December 2011



Electro Motive Diesel Inc.


EMDI Summary of deliveries:

(Edited by Don McQueen)


During the month of October, nine new units were reported shipped from London.


Six of the deliveries were in order 20106374 for 40 UP SD70ACes (8671-8710). They included UP 8677, 8702, 8707-8710.


The first deliveries in the current NS order (1025, 1028 & 1029) were shipped during the month.


Still about the plant in blue and silver were the first 5 of 23 SD70ACes (EMDX 2110-2114) for the Progress Rail lease fleet in order 20116528, including three painted (but not yet numbered) in KCS red, yellow & black Retro-Belle scheme.

On November 5th, Norfolk Southern SD70ACes 1034-1033-1030-1032 were in tow on CN #385 departing Sarnia, Ontario.

Geoff Williams caught NS SD70ACe 1038 on the test track at EMD-London on November 17th.

On November 17th the first confirmed Tier 4 modified UP SD59MX (SD32ECO) 9900 was in transit and seen at the CSX Barr Yard engine terminal.  This former SD60M has had major modifications and upgrades, including a diesel particulate exhaust filter, a large blister on the roof of the long hood.  One week earlier, Allan Williams Jr. clicked UP 9900 at Waycross, GA on November 11th.

CADRAIL / RB Recycling

In late November CP SD60s 6241 (ex-SOO 6041) had been released from Cadrail and were in service. On November 27th 6241 was enroute to Bensenville, IL and 6240 and 6250 were both in Winnipeg arriving on separate trains.  Expected to be released from CADRAIL around press time is CP 6225 (ex-SOO 6025).   

CP SD60 6240 was the second SD60 (ex-SOO 6040) to be rebuilt, repainted and released from Cadrail in Lachine, QC.  Bob Heathorn caught her first assignment November 3rd leading train 231 into Smiths Falls, Ontario, bound for Toronto.  On November 12th, CP SD60 6225 (ex- SOO 6025) was pulled out of paint shop in fresh Candy Apple red but with no CP lettering,  It was then pushed back into the shop tracks by Cadrail RS18 1825.  Outside the shop, red SOO SD60M 6060, and white SOO SD60 6o28 both were in various stages of preliminary dis-assembly, with 6028 on shop trucks.  SOO 6041 was inside the shop.   Last month CP 6050 was released from Cadrail. 

CEFX AC4400CW 1031 was released following repairs in October and returned to service on CP.   CEFX  Gp40-3 6537 is still at CAD and  is leased to Goderich Exeter (GEXR).   

Mike Berry clicked SOO SD60M 6060 at Cadrail, prior to entering the shop for overhaul in November

Diesel Electric Services

DESX SD40-2W 5306, a black and blue painted former CN SD40-2W leased to the Huron Central Railway continues to work on the HCRY much of the time on main line trains.   It originally was leased to assist only for $30M upgrade of the mainline west from Sudbury.  Chris Wilson photographed the engine on train #912 November 15th enroute to Sault Ste. Marie.

American Motive Power

Industrial Rail Services Inc (IRSI)

In November, IRSI in Moncton, NB scrapped their Budd coach 132 (ex-VIA 132). It was built in 1949 for the Great Northern Railway. I RSI still has five RDC's in the rebuild program. 6251 was tested on the east coast but had a couple of problems. The door insulation has been improved and some electrical tweaks have been completed. Chris MacMahon visited Industrial Rail Services shop last month and send these shots. The shop is the former CN Moncton Diesel Shop at Gordon Yard. Rebuilt RDC 6251 was inside the shop. Chris also saw RDC 6222, incorrectly mentioned on some rail forums online that it was sold to Cuba, when in fact it's in Moncton, NB.

IRSI is also busy with the rebuilding of LRC coaches for VIA. The latest LRC car 3343 was released from IRSI November 25th, and then moved on VIA train 15 to Montreal MMC.

Jeff Keddy caught VIA RDC-1s 6135 and 6148 eastbound (from Vancouver Island) on The Canadian (Train #2) during its stopover in Winnipeg, MB November  21st  These are in transit to IRSI for rebuild. With service suspended at the moment on the island, VIA decided it was an opportune time to make the move.


CRO December  2011