December 2011 



Editors Note: No new road trips this month so we have posted last months in case you missed it.


Fostoria Rail Park



The rail park is now a reality and all railfans are looking forward to its completion.


More than 10 years in the making, the Rail Park reality is a dream come true for rail fans and city officials, as it is believed to bring more tourism to Fostoria. With its central location in the city, between South Poplar Street and Columbus Avenue, the opening of the park will bring with it the revitalization of downtown Fostoria.

Once completed, the park will provide rail fans with a covered viewing pavilion, lighting, Wi-Fi capability and heated restrooms. The parking lot will accommodate 32 cars and 5 buses or RVs. Fences will surround the perimeter for security and unobstructed viewing, and pedestrian paths will provide varying angles for viewing and photography.

The Ohio Department of Transportation will write up a contract and begin the bidding process to hire a contractor. Building should begin "in the near future.


Below is a plan of the new rail park.



Mad River Railway Museum - Bellevue Ohio



I visited the museum on Oct 6th but unfortunately the museum was closed. Here is a bit of history of the museum.


One of the earliest railroads that ran through Bellevue in 1839 was the Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad, and the first engineer of the "Sandusky", Thomas Hogg.

NKP is the AAR reporting mark for the Nickel Plate Road (New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Company) which ran through Bellevue from 1882 until 1964 when it merged with the Norfolk & Western Railway. Bellevue was a hub for the Nickel Plate operations and a division point for the railroad's Buffalo to Chicago route. Bellevue housed the principal classification yards, the largest roundhouse in the system, all maintenance of way equipment for the road, the principal icing station, an engine terminal for both diesel and steam, headquarters of the general superintendent, and facilities that were used by four of the Nickel Plate's divisions.

The museum has an excellent collection and should be a stop on your trip to Bellevue Ohio. Here we see Wabash No 671 F7A diesel at the museum. In November 1964 it could have been seen highballing through Southern Ontario on the CASO.

I am sure you will be glad you dropped by. Just across the street is Norfolk Southern's mainlines with almost constant action when you get tired of exploring the history of the NKP and the museum.

Here we see a dynamite lash up shot by Walter E Pfefferle in the same trip to Ohio. NS 6558 leads GMTX 9069 NS 9069, 7501, 6114, 2526, 6760 and 8976 out of Bellevue Ohio

Additional photos from his trip to Fostoria, Bellevue. Willard and Greenwich Ohio on Oct4th -7th can be seen

on his web site. http://railfan.thegrebs.com/US-Trip-Oct-4th-7th-2011


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