the Railway Troops. One in ten would not return home alive. From 1915 to the German defeat in 1918, these railroaders in khaki were to prove again and again their exceptional efficiency and courage under fire while dealing with the task at hand.

AMT GP9u 1311 Start Up

It is that 'Time of the Year', when the Big Boys bring out their Big Toys! So in mid-May 2015 Richard Young helped Max and Kevin bring out AMT GP9u 1311 for its inaugural Run at Exporail Museum in at St-Constant/Delson, near Montreal, QC. Click on the photo below and turn up the volume.

Streetcar Operation

Streetcar operation should resume at Exporail for the May 16th weekend with car 1959. During the winter it underwent some major repairs and preventative maintenance by staff and volunteers. The observation streetcar No. 3 is scheduled to operate on Sunday, June 7 and June 21 (weather and mechanical permitting).



Sunday Train Ride

The Sunday demonstration train ride will commence on May 17th and will operate every Sunday thereafter.


All outdoor train, streetcar and mini-train operations are subject to cancellation because of weather or mechanical breakdown.

Canadian Rail Magazine


The May - June issue of Canadian Rail contains a feature article on the History of the Port of Montreal's Railway System;

Stan's Photo Gallery; The Stratford Festival Tour Train; a tribute to the Herbert MacDonald; Heritage Business Car.

Canadian Rail is mailed to CRHA members and is available at better hobby shops across Canada. 




Hull - Wakefield Steam Train - Gatineau, QC

The Hull - Wakefield Steam Train with CPR G5a #1201 video from 1982.


Orford Express Tourist Train - Sherbrooke, QC

QUEBEC CENTRAL /  CP Valley Junction Station fund drive:



Trains Touristiques de Charlevoix

(Le train du Massif de Charlevoix)

L'Amiral Tourist Train


Moncton Transportation Museum:


The New Brunswick Railway Museum Hillsborough, NB


Nova Scotia Museum of Industry -  Stellarton, NS
Memory Lane Railway Museum - Middleton, NS
Train Station Inn - Tatamagouche, NS
Orangedale Railway Museum  - Orangedale, NS

The Dominion-Atlantic Railway Preservation Page:



The Orange Empire Railway Museum


Lake Shore Railway Historical Society

The Steamtown National Historic Site

Steam Into History - New Freedom, PA  NEW



Bridge Line Historical Society - Delaware And Hudson RR.

 D&H-The Bridge line VIGNETTE: 

During the brief rebirth of the D&H (in between the NYS&W and CP operating period), three lightning stripped D&H units, lead by D&H GP38-2 7307 (ex-LV 320) leads train BUAB towards Belden Hill. The trailing units are GP39-2 7407(ex-RDG 3407) and GP39-2 7418 (ex-RDG 3418) which were rebuilt (by M/K in Mountain Top, PA). The top photo was taken by John Sesonske in July 1990. Near the Town of Chenango which is south of Saratoga Springs, New York, and the second link shows the same train crossing Harpursville Trestle.

Super-8 filmed D&H PA action by Russ Munroe Jr.

Adirondack Scenic Railroad


The Railway Museum of New England

Conway Scenic Railroad; Conway, New Hampshire



Monticello Railway Museum


The Iron Horse Museum - Chicago City, MN



Museum of the American Railroad

Founded in 1982 the museum is devoted to the railway heritage of the USA. This is their latest project:  The corporation  purchased former CN F9A 9167 from NRE in Silvis, and it is becoming Santa Fe F7A #49 in full red and silver Warbonnet paint:


Two former CPR Pacific steam locomotives, 1238 and 1286 have been stored in Virginia for years, apparently in good shape!  The owner passed away a few months ago.


Cascade Rail Foundation

MILWAUKEE U25B 5057 News:


This group is restoring the Skytop parlour-observation car "Cedar Rapids", similar in appearance to the ex-Milwaukee sleeper-observations once used by CN.  You may be interested in supporting them.






STEAMRAIL -Australia



CRO June  2015