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Steamtown USA

CPR G3c-class 4-6-2 Pacific #2317 has been stored due to it's boiler time expiring. *However this doesn't mean the end, for she will return to service pending her (15 year) 1472 day inspection. This will begin  after work has been completed on their Boston and Maine "Pacific" #3713 currently in the shop.  In the meantime, CNR Mikado #3254 is operational.

J.P.Rhéaume took these photos in 2006 at Steamtown in Scranton PA  on a rainy afternoon.  He could smell the coal burning and the large smoke plume as CPR #2317 made its final switching moves before returning to the roundhouse.  As seen she looked very authentic and had been used for short trips pulling a couple of coaches in the yard while CNR Mikado #3254 made excursions out to Tobyhanna, PA.  J.P. was in heaven seeing not one, but two Canadian locomotives under steam.

Since then CPR #2317 as made her last trip during September of 2010. She will enter the shop when the museum finishes work on the Boston and Maine "Pacific" #3713. At this time CNR #3254 is still operational. (via Daniel Barnett, and J.P.Rhéaume)


CNR Mikado 2-8-2 #3254 was shot by Karn Rattanaprakarn in September 2004 shunting cars in the former DL&W yard in Scranton, PA now home of the Steamtown Historical Site.  As Daniel reported above, this CNR “Mike” is still in service.  

This Mikado steam engine (CNR #3254) was built as Canadian Government Railways #2854 in December of 1917 by the Canadian Locomotive Works (Kingston Works) in response too the assembly of large modern power in 1917. After the short lived life on the CGR it was transferred into the newly formed Canadian National Railways in 1919 and renumbered #3254. In 1947 the #3254 was reported as being on the Northern Ontario Division and in moderate condition. In 1958 it received a class 3 overhaul then shortly retired.

 In 1961 Willis F Barron of Ashland, Pennsylvania (USA) purchased the 3254 with the intention of running her over a former Reading Company branch line that served Ashland. However the operations never materialized as a result of the line being ripped up before the engine could reach Ashland. In 1982 the Gettysburg Railroad purchased the engine and moved it to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (USA). After it's return to service it was soon realized it was too heavy for Gettysburg's operation.

 In the summer of 1987 however the Steamtown Foundation operating over a portion of the former Delaware Lackawanna and Western mainline from Scranton towards Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania, did need such a locomotive. So a trade was arranged for the 3254. Canadian Pacific G5 4-6-2 1278 and $100,000 (USD) were traded for the operational 3254.The Steamtown Foundation lettered its new acquisition "Lackawanna" in honor of the original builder of the railroad on which it now was to operate, and gave it the fictional number 1271 and sent it into service in August of 1987.

Mitch Goldman caught CPR Pacific 4-6-2 #2317 majestically steaming past the former Lackawanna (DL&W) station at Steamtown in  September 2010.

Photos of CNR #3254 when in service with Gettysburg Railway.

Photos of CNR #3254 in service with Steamtown NHS.

Exporail (CRHA)

Exporail News, December 2011

The leaves are down, winter’s snow is around the corner and Christmas is less than a month away. Exporail is all decked out for the holidays!

 In December, Exporail will be open Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM to 17:00 (5:00 PM), except Christmas day.

Railway Witnesses, Memory of a Nation – This new temporary exhibition highlights the important role played by railway companies in Canada’s history for the past 175 years. It is generously illustrated with artefacts from the CRHA Archives.

 From November 26 to January 6, a Railway Christmas – Enjoy this special season with many special events planned especially for children. Santa Claus will be present on December 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18. You can also mail your letter to Santa Claus from our restored mail-express car!

 Enjoy a traditional tea service in private car Canada – A Christmas tradition at Exporail, tea in car Canada, Sir Charles Melville Hays, President of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada’s private car. In the British tradition, tea is served with all the accompaniments: scones, spicy biscuits, shortbread, butter tarts, mincemeat pies, and brandied fruit cake. Tea will be served on December 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 28, 29; reserve early, places are limited!

 Drawing for a VIA Rail Canada trip to Vancouver – While at Exporail, buy a ticket at the gift shop, at a cost of $10 each, for a chance to win a first class trip for 2 persons from Montreal to Vancouver, courtesy of VIA Rail Canada; second prize is a package for 2 aboard the Le Massif Charlevoix train; third prize is a dinner train experience on the Orford Express, proceeds go to help support Exporail!

Canadian Rail

The November - December issue of Canadian Rail will feature an article on CNR X-10-a class Suburban Class tank locomotives. These unique engines hauled CNR Lakeshore commuter trains until the late 1950’s. Canadian Rail is mailed to CRHA members and is available at better hobby shops.

Replica of Canada’s first locomotive the Dorchester decorated for Christmas.

Christmas season tea service in car Canada


 Charles DeJean clicked the AMT test train with the new ALP-45 Bi-power locomotive doing some sharp curve tests at Exporail in St-Constant, QC  The AMT test train is photographed on the Exporail lead through Stella Jones cresoting plant November 22nd.

Revelstoke Railway Museum

November 9th, 2011 was moving day at the Revelstoke Railway Museum. On that day, a recently built track at the museum was ballasted and connected briefly to the main line. 

A variety of equipment was shoved into the new track by CP SD40-2 5792 (only 7 years newer that ex-CP SD40 5500 which was leading the procession). Next was a former through baggage car which was one of the first generation of Robot cars.

CP 353119 is new addition to the collection.. These steel hoppers are 5ft 7in longer than the now standard aluminum car. The new dumpers will not accommodate the longer cars. In what has to be a record, from suggestion to delivery in less than two weeks, 1969 built 353119 (HS-Trenton) was pulled out of storage at Golden and shipped to Revelstoke. It was originally 349301, renumbered to the present number when it was part of a 5 car set in the (1990's?). It has rebuilt trucks, and still has the original red paint under the coal dust.

Revelstoke’s 40 box car is one of ten CP donated to museums when the were retired from tie gang service in about 2000. Others found homes at a variety of museums and tourist lines with the aid the museum. A fuel oil tank car from OCS service was another late addition.  Finally, a double track plow that was rescued in the late 1990's rounded out the special move.  

Canadian Pacific railway was very generous offering  the services of a track gang  with materials. The new spur has concrete ties, track and ballast!  The group shot shows both CP employees past and present and other volunteers that help this event take place. 

 Canadian Steam News


Ex CPR D-4g #453 was moved from Utica NY to a Rail Museum in Virginia during early November. )


The status of CPR #1095 in Kingston. Ontario was updated by Bill Thomson:

The CRHA Kingston Division went to Maitland last Friday to inspect progress on tender and cab for #1095. Here is a brief up-date of what they found.


1) A "Boiler Tube " pilot has been built to replace the yard pilot.

2) the tank and body of the tender is in terrible shape and a new one will be fabricated

(Unfortunately the city is holding up funds to pay for it. This is being investigated.

3) The frame of the tender is in good shape.

4) No news on the cab.

In summary, some good news and some bad - bureaucracy still is a fact of life.


The Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield Steam Train

Compagnie de chemin de fer de l’Outaouais (CCFO) made an offer to purchase rolling stock of the Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield steam train in November. The offer has been made by the The Friends of the Steam Train as a temporary action by the CCFO and a first step toward refinancing the rail line and the tourist train under new management.

“The CCFO deserves our support and commendation for having rapidly risen to the occasion by announcing its intention to find the funding to keep the train in the region. We are happy to see that local municipalities, the region, and the Quebec and Federal governments seem to be willing to rapidly come to the assistance of the CCFO”, said

John Trent, president of the association. “We also think it is crucial that Wakefield, the municipalities, the hotel and restaurant industries and the Chambers of Commerce as well as individual citizens announce their whole hearted support.”

 The Friends support the train because of its contributions over two decades to the Outaouais including millions of dollars in revenues, the attraction of thousands of tourists annually, and the provision of full- and part-time employment. Moreover, the train has become a regional icon that puts the Outaouais on the international map.

The Friends recognize that more than new money is required to give new life to the tourist steam train. Future train operations will also require a new business plan, a revitalized ownership, management structure, and a new vision for the future. `”For several months now the Friends have been discussing alternative forms of ownership of the rail line and the train itself with other interested partners. We hope to have a definitive plan to announce in the coming weeks,” concluded Nicole DesRoches, vice-president of the Friends.

On February 13th 2010, Mitch Goldman clicked this action shot reminiscent from a scene in the movie Polar Express, where the engine appears sliding on a sheet of ice. CN 2-6-0 #89 makes her way across the frigid plains of southern Saskatchewan. (I mean) make that Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

Southern Ontario Restoration Locomotive Society (SOLRS)


When they were based in St Thomas Ontario they ran as the St Thomas Central Railway and provided charters behind ETR 0-6-0 No 9 steam engine. As St Thomas was shrinking its railway connection the decision was made to move to Waterloo Ontario where they now operate as the Waterloo Central Railway.


Their greatest tour was the 2003 Heritage Tour that lasted 23 days and included stops in Thorndale, Stratford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Hespeler and a all day tour to Goderich. I am sure many of our readers remember it.  GEXR 1400 was on loan to us during the trip to provide extra power on some of the grades up to Goderich.


Here we see No 9 on its last run up the CN Talbot sub on its way to its new home in Waterloo Ontario. Larry Broadbent caught the action with a photo that could have been taken in the 60's, not in Sept 2007



These shots are from the Heritage Tour of 2003. A never to be repeated photo of the International and No 9 in Stratford Ontario and  Roy Broadbear leading No 9 to the station in preparation for the trip to Goderich Ontario.




Here we see GEXR/Railink 1400 FP9a peeking its nose out as the train arrives in Waterloo Ontario with Roy protecting the crossing.



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