October 2011

Mike Garza was surprised to see KCSM AC4400CW 4506 at IHB’s Blue Island yard August 15TH in Riverdale, IL. He spotted BRC 211, a 3GS21B, outside the NRE Dixmoor gates August 19th awaiting a ride on CSX. On August 29th RLCX 1617, a GP9r, formerly RE 1617, CNW 4397, born UP 181, appeared at Blue Island. Then freshly hand-painted transfer caboose IHB 1 rests on the new Blue Island RIP track September 1st.

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At Gorham, Illinois CP AC4400CW 8773 leads a unit tank train southbound on Union Pacific’s Chester Sub before George Redmond’s camera September 9th.  UP ES44AC 7513 just delivered from GE leads a northbound train of well cars above US 51 on September 9th, in De Soto, IL.

 August 29th Lynn Powell clicked freshly painted Modesto & Empire Traction 259, a Brookville-built BL20CG genset (Former Boston & Maine GP38 259) testing on the M&ET in California


Joe Ferguson caught these NREX 2GS14B demos destined to Minnesota on August 29th at Mount Vernon, IL, and photographed the builders plates.

Citicorp Railmark Inc. has leased the group of former UP (nee CNW) C40-8's numbered 9053-9064; lease returned in March 2009 and stored in Kansas City. Shortly after gathering in late August at KC, these began appearing in service on CSXT. Jim Ford shot CREX 9058 and 9056 leading train Q368 on September 3rd near Lincoln Ave. in Dolton, IL. CRO readers should be familiar with the 3rd group of these C40-8 retirees because former UP 9065-9099 (three arrived in CNW paint and numbers) are now all repainted as CN C40-8 2100-2134.

On September 1st, CSX Q368 had nine ex-ATSF GP30’s dead-in-tow all destined for Larry’s Truck Electric (LTEX) in McDonald, Ohio. The train is seen stopped at Willard, Ohio conducting an air brake test before departing for Akron, OH, and eventually Cumberland, MD. The nine ATSF waybills will get set off at Lordstown. (Sam Sponseller

The vast array of locomotives stored at LTEX is evident in Cody Zamostney’s photo from August 4th, with CN, ATSF, SP, BNSF and other heritages. (via Tim Organ).

George Redmond took the following shots at the Monticello Railway Museum “Railroad Days” event in Monticello, Illinois in September

1 = CN 6789 in the Monticello Railway Museum yards.

2 = Southern 4610 on display at the Museum.

3 = IC 6071 and a IC motor car 9050 at the Museum, 6071 on display, motor was running.

4 = Ex. GBW 308 RS3 at the Museum, unit was running.

5 = IC 8733 on a freight train, IC 6071 on display at the Museum.

6 = Wabash 1189 passenger train at Nelson Crossing station at the Monticello Railway Museum.

In August Montreal Maine & Atlantic (MMA) were looking at acquiring Seminole Gulf Railway B39-8E 591 and 592, however the purchase was cancelled in early- September and the units are still in service on the Seminole Gulf RR.

D&H Vignette

Douglas Leffler too this splendid shot of the two Delaware & Hudson Sharks, shined up and powering a excursion train out of Albany, NY in July 1975. The bottom photo shows out-of-service D&H C828 #609 on hallowed ground, deep inside the massive D&H Colonie Diesel Shop.

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