October 2011 



My Big Adventure

Toronto GO/VIA TMC, Roundhouse Museum Tour

Text and Photos Walter E. Pfefferle

I am beginning to think maybe I am getting to old to travel alone and you may also think so after you read this.

The plan was to take the GO from Hamilton Ontario in the morning so I could go through the Hunter Street tunnel and Bayview Junction, visit the Toronto Maintenance Center in Mimico, the Roundhouse Museum and CN tower in Toronto Ontario.

I woke up at 6 am and it looked pretty dark so decided to do the trip in reverse, take a later GO train and ride into Hamilton on the way back then take a bus back to Aldershot. I checked the GO schedules and headed out the door. As usual I ended up leaving late but still figured I could make the 10:04 train. Everything was going fine and I was daydreaming about the trip, if fact so much I drove right by the Waterdown exit to the Aldershot GO station and could see the train at the station.  Should I back up, pull a u turn on the 403 highway? Not a good idea so decided I would just get the next train and took the Plains Road exit headed back to the Aldershot station. Somehow I missed the road to the station and ended up heading back into Hamilton. I turned around again and this time found the road and arrived at the station with about 15 minutes to spare. This is my GO train arriving in Aldershot Ontario.

I caught the train and headed to Mimico Ontario where I got off and walked to Islington Ave to shoot pictures of the TMC. Lots of action as both VIA and GO were moving trains and power around.

No problems there and headed to Toronto and the CN Tower and Roundhouse Museum. It was a nice clear day and the view from the CN Tower was amazing. Here is a shot showing a GO train arriving in Toronto with other trains parked waiting for the evening rush.

The Railway Children tent is now gone from the museum property and the volunteers are busy repairing the bricks and other areas that took a beating. Here we see CN 6213 posing on the turntable at the ,museum. If in Toronto Ontario make sure you drop in for a visit.

After my visit to the CN Tower and Roundhouse Museum  with no problem I caught the first GO train heading to Hamilton at 16:30. As we passed Aldershot I thought maybe I should get off here but wanted to ride under the tunnel and through Bayview so continued on to Hamilton GO Station. Below you see my train backing down to Kinnear to layover till tomorrow after dropping me off at the station.

I checked with GO to make sure I knew where the bus was to Aldershot. I had about 30 minutes and headed to the Hortonís for a coffee and walked in and asked for a small coffee and muffins. In my mind it was $1.46 and handed her $2.46 expecting a $1.00 back. She said thank you and put it in the till and brought me this kiddies sized coffee. I looked at it and asked her why it was only a $1.46 anywhere else. They did not have the muffin I wanted so just said I will just take the coffee left with this super small coffee. As I left and was trying to figure out why they did not have $1.39 special it hit me that I was in Hortonís not a McDonalds. (rack up to a senior moment).

I  headed back to the station to waited for my bus but decided to take a few pictures inside the station so put my unopened coffee on a counter and proceeded to take some photos. Walking into the station is like being transported back to the 50's. This is a view of the waiting room seats.

When I was finished I was going to sit down and enjoy my coffee but it was gone. I looked around and saw this old guy who had been asking for change in the station heading out the door with his walker. I ran over and looked in his basket and there was my coffee. I grabbed it and thankfully he had not opened or drank from it. I guess I should have let him have it or at least gave him the money to buy one but at that time, just wanted to enjoy it. I checked the schedule again to make sure I would not miss my bus and waited outside. I could see a bus sitting under the #9 sign that said Aldershot GO and waited for it to load. We left on time at 6:30 and figured I would be in Aldershot in 15 minutes but was shocked when it went right by the Waterdown cutoff which goes to the GO Station. After it headed right through Burlington Ontario I asked a passenger where this bus was going and they said it was an express to Toronto Union Station. Oh well, I wanted a bus ride but not this long and could catch the 19:43 GO out of Toronto. Traffic was slow and the clock was ticking but managed to get to Union Station and found the train with about 5 minutes to spare. Unfortunately this train stopped at every stop between Toronto and Aldershot but did eventually get back to Aldershot where my van was at  21:00

 I ended up with 3 GO trips, Aldershot to Toronto, Toronto to Hamilton and then Toronto to Aldershot and a bus ride from Hamilton to Toronto Union Station for only the cost of the $9.50 ticket so it was all not that bad. I did enjoy myself, had a good day and smile when I think of my big adventure.

 Here is a link to many additional photos including the TMC and CN Tower.





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